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Found 15 results

  1. Welcome to the official Recruiting Royale clan! Everyone is welcome, feel free to stop by and say hi!
  2. We just acquired four new banners for advertising your clan. Check 'em out!
  3. Yesterday, I posted a blog post on Fandom, their Clash Royale wiki linking to our gem giveaway contest. The post was deleted and I was banned for 3 years because they thought it was a scam. Not sure what logic was applied when they made that decision, considering they are running a gem giveaway contest as well. Either way, it is NOT a scam as evidenced by our last contest.
  4. Our Member's Shop is now open for business! In your profile you should see you now have "points". Those points can be earned by posting on the site and spent in the Member's Shop. There is a variety of items and new more meaningful items are coming such as advertisement items. For now...feel free to take a look.
  5. We are taking a second go at having a chatbox on the website. Chatboxes can be fun if used properly. Ours is not meant for anything relating to adverting at all. It is just a means of communicating with others. Posting recruiting topics in the chabox will only get you warned/banned. So please don't.
  6. We have just added another neat little feature on the website. Right below the main navigation, you should see a scrolling ticker titled Featured Clans. The question will undoubtedly arise, how do I have my clan featured? Right now, staff views the current posts from the Recruitment area and finds recruitment topics that are filled out well, have good information and stand out from the rest of the topics. Think your clan should be featured? Fill out the quick app requesting it be featured. However, do yourself a quick favor and make sure it stands out from the rest. Unlike this...
  7. Congrats to @3C_Coleslaw for picking up the VIP Account!
  8. We have tried to make things as easy as possible when you post a recruitment topic. However, there are somethings to keep in mind. When posting about your clan, more information is better. With the countless amount of clan currently in the game, simply posting a topic and just including you clan's tag is more than likely NOT going to attract anyone's attention. Add more info about how long you've been around, if you care people participate in war, etc. Feel free to use the template we've setup for you. The template is designed to make all your important info stand out and displayed nicely for everyone to see. Post only ONCE in the sub-fourm which bests fits your current trophy requirement. Even if you are looking for a range of people, for the sake of the site and everyone else, only post ONCE. Duplicate threads will be deleted. Depending on the amount of threads posted or history, posting more than ONE topic can result in your account receiving a warning which prevents you from posting for 24 hours. Additional offenses will just result in your account being banned. If you have a specific need where you need more than one topic, contact staff first to see if an exception can be made. Best of luck!
  9. Recruiting Royale is a self-funded website and currently does not draw income from any source, including advertisements. The clan advertisements visible on the site are free of charge and are a benefit to those who wish to make use of them. Donations are never expected, but always appreciated! For those who choose to donate, any amount is helpful. All donations go to the cost of running the website which generally includes hosting, CDN, security, email services, and so on. A Donator Account does have privileges more so than a regular member. A donator account has increased message storage, use of signatures, and month long advertising of their clan, compared to the typical one-week runs. Additional features may be added in the future as well.
  10. View this giveaway Recruiting Royale Gem Giveaway!! With all the shelter-in-place orders people are no doubt getting a little stir crazy and perhaps turning to Clash Royale more often to give themselves a bit of break from all the madness. After our little beta run with the VIP Account giveaway, it looks like our system is all set and ready to go! At the end of April we will be giving away gems for being a contributor on Recruiting Royale. All that is required for you to participate is have TWO non-spammy posts. One can even include your clan recruitment topic which you most likely already have or will be posting soon. PRIZES 1st Prize - 1200 gems 2nd Prize - 500 gems 3rd Prize - 80 gems Winners will be chosen at random. Only one entry per account please. Our registration checks for signs of duplicate email addresses, IP's, etc. , so again...please...one entry. We understand the prizes are not overwhelming large, however, as you may have noticed there are no ads on the site except the clan ads. Recruiting Royale has no source of income and is self-funded. We hope to keep it that way, because hey, who likes ads!? Best of luck to you all!! Submitter Soul Crusher Expiration Date 1 month and 7 days Submitted 04/01/2020 Category Giveaways  
  11. Did you know that you can make Recruiting Royale a bit more of your own? It's true! You can choose from multiple backgrounds we have uploaded. Changing the background image only changes it for your account and not site-wide. There are several to choose from, pick whichever you prefer!
  12. Next month's contest is going to be a bit different. Next month we will have a variety of prizes to giveaway! Stay tuned!!
  13. Hey All, just wanted to let you know I created an official Recruiting Royale clan in Clash Royale! It is open to everyone and the trophy count is set to 0. Right now it is just for fun and all positions are open including co-leader. Official Recruiting Royale Clan
  14. Is there a need for any additional forums? If so, please let me know. I was thinking perhaps a forum just for polls to keep things organized.
  15. Clan Groups: Clan groups provide a way of communicating to your entire clan at once without others seeing what is being discussed. Clan groups can be created upon request for individual clans. Once created a leader or co-leader will be placed in charge of the clan group. From there they can add or remove members as needed. Clan Forums: Individual clan forums provide a dedicated area for you to communicate with your clan. Individual clan forums can be created upon request. Clan Applications: Clan applications allow clan leaders and col-leaders to choose who they ultimately let in their clan. An unlimited amount of criteria can be added to clan applications. Once an application is created, a topic is created in an individual clan forum with the applicant's information. From there, the application can be accepted or rejected and a message will be sent to the applicant. If you are interested in any or all of the above for your clan, please Contact Us!

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