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Found 42 results

  1. Started a fresh account after not playing for about 4 years. I’ve been playing for about 3-4 weeks and all the new strategies and balance changes have made it a pretty rough adjustment. I’m sitting at about 4600 trophies at level 8 with all of my cards being at around level 7 (minus a few legendaries at 9-10). Is this where I’m supposed to be at or am I too low for where I should be. The time gap really throws this entire game into a new place for me submitted by /u/tstk799 [link] [comments]View the full article
  2. submitted by /u/DerpPotato420 [link] [comments] View the full article
  3. So I’ve been playing the game long enough to realise that players can get nervous if they are a few games away or one game away from a new arena or league. My idea is just an option in the setting where you can “turn off” your trophy count. This means that your trophy count and league badge will be hidden from you so that you don’t know where you are. I think this would help wit the nerves you sometimes get when you are about to reach a new Pb as you have no idea. Then when you finish playing you can turn it back on to see how far you’ve progressed. Please let me know your thoughts I welcome all feedback and criticism :) submitted by /u/kmd-x [link] [comments]View the full article
  4. I have trouble putting down my phone. I always say, “Just one more.” What are some ways you guys avoid tilting? submitted by /u/3C_Coleslaw [link] [comments]View the full article
  5. Today we have the Japanese Pro player 'Zen Sparky' sharing his #1 deck right now that is so easy to use! This is a hybri [...] (Feed generated with FetchRSS)View the full article
  6. Submitted By: Soul Crusher Watch Now: Easiest trophy deck now = BEATDOWN BAIT!
  7. submitted by /u/Itshardtolivehere [link] [comments] View the full article
  8. I was thinking lately because the trophy progression in Clash Royale isn't really going anywhere. In Brawl Stars, the highest trophies keeps getting bigger, and now its up to 50,000 Trophies. Every season in CR, we just reset and unless you get more level ups, you stay at around the same place in trophies. Even the top finishes aren't getting any higher. There should be new arenas to fill up 4000-5000 and let Leagues start at 5000 Trophies. This could let players reach new bests and make Leagues feel special rather than just a huge arena everyone is in. People should be able to advance in the game not just because of how fast they can level up their deck. It may sound controversial, but this would allow more trophy pushing and and honestly give people an reason to play ladder rather than just pushing a few Leagues to collect some rewards then stopping for the rest of the season. submitted by /u/WakkkaMole [link] [comments]View the full article
  9. Bottom line up front: math isn't my strong suit, so bear with me. Most of us have been in the position where you'll be climbing the ladder and then get smacked with multiple losses in a row due to facing people with tower and card levels 2+ more than you (if this hasn't happene to you I envy you.) It kinda sucks losing close to 200 trophies of progress to losses which are completely unavoidable. There's nothing you can do when someone drops a level 13 Valk against your level 9 MK and it basically solos it. That's a +3 elixer trade on their end, and even if your trooos get in range of the towers the increased damage and health will stop you there. I'm not suggesting locking players into certain matches based on levels, but that you should either gain or lose trophies proportionality to the level disparity. For example: two players with equal level and a combined card level disparity of less than 3 (different rarities would have a different weight) would give you a normal 30 trophies on win or lose. A player facing someone 2 levels higher than them with a card level disparity of 10 would lose 10 trophies while the higher player would gain 5. Again, the math could be handled by people who know the stats better, but that's the general concept. submitted by /u/WeepingAngelTears [link] [comments]View the full article
  10. ​ Introduction ​ Hello everyone, my name's TheRandonOne, and welcome to yet another post of mine! Today's topic will be delving around an argument in favor of having a Tourney Standard 2v2 gamemode, while showing the benefits of having such a modified 2v2. So, without further ado, let's jump right in! ​ A Brief History of 2v2 This gamemode started originally as the Clan Battle event, an alternative Clan Chest event that would alternate with the normal Clan Chest event on weekends. Then that event became its own gamemode, and was made a limited time gamemode during the month of July, along with challenges to accompany its arrival. After it was over, people were begging for 2v2 to come back, and after three weeks, their wish came true: 2v2 was made a permanent gamemode, and everyone started enjoying it again. After that, a slew of changes came to 2v2, including an after-match chat, sending them a friend request, and ultimately, it settled inside the Party Mode selection, now with its matchmaking system changed to a level-based one. It was one of the most well-received gamemodes in the history of Clash Royale, and one that revolutionized the way you play Royale for the first time in the game's history. It was one of the most enjoyed gamemodes, and everyone loved it. ​ The Decline of 2v2 This was one of the most loved gamemodes of Royale, aqnd it may probably still be. But, from a certain point, it started getting less, and less fun. It's like the substance, the enjoyment of this gamemode was slowly being stripped away. People complained about bad teammates, and about how 2v2 is toxic because of that. This gamemode used to be legendary, but for some reason it's been soiled, and hard. What could be causing it to decline? Well ladies and gentlemen, this decline over time can be attributed to TWO main problems: ​ AFK-ing, Quitting, Trolling Teammates This one is pretty obvious if you ask me. Nobody likes this. Basically, your teammate bails out on you, randomly places cards, or just stays away from the phone for the rest of the match. These players pretty much ruin the experience of 2v2, and in many cases, break its very purpose. There is a punishing system for those kinds of players, that basically tempbans them the more they quit on matches. While this system proves to be effective at first, it has a glaring issue: it doesn't actually stop the players from being any less uh... 'bail-y'. Sure, some people will take the tempban as a warning, and will probably start taking 2v2 more seriously, but it ultimately just delays the troll players from entering 2v2 for a while. Unfortunately, it's the best punishment we have for trolls. ​ Arguably Unbalanced Gameplay This one is more of an extension of the matchmaking system we currently have, the Level-based matchmaking. People have complained about the Trophy-based matchmaking because it didn't take account for levels, and people also don't really like the Level-based matchmaking because it doesn't take account of Trophies, which leads to matches against either low-ladder players who probably have no chance against you thanks to your experience compared to theirs, or matches against high-ladder players, in which you get crushed for the same reason. All in all, both systems have loopholes which can lead to unbalanced matchmaking. But which of the two is more broken? ​ Trophy-based Matchmaking vs Level-based Matchmaking ​ Trophy-based Matchmaking is a matchmaking system which pairs players against opponents with roughly the same trophy range as them. This one is primarily used for Ladder, since it is a ranked mode. It assures you that you get a guy on your skill level. But there's a teensy tinsy problem. This type of matchmaking doesn't account for same levels as well. Therefore, you're also prone to meeting max leveled players in the arena. This can be combated with skill, since bigger levels doesn't equate to bigger skill levels, but in some matches, level-based interactions can thwart the match as a whole. This is the less exploitable one of the two, as the only part of the system you can actually control is the trophy range you are in, so climbing up in trophy range results in differing match-ups. ​ Level-based Matchmaking is a matchmaking system which pairs players against opponents with roughly the same card and tower levels as them. This one is used in Party Modes, such as 2v2, and it assures you that you get opponents that doesn't destroy your cards using level-based interactions. But, like the Trophy-based Matchmaking, there's a teensy tinsy issue. This type of matchmaking doesn't account for trophy ranges as well, which can lead to chaotic match-ups with either rookies of Arena 5 or the Masters of Royale, which either end up in you beating the other side, or the other side beating you. There is NO average. It's all about how much experience people have with the game, and while low levels don't necessarily mean low skill, which could lead to a somewhat balanced match-up, it certainly isn't favorable. This is the more exploitable one of the two, as you can use decks of varying levels to get you more favorable match-ups. Since this doesn't account for trophies, you can meet rookies and crush them thanks to experience. ​ As you can see, both of them have loopholes which can lead to unfavorable match-ups. It essentially leads in one of two situations: Either you encounter people with seemingly unstoppable troops, or you encounter seemingly unstoppable people with troops. Both are disadvantageous in one way or another. ​ How to fix 2v2 as a Whole ​ Give the lone player a chance to complete whenever they are left. This solution has been discussed before in my post about how to fix a 2-v-1 situation in 2v2, which I recommend checking out after this, right here. It basically offers solutions as to how to help the lone player out, after his teammate has left the match. Whenever a purpose is broken, there should be something to fix it. Why? Because something needs to be done when the match is truly unfair. A 2-v-1 is a great example of it. Whenever someone is left to pick up the slack, there should be something to help them on their way. ​ Separate it from the Party Modes by giving it the Trophy-based Matchmaking Since the level-based matchmaking has been proven more exploitable than the other, I believe that 2v2 should get back to having a Trophy-based matchmaking, since this one is more balanced, and actually sets you up against opponents your size. The over-leveled people will rise after this one, which can be fixed by a tiny patch. Why? Because the level-based matchmaking was never really balanced to begin with. As said before, you can either meet rookies, people your size, or people at 6k range. This kind of matchmaking ensures that only people with more experience than you can win, which sounds fair on paper, but it results in a large skill gap between the two teams. This change allows you to meet people your size. ​ Make 2v2 only use Tourney Standard level cards. Basically cap everything at level 9. This assures that people will only win based on skill and teamwork, and not on other biased factors influencing the match, like higher levels. This ensures a leveled playing field for everyone, casual or not. Why? Because in the end, 2v2 is a CASUAL mode. Casual modes are supposed to be fun, they're supposed to be a break from the competitive Tournaments, or the 1v1 Ladder. One of the factors that makes it fun is if it's balanced. This change will guarantee that no matter your card and king levels, the matches will stay balanced. ​ Conclusion So there we have it, ways to bring 2v2 back to its former glory. Admittedly, those solutions are not perfect, and they themselves have flaws. That's where you come in! If you have any question, or something to add to the discussion, please leave it in the comments below! I'll be more than happy to read it! See you in the next post! ​ submitted by /u/TheRandonOne [link] [comments]View the full article
  11. Submitted By: Soul Crusher Watch Now: #1 IN THE WORLD! 8,026 TROPHY EASY GOLEM DECK!
  12. Submitted By: Soul Crusher Watch Now: Xbow is Pretty (Quick Tips Trophy Pushing) - ErnieC3 LIVE
  13. [Problem] I do not play ladder much, often I play my first ever ladder match when there is gold rush, after gold rush, I stay away from ladder again until around season end. Over the whole season, I might spend at most 2 days of serious playing on ladder, most ladder games are very easy wins because not pushing trophies puts me very low on ladder most of the time. While I enjoy playing at my own pace, this is not the level of activity that makes ladder healthy. 90% of the matches that I play during the season are complete dominance, it would not be fun for my opponent at all. Imagine if the majority of the player base play ladder like me, the whole ladder would be flooded with silly no fun matches. Players who try hard the whole season should be rewarded, inactive players like me should receive less reward. Gold rush is nice, but it is not enough incentive. Gold rush is also not tied with actual climbing up ladder, players can drop trophies then win to complete gold rush. [Idea] Trophy road additional rewards that have expiration period. Have gold/chest/gem/token reward in every league, but you have to reach the league before every sunday to collect it. The rewards are refreshed every week, so that you want to reach as high as possible before every weekend to unlock as much as possible. If I am a 6K player, I would definitely try to reach 6K as early as possible so that I would not miss the weekly rewards. And stay high every week to keep all the rewards. Simple incentive like this would keep more people motivated to push ladder the whole season. This would make ladder more fun overall. submitted by /u/Micsfyuen [link] [comments]View the full article
  14. Seriously, it is getting out of control in my Trophy range (4600-5600). Out of the last 21 games, I faced Wizard 11 times. No other card is even close to that. And to add insult to injury, these are over leveled Wizards at level 13, while the opponent Tower is anywhere between 10 and 12 and the rest of his (and my) deck is level 11. Not that I don’t beat them. I do on average 50% of the time, as it should be. But it is annoying as hell nonetheless. And mostly not fun. I’d rather face X-Bow 100 times in a row, just to put things in perspective. And I have nightmares when I hear Seth mentioning that he wants to bring Wizard to 4 elixir. submitted by /u/Abrisham [link] [comments]View the full article
  15. Hello friends. We want to get together and have fun with different players from all over the world under one roof, so we invite you all to our international clan. We have a newly created clan, so we are looking for friends who are eager to develop and strengen together. We haven't put a trophy restriction to join the clan. Anyone can come, including beginners. Our biggest expectation is to be active every day and improve yourself quickly, because in the medium term we will definitely evolve into a clan that pays attention to clan wars, trophy level and donation amount. - The general chat language is English. - Swearing and slang talking is strictly prohibited. Let's be friendly. Recruiting: NO MERCY Clan Tag: #Y9PVUJPO ALL WELCOME
  16. a trophy gate like in the arenas where if you lose , you don’t go down an arena. I often go on tilts , which is VERY frustrating, sometimes 500-1000 trophies , and so I would like to see a trophy gate in leagues submitted by /u/CT-Swooshy [link] [comments]View the full article

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