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  1. But a Big Macs a Big Mac!? Welcome recruits. We are a very new, war-centric clan with members from a range of trophy counts (1000, 2600, 5200). We're looking to build an active community with your help! RwC is casual-competitive, and open to new and veteran players. We only ask that members spend their decks on war days. (Elder and Co-leader ranks are currently going out to those exceptionally helpful individuals.) Come show us your stuff, and let's get them W's! #L2RG8CRV
  2. New clan for serious people trying to be a top clan and win clan wars, despite being serious, we'll still have fun obviously! people 4000+ welcome #L280OUYJV TEAM DIAMOND
  3. We are starting a new clan as old clan was starting to go inactive, we have some players joining from previous clan and some players have 5k plus trophies. All are welcome. activity is a must, learning war and other questions you have can be directed to higher level players in our clan as they have the best knowledge of the game. Thanks and enjoy
  4. Submitted By: Soul Crusher Watch Now: Aboosing War With Same-Card Glitch
  5. We are an extremely active and friendly Clan. We are looking for more active players to get involved in the Wars and enjoy the banter. Look forward to seeing you with us soon!
  6. We are currently around 45 members and would like to max out our clan! We are an active, fun clan! We are looking for RELIABLE players that can make all their battles. You don't have to win but you do need to participate in war and make all of your battles. We can help with strategies and practice to help you and our clan become better at wars! If you need cards we are happy to donate or do trades that you desperately need. (But don't abuse it! Others need help, too!) Our clan donates about 20,000 cards per week. We like to joke around (hence our name "Pun"-ishment), we play 2v2s, and we simply enjoy the game. But mostly we want everyone in the clan to become awesome at war! You MUST have Discord or be willing to join Discord. We'll give you the server link once you join. Hope to see you!
  7. We took the top 14 active players from an amazing clan that I led without actually being the leader for 3 years. Without the ability to remove inactive players, I was encouraged to split off and start my own clan. We were the Dragon_Warriors and are now Dragon Slayers. This clan will remain highly active. Come check out our clan and join us on this exciting new adventure :)
  8. Submitted By: Soul Crusher Watch Now: 4 WAR DECKS for CLAN WARS 2
  9. Basically title says it all. My clan is in a war that isn’t so unbalanced like I’ve seen a lot of on here. Generally the guys in second and third have been in the 40s when we reach 50k. But this week is going noticeably slower because there’s just nothing interesting about the way war is set up. People are already tired of it even in a more competitive setting than most are getting. There’s no variation it’s just five weeks of the same thing day after day people are gonna lose interest. It needs more game modes than 1v1 and don’t tell me duel is different because it’s just 3 1v1s submitted by /u/Ntlindesq [link] [comments]View the full article
  10. With the new Clan War 2.0 upgrade, we are seeking new active war clan members. We are also interested in merging if that is a better option. We currently have 25 members with only 15 or so actively participating that will be kicked if we get more members or merge. We are a friendly clan that has had the same core group since day 1 of Clash Royale. Core group ranges from 4500 - 5000+ trophies a season.
  11. submitted by /u/Get_Bamboo_Zled [link] [comments] View the full article
  12. Clan war is literally unplayable to me, i even tried to join a bronze league and the opponent i get are all Max king tower with all max cards , some of them even have golden skins, and bronze clan boats are not going to reach to the finish line anyway. I really like this game but at this point i really lose my motivation to play. At least clan war 1 levels are capped based on clan leagues and cards are not too overleveled, and wtf maxing a card needs 100k how am i gotta max so many cards. https://preview.redd.it/9jafwh6cjim51.png?width=424&format=png&auto=webp&s=e32943484a0a6f81b9f02061d8f420e4236c2c38 submitted by /u/Catbomb3 [link] [comments] View the full article
  13. submitted by /u/Zkerkan [link] [comments] View the full article
  14. Let's put cw2 rewards and matchmaking to the side and remember that clan wars core is no more. There is pretty much no competitive aspect to the new cw2. It's all about the most attack done in a day, win or lost who cares you get fame either way. I used to care about my war victories and war day %win rates. It was FUN being on a win streak and trying to reach a certain war day win as a personnal achivement. It's all gone, now we grind the river race (aka ladder 2.0) against the same clans over and over because in the end what's matter... is quantity over quality. submitted by /u/Iceboster2 [link] [comments]View the full article
  15. The one size fits all clan war 2.0 is doing more harm than good. What about a choice to pick what kind of participation you want to war with. The boom Beach standard was 5-10-25-50 which was beautiful as each size completely changed the game. I have helped run a clan from the beta that has always taken pride in our position on the leaderboards. Before clan wars came to be, we were ranked as one of the top clans in points. After clan wars, we adapted and changed our focus to wars and were even more successful at it. as a clan of 30 members and 20 (at most) actively daily participants in war we achieved something we were proud of 37,000+ clan points. Good enough to be rank 722 on the global leaderboards and to finish 25th in North America. A feat we were and are very proud of. We never had the best players, nor the most active, but when it came to wars we all chipped in and regularly fought wars without a single loss. As a small clan, we have faced many problems in growing our clan, the least of which finding new players who could both meet our war expectations and fit into our little family. With Clan Wars 2.0 however, we are all disheartened, we are all upset, we are all irritated, and facing internal clan conflicts all directly caused by the updates to wars. Let me start first by saying we only have two players with maxed cards, the rest of us worked hard to level everything up to 12 (old standard) and made do with whatever else we could. On this front, we are making do. We are all very solid players and can regularly win matchups even when we have under-leveled cards. I am very proud of my clan for working together to help each one improve with multiple decks and coming together to practice and make war decks together in 1.0. yet, in 2.0 we are struggling. even with multiple members going 4-0 each day we are currently getting creamed for the second week in a row to a South Korean clan that has 50 members. Don't get me wrong, they are a solid clan who also achieved 30k plus "veteran" clan points. But we can't even give them a fair fight. We can't compete with a worse clan with more members than use. We can't do anything, we cant win more, we can't do anything to leverage out having 20 fewer members than them. Furthermore, I am not sure when the daily deck reset is for everyone, but it seems to be region-specific, and as such it almost seems like this clan gets to reset a few hours before us every day. Although, its not much at the start of the week, by the time we reach the bridge, that last reset, that last push to win, they get it hours before us. We have always overcome great odds to get to where we were but this time we are at a loss. The only option we seem to have is begging for new players to join our ranks, just to compete. And more as a personal point, a feeling shared by the few I've discussed this with is how will supercell treat "veteran" points in the months to come? The few of us that had legendary cups in the past were so proud to have that badge of honor on our profile as a statement to both our longevity and our competitiveness within it. As 2.0 looks right now... we may never compete at those levels again, or at least not for a very long time as we try to reorganize. So my question is, what will happen to veteran points in the months to come? will that clan achievement of ours remain forever... or will that too just get removed for some stupid clan emote. submitted by /u/Xoiiverx [link] [comments]View the full article
  16. Submitted By: Soul Crusher Watch Now: THESE DECKS WIN all my CLAN WAR battles
  17. submitted by /u/UltraHyperDuck_ [link] [comments] View the full article
  18. We are a new War Clan, looking for active members to war nonstop together and get those rewards, we strive for #1 every war, help us grow and clash together our clan name is Phoenix Grave we will give it our all.
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