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Found 28 results

  1. Trophies are not of priority but Donation and Request are important Each week there is gonna be a tournament You're welcome to join Us.
  2. Over the past few months, a lot of our long-time members are starting to take a break from the game. Most of these members have been in our clans for years so it sucks to be losing friends and great members. One of the reasons I've heard the most is that the game is getting old or stale. Are other clans experiencing this as well? It's also been super difficult to recruit new members. Hopefully Supercell has a good update planned soon that will breathe some new life into the game and bring some of these members back. submitted by /u/3C_Coleslaw [link] [comments]View the full article
  3. You're all welcome Trophies are not of priority but Donation and Request are important If you have a interest please join us
  4. Looking for adults to war with us. Mature clan with no drama - just having fun, donating, and wars. Also, some great conversation.
  5. RECRUITING Join LEGION ️ #LLPGLGPJ Our new friendly stress free and active clan aiming to hit the clan leaderboards. We donate share tips, ideas and decks to help you climb that ladder. Clan war is optional / voluntary because we want our clan to be stress free and for the players to feel NO PRESSURE. We understand new players may struggle to join clans, collect cards and create decks, because we have all been there. That’s why our main aim is to help new players advance and create OG players a no pressure environment. It’s basically a chill clan, so bring yourself along, grab your friends, your family and come and have some fun in Legion! Req trophies: 2300 (to start with) First 3 to join with over 4600 trophies automatic promotion = co leader First 5 to join with over 3600 trophies automatic promotion = elder JOIN NOW
  6. This is our first ad. Normally we have no need to advertise, and stay at 49 or 50. We seek active, war ready players. Our donations are much more than most clans. We are even funny.. probably. Sick of nobody participating in wars? Getting tired of not having a active, fun and helpful group of clan mates? Well good news! Ancient Royals #PUJL98YV is giving away one spot to you TODAY, ACT NOW – free beer – maybe.. depending on age, location and COVID restrictions. Ancient Royals #PUJL98YV is looking for new recruits. We are a very active clan! Everyone practices before wars and shares helpful decks, strategy, and opinions. We are looking for members with at least 5000 trophies. The leader BigDpalace #YRLCL2C has been playing 4 years, has 70% lvl 13 cards, 24% lvl 12, and only 5 level 11. His account value is almost 15 mil Gold. Most other co-leaders have been playing at least 3 years and have good card levels, and experience, finish seasons above 6k trophies. We have alliances with other ‘Ancient’ clans as well as LA. You won’t be sorry after joining Ancient Royals #PUJL98YV
  7. [4000] | U.S.S Royale | {#8CQU90YP} | 3,087 War Trophies! We are a semi-competitive clan that is trying to push to and stay in legendary league in war and trying to grow our crew. Below are some of the details: 5000+ trophies needed to join International clan Must speak English Open, so easy to join Be active, request, and donate We have a booting priority system. We boot people out on this criteria 1) Inactivity Our filter is 10 days inactive unless you let us know you will be inactive If you are inactive for 10 days, you will be axed 2) Low Donation Count 3) Low Trophy Count 4) Low War Win% We boot someone for inactivity BEFORE booting someone for a low war win%. If everyone satisfies the first criteria, we move to the second. This way, everyone is on the same page. If you miss seven war day battles, that will result in a permanent ban. You will not be allowed to return. While war is optional, if you do war, it is expected that you do all 4 attacks, and letting you miss 6 war day battles is quite lenient. Be aware of this. In addition, if you leave and rejoin, you reset that counter, so use that to your advantage! 40% war winrate required for elder (min. 5 wars) Work as a team, this is a tightknit group, let's keep it that way Don't be disrespectful (Duh!) I am also awarding Co-Leader to the first person who can push TO 6000 trophies in the clan - you CANNOT already have 6000 to be eligible! Discord: https://discord.gg/FUdP3TH (Post any questions in the general channel!) We hope to see you aboard the U.S.S Royale!
  8. We are currently rebuilding our Virz Clan We are active daily We kick give players after a [7 days of inactivity] All Clan are Earned after meeting our clan standards which involve being active, donating , war participation and good communication skills.
  9. We are a family and about 10 of us know each other in real life. We war everyday. But we need a few more active guys who like to contribute and take wars seriously. We war deck practice before each war.
  10. DESPERATE FOR MEMBERS! We need members for our clan ASAP! Everyone is welcome, no matter where you are from. Communication is not needed as long as you donate and participate in clan wars. We are very friendly. You do not have to be overly active, just enough to donate, and to participate in clan wars. We wish to achieve enough members for clan war. Please take our post into consideration, as we are struggling to find members. Thank you!
  11. In our clan, we usually have 5-6 people that don't participate each war, so it would be nice if I could see which ones didn't participate. Furthermore, I'd also really like something that would track how many clan wars in a row someone hasn't participated in. It's incredibly annoying to have to take note each war and then look at which people I need to kick for inactivity. ​ submitted by /u/HeroFlamez1 [link] [comments]View the full article
  12. Top 50 clan in NA! Giving top clan members cash rewards and incentives. season passes, war wins, ladder rankings,etc. Trust me they’re EXTREMELY competitive!! Come aboard and take my money
  13. Hello, Sugar Free is a Casual clan looking to grow while also having fun. Three friends didn’t really like the clan that we were in so we are trying to start our own. Open to all experience levels. No bullying or harassment. Active donations and War (when we get there).
  14. Just as the title suggests, We are a relatively new clan only having 6 members, we wish to be able to participate in 2-3 wars a week. Donations are not a must, although feel free to help out if you can. Looking forward to seeing some new players in the clan !
  15. We are taking a second go at having a chatbox on the website. Chatboxes can be fun if used properly. Ours is not meant for anything relating to adverting at all. It is just a means of communicating with others. Posting recruiting topics in the chabox will only get you warned/banned. So please don't.
  16. We have enabled members to edit their topics indefinitely now instead of the standard 5 minutes. As clan requirements often change, we are hoping this will make it easier to keep your topic updated. You will, however, be required to fill out an edit reason.
  17. Click this link to join my Clan in Clash Royale! https://link.clashroyale.com/invite/clan/en?tag=YUUCVJR9&token=a4ygxr4y&platform=iOS
  18. We just started, 8 members, looking for level 8’s or higher, we really want to start war. We want lv.8 or higher, but we don't care about your arena. We talk and play friendly battles a lot, so we can help you train your skills. Come join us, and we make sure to carry you through your arena days into your league days.
  19. ESTABLISHED JULY 2019 LEGENDARY WAR LEAGUE 6740 CLAN INFO https://royaleapi.com/clan/Y908RPYP WE ARE A HIGHLY ACTIVE ADULT WAR CLAN 24/7 - Accepting long term members that still have passion for the game - The experience core veterans been together for 3 years - Most of us war and secure a 1st place war chest every season SIMPLE RULES - Required to stay active by helping with war once a week and must finish all attacks (win or lose) Keeps everyone fresh for war rotation - WE HAVE NO donation or ladder trophy requirements, trophy road rewards should be self motivated - We stay active with war resources, trade tokens and progression REQUIREMENTS - LEVEL 12/13 with 5.3k personal best - 50+ war day wins - English and Mature players only, preferred 18 years or older DIRECT MESSAGE ME FOR ANY QUESTIONS OR MORE INFO / DISCORD LINK https://discord.gg/5zXcTYP
  20. Join the clan !THE KINGDOM! Very activve leaders, we wanna grow big and participate in clan wars, it would be good if youre atleast lvl 8, but mst important just active players who are growing.

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