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[Quick News Update] Clan Wars 2.0 TV Royale Analysis: Cool stuff, but we already know all of this.

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Hey everyone, JC here. Just want to make a quick post on the most recent TV Royale that aired today.

~Summary~: It’s a recap of everything they told us in the Blog post a couple of days ago. Same description of Boat Battles, Duels, etc. Check out the Blog post in News Royale or check the TV Royale if you want a refresher.

• There are a tiny bit of new things though: The Boat Battle Defense now looks more like a Machine Gun (interesting design choice) and gives 10 Elixir when destroyed, which honestly is kinda cool and will affect gameplay. When a Boat is destroyed, you use one of your 4 Decks (along with some Hammer things) to Fix the Boat, I like that. And lastly, the Trader’s Reroll for different Cards is now 10 Gems from 5 Gems. But of course they make this change.

• That’s all I could notice for the most Recent TV Royale. If you saw anything new that I didn’t, please tell me in the comments.

~My Thoughts~: I am very, VERY, worried yet hopeful about this Update. This stuff is pretty cool, but is it worth over a Year (or 6 Months in their eyes) of waiting with basically the same stuff as before? To me, no it’s not. I am honestly shocked and how I’m losing patience with this game. But, I’m not giving up just yet. Maybe the Update will be a success and it has lots of hidden stuff in it. We have to wait and see.

What do you think of the TV Royale? Like it? What do you want to see in the Big August Update? Let me know down below. Clash on everyone!

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