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Found 65 results

  1. submitted by /u/Gregmontroni [link] [comments] View the full article
  2. I would love to see how much elixir my opponent and I leak in various ladder and war battles. It could be especially useful in war when analyzing a game and comparing the elixir leaked of both players. I feel like this could be a super easy implementation to the game since there is already an elixir leaked stat when spectating games. I've also thought about having a live elixir leaked count in ladder/war battles (for the players, not spectators). What do you guys think about these changes? submitted by /u/adm_4444 [link] [comments]View the full article
  3. submitted by /u/Therealclavin [link] [comments] View the full article
  4. submitted by /u/BrandanMentch [link] [comments] View the full article
  5. First, I would like to start of saying that meme Monday is a step in the right direction. Though I was skeptical of it at first, it was a good way to get rid of low effort clutter. More action needed! Despite meme Monday being a success, we have other content in the subreddit that is polarizing. Stuff like replays, and deck checks require minimal effort to create. The Solution? Expand meme Monday to start from Friday at 10pm eastern to Monday 6am eastern. However, include replays and checks into low effort clutter. This way effort posts are more encouraged on the subreddit, and the sub is overall cleaned. For those that want to see memes, like me, you now have the entire weekend to do so! Second Order of Business WE. NEED. MORE. MODS. u/Avg-man and u/jmanguy and a few others are the only seemingly active mods on the subreddit. Mods are trying their best to remove “Matchmaking sucks” and “nerf hog” posts. With more mods curbing the toxicity on the subreddit, Reddit can finally be a place where the dev team can communicate with players without being hesitant to do so, which leads me to my third point. “Seth and Drew, where the f%# is the big update?” It’s no secret that everyone is frustrated with the lack of transparency by drew on this subreddit. We are left with only 2 pictures to figure out what the next big update is. That is not enough to get us excited for the big update. However, much of that can be attributed to player’s toxicity on this subreddit. If everyone could just calm the f% down, maybe Drew would communicate with us more often. Instead of just rageposting “AAH GREEDYCELL ISNT GIVING A BIG UPDATE DUE TO PASS”, take a second to think about what you are writing, and give *constructive feedback** to what the dev team is doing wrong. It’s a tough time, with COVID and protests, and even though the last content update was 2 years ago (CWA said it himself), take a minute, and calm down. TL;DR more moderation is needed in this subreddit so the dev team can be more transparent with us. submitted by /u/TLmindhypnotist [link] [comments]View the full article
  6. submitted by /u/lagulama [link] [comments] View the full article
  7. submitted by /u/gasseousmaximus [link] [comments] View the full article
  8. submitted by /u/bobo6789__ [link] [comments] View the full article
  9. I learned how to play X-bow early on and now I win against people who play in much higher leagues than me who play it. When you know what someone’s trying to do, you can work to make it not happen. Plus it improves your skill by letting you play in different ways. Edit: especially ones you have trouble against submitted by /u/Covered-in-Thorns [link] [comments]View the full article

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