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  1. I'm baffled by the amount of people that say it's a high skill deck. Yes taking one tower down and then playing like a pu$$y for the rest of the game. I'm mainly beatdown guy (ready for the mindhive hate) and I love to crush X-bow wannabe (most of them are tryhard) trying rocket cycle my tower, really? X-Rocket cycle would be more appropriate. Now for those who have problem with these low-life player just let them take one tower and kamikaze the other one. Once is a tower-for-tower you basically wom because you can drop a golem/giant/Ballon on top of the scummy x-bow (nerf please) and just BM the whole match. If you fail to trade tower and he took or almost took yours its over. Just log out cause they will play tesla + center x-bow and then say "I'm high skill player lol" defending lile a bunch of woosies. Just a little rant, screw you if you play x-bow. What a headache superiority complex low-skill deck. Edit: If you want more tips here they are. If you want to recognize X-bow player here are the scenarios. They either first play some low-cheap value card (skellies), split arches, a high tesla, or just straight up play the x-bow at 6 elixir. They'll spam a bunch of useless card in front of the X-bow so don't bother defending jack. That or play it in the center. try to tank with something on the other lane and try to use it to defend his FIRST X-bow. When he vets the second just switch lane and trade. That's it. submitted by /u/flaby2036 [link] [comments]View the full article
  2. I used multiple devices to play clash royale, yet you banned me for sharing logins whereby i didnt even share accounts and those logins happened in my place of living. Are you trying to say i cant owe multiple phones and play a game or i cant have my parents', relatives' phones and play on their devices. I have heard some of people getting banned unreasonably. Why in the world do you guys ban without proper investigation? Quite a number of players are fleeing away to another game. Why when someone from another location buys an offer for another person at another location, you dont immediately issue a ban? Money hungry developers. Take a look at Activision-tecent on codm bans, they had to unban accounts that were unjustly banned. Why are you guys crushing dreams?! I am still pained till date, 3 years of hardwork just crushed like i never did a single thing in those years. You guys are the worst claiming to be humans. submitted by /u/EizHamm [link] [comments]View the full article
  3. I just had a ton of ideas hit me last night, and they're scattered through my mind so if this seems a little unstructured that's why. Idk how to use headers on reddit so I'm making headers full caps. SEASONS AND PASS ROYALE The developers should make pass royale and the arena 60 days long. For this period, it's the same arena, same theme, and same boosted card. (I'm going somewhere with the boosted card, so don't get mad yet). There should be a legendary chest at the 30 day marks, so you still get the same amount of legendaries. Lets be 100% honest here. Although THE COMMUNITY COMPLAINS ABOUT EVERYTHING, and some of it is totally reasonable and deserved, I HIGHLY, HIGHLY doubt anyone will complain about not having a new arena every 30 days. No one really cares about the new arenas. It's a fun change, and it opens paths for new cards, balance changes, etc. But we don't need a new pass royale every 30 days. Now, in terms of seasons and balance changes, there should still be a trophy reset and balance changes every month/30 days. The thirty day season and balance change routine is a very good system. I think it's good and healthy for the game. PASS ROYALE REWARDS Every pass royale, the rewards are the same. The only changes are an exclusive emote and a tower skin. These are great rewards. But for the span of 30 days, there should be a greater incentive, something other than more chests, strikes, and all that. For example-for anyone who plays brawl stars, every season has a very high chance of releasing a new brawler. This is a great system. You have incentive to play characters you don't necessarily like so you can play around with this new brawler. In clash royale, you get a tower skin..okay..an emote.. while these are nice, is this why you would spend 5 dollars? You can spend 5 dollars for more chests, strikes, but doesn't it feel like something's missing? Here's where my idea comes in. BOOSTED CARDS The temporarily boosted cards are one of the best ideas to be added to clash royale. It's a great way to try new cards that you don't have the resources to level up, and you can mess with cards and play a card you usually wouldn't. But the reason most people don't use the boosted card often is because most players push ladder with the same deck. And some cards only fit in certain decks to be useful. If the boosted card was the electro dragon, how would a xbow player use that? Or a miner cycle player? It would be pretty difficult, basically rendering the boosted card useless to some players. So, instead, boost tokens should be implemented to the game as pass royale rewards and pass royale rewards only. Think about this-they can give you a boost token to boost any card for 30 days to your king tower level. You get one at the very beginning of the season along with your gold, and another at the 30 day mark. If you purchased pass royale, you get another set. The purpose for this being a token is so it can be saved if you want it to be. You could boost two cards right off the bat, or you could wait thirty days and boost 4 different cards. Wouldn't that be awesome? This can give players with lower level cards a more even fighting ground on ladder, and can be saved up to boost any card you want. However, if you are already a maxed out account, then you could be compensated for a fair amount of currency, maybe 50 or so gems. But this would only be available to maxed players, and the reason I say fifty gems is because it's half the grand challenge cost. REWARD THEMES The theme of every season can bring about new pass royale rewards. For example, the heist season gave out a ton of gold. This was mainly through challenges, however, and what it should be for future pass royales is the actual rewards for getting a new tier. For example, let's say its a season where they primarily give out gold/it fits the theme. Instead of getting the same strike chests, strikes, they would replace it with some gold. Start out slow, and have a gold reward every X tiers. Every 10 tiers you get gold, the first could be 10k, the next 15k, then 20k, then 25k, then 30k. This is 50k gold every month from tiers alone. But of course they cant give away all of their revenue, so in return for these rewards some chests would be taken out in place of these, so that these rewards are replacements instead of additions to what's already there. There could be a gem season, where they do the same thing with gems, a rare season, where they do the same thing with cards, ex. this season is rare season so they can give rare trade tokens and rare cards via pass royale. This could also influence the rewards on the challenges, instead of giving chests, if it were an epic card themed season they would give epic chests along with the usual gold, emotes, and gems given in challenges. Pass royale reward themes are endless, and if they eventually run out it can be cycled again. Think about it. -Gold and Gem season -Common, Rare, Epic, and possibly legendary season. -Experience/star points season -Spells season, magic season(witches,wizards,) royal season(barbarians, royal giant, princes, etc.) -Aerial season, swarm season(swarm cards), fortress season(building cards), -Tough nut season(tanky cards, ex.golem). THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS, AND CAN ALL BE INCORPORATED WITHIN THE THEME OF THE SEASON! RESOURCE AND RARITY BOOSTS For the 60 days a theme will span, there should be a small boost to some sort of currency, experience, or rarity. For example, for 60 days all gold from chests will be increased by 5%. All experience received boosted by 10%. The chance of getting a legendary from all chests increased by 10% from base chance of that chest. Notice how this can be tied in with themes that can occur every pass royale. Increased flying cards from chests, rare cards, spells, etc. This is what can make each season feel unique. Do you really remember all the themes from the seasons? There was a snow season.. a flood season..heist season..dragon season.. and I don't know what else. It would be way more memorable if it was "Oh, I remember the season they gave more gems" or "I remember the season more tank cards were given out" COMMUNITY CHALLENGES There should be way more community challenges. These are the actually fun challenges. There should be a post by drew on reddit for the official idea selection. Anyone who has ideas goes to that post, comments their challenge idea in detail, and puts their in game user ID (the #0981PO type thing). The team can go over those modes, pick one or two, and those are challenges that will show up in the season. The best part about this idea is it allows the community's creativity be implemented into the game. So they can feel their voices are being heard. There can be rewards, for example if your mode gets picked they announce you are the winner, put your name in the challenge, and give you 100 gems or something like that. This is an amazing idea! This gets the community more involved in the game! This is what the game needs. Since there will also be 60 day themes, they'll have more time between themes to work on stuff for the game. STRIKES There should be a way to obtain strikes that anyone can use and can obtain. They can be used on any card pulled from a chest, and can be used on the same card as many times as you like as long as you have the strikes for it. This can be another pass royale reward and a reward from challenges and global tournaments. Got a legendary chest? Sweet, now you can gamble and strike it to try to get that night witch you need to upgrade. Bored requesting the same card in the clan? Hell, just save your strikes and gamble the next time you open a chest. These, if used right and with patience, can pull in a lot of cards. For example, you can wait until you get a giant chest to strike 100 rares rather than the 2 you got from a free chest. ENDING Thanks for reading. Please give feedback, and generate your own discussions. I will be replying to some comments. submitted by /u/endlessnutella [link] [comments]View the full article
  4. I’m level 12 but my deck is half level 11 and half level 10 so I’m only at master 1. I feel bad when I start a game and the people I’m facing are level 10 or 11, even though usually our card levels are the same. Does anyone else feel this way? submitted by /u/jacobs_ladder_ [link] [comments]View the full article
  5. So my previous post, “things newer players always get wrong” was met with much more positive results than I could have possibly hoped for, so I’m gonna compile a few more things not to do if a newer player wants to get better at the game. Again, as some people have pointed out, I’m no pro player and comparatively a newer player myself so take everything included with a grain of salt. Adding too many units that fulfill a very similar function. This may not seem obvious, but adding too many units that fulfill a similar purpose is most of the time detrimental. I’ve seen people packing both a wizard and executioner, or a knight and an ice golem. While this may not seem wrong, both cards fulfill similar purposes, with both the knight and ice golem being used mainly as a mini tank, and a wizard and executioner both fulfilling the role of an area damage/ranged dps unit. Most times it’s best not to do this, as 2 card slots are being used for troops that have a similar use, sometimes severely limiting the versatility of your deck. Underestimating buildings. While underestimating buildings seem like a thing in the past, you’d be surprised at how many newer players undervalue buildings in deck building. Most buildings are low risk high reward assets, such as spawners who generate value if protected. Some people feel that most buildings cannot directly damage the opponents crown tower and are therefore a waste of elixir as they can generate little counterpush value. While most buildings cannot directly damage your opponents crown towers, they provide excellent value for defensive turrets and have very good survivability for their cost, in exchange for a limited lifespan and offering little in offensive value. And as I have said earlier, spawners provide constant pressure to the opponent to respond to their spawner or its troops, or they will have to suffer constant chip damage that snowballs quickly. Not only that, there are many other uses for buildings too. Cycling a building in a defensive position discourages opponents from attacking, and this can be crucial if you are down elixir to buy you recovery time. Buildings can also pull units that ignore troops towards them, often times the opponents win condition, and save your tower from a lot of damage. Some buildings, like the xbow and mortar, can attack crown towers directly without incurring any damage from the crown towers themselves, on top of providing great defensive potential. Favoring cards that are more leveled up. This is a very common mistake a lot of newer players make constantly. While there’s nothing wrong in using a higher leveled card, don’t use it just because it’s higher leveled. I repeat, Do NOT use a card just because they are higher leveled than your other cards. Adding a recently leveled up card to your deck can mess up the synergy and average elixir cost of the deck, and in some cases can end up changing the deck completely. On top of this, the card may not suit you and your playing style well and you may not have mastered the basics of the card well enough. This is particularly true with legendary cards. Remember that the legendary card level is inflated to compensate for the fact that they are more difficult to obtain, and thus harder to level up. Do not include a deck with more than 3 or 4 legendary cards just because they are higher leveled. Having too many win conditions. You may be wondering, “how is this bad? More win conditions simply means that I can score more reliable crown tower damage without the need to cycle.” While having lots of win condition seems like a good idea on the surface level, one must remember that most win conditions don’t offer much on the defensive end (although some do, like ram rider.) and that they are expensive to play consecutively. While it is completely alright to have 2 win conditions, anything above that threatens to undermine the rest of the deck. Don’t have more than 2 win conditions in most cases. Being predictable. Placing defending or attacking units at the same spot. An example of this is to place your inferno tower to counter an opponents hog rider in a similar spot consecutively, or placing a miner or goblin barrel in the same spot. Being predictable isn’t good, as opponents can very easily predict your next move and can pre emptively place their counter, like earthquake for buildings, in the same spot where they expect you to place your counter, denying you a good interaction and forcing you to resort to more unconventional defensive tactics. Spice up your miner placements, or go with a tricky barrel once in a while. And don’t forget to use different defenses from time to time. If you ever watched a pro log bait player, you might realize that sometimes they counter a balloon with an inferno tower, or simply rocket it. Stay unpredictable and it’ll reward you more than you expect. Relying on over leveled cards to win. This is probably the worst part about mid ladder, where it is very prevalent. Never rely on over leveled cards to win, as you cannot keep being over leveled forever. One day the card levels will catch up to yours and your opponents who used strategy will destroy you. Don’t rely on over leveled elite barbarians to pull you through ladder, it may be easy but it will ultimately fail. Not knowing when to switch decks. This is a hard one for many of us, but you have to be flexible. The meta is constantly changing and the deck that proved successful earlier may not work forever. This is alright, no deck is infallible. Experiment with other cards and archetypes regularly and seek to constantly improve your deck. It’s also important to note that as people rise in trophies, their decks may change and they become more aware of the meta. Don’t feel too committed to one deck, as you may feel burnt out and angry when that deck fails. Be flexible, for the game constantly changes. Being too aggressive. While it is good to be aggressive in some cases, being too aggressive can ultimately lead to one’s downfall. If you already have one of your opponents tower down, don’t be too ambitious and try to get the 3 crown. In most cases, simply focus on defending until the time runs out or focus on bringing down their second crown tower. Going for the 3 crown may lead to a huge waste of elixir, leaving little for defense, or having to face an unstoppable counterpush from the opponent that turns the tide of the battle, denying you a fast victory. Using exclusively one archetype. To understand what this means, we need to understand what an archetype is. I won’t go too in depth into this, but basically an archetype is a play style that determines how you score damage on your opponents crown tower and the flow of the game. There are 5 basic archetypes: beat down, cycle, control, siege and bait. To very briefly explain these archetypes, beat down focuses on a huge unstoppable push to win, cycle focuses on cycling to your win condition quickly to provide constant pressure and damage to your opponents crown towers, control decks focus on controlling the flow of the match by defending and counterpushing with remaining troops, and siege focuses on getting a devastating lock on from an xbow or mortar or from constant chip damage. And bait, which focuses on baiting your opponent to use a spell so that the spell cannot be used to counter your win condition. (For example, if your opponent logs a princess, they may not have it in cycle to counter your goblin barrel.) It’s important to experiment with other deck archetypes so that if one archetype isn’t particularly strong in one meta, you can always switch to another, or when facing another archetype, you can predict your opponents plays better and react accordingly, and for this reason even if you never intend to play that archetype, being able to go inside the mind of your opponent and predicting his moves are gonna be very rewarding. Using “rush tactics”. A classic example of this is spamming elite barbarians and rage at the bridge, or balloon freeze and rage at the bridge. Don’t ever do this. Ever. While you may take a quick tower simply from the shock value and panicking from the opponent, the higher up you go, the more well prepared people are. Once they know you have a spammy deck, they may force you to constantly defend by counterpushing and denying you the elixir to rush their towers, or they may simply defend better, spacing out their units, using knockback from spells to their advantage and always having their counters on hand. While “rush tactics” may work in lower trophy ranges, the higher up you go, it’s almost impossible to beat anyone with these tactics solely. Ignoring or under defending miners and lava hounds (in its first stage). Some people look at the lava hound’s pathetic damage or the miners relatively lower crown tower damage and ignore or under commit to them. Although their base damage may be little more than tickling your tower, be aware that due to their very high health, that damage snowballs very quickly if they are left on their own devices. A miner can do almost a rocket’s damage if left unattended for a mere 3 elixir, and the lava hounds enormous health helps it to shrug off most of your tower hits and constantly chip away at your crown towers. Although you shouldn’t overcommit to defending them, be aware that even the least damaging units like the lava hound slowly melts away at your tower should you leave it unattended to. So that’s it. I hope you’ve found this useful. Again, if you have any questions or want me to change or add anything, tell me in the comments and I’ll try my best to respond. Again, hope you found this useful especially if your newer to the game. :) submitted by /u/CRXRS [link] [comments]View the full article
  6. First off, I’d like to say that I’m no pro player. I’m a decent player, just hit mid master 2, so take everything I say with a grain of salt. So I’ve started a mini account for about a month now, and I’ve noticed a lot of newer players, like a friend of mine, always get frustrated because they lose at lower arenas and they’re unsure why. So, to help the newer fan base out, I’m gonna create a list of stuff that lower arena people do that you shouldn’t follow if you want to get decently good at the game. Putting cards in decks that don’t synergise with the card. This isn’t a problem in really low trophy ranges, but I see a lot of people in lower arenas (early frozen peak to challenger 1) adding goblin barrel and hog rider in their decks thinking its free damage. If your deck isn’t log bait, it generally isn’t a good decision to add in goblin barrel to your deck. Likewise, adding sparky to your miner balloon cycle is not gonna work too well. Ensure that cards in your deck have synergy with all or most other cards in the deck. If you’re unsure, post your deck on this subreddit and ask for suggestions to improve. No clear win condition. A win condition is essential to every deck. Not having one seriously disadvantages your deck. In case you’re unaware, a win condition is a card that can do reliable damage to your opponents crown towers. Most troops that only target buildings are considered win conditions, but be aware that some big tanks aren’t. More on that later. Easy win conditions are like hog rider or giant. High health and excellent damage. Other examples include balloon, goblin barrel and miner. Thinking skarmy (skeleton army) and/or goblin gang is a god card and needs to be in every deck. This is one of the most blatant flaws in most lower arena decks I’ve played against. Skarmy is kind of a weird card, it can get very good value if you don’t counter it but is also a negative 1 elixir trade against basically every small spell. I’d say don’t rely on it, once you get to higher levels everyone has a log or zap and having skarmy as a counter is just a wasted card slot and a bad elixir trade. No big spell. This is a very important card in a lot of decks. While some decks work fine without a big spell, it’s safe to pack one as it can provide great value against ranged units and is also great for finishing off damaged units quickly. An example of a big spell is fireball, poison, rocket, and lightning. Most of the time having a big spell does more help than hurt. Overcommiting. This is also a very bad thing to do. NEVER overcommit on offense or defense. It’s a huge waste of elixir. What is overcommiting? It’s simply wasting elixir that isn’t needed. Examples are gaining negative elixir trades just to prevent a small amount of chip damage, or spending more elixir to support a push when you don’t have the elixir advantage. Overcommiting leaves you very vulnerable to an opponents counterpush or taking a lot of damage from their main push as you don’t have elixir to defend or start a big counterpush. Underestimating cycle cards. Even I once used to be guilty of this sin. Cycle cards are excellent not just for cycling, but as cheap and great defensive cards and can bolster a push for a very cheap cost. They’re low risk high reward cards, and despite their low cost and often damage output, I highly recommend adding one to most decks. They are gonna help your deck tremendously. Examples of cycle cards are bats, skeletons, ice spirit and heal spirit, or most 1-2 elixir cards. Defending and responding poorly against beat down pushes. (Like golem). Some people think that defending a beat down push is impossible, and I’ve even seen some people give up once the golem at the back is played. The ideal way to respond to a beat down push in most cases is to immediately attack the opposite lane when they play their big tank in the back. This is good because when they play their big tank, they don’t have much elixir to defend and will either have to eat damage or commit elixir for defense on the other lane, which is great for you as beat down decks rely on a huge unstoppable push on one lane to win. When defending, always remember to take out their support units first rather than the tank. Support units come in all shapes and sizes, but the main culprits are night witch, wizard, bomber or any other ranged damage unit. To get to this stage, lure either the tank away with a building or another unit, or place a high damage dealer right on top of them, like mini pekka. Once the tank is separated from the supports, you can easily deal with them as they are vulnerable to getting damaged. Alternatively a big spell helps to clean up support units quickly. No air targeting unit. This should be very well known to most players, but an air targeting ranged unit is essential in almost every deck. Always have one, as even if you’re not facing air units, air targeting ranged units like musketeer or electro wizard provide excellent ranged damage for great value. Be aware that bats and minions cannot be substituted for an air targeting ranged unit even though they target air. Giving the opponent spell value. This should be one of the easier to rectify issues, and it’s always gonna be useful. Never clump up units together, they are begging to be fireballed or Lightninged. Space units far apart, about 6-9 tiles should be good. This prevents the possibility of an opponents big spell or splash unit getting tons of value. When defending with a suitably long ranged unit, like musketeer or magic archer, a good placement is to place it right in front of your king tower on the same lane your defending. This placement provides almost no spell value, as your opponent threatens to target your king tower. Not kiting. ALWAYS kite attacking units away. They buy your defending units more time which gives them more damage output and generate value. I’m not gonna go too in depth here, but essentially kiting is using a suitably high health unit (preferably a mini tank) to get an attacking unit to lock on to it and pursue it. This is great because the tower and defending units have more time to take down the attacking unit, and if you kite really well, you can even redirect troops into the opposite lane and have both towers lock on to it. Good cards for kiting include knight, ice golem, and Valkyrie. Thinking mega knight is a win condition. This is the most common misconception of the mega knight’s role, especially on mid ladder. Mega knight is NOT a win condition at all. It is a tank. The reason to this is that mega knight can be countered with not a whole lot of difficulty and it targets troops. Mega knight is a TANK, not a win condition. You will need to play mega knight in tandem with a win condition, like skeleton barrel, which is a very popular and good deck. So that’s it. I hope you found my guide useful. If you have any questions or want me to add or change anything, please tell me in the comments, and I’ll try my best to respond. Once again, hope you guys found this useful. :) submitted by /u/CRXRS [link] [comments]View the full article
  7. submitted by /u/n_a_t_h_a_n_l [link] [comments] View the full article
  8. There are still over 3 days left of the sudden death challenge, and millions of non-pass royale players who want the legendary chest. Please consider giving them free wins so they don't have to waste gems. Thanks! :) It makes you feel super good too submitted by /u/KetchupMKW [link] [comments]View the full article
  9. Hello friends. We want to get together and have fun with different players from all over the world under one roof, so we invite you all to our international clan. We have a newly created clan, so we are looking for friends who are eager to develop and strengen together. We haven't put a trophy restriction to join the clan. Anyone can come, including beginners. Our biggest expectation is to be active every day and improve yourself quickly, because in the medium term we will definitely evolve into a clan that pays attention to clan wars, trophy level and donation amount. - The general chat language is English. - Swearing and slang talking is strictly prohibited. Let's be friendly. Recruiting: NO MERCY Clan Tag: #Y9PVUJPO ALL WELCOME
  10. I opened a new announcement because we brought some changes https://recruitingroyale.com/topic/4678-we-expect-enthusiastic-players-at-every-level-to-our-new-clan-no-mercy-y9pvujpo-0/
  11. submitted by /u/jwmarino [link] [comments] View the full article
  12. submitted by /u/justapeiceofbread [link] [comments] View the full article

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