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Found 14 results

  1. looking level 12 players minimum must be active player in war also have whatsapp group chat for player to chat and plan war. Looking serious players only Whatsapp group: https://chat.whatsapp.com/Hr3iYISivMmGEUH8KvHsjh
  2. submitted by /u/Donghoon [link] [comments] View the full article
  3. Greetings, I am the leader of the OG KUSH CLAN, which has been active for roughly three years. Recently, most of our members departed from our group, leaving myself and a small amount of early members in the group. Our clan stood strong at 45-50 members for years, which is now what we must aim for yet again. The clan is weak currently, and we are welcoming all new members with open arms. Everyone is friendly, and will treat you respectfully. We maintain a steady look on who donates, participates, and is overall active. You can still have a life and join this clan, just playing a few times
  4. Hopefully it ain't just me but jezz is recruiting a chore to do. It sucks to be a clan leader leading a clan with inactives/sub accounts/under 4k players just cause you are not a top clan leaderboard player. The Sub Reddit & Discord for recruitment is constantly churning out clan posts that is filled with clans that is starting out and it rarely if ever even helps in recruiting. [Serly wish the sub reddit could cater more to the players who are growing and not the new ones begging for members zzz] Merging is also a difficult task to do, with players that wants to keep their name / not w
  5. submitted by /u/Husa71 [link] [comments] View the full article
  6. So I have an idea on how to make being in a clan a little bit more meaningful and engaging. My idea for a clan reward system would be to reward players with ‘Clan Points’ at the end of the season for their finish on ladder. For example if you finished at 5000-5299 trophies you would earn 15 clan points. If you finished at 5300-5599 trophies you would earn 20 clan points and so on At the end of the season the clan points earned from the members would be added to the clans total points which could be redeemed in a Clan Shop for rewards like 24 hour chest boost for all members, exclusive s
  7. We have tried to make things as easy as possible when you post a recruitment topic. However, there are somethings to keep in mind. When posting about your clan, more information is better. With the countless amount of clan currently in the game, simply posting a topic and just including you clan's tag is more than likely NOT going to attract anyone's attention. Add more info about how long you've been around, if you care people participate in war, etc. Feel free to use the template we've setup for you. The template is designed to make all your important info stand out and disp
  8. If you’ve been quarantined due to the coronavirus and your bored, looking for something to do.... Join clan SQUABBLES INC in clash Royale. We’re a small group of experienced players from Savage Supremes looking to form a team of positive, active players. Once we get enough players, we’ll run clan wars 24/7. All skill levels are welcome and the clan is open for now. We look forward to teaming up with you.... take care!
  9. Reddit Demons Is Now Recruiting New Members!! If You Are... Looking To Join A Serious War Clan Ready To Take The Next Step The Demons Want You Want To Play Above 20k War Trophies We're Seeking: 5600+ PB 100+ War Wins King Tower Level 12+ We Offer A Great Team Of Clan Mates & Support For War Strats & Deck Ideas. We Hold Practice Battles For All Wars & Make Sure Everyone Is Prepared. Missing War Day Is Unacceptable! Direct Message For An Invite!
  10. We are an active and supportive clan, looking for active and supportive players. Co leaders and the leader make war decks, while anyone can ask for a deck to be approved. You MUST be active. Our leader, is very helpful, and will always try to help where he can. Hope to see you soon! -Balbo
  11. "Build it and they will come..." ...Except for Clash Royale! You build a clan, set the trophies, location and put a catchy description and now what? Without a global chat or "official" Clash Royale" recruitment forums, your options until Recruiting Royale were limited to Reddit, discord, friends and so on. Obviously we would love to be the place for all of your recruitment needs, but even so, there is more to it than that! With a new clan, don't start your trophy requirements too high. Remember, the people that have been playing for awhile are most likely going to be
  12. What an awesome website! I'm just curious how often we can advertise our clan(s)/clan family. Thankyou, PrincessBubs

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