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  5. Not just a random coincidence but I really see golem this much always. Is it seriously balanced when everyone in midladder is playing it? I don't want to play against golem at all, the games are even slower than playing against xbow. submitted by /u/iwillbeatyoutodeath [link] [comments]View the full article
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  10. Submitted By: Soul Crusher Watch Now: Today, we push Miner control Top 20 EZ
  11. submitted by /u/FaZe_DaNi [link] [comments] View the full article
  12. ​ I'm four years and 5 accounts into this game. PB was around 6500 months ago with the last account before I got it perma-banned hoping I'd never come back. I guess the fun times still outweigh the bad times and here I am. Anyway, I'd do things differently if I made this game again. Progression Someone said at some point that they purposefully limited progression because they didn't want people to get bored. Hmmm, I get bored because the off meta lvl 12 garbage that makes up my best ladder deck at the moment gets pooped on by equal level meta decks and of course all the overleveled stuff that I face. I feel like when they started the game maybe they didn't realize they could create a new card every few months. That alone keeps the game from getting "boring" because there will always be new cards to level up. I will say the game is in a better state than it was a couple years ago as far as being able to get the cards, but this is mostly being driven by Pass Royale where you get a boost in the card count each month and the challenges are free from that point to complete. Some people will say tokens help progression...but this is only partially true. They help one card/deck to the detriment of anything else you might work on. This doesn't help with the boredom issue as you're just shifting around "time", especially if a card you've poured tokens into gets nerf'd. If I were making this game now, I'd target one year with modest spending to max the initial card deck and 1 month thereafter to max each new card. Ladder Clearly the most heated topic for...forever, with posts daily complaining about having to face over leveled cards. I'm not sure why anyone new would stick with the game at this point once they get over that initial surge in trophies and level cards up a bit only to run into the wall of people that have been stuck in the same place for years stuck at their skill level. Fixing progression would at some level fix ladder, but there are some other improvements I'd make. #1 In mid ladder (I'm not sure about top 200), you are always matched with someone within like 50 trophies of you. Shouldn't this be expanded a bit, maybe like 2-300? Sure, when you are near your PB or skill max then you're likely to get crushed by someone 300 cups above you, but maybe not. However, if you lose to someone that many cups above you, then you should lose correspondingly fewer cups. Beat them, gain a huge amount of cups. They lose to you? Sorry, they lose a bunch of cups. This would liven up ladder a bit. The range at the top ladder can be expanded if needed, this should also help with win trading sniping by making it harder for any two accounts to get matched together simply by being close together in cups. #2 Segregate ladder into different "Leagues", similar to how the European Soccer Premier League works, similar to Clan War. Again, thanks to super slow progression, newer players aren't going to get a chance to even compete for all the trophy road awards or sniff top ladder for a really really long time, even if they have the skill to do it. So put people in different Leagues, based on king tower level initially. Finishing the season in the top X% (10?) of a League puts you into the next League up. Finishing in the bottom X% of a League relegates you to the lower League. So, all those max kings with max cards get put in the top league and the folks that don't have the king or cards don't have to face them at least for a season. Do really well, you'll get bumped up and you either simply won't cut it and finish in the bottom and get bumped back down for the following season or you can choose to tank the season and make sure you finish down there and get booted. Each League has their own trophy road and trophies with bonuses for top finishers. #3 On the last weekend of a season, you will be matched based on your current season PB, not on your current trophy level. Nothing worse than trying to eek out those last few trophies to get to that next level and have to face someone with season PBs much higher who already gave up and have dropped and are just trolling. Matches 1X elixir is too slow. There is a reason the 3x and ramp up modes are so popular, more action. Nothing more boring than sitting there at the beginning waiting on the elixir bar to fill, or that point with about 30 seconds to go before 2x when you've just tried a push and you're both at 1 elixir just sitting there with nothing happening. The 1x to 2x jump drives all sorts of weirdness I don't know that was ever intended. You have cycle decks trying to win the game in single and defend in double and beatdown decks trying to defend in single and win in double. Thanks to starting hand RNG, beatdown decks are automatically at a disadvantage to begin the game as they are more likely to have bad starting hands. Their advantage in 2x doesn't make up for their 1x disadvantage AND starting hand. Pro vs Pro a bad start is almost always GG for your opponent. It's one of the main reasons cycle decks have been thriving for so long now. I've always thought it a bit telling that in the trainer games you have to go through at the beginning of the game, it is in 2x (or something more than 1x, right?). Is that because they don't want brand new players to be like "uh, this is slow and boring"? My fix would have been 2x minimum to start a match. Go to 2.5x mid way and then 3x towards the end. Starting hand. I'm not sure why we can't set our start hand. I've seen people say this would lead to staleness as everyone sets the optimal start hand and each match open would look predictable and the same. I dunno, maybe. It's still a game of skill and to inject this type of RNG into it is a pretty frustrating. It isn't like there isn't a "fix your cycle" concept in the game anyway. And once the cycle is "fixed" then it's no different than if it wasn't fixed from the beginning. First to play. I gave up on tuning in to CRL matches because my brain isn't empty enough to stare at nothing for 2 minutes while the commentators try to fill the void of nothing happening. I personally think it would add some strategy nuance if whenever both opponents are at full exlir, whether at the start or any time during the match, if a bonus elixir bar starts to fill and the first to play after that happens gets the bonus. Rock Paper Scissors. For most of the life of the game, there has always been a rock paper scissors nature to the meta. At some times it is worse than others, but it has always been there. I don't remember when I first saw card banning used (the original CCGS?) but this is a brilliant fix to the RPS problem. If it is important enough to use this in pro events then clearly the game needs it. Card banning will guarantee that you don't get matched against a hard counter and your opponent won't get matched against a hard counter. This would make for more even matchups and less frustration. Spells. The game revolves entirely too much around spells. At the moment, per royaleapi, 3 of the top 5 (6 of the top 13) used cards are spells. Yes, I acknowledge there are less spells than troops so this makes a little bit of sense, but regardless, when was the last time you saw any top ladder finish without at least 1 spell, and you typically always see small and big in a deck. The entire 3M meta that was so awful thrived on the fact that you could only carry one big spell and still be viable against all other decks. Decks today still thrive on this. This concept alone takes an 8 slot deck and essentially turns it into a 7 or 6 slot, and we wonder why the meta stays mostly stale with those few slots. Let's not mention how at various times in the games history a deck that had 2 big spells and no wincons was viable until nerf's addressed that stupidity. Best way to fix this would have made it where a deck was only ever viable with one spell and even then it would have been very situational (ie, opponent gives you big value). Or, just make it where a deck can only have one single spell. Meta instantly diverse. Spell interactions happen and then they are gone, snooze. From a spectator standpoint, it's way more interesting to see a player get massive value out of a dart gob or firecracker because they stay on the field than a clump of players nado'd into a rocket. All that happens in 2 seconds and then nothing. Yawn. Balancing We need more of it. Millions of people play the game and the pros find the new meta within a day or so. Tools like royaleapi help to disseminate the game info to the masses really quickly which only serves to speed the rate at which the new meta gets adopted. Balancing more frequently means a lighter touch can be given to cards so they aren't OPd or killed in one fell swoop. Pros tend to complain that they don't get enough time to get used to the new balance before big tournaments and frequent updates would make it tougher. Sorry, you're a pro, and all of you are having to deal with it at the same time so you're on equal footing. Other Concepts - a 10 or 12 card deck At this point in the life of CR...bringing the single 8 card deck to a match feels rather mundane and repetitive. I made a post years ago that I felt like CR should experiment with more cards. Maybe a 10 card deck choosing 5 at a time, or a 12 and 6. I feel like most phones could support a 5 choice deck (sorry little phone guys, might be tough for you) and tablets could handle 6. I though mega deck was going to be this experiment but there the number of cards for the deck is way too many and being able to only select 4 means you basically just get 2-3 big cycles per match. Not overly interesting. With a 10 or 12 card deck, the meta would be nuts. Having a dead card, like an eq deck versus a barb/hound deck becomes less of a problem when you've got something else that can handle what you are facing. This would evolve the game into something way more interesting than it currently is, which is really just each opponent put the same cards in the same spots for (yes, I know it isn't always that simplistic, but it's pretty darn close) 5-6 minutes. Mid game deck changes. Having a 10 or 12 slot deck seems like it would be easy to program (especially if they kept it at just 4 selected) but if that seems too radical, how about the ability to just change your deck mid match. Talk about strategy. Do you switch to a deck that counters the deck you see your opponent playing? Does he switch because he thinks you'll switch? What do you switch to? Other cool ideas have been mentioned as well, 3 bridge, 3v3, 4v4, fog of war etc. submitted by /u/Smasher_Clash [link] [comments]View the full article
  13. submitted by /u/Daanwilkaas_2 [link] [comments] View the full article
  14. submitted by /u/dfuze_eRaZe [link] [comments] View the full article
  15. Submitted By: Soul Crusher Watch Now: Best Deck TODAY in Clash Royale is!?
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