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  1. [4500] #2pvL8jv - ELYSIUM- Looking for active members FOR WAR!!! We are an active clan and was around 7000 war trophy before patch, looking for active members that causes no drama. We offer a good time because we are a chill clan and we are very good at this game. You might even find the love of your life and get married in here!!! *finding the love of your life in this clan is not guarantee, your experiences may be different
  2. With the new Clan War 2.0 upgrade, we are seeking new active war clan members. We are also interested in merging if that is a better option. We currently have 25 members with only 15 or so actively participating that will be kicked if we get more members or merge. We are a friendly clan that has had the same core group since day 1 of Clash Royale. Core group ranges from 4500 - 5000+ trophies a season.
  3. Not sure if this has been discovered/shared. We were beat by a clan which appears to have more than 50 people participating in the war. Our thoughts is that they booted people already done with attacks and got fresh accounts on to yield more than 50 participants. Here is the RoyaleAPI link to our war. The clan in question is INSANE WARRIORS. Hopefully this issue gets fixed asap. https://royaleapi.com/clan/2PQ8C920/war/race Thanks. submitted by /u/Flame_CR [link] [comments]View the full article
  4. Hey there! We are a UK based clan looking for active members from anywhere to participate in wars. Everyone is welcome as long as you donate and play your war games
  5. we are a new clan accepting newer players. we ak that you donate often, are at least in arena 6, and have at least king level 7 once we have enough members we will have wars every day. clan name is spicy noodles and i, the leader, am chili pepper 101 join for war, fun, and make new friends!
  6. We have a clan member who I think may be struggling with alcoholism and depression. I want to try and reach out to him outside of the game so he has someone to talk to. I just don't want him to feel like he is alone. He seems to be going through a rough time and I feel for him. What can I do? submitted by /u/amherstares [link] [comments]View the full article
  7. looking for new members to help grow, or veteran players just looking for a clan to call home, and anyone between, were a chill clan, actively donate, clan wars started as soon as the previous ends, we talk to each other and help, give advice on decks and arenas, so if you're looking for a chill clan to have some fun, get some war days in, and make some friends then head on over, everyone is welcome
  8. Looking for at least 4 more active members willing to participate in every war and donate. 5/6 players are +-200 of 5,000 trophies. We're all friends and are committed to doing wars 24/7.
  9. We need more members that are good enough, we search for people that play at war all 4 battles, we don't care about colection day if you lose or win while you play all 3 battles, and at war day we need players that have high level cards 11+, preferable 150+ war day wins, rules are simple: all atacks at war, share deck to discuss before attacking and that's it, we win 9/10 wars on first place. if you are interested reply down below or join directly!
  10. Hey there. Im a recruiter looking for new players to join a clan by the name of Avante Garde. We are a very laid back clan just a couple friends who decided to start a clan. But now its been a couple months and we want to expand our membership. Anyone is welcome we just ask that you are respectful and kind to your fellow clan mates. If you are any questions feel free to message me here or on in clash royale. Hope to see you soon.
  11. U.S.S Royale Clan Family! U.S.S Royale (4000+) | 24/7 War Members Needed! Feeder Clan also for the Casuals and Lowers! | #8CQU90YP | U.S.S Royale is a semi-competitive clan that is trying to push to and stay in legendary league in war and trying to grow our crew. Below are some of the details: Inactivity Filter: 7 Days 24/7, constant war players needed Very mature environment. Most players here are adults. Swearing obviously allowed. Trophy Requirement = 4000+ MASSIVE donation count each week (15k donations a week) - ALL requests get filled King Tower: Ideally, at least 10, but we can work with this Lowest donator each week gets axed Go to war, do all 4 Discord: https://discord.gg/FUdP3TH (Post any questions in the general channel!) More clan info can/will be seen on our Discord. The main clan is INVITE ONLY! If you want to request, type your King Tower Level, trophy count, and number of war wins. This way, it will be easier for us to accept/reject you. If the main clan is full, please keep reading! We have a second clan! Clan Tag: #8CQU90YP H.M.S. Royale is our feeder clan! If you are not high enough level or looking for a more casual clan, join our feeder! If the clan is full as well, head to the feeder regardless. There is PLENTY of space. Players with any and all experience welcome! If you are interested or intrigued at all about joining either one of our clans, PLEASE join our discord! We will listen to anyone and everyone that has questions or is interested in joining a particular clan. The feeder is OPEN to anyone and everyone. Anyone is welcome in the H.M.S. Royale. Clan Tag: #Y9PYCR8J We hope to see you join the crew!
  12. This is extremely fustrating. Every time we get a wave of players joining my clan, a decent number do their battles and leave before war day screwing over the entire clan. It's ridiculous and I don't think it would be that hard to program in. I hope this comes in the rework of Clan Wars coming in July because I'm sick and tired of it. This could be up to a weeks of progress thrown down the drain for no reason at all. Yes I understand that they can still skip their War battles if they want to be assholes, but this at least gives them the incentive to do them. Not only that, if they are planning on joining just for trades and leaving they'll know not to do the War Battles because it will force them to stay in the Clan. Very very simple. Supercell please implement this. submitted by /u/GrandMasterReddit [link] [comments]View the full article
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