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Found 34 results

  1. submitted by /u/Milo-the-great [link] [comments] View the full article
  2. submitted by /u/Gamecraft2525 [link] [comments] View the full article
  3. I just want to write this down somewhere accessible and not have to go to the source. But it is also nice to share these stats with the community in case they are interested. I believe these stats are mostly right. Let me know if you find something incorrect. Weird things that I've found: Lava hound only has a mass of 5, balloon has a mass of 6, and skeleton barrel has a mass of 7. Hog only has a mass of 4. Pekka and Giant skeleton only have a sight range of 5. ​ These are the stats as of 2020 July Table of Mass: Mass refers to how easily the unit is pushed around. Building mass is not applicable (they technically have a mass of 0 though). Mass Units 1 Skeleton, Spear Goblin, Guard, Ice Spirit, Fire Spirit, Bat, Heal Spirit 2 Goblin, ,Minion, Rascal Girl, Royal Hog, Goblin Brawler 3 Archer, Princess, Dart Goblin, Bandit, Royal Ghost, Cannon Cart, Flying Machine, Magic Archer 4 Barbarian, Bomber, Mini Pekka, Hog Rider, Lumberjack, Elite Barbarian, Executioner, Zappy, Night Witch, Wall Breaker, Ram Rider, Skeleton Dragon 5 Valkyrie, Musketeer, Baby Dragon, Wizard, Ice Wizard, Lava Hound, Lava Pup, Inferno Dragon, Electro Wizard, Hunter, Royal Recruit, Elixir Blob 6 Knight, Balloon, Golemite, Prince, Dark Prince, Miner, Ice Golem, Mega Minion, Battle Ram, Firecracker, Battle Healer 7 Skeleton Barrel, Electro Dragon 8 Witch 10 Rascal Boy, Fisherman, Elixir Golemite 15 Elixir Golem 18 Giant, Pekka, Giant Skeleton, Royal Giant, Sparky, Bowler, Mega Knight, Goblin Giant 20 Golem Table of Sight Range: Sight range refers to how far away can a unit see the enemy. Usually, for melee units, that means the distance the melee unit will start walking towards the enemy. For ranged units whose sight range is larger than their actual range, it is also the distance where the ranged unit will start walking towards the enemy. For most other ranged units and buildings, the sight range and actual range are equal though. Sight Range Units 5 Pekka, Giant Skeleton, Sparky, Zappy 5.5 Cannon, Tesla, Knight, Archer, Goblin, Minion, Witch, Skeleton, Barbarian, Valkyrie, Bomber, Baby Dragon, Mini Pekka, Wizard, Prince, Spear Goblin, Ice Wizard, Dark Prince, Guard, Lava Hound, Lava Pup, Lumberjack, Ice Spirit, Fire Spirit, Miner, Bowler, Mega Minion, Inferno Dragon, Battle Ram, Electro Wizard, Elite Barbarian, Executioner, Royal Ghost, Hunter, Night Witch, Bat, Royal Recruit, Rascal Boy, Mega Knight, Rascal Girl, Goblin Brawler, Ram Rider (bola), Electro Dragon, Heal Spirit, Battle Healer, Skeleton Dragon 6 Inferno Tower, Bomb Tower, Musketeer, Bandit, Cannon Cart, Flying Machine 7 King Tower, Golem ,Golemite, Ice Golem, Wall Breaker 7.5 Princess Tower, Giant, Royal Giant, Dart Goblin, Goblin Giant, Magic Archer, Ram Rider (ram), Fisherman, Elixir Golem, Elixir Golemite, Elixir Blob 7.7 Balloon, Skeleton Barrel, 8.5 Firecracker 9.5 Hog Rider, Princess, Royal Hog 11.5 Xbow, Mortar ​ Table of Initial Hit Speed Initial Hit Speed refers to the amount of time it takes before the unit takes their FIRST attack. ​ Initial Hit Speed Unit 0.1 Archer, Valkyrie, Skeleton Balloon, Fisherman 0.2 Goblin, Balloon, Bomber, Ice Spirit, Fire Spirit, Wall Breaker, Goblin Brawler, Heal Spirit, 0.25 Royal Hog, X-bow 0.3 Baby Dragon, Giant Skeleton, Battle Healer, 0.35 Battle Ram(non-charged probably?), Dart Goblin 0.4 Barbarian, Wizard, Dark Prince, Guard, Lumberjack, Mega Minion, Bandit, Rascal Boy, Ram Rider (rider), Skeleton Dragon 0.5 Knight, Giant, Pekka, Minion, Skeleton, Musketeer, Mini Pekka, Prince, Spear Goblin, Ice Wizard, Princess, Miner, Sparky, Bowler, Executioner, Royal Recruit, Mega Knight, Flying Machine, King Tower, Bomb Tower, Tesla 0.6 Hog Rider, Electro Wizard, Royal Ghost, Bat, Cannon Cart, Ram Rider (ram) 0.7 Witch, Royal Giant, Elite Barbarian, Hunter, Electro Dragon, 0.75 Night Witch, 0.8 Princess Tower 1.0 Golem, Golemite, Lava Hound, Lava Pup, Ice Golem, Rascal Girl, Goblin Giant, Elixir Golem, Elixir Golemite, Elixir Blob, Firecracker, Cannon, Mortar 1.1 Zappy 1.6 Inferno Dragon(?), Inferno Tower(?), submitted by /u/BestN00b [link] [comments]View the full article
  4. submitted by /u/sonicsnail163 [link] [comments] View the full article
  5. Just wondering why you guys love to put Wizard, baby d, valk, magic archer, and mega knight all in one deck submitted by /u/mofobuddha [link] [comments]View the full article
  6. submitted by /u/schooli0 [link] [comments] View the full article
  7. submitted by /u/Aerican1234 [link] [comments] View the full article
  8. Seriously, it is getting out of control in my Trophy range (4600-5600). Out of the last 21 games, I faced Wizard 11 times. No other card is even close to that. And to add insult to injury, these are over leveled Wizards at level 13, while the opponent Tower is anywhere between 10 and 12 and the rest of his (and my) deck is level 11. Not that I don’t beat them. I do on average 50% of the time, as it should be. But it is annoying as hell nonetheless. And mostly not fun. I’d rather face X-Bow 100 times in a row, just to put things in perspective. And I have nightmares when I hear Seth mentioning that he wants to bring Wizard to 4 elixir. submitted by /u/Abrisham [link] [comments]View the full article
  9. Would Royale developers consider adding the range display of units/towers during replays? This is already implemented in Clash of Clans. Range info would certainly help mange card deployment and gameplay review. Thanks! ​ Perhaps this down the line could be added to spectator views also? submitted by /u/_potassiumcyanide [link] [comments]View the full article
  10. submitted by /u/Hugzeii [link] [comments] View the full article
  11. submitted by /u/Guzgizmo [link] [comments] View the full article
  12. submitted by /u/UgurhanKose [link] [comments] View the full article
  13. submitted by /u/otaypst [link] [comments] View the full article
  14. submitted by /u/AH_Master [link] [comments] View the full article

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