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Found 11 results

  1. submitted by /u/Darkstar2shhsje [link] [comments] View the full article
  2. Additionally, what are the alleged balance changes? submitted by /u/badboydarth [link] [comments]View the full article
  3. DISCLAIMER: I will cry on the inside if this turns out to be a draft challenge, but then again maybe apply these tips to your selections ​ Spells to play: I recommend two, doesn't have to be big spell and a small spell, can be two small but not two big. First choice spells are arrows and poison, because of their radius and efficiency. Next would be royal delivery, it kills but you don't want the firecracker (FC) to get too much value on the other side. Log can be played but i recommend playing another spell with it like nado or barb barrel. Fireball is a good option for big spells but beware the radius. ​ Buildings to play: I don't advise any in particular but for me the tesla is the best option as it hides which negates spell value and prevents FC from sniping it. ​ Troops to play: Heal spirit to take advantage of people using log. I recommend fast moving troops that she will miss, spear gobs, bats, etc. Bait cards are a good option, namely princess, dart gob. Air targeting troops that are good vs FC are mega minion (on your side, so if you run MM i recommend another air troop), musky, dart gob, magic archer at times. Cannon cart is good vs FC and ljack is definitely a viable ground tank to consider. Bomber isn't a terrible option considering the potential bait and the fact that he one shots her. Dark prince and bandit are also good. Ghost provides the splash and the invisibility, might be an interesting opportunity ​ Troops to avoid: Bait troops that give FC way too much value; Rascals, Minions, Barbs. Slow ground tanks like knight or MP. ​ Winconditions to play: With these spawn challenges I recommend secondary winconditions, in this case miner or MK as they both synergise well with bait. I don't suggest balloon or royal hogs but they can work under certain conditions. If you're going for a bait archetype goblin barrel and skelebarrel are great winconditions. Giant and his goblin counterpart are good if you have the right support cards that fit the wincon and the mode. Spell cycle is also a viable option if you have a robust defence. ​ Winconditions to avoid: Graveyard is the obvious one as FC is an easy king activation, sparky is bad vs Fc due to the knockback, also people potentially using RD, dark prince. Main winconditions above 5 elixir (RG, golem, lavahound) aren't optimal usually as elixir will be spent dealing with FCs and a tank can easily be punished. ​ I hope that you can takeaway something from this, or that it makes the challenge more interesting, or smooth sailing for f2p players. submitted by /u/hchalla [link] [comments]View the full article
  4. Hey SuperCell. Remember us? The players? It’s been a while. You know, ever since you added that pass royale you’ve went a little bit off the radar. In fact, it’s almost been an entire year since we’ve heard anything from you guys. And you know, even though most of us have had every single cosmetic that you’ve sold from that pass locked behind a paywall effectively giving us free to plays zero new content, we completely forgive you. Because you know what? You CLEARLY have been working extremely hard on this update for the whole player base. You’ve said it yourself, the pass royale updates don’t effect development, and neither has the global pandemic. Wow. One whole year without an update. You guys have been hard at the grind! It’s actually hard to even put that into words! We can’t wait for you to show us ONE YEARs worth of development. That’s a whole lot of time! Heck, Brawl Stars would have put out 6 updates already in that amount of time, AND they normally give out hints and release dates. But again, CR team, we forgive you. We forgive you for your lack of communication, we forgive you for leaving free to plays with nearly no content, we forgive you for not updating clan wars, we forgive you for repeating the same card X Y spawning game modes every season, we forgive you for killing cards that players took months to level up, we forgive you for all of the frustrating experiences in ladder, but most importantly, we forgive you for the ludicrously underwhelming progression system and pitiful rewards given to players who grind harder than anyone else but can’t afford to pay. We know you clearly have been working extremely hard on this update so that every player can enjoy the game. I mean, one year? Wow! This update is going to be HUGE! Some game developers have made entirely new games from scratch and DLCs for their games in that time frame. We wouldn’t be surprised if you had to do the thing where you “couldn’t possibly fit the update news in one video!” again. We are highly anticipating those juicy QoL changes that have taken a year to implement. Heck, maybe we will even see some popular requests from the community make it into the game! We are on the edge of our seats anticipating all of the amazing features that you have yet to show us. Since you’ve shown us nothing for the past year, we just know that you will come out with something absolutely incredible. We know that this new update won’t disappoint, because you clearly care about us and know that the update you are about to reveal will leave every last player speechless. We can’t wait for you to show us what you have been working on for nearly over a year SuperCell :) submitted by /u/UltraHyperDuck_ [link] [comments]View the full article
  5. submitted by /u/MadBadJK [link] [comments] View the full article
  6. The update is so refreshing. Im super excited about the new balance changes. Can’t wait to play same old deck over again. The new card looks so amazing. Never seen a card like this before. Very creative idea from the team. Oh and the rewards are amazing. I love the free 100g and 1 gold chest! The new content update is probably going to be delay again. But that’s okay. I’m happy to wait another 12 months. The devs been working hard to brings refreshing new update every season. Love it. Everything is perfect now. Gonna buy pass Royale again. Best developer and gaming company in the world <3!!! submitted by /u/rollover41 [link] [comments]View the full article
  7. submitted by /u/3411_Lucky [link] [comments] View the full article

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