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Found 27 results

  1. submitted by /u/Erick837 [link] [comments] View the full article
  2. submitted by /u/NewMeMol [link] [comments] View the full article
  3. • Hello Everyone, JC here. And today is probably one of the most conflicted feeling days I ever felt in my life. Part of me is very hopeful and excited for the Big Should have been June July Update coming, with seemingly a MASSIVE Clan Wars Rework, lots of QoL changes, and actual Lore?! But that is for next Season, or maybe the next one, sadly. For this Season however, we have A New Card, Season and Balance Changes, and the future of Clash Royale to discuss. Let’s get to it then, shall we? PART 1: SKELETON DRAGONS • For being a pair of dead Dragons which are somehow inside the Prince’s Wet Dream Paradise, I was expecting a little more. Though they do act as a real substitute for Baby Dragon in some niche scenarios, they are not as viable as you think they would be. Here’s why: 1) Their Splash Radius and HP is so small that being split is a hindrance their versatility and viability (except for Fireball Bait, more on that later). Together, it’s basically a slightly less HP Baby Dragon with double the DPS, which is cool. But when Split (or on defense in general), they have minimal to no defensive play due to how frail they are, how their DPS is average, and how their Splash Radius is the Second smallest in the game (After Hunter, Firecracker, and Technically Magic Archer at ~0.3 Tiles) at 0.5 Tiles. Thy just don’t have the stats to back up using them unless it’s in Fireball Bait (which is already getting a big Buff because of 3 Muskies, but more on them later), which is solid on the meta now. Who knows though, maybe they are better than we think, so we have to wait and see with these flying pile of bones. 2) What we can’t ignore however is how un-creative the design is of the Card. To quote Seth himself in the most recent TV Royale, he said that “An easy way to think of Skeleton Dragons is for 4 Cost, you are getting a Baby Dragon cut in Half”. And looking at the gameplay, it’s true. When played together, it’s basically a Baby Dragon with Less HP and Double the DPS. I get it, they are working really hard on the Big Should have been June July Update, but they could have been at least a tiny bit more unique. Like, respawing after 5-10 seconds after death if thier “Bone Pile” is not destroyed or something. They just lack the uniqueness and stats to have their own role (again, except in Fireball Bait Decks) • As I said before, besides being a substitute For Baby Dragon in some niche Decks, I’m not sure if this Card will be Viable or just even Okay. We have to wait and see though. I have to admit, however, that I like the inspiration for the Card. They said that they Combined the mechanics of a Beta Minion (Troop from Clash of Clans that had more Range than a Minion) with the Design of the old Skeleton Dragon. But now is not the time to talk about Card Ideas, now it’s time to talk about Balance Changes! PART 2: BALANCE CHANGES • ~Prince~: HP Buffed From 1615 to 1664: Of course the narcissistic Prince Andrew (the canon name of him, like how the Fishermen is named Maurice. Hope he gets his confirmed buff someday) would make himself stronger when inside his own dream. Besides the point, this is a good buff. It will make him more versatile as a Mini Tank and Offesive Tank Killer just by a tiny bit. I personally wouldn’t have buffed him this way, but that’s fine. I do think it will increase use and win rates slightly, but not by much. Solid change. • ~Royal Delivery~: Damage Nerfed from 402 to 362): Another Solid Change on Supercell’s end. To think that one Damage buff can make something so slow and weak become something so strong and downright broken at times! While I personally feel it still should spawn faster with some other changes, I think that this a good nerf to balance it out, but just make the damage 360 to be a little more consistent and it will be absolutely perfect. Good job Supercell! • ~Earthquake~: Reworked Slowness Effect by 35% into a “Snare” Effect at 50%: This change is... interesting to say the least. One one hand it just makes more sense that it could cause Snare (making only Movement Speed slower by a bigger amount) instead of Slowness (making Movement Speed and Hitspeed slower by a smaller amount), since earthquakes do make you wobbly and make it harder to move, but you can still move your hands, or attack the same as before (technically). But, now this change is weaker against troops and buildings: since troops will likely be placed close enough to opposing Troops to not have to be slowed by the snare effect. Only if the opponent makes a mistake in Troop Placement is where this new change will be useful. Also, it’s inconsistent with Ram Rider’s snare at 85%. This is a good small nerf to Earthquake, but I feel the Percentage/Effect Power will have to be standardized to like 65% and the Cards will get other changes to make up for the buff/nerf. Overall, good yet funky change, will still be viable. • ~Bomb Tower~: Lifetime Nerf from 35 to 25 Seconds: And now for a controversial change. I think that this change is a little too harsh for Bomb Tower, it dies much quicker now even if it’s supposed to be a “Tanky Building”. I do agree that this change does address how defensive it is, but I think it could of been done better. Such as Nerfing Lifetime to 30 Second and to Nerfing HP to 1000/1110 HP, still tanky, but not as much. And the 30 Second lifetime is more consistent with other Buildings. Besides personally disagreeing with the change, it’s a good nerf to hinder its defensive play while still stopping pushes on defense. • ~Staggered Deploy Time Standardization~: All Cards that spawn more than 1 Troop will now have a 0.1 Second Staggered Deploy Time (Excluding Skeletons and Skeleton Army): Now this is getting me excited! In my previous post, I suggest that Supercell is starting to make changes to Standardize Stats in game (with evidence and examples of how they can do it, check it out after this), and I was right! Drew even responded and said that the post was great and they are indeed starting to standardize more stats, he even forwarded it to Seth To see if my Standardizations are balanced! For the changes itself, all Cards that Spawn 2+ Troops got slightly Nerfed, but it’s not that big a deal. The exceptions however are 3 Muskies, Goblin Gang and Minions: 3 Muskies are now basically Meta with this change (From 0.5 Staggered Deploy) whole Goblin Gang and Minions got a nice buff that was not needed but won’t affect much. I love that Supercell is now starting to Standardize Stats, even if it’s 1 at a time, so this is an excellent change. I wonder what stat will be next? PART 3: SEASON CHANGES • Now for the usual stuff in Season Updates, Dream world style. The tower skin is what you expect of a happy dream world with a cloudy aesthetic and some colored highlights. Not the best skin, but it’s nice. The exclusive emote it’s kinda funny and can be used for BM, but it’s nothing special. The Dark Prince is crying because he is not in his own dream world (yet?!), and it’s a solid emote. Lastly, the pony. Just saying, it’s a great emote. It’s simple and it looks good, I like it. PART 4: THE FUTURE OF CLASH ROYALE • And now for the most important part of this Season Analysis: The Future, and it’s not looking too bright for it. With the Update conformed to still be in development, being very likely to come in July at Least but more likely August, it definitely bummed out the fan base a lot and caused a hit in the player base. While I agree with Supercell on making this the best update they can (and how “Vorona Cirus” delayed the), I think that this is long enough. If the update is not out by July or August at the Latest, the game will take an even bigger hit than it has before. I’m worried about the game dying: I love it so much and it’s creative and fun, it does not deserve to die. What it needs to really bring the fan base back (besides a Clan Wars Rework and QoL Changes which are confirmed coming in the AMA/FAQ posted yesterday) is a new Game Mode that’s not “haha, tell and back go spawn spawn” (Spawner Challenges) and more ways of increasing progression without paying a lot of money or being active 24/7. The AMA/FAQ released yesterday by u/Supercell_Drew gives us insight on why they are taking so long on the update, some stuff that’s coming, and is overall a breath of fresh air to finally get some communication coming from the creators of the game we love. Please comment your questions on it, if it gets a lot of upvotes it will be answered it might help our community figure what’s going on behind the scenes of Clash Royale. • ~So there we have it.~ Honeslty, this update is pretty good, for being a major letdown of there being now Big Update coming out now. The Skeleton Dragons, while simple and un-unique, will slightly diversify Deck building and is a viable substitute to Baby Dragon. Balance Changes are soild, just not fully on the Dot. Season Changes are bland-ish, but to be expected. And the Future of Clash Royale May seem dark, but there is always a light ahead of the tunnel; and I think Supercell is making sure we see that light by July-August. Let’s hope for the best! 6.5/10 Update. • Do you guys like the Update? What are your thoughts on the New Card, Balance Changes, Season Changes, and Clash Royale’s Future? What would you like to see in the upcoming Big Update and why? Have a nice day everyone and Clash On! submitted by /u/JCorby17 [link] [comments]View the full article
  4. STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT MATCHMAKING. We get it you’re somewhere between 4.6k-5.6k and you sometimes go against higher level people. What you may not understand is that matchmaking is based on trophy count (and win/loss streaks) but NOT tower/card levels. Supercell is never going to change this. Any sort of level-based matchmaking on ladder won’t work, simply because it would make upgrading cards not important and it ruins the progression of the game. You either have to play longer to upgrade your cards, or get better at the game. I have a level 1 account with a pb of over 5.2k, which proves it’s not impossible to beat higher level players if you are good enough. Obviously not every matchup is gonna be winnable, but that’s just how this game works. And no, the matchmaking is not rigged against you, people have done studies and proved that the game does not put you against hard counters all the times. You just need a better deck. The only “rigged” matchmaking is when your on a big win or loss streak it puts you against other people on a big win/loss streak. but that’s not rigged against you, its just to even out everyone’s win or loss percentage so no one has a 10% or 90% win percentage. Sorry for the ramble i just wanted to get my word out. Thanks for reading. submitted by /u/willyoung50 [link] [comments]View the full article
  5. submitted by /u/tristan_gunes [link] [comments] View the full article
  6. I feel like if they made the game f2p from the very start then the game would still be alive now. It takes 1 year for a activate f2p player to max 1 deck. A whole year of playing that same deck on ladder. Then it takes another few months or so to max a second deck. And while building that second deck you still have the play your first deck. I've been playing since global launch and have 48 cards maxed and I'm top 1k global rn so I'm not trying to sound like a whiny f2p player or anything. If the game was f2p from the start then a lot of people would have stayed and wouldn't have left. Also casual players would have a lot more fun and won't be discouraged to quit the game because they are so behind. Before people tell me that collecting cards is part of the game and that's what makes people want to play the game. I personally feel like it would be a lot more fun and competitive if anyone could play any deck they want. And if Clash Royale is just a collecting card game for you. Then you're probably one of those overleveled lv12/13 sitting at 4-5k facing against lv10s just to collect your chest. submitted by /u/KrizTheOtaku [link] [comments]View the full article
  7. This will probably die in new. I have played Clash Royale for over three years, and am in master on my main account. I recently decided I wanted to start another account to see how quickly I could get to legendary arena. That was about two weeks ago. I am now about about 50 trophies from legendary, with 250 wins (3 crown and not). I wanted to share my thoughts with you all about the game. First, I fell in love again. Being back in the beginning of the game, unlocking cards, building decks, all of it felt so refreshing. I breezed through the first 6 arenas. At 2000 trophies, when you get a legendary chest from the trophy road, I got princess. This is great because I like playing cycle decks, and I’ve been using log bait since then. Now to my complaints. The game still wasn’t hard, mostly because I had experience and the people I was playing were still relatively new. The problem with this part of the game was the legendary cards. I had gotten princess out of the legendary chest, but others had cards like mega knight sparky. These are not hard cards to counter normally, but when all of your cards are level 6 or 7, it’s more difficult. My knight was only level 6, so it couldn’t counter the mega knights I was seeing. My main issue wasn’t with mega knight, though. It was the sparky. Sparky is normally easy to counter with a rocket or any reset card, but my measly level 6 repacked didn’t kill it. Most of the reset cards are unlocked in arena 11 just like sparky, so the only ones I had access to were ice spirit and freeze. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about the cards themselves, but I can see other, new players encountering these cards and ending up hating them because there are so few counters available in the lower arenas. submitted by /u/sebbygem [link] [comments]View the full article
  8. submitted by /u/literallyanoob42 [link] [comments] View the full article
  9. submitted by /u/Osakalaska [link] [comments] View the full article
  10. TL;DR (on economy) imo it's currently too hard for players to gain cards, upgrade them with gold, and especially earn gems to play in CCs (and lol GCs). I think the cards/gold/gem economy really needs to be improved. TL;DR (on game) been getting VERY stale for casual players; competitive players have to deal with non-ideal balances and RPS meta As someone who has played CR since the public beta, I currently have 2 accounts that I play on. One of them (after spending some $$ throughout the years) has finally been getting close to maxing out all commons and rares, with several max epics and 3 max legendaries. The other is a mini account that I occasionally play on when I'm tired of playing ranked ladder on my main. (I also use the mini account to keep in touch with how f2p non-ranked-ladder or casual players feel.) I definitely feel CR needs to have a better economy. As more and more cards have been released (there are now almost 100 cards in the game!), that means more cards to acquire, more gold to upgrade those cards, and more difficulty in getting a specific card that you want. However, the current value that chests, etc. give is, in my opinion, far too low. How many people do you know have enough cards to upgrade a significant amount of cards, but don't have nearly enough gold to do so? How many people do you know that even have enough epics and legendary cards in the first place to upgrade a specific set of cards that they want? How many people do you know want to gain great competitive practices, while also earning rewards, through GCs, but have an absymal number of gems in hand? I think I speak for the vast majority of people here -- the economy in the game is way too low. Now that we have so many cards, chests should give more cards and gold. (I personally would argue that higher-tier chests such as giant chests should be more frequent as well.) This way, players won't be forced to basically stick to one deck to level up (or else be underleveled for the rest of their lives). Two of the most common complaints among casual players are: overleveled cards on ladder, and facing the same decks over and over again on ladder (e.g. 2.6, 2.9 because they are strong f2p-friendly decks). Improving the cards/gold economy would, in my opinion, tone down these frustrations a bit. And don't get me started on gems...f2p players earn an ABSYMAL amount of gems each month compared to the cost of many in-game things (CCs, GCs, challenge re-entries, GT rewards). Realistically, CCs are the only thing that most players have enough gems for, and even then, when I go a 12-win, it takes less than an hour, so it's easy to get multiple CCs in until you run out of gems. GCs are basically out of the question, which sucks cuz there are many players who want to get practice playing with other strong players (while also earning some rewards) that can't due to the gem cost. Oh, and on that note, GC rewards suck. Yes, way back in the day they were good, but now there are double the number of cards in the game, and stuff like Pass Royale and Daily Deals exist. Even a 12-win GC (which most pros can't even achieve on a consistent basis) only nets you 22k gold, 11 epics, and you're not even guaranteed a legendary from that chest. HazardCR has suggested that GCs be reduced to 50 gems, and I wouldn't be opposed to that -- it makes them more accessible while simultaneously increasing the rewards. I mean, I can't be the only one tired of insanely long queue times only 6 wins into a GC. (On that note, SC, why tf are legendary chests still 400 quest points and 500 gems, to get ONE legendary card that you can't even strike? There are 17 legendaries in the game! Seriously?) The clear weakness of the CR economy is, in my opinion, one of the main reasons that casual players feel the game is getting very stale. (Of course, I didn't even bring up how much of a chore quests and clan wars are.) Also, I'll end with a quick note regarding competitive play (I'm not even close to a pro by any means, although as I said before I routinely push ranked ladder, and I have a few GT badges as well): I think the meta has become too RPS. It's at the point that a significant factor in determining who wins a match is the matchup itself. The addition of more and more cards, some of which are made specifically to counter other cards, worsens this trend. To be honest, I'm not entirely sure how to fully fix this -- any thoughts are appreciated. Also, there are some lower-skill decks in the meta rn as well (sparky rage, egolem healer, etc.), and a lot of pros have been complaining about how frustrating it is that golem in the back first play is actually viable now. I understand that balancing cards is a very tough and time-consuming process, but we've seen a cycle of over-buffed/over-nerfed cards too often (not to mention, many of us believe that not enough cards are balanced every update). I think this, at least, is something that could be fixed. submitted by /u/zztempo314 [link] [comments]View the full article
  11. submitted by /u/Jafar_Hussaini_S [link] [comments] View the full article
  12. submitted by /u/SamG101_ [link] [comments] View the full article
  13. submitted by /u/UgurhanKose [link] [comments] View the full article
  14. I didn’t realize how much damage overleveled arrows do, it just wipes out everything, and cripples anything that survives. submitted by /u/LoneWolf10p [link] [comments]View the full article
  15. submitted by /u/NEVADAPLATE_KFBR392 [link] [comments] View the full article
  16. submitted by /u/Blackangel466 [link] [comments] View the full article

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