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Found 17 results

  1. Submitted By: Soul Crusher Watch Now: THE BEST LEGENDARY in RUSH ROYALE?!
  2. Submitted By: Soul Crusher Watch Now: THE BEST duo in royale? // Rush Royale
  3. Submitted By: Soul Crusher Watch Now: GET BETTER - TOP 5 TIPS FOR RUSH ROYALE
  4. Submitted By: Soul Crusher Watch Now: MOST BROKEN CARD in ROYALE // Rush Royale
  5. submitted by /u/Munchoony [link] [comments] View the full article
  6. submitted by /u/DoStuff4fun [link] [comments] View the full article
  7. Are you down 2 Princess towers and have barely scratched one of your opponents? Are there less than 30s left? Consider the reverse, you would appreciate the extra crown if you beat down your opponent. They gain nothing continuing to delay your push. And you both get to start a new match faster! submitted by /u/thehuntofdear [link] [comments]View the full article
  8. Apparently gem rush posts died down according to drew? Please upvote if you would like to see gem rush once in a while back in the game. It adds variety and more versatile than gold. We can play challenges, buy emotes, and buy shop deals w gems. Don’t need it every season but once in a while would be exciting for the players. submitted by /u/Purple-Knight [link] [comments]View the full article
  9. Rush war is not a good as an individual game. But what if they add a rush war mode in Clash Royale? We can set up troops and buildings under a given amount of eixilr for defense, and other players can set up different troops to attack our base. ​ https://preview.redd.it/qji5c4jmyi251.png?width=586&format=png&auto=webp&s=0678d56358d2bd64dbdefa3000f68acf668060ac submitted by /u/alienjiren [link] [comments] View the full article
  10. SuperCell said we are having two gold rushes in season 10. Yay! Thanks a lot SuperCell! So, this weekend we are having the first one, and most likely the second one will be the last weekend of the season. I love Gold Rush, but I hate it when it happens in the last weekend of the season. By Thursday/Friday of the last week, I am very frequently in my PB and I do not want to push anymore. Then, a Gold Rush event appears and it is like "10000 gold or risk of losing the PB?". Since SuperCell introduced Crown Rush, I have enjoyed a lot staying in my PB during the last days of the season and just
  11. Why? Its annoying for me because being in legendary arena i get matched up against level 13s with max cards(am a f2p player) which sucks because the game modes like bandit dash and lumberjack rush and x3 elixr are fun game modes but it sucks when ever i want to play them ill just get destroyed by level 13 p2w tryhards. Pls supercell just put all clan war collection day battles to tournament standard. I mean literally every other clan war collection day battle is tournament standard so these should be aswell submitted by /u/QuackForCrack777 [link] [comments]View the full article
  12. Just finished the Elite Barbarian Rush challenge. Pretty easy to finish and I used OJ's deck shown here:
  13. This is the deck I’m using to complete my own in game challenge! I start out the video at 6-1 so stick around to the e [...] (Feed generated with FetchRSS)View the full article
  14. Name: 100% GUARANTEED to make them RAGE! Elite Barbarian Rush Challenge! Category: Clash Royale Date Added: 03/27/2020 Submitter: Soul Crusher 100% GUARANTEED to make them RAGE! Elite Barbarian Rush Challenge!
  15. Opdecks.com 10 Best CWA’s Elite Barbarian Rush Decks CWA’s Elite Barbarian Rush Challenge is the forth game mode created with the support of Supercell Creators. Standard game rules apply in this game mode. But you have to deal with Elite Barbarian(s) which rush from behind the King’s Tower. As you can imagine, the idea of this beautiful game mode is from CWA. If you ask my personal opinion, This is a game mode we are used to. You will have Elite Barbarian for free. But no matter what, I will try to present the best deck collection for CWA’s Elite Barbarian Rush. 1. Royal Giant Deck This de
  16. Opdecks.com 10 Best Lumberjack Rush Decks Lumberjack Rush is a special 1v1 game mode. Periodically, Lumberjack(s) emerge from behind your King’s Tower to make their ways to the opponent’s King’s Tower. While you are planning your attack, you should also plan to stop them. You have to find the most suitable plan for this. In Lumberjack Rush game mode you have to consider your opponent’s plan. I will first share the best Lumberjack Rush decks you can use with any challenge. Then I will include a few tips and tricks. I know you are looking for the right decks for this game mode. These decks wi

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