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Found 3 results

  1. Hey, everyone. I am looking for people to join my newly formed clan, The Warriors. Wars and donations are a MUST in my clan. Don't be inactive for more than 30 days or you will get kicked off the clan. Everyone is welcome, you don't need to be the best to join my clan however you will need to have some experience with Clash Royale. Try to have clash royale discussions in the Clan Chat, not everyone needs to know about your school life. Try to join in on Collection Day, too. Clan Rules[READ CAREFULLY AND FOLLOW THEM AS THEY ARE IMPORTANT]: -Don't be racist, I hate racism and I especially hate racists. If you say anything racist, you will automatically be kicked off the clan. -Coarse language is NOT banned in my clan but if your going to use it to demean other people, you might as well need to leave the clan because I don't tolerate any of that. -Don't spam anything in the clan chat. Not even emotes. Sure you want to flaunt your newly obtained emotes to everyone but not everyone needs to know that you have them. -Don't do anything considered inappropriate in my clan chat. Don't say anything inappropriate either. (ex. anything NSFW) -Don't use my clan chat to advertise for what you are advertising. If you want to do that, go on a forum or another discussion board for that. Obtaining Roles: KEEP IN MIND THAT YOU DON'T GET ROLES BASED ON HOW LONG YOU HAVE BEEN IN THE CLAN, YOU GET ROLES BASED ON YOUR CLAN EXPERTISE, YOU BEING VERY ACTIVE AND YOUR ABIDANCE TO THE CLAN RULES. FAILURE TO ABIDE BY THESE RULES WILL RESULT IN A DEMOTION TO MEMBER FOR BOTH ELDERS AND CO-LEADERS. Elders: To be an elder, you need to be responsible when it comes to kicking members. For example, don't kick members for arbitrary reasons. To be kicked, they either need to be inactive for more than 30 days or they violated the clan rules. You also need to follow the clan rules and be active, too. Co-leaders: To be a co-leader, you need to be responsible when it comes to kicking members. You should also be active in the clan for a good enough amount of time and you need to treat everyone as equals(even if some are your friends while others are random people). You should not send random messages out to everyone and you should also make sure to start Clan Wars whenever it's necessary. You also need to follow clan rules and be active, as well. It is important for rules to be in place to ensure stability in the clan. I hope you consider joining The Warriors. Thank you for reading. -ThatWeirdDude
  2. Join us at Elixir Thieves™! We are a newly made clan that is in the Elixer clan family. We are going to be a ladder and war clan primarily and want to reach the top! The two clans in our clan family are the Elixir Guards which is currently ranked 200th best clan in all of North America and the Elixer Savages. Requirements: - 4300-5500 or more trophies - Active and donate cards daily - Discord is highly recommended, we share helpful tips, war decks, ladder tips, etc. Let me know if you are interested in joining! Welcome, and have fun!
  3. I can't believe I'm saying this, but splashyard is pretty oppressive. As a splashyard player myself, I think I see what's wrong with these decks. Usually, they would have tombstone. While yes, it is a spawner, it was relatively easy to take care of. Kinda explains why it was 3 elixer. Anything that did over 300 damage 1 shot it. But the Skeletons were very good at distracting, which is why splashyard used it. But with these buffs to the other spawners and bomb tower being very helpful, splashyard has been made into a deck that is really oppressive. The problem is the spawners. At least with bomb tower you can send it anything to weaken it or have a high damage unit in your push. But with gob hut and Barb hut, you have buildings that have relatively high health and spawn troops. They both have the role of bomb tower (High HP) and the role of tombstone (Distracting units). And there's no way of getting a positive elixer trade from the spawners, especially gob hut. If you use earthquake, it will spawn at least 2 more and the death spawn. If you use poison, it will still spawn at least 2 more and the death spawn also appears. Rocket is a negative elixer trade on the spot, and fireball doesn't do shit. And you can't ignore them either. The longer they are on the field, the more value they get, so you have to get rid of them immediately. Basically unless you have something that hard counters splash, you won't be able to win unless they make a mistake. Which in the pro scene is really rare. This meta is going to become the equivalent of an X-bow meta: pure defense and slow games unless we nerf the spawners so other, more offensive decks come into the meta. submitted by /u/Asdfhuk [link] [comments]View the full article

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