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  19. submitted by /u/TrickyBarrel [link] [comments] View the full article
  20. Clash Royale - Clan Wars 2 Update What went right, and what went wrong? Thanks to u/IronSpider_2099 and u/JCorby17 so much for writing this post with me. They are both just amazing and were amazingly helpful! Thanks to u/Supercell_Drew for his recent post on Clan Wars 2 which helped alleviate the stress and also provide a lot of context and spark new ideas for this post! Hope you like it! ​ Background Since the update’s sneak peek back in July, there has been a lot of concern about the update in the Clash Royale community. They announced that there would be a major update this year a few months ago, and we all got excited. They said it would be released in August and it came out on the last day of the month. The wait for the update was the start of some serious hate from the playerbase. The team has always gotten ideas from the community and heard what they wanted. ​ For years, the community has asked for this: a system to help players progress easier, and help them upgrade more than just one deck a Clan Wars rework since it got stale (collection/war day battles) more than just boring repetitive battles everyday (1v1/2v2 and friendly battles) New UI/Quality of Life features that would make the game more appealing ​ How They Responded in this Update To help players progress with more than one deck, they made the 4 war decks that would be the players’ personal levels, no cap. This was to motivate them to upgrade more than one deck and help them experiment with new decks. To handle the Clan Wars 1 issue, they focused on creating a completely new way to play war. They did this by creating the river race with new modes and mechanics. More rewards, easier to work as a team, and helped everyone feel like they were contributing to the clan in some way. Faster progression was helped by combining daily rewards into one, and putting quest rewards into war. The battles in war and party hopefully help players to play more than just 1v1 ladder. The river tasks are meant to be more fun, and a new PvE mechanic (which can get a rework btw!) to make war more competitive against other clans, and the clan could work together to attack other clans. Unfortunately, they removed all battle modes from collection day, and replaced them with boring 1v1s. They also added party mode last year to keep battle modes more fresh. ​ What went Right? The artwork, the Supercell Dev team did tons of artwork which looks absolutely stunning (I am in love with the goblin gang one) A few weeks in and the redesigned shop is a good replacement for quests and an overall improvement from the previous shop! New game modes like Duels and Boat Battle(PvE) The Trader to make trading easier QOL changes like to know who’s online in the clan and also new UI Clan War King Level requirement dropped from lvl 8 to lvl 6, giving new players a chance to contribute in Clan Wars Performance issues fixed, like memory management, etc. ​ What went Wrong? and How it can be fixed! NOTE : A lot of the stuff said before was written a week prior to this post by u/Supercell_Drew so it might be inaccurate to whoever read the above post by drew. ​ Even though the four decks idea was implemented with good intentions, it turned out to be a bad one! The idea itself is not so bad considering they want us to use 4 decks to improve skill but it is bad on the basis of progression. For a f2p player it will take years to max out the deck, even though the player has enough cards to max it out the amount of gold you get by the end of season considering you are starting from 0 is not enough. The user has to upgrade each level which is gold consuming. Below is a chart for the amount of gold required for each level upgrade and rarity and the total amount required for all the 99 cards in the game. ​ Data by me! and fact checked it 3 times C: Common, R; Rare, E : Epic, L : Legendary Total Gold required for all 99 cards in the game currently : (24 C * 185,625) + (27 R * 185,600) + (25 E * 184,400) + (15 L * 175000) = 16,701,200 gold Gold wise only, a F2P player probably will take about 2 months 1 weeks to max out ONE card. Even as a Pass Royale Player, it would be probably 2-3 weeks before. DON’T COUNT ME ON THIS, IT’S JUST A ROUGH CALCULATION, IF ANYONE DID CALCULATE LMK IN THE COMMENTS. Cards Wise and Gold wise, god only knows how much time to max out a card. How can it be fixed? For this example I will use brawl stars, In brawl stars here's what a F2P player and a Brawl Pass player gets ​ Brawl Stars f2p vs Brawl Pass I fact checked this data 3 times for no error and it is as it is in the table! NOTE: From personal experience, if the player as F2P or Brawl Pass completes all the tiers he/she will end up with enough power points and gold to upgrade two or more cards to max power level in just one season! Analysis: Clash Royale Can learn a lot from Brawl Stars F2P progression! A F2P or a Pass Royale Player, if I am right, cannot max out a card in a season let alone two! While as I stated above a Brawl Stars player can upgrade 2 or more! This is extremely helpful when we have 32 cards to max out. Since there are 8 cards required to play a match instead of 1 brawler like in brawl stars, if the above progression method is implemented, then it could be slightly increased for CR since there are 32 cards. Rebuttal: People might say if all the cards are maxed what is the use for gold anymore! How will it help the player if all his cards are maxed? Well, first of all every card they will be added as gold and that gold can be used to buy star skins as normal and you could come up with new troop skins available only after you max out a card so they wont complain about less gold. And if mot of the players are maxed the ladder will be more fair and more skill based rather than Pay2win based. A lvl 11 who plays xbow 2.9 amazingly gets beaten by a spammer simply because his Tesla was low lvl to one hit the minions? There are still people who win these kinds of games but the overall goal is to make it easier for all f2p to learn skills. A level based cap like Drew said in his post would help too. UI Changes were made but some were uncomfortable to use As usual UI experience is a very important part of user satisfaction and user experience. There were issues that were fixed and there are still some issues that are in discussion of being fixed Fixed Unable to Switch between clan chat and war screen Clan Boat destroyed causes Boat defense to show princess tower instead of turret Clan Tag properly occupies text field Gemming chests UI changed and gems were refunded Clan Message text made one point bigger Not fixed or currently being discussed to be fixed Unable to see donations in a quickview Other languages are a bit discomforting to the eyes So UI changes are not a huge concern compared to the state of the game right now. Features implemented but not enough to make the game more interactive Below pictures will summarize most of the features that could be added to make the game better ​ https://preview.redd.it/yzt810xcysm51.png?width=524&format=png&auto=webp&s=e1605435c5c4197d4056ccc109f68b244cc36ce0 ​ https://preview.redd.it/vd46u07eysm51.png?width=522&format=png&auto=webp&s=fe8b8003053e32127f5fe3440cad130e61fda5af DESCRIPTION This request a mode is basically requesting a mode you like to appear in the rotation for that season. For example if you like 7x Elixir 1v1 (everybody likes it, duh!), you can request it by choosing from the overall game modes. The mode with the most requests will be added to the party mode and friendly mode for the season. If two modes have the same number then both of those will be added. This is pin the mode feature. Once you pin the mode you'll be able to play it with clan members, friends and with other players for a whole week. This not only prolongs the time from 3 days to a whole week but also allows you to play it with friends and clan mates for a week. Think about how fun it would be to clone battle healers and stack em up! Add 2v2 features to other game modes. 2v2 7x elixir would be better! You can also play it with friends and clan members for fun. To me this is the prized feature in this post. This feature allows you to mark a deck as a favorite. Once you mark a deck as a favorite you'll be notified whenever you are using another deck before entering into ladder matches, global tournaments and challenges (only for non pass royale since pass royale have unlimited tries). The feature is simple, add more decks other than 5 slots. ​ Reporting I take a lot of importance to this feature, when an adult clan is an adult clan people swear and say stuff that is not supposed to be taken literally. There are people who report for fun and get players banned for a week or longer. This not only hinders the progress but also the clan's growth. Leader Privileges vs Co-Leader Privileges Sometimes Leaders get tricked into promoting a player into co leader and kick every leader and member out. It is annoying and also disrupting for the clan. I suggest the leader choose what privileges the co leader gets like the mods here on reddit do by the creator, this will prevent incidents like those and also not be disruptive in the game. More Game modes other than just duels and 1v1s Duels are fun, don't get me wrong. But we all know playing the same game modes forever in clan wars 2 is not fun! Clan wars 2 can be made less boring with modes like sudden death (haven't played that in a while), 3x elixir mode, rage all over mode etc etc. Friends It would be better for everyone (imo and according to everyone's opinion) if they were able to add friends by requesting through profile instead of going to 2v2. Spam can be reduced by setting a friend request limit per day. Timeout for the war decks. One of the problems of clan wars 1 was that we could only battle 3 times and have to just sit there the whole day. If the timeout was reduced by half it would be 8 war battles a day. Sure fame must be adjusted according More events in 2v2 Not to compare to Brawl Stars again but… Brawl Stars has 7 events which cycle regularly for players to enjoy. Clash Royale could try implementing this feature. The AI in PvE can be improved I literally played the PvE and umm the AI rockets its own tower! ​ DREWS POST AND MY OPINION First of all, u/Supercell_Drew and I got off on the wrong foot. The toxicity of this sub got my mind twisted thinking Drew was bad at his job! But umm… I wanted to know him better, so I went to his profile and read ALL his posts and comments and honestly I must say this, I am sorry for saying you are bad at your job. You are honestly an amazing community manager. I think the communication within the last year got a bit diminished and the relationship with the community got a bit tense, hence all the toxicity. But after seeing this post, my hopes are at new heights! Thanks so much for yesterday's post. The post made us feel like we’re being listened to once again and I am pretty sure the game will be back in its pribe of the libe(not a typo, I am a friends fan)! Anyways my opinion and analysis about the points u/Supercell_Drew made are: I think their solution to time problem is amazing, 8 am is a great time to start, I am pretty sure more than half the world will be awake Their solution to small clan wars is brilliant! Smaller clans like mine have been disadvantaged due to the high fame threshold, it has been a huge downside to the members of small clans. This would make the progression system better. The Brawl Stars progression system I talked about early in the post would be helpful to a lot if I am not wrong. The amount of cards and gold the players will receive would be amazing for a f2p player. For a Pass Royale holder It would be better if it was more like Brawl pass but… it's half the price so I feel like the amount of rewards we get is justified. Oh and the Boom Beach task force leaderboard thing would be amazing Level Capping by league, I think this is a must in both ladder and clan wars 2. This will reduce the toxicity and pay2win nature in ladder and CW2. This will not only improve progression since people will not keep on losing rewards. They are also discussing underdog bonuses which would be amazing! It would restore hope for low lvl players. Thanks Drew for considering this! The new UI looks amazing! ​ https://preview.redd.it/xfw01a6izsm51.png?width=652&format=png&auto=webp&s=f663d33bc068dd220133a721e96a31374f50f089 TL;DR: I wrote this post with u/IronSpider_2099 and u/JCorby17 to discuss the good stuff and the bad stuff in Clan Wars 2. I discussed ways on how to fix the issues and share my opinion on drew’s recent post! Thank you u/IronSpider_2099 and u/JCorby17 for helping me write this post. Thanks to everyone who reads this top to bottom (took me a week to sum up all the points). Thanks a lot to Drew’s post which helped me reshape our opinions on the game. PEACE OUT submitted by /u/eadcda [link] [comments] View the full article
  21. Imagine a parallel universe where Clan Wars 1.0 didn't exist and the original version of Clan Wars was the Boat release we just got. And due to all complaints, Supercell gave us the original Clan Wars (1.0) as the new and improved release. We'd probably be thrilled!! ​ Imagine the improvements that Drew could tout: Less P2W! Card levels capped by league: Bronze at 10, Gold at 11, Legendary at 12. Clans of all sizes can now compete fairly! Smaller clans will be matched up against similarly sized clans so that all clans have a roughly equal chance of winning the war and getting a 1st place chest! Don't need four decks of maxed cards anymore! Can just play one final war deck battle instead. Tournament standard modes! New collection day feature that will have tournament standard modes for underleveled players! Increased variety of game modes! Collection day battles will also include the option to play different modes such as Draft, Triple Draft, 2v2, etc so that you can get more variety than stale ladder type matchups! Eliminate war fatigue! War will no longer be 24x7 all the time. Players can now choose how often they want to war. Anywhere from 7 wars per 2 weeks (ie. 24x7) or opt out and only do one war per two weeks and still get a clan war chest! New war matchup every third day! Got an unfair matchup where you get smashed an entire month by overleveled clans? No problem, with new and improved war, you get a new matchup every 3 days and don't have to live a month of boring hell! If only Clan Wars 2.0 came first, and 1.0 was the new and improved version, we'd be so happy right now =P submitted by /u/shinyodds [link] [comments]View the full article
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