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To the ranters out there...

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To those who are saying the meta is stale and blank: I have been playing since the beginning of time. I was here when skarmy was 4 elixir, I have the 3 year badge on my profile and I find bloody Royal Ghost a new card. I will address all your problems with the game, one by one. I know I will get hate for this comment, but this is my opinion and you can't change my opinion.

"eVEryOne plAyS eBArBs rAGe"

What? You realise eBarbs are easy af to counter. Bring Rascals or Rocket into your deck, or something similar. Bloody skeletons can counter a lone eBarb (with the princess tower). I agree they need a serious rework, but if you're going to complain on how you get beat by them maybe question your own skill. They have had a crap win rate since the beginning of time. They never go over 45%. If you mean there are too many damage dealing cards, such as RG, bring a feckin tank buster in your deck. Mini PEKKA or Inferno Dragon are both great options. If you see a repeated card that you can't counter, bring a counter for it. Don't moan about a problem YOU can fix.

"tHE UpDATe tEAm is lAZy"

They bring you seasons and balance updates every month and cards every 3 months or so. I agree their 'big' updates are too sporadic, but you can't really complain WEEKS BEFORE CLAN WARS II. I mean, Clan Wars II is an amazing idea, so don't go and crap all over it. You wanted an update. Here y'all go.

"TheY sPoON fEEd p2W plAYeRs"

It's their only way of raising money ffs. If they don't have any money how are they meant to fucking get ANY updates in? Sure, they give a bit too much value for the deals, but isn't that a GOOD thing? Shouldn't you be grateful for the good value? Name a single game that is fully F2P (doesn't cost money to play and no ing purchases) and we can chat.

"prOGreSSiOn iS ToO SLoW"

This is the one that gets me. Supercell have done as much as they can to improve progression. Ladder rewards, Pass Royale, stacked challenges, EVERYTHING. Progression is balanced right now. To max out your account I'd expect you'd need 3-4 years (f2p) or 2-3 years (p2w),which is fair in a game like Clash Royale. I remember, back in 2016, I would never have more than 10k gold at a time. Now I can rack up 80k - 100k in a week if I grind. So don't complain.

Now I'm expected you guys will comment something like "oH I'm sURe YoU bUY AlL thE ShOp dEAlS". I buy Pass Royale and that's it. Nothing else, just Pass Royale since its value is too good to be true. Plus, 90% of pros are P2W. If you wanna be pro at the game, you're gonna have to eventually fork over cash. It's an investment. Like how you buy a nicer computer for your work or upgrade your phone once in a while.

That's all from me. If you have anything else you want to complain about, leave a comment and I'll get back to you ASAP. (And yeah, feel free to downvote. Just give a valid comeback to my arguments and I won't argue. You do you.)

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