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Found 106 results

  1. submitted by /u/goatloard999 [link] [comments] View the full article
  2. submitted by /u/About29Hippos [link] [comments] View the full article
  3. submitted by /u/37Mk [link] [comments] View the full article
  4. submitted by /u/tracermain134 [link] [comments] View the full article
  5. A long long time ago there was a lad. He spent his time prancing around in a camp where troops trained. He became older and crossed paths with goblins. He was robbed and kidnapped. He was sent to the goblin stadium where battles would be held for sport. The lad earns other troops trust and becomes the first organized squad in Clash Royale. They started an uprising against the goblins but the goblins got word and sent them to the bone pit to starve. The young king escapes and tries to find his way to a peaceful village he knew. Upon reaching there however, they found it overrun by gangsters and barbarians. They travel through PEKKA’s Playhouse and find a mythical and rare being that helped them on their way. They move to spell valley to meet up with the wizard and the Magic Archer. As they help them progress the enemies use mirrors to turn them against the king. They seek sanctuary in the training camp that the king had once known. After reaching there they find that it is destroyed. It has been turned into a workshop. The king is distraught but continues to look for a safe place for his friends. He finds royale arena and is finally crowned king. However being king is tedious so he goes to find true peace in a mythical land known as hog mountain. They travel through a dangerous jungle filled with rascals and bandits. They eventually make it to hog mountain but something is not right. The place has been destroyed and the magic archer senses something dark. They find out that a mysterious force is keeping the island afloat in order to drop it to the ground and destroy clash kind. They rush to electro valley and then use the sparky and electro wizard to supercharge a bomb to blow hog mountain up. After traveling they find themselves in spooky town. There nothing is as it seems. After being fooled by clones, smoke, and mirrors you find a mysterious land known as Legendary Arena. There elite Kings clash with each other to go to higher leagues. Our little band of heroes finally feel at peace and stay in legendary arena for many years to come. The End submitted by /u/LoomianMaster7202019 [link] [comments]View the full article
  6. submitted by /u/fichinesonline2 [link] [comments] View the full article
  7. submitted by /u/bobwong128 [link] [comments] View the full article
  8. submitted by /u/Fofo336 [link] [comments] View the full article
  9. submitted by /u/HockeyFan092 [link] [comments] View the full article
  10. submitted by /u/daddycool6699 [link] [comments] View the full article
  11. Introduction: Sup bois, my name's Bailey and today I'm going to PROVE to you that bots exist in Clash Royale's ladder system! Just before we get into the content today, I just wanna plug the YouTube video I made on this topic. It's a nicely edited version of this post for those of you who enjoy watching rather than reading, and I'd appreciate the support! Otherwise, be sure to enjoy the read! Now, bots have been theorised in Clash Royale for about a year. Boss did a video on his YouTube showing that he faced two very similar players, and guessed that they were illegitimate. But outside of Boss' video, nobody has really discussed this topic, and there definitely hasn't been PROOF that bots exist. So, I went and started a brand new Clash Royale account on stream and played a total of 91 games, facing 32 bots in the process... That gave me a total of 35% of games being a bot player, which is sort of insane. IN THIS POST I will give 100% proof that bot players exist. Twitch streamer 'MathologistBrad' showed me a profile API that can PROVE any account to be a bot, but let's talk a bit more about Boss' video first... ​ The Boss Video: I mentioned Boss' video just now, so I wanted to give ample credit to what he found almost a year ago now. He faced two players by the names of Rian and Gato. In his video, he pointed out that these two players have a one-word name, no clan, a random but similar amount of donations, and a complete noob arena 1 deck. Now, let's think about this. Each player has a one-word name, which already isn't likely in Clash Royale. When you sign up to Clash, you're probably not just gonna put your real name in that username box. I, for example, picked an edgy name that incorporated my surname. Boss, also, doesn't use his real name. Heck, Clash with ASH isn't even called Ash. I bet a couple of you reading this do use your real name, but it's fairly unlikely that a real person just enters their first name and uses that. Both of these bots were running identical decks, as well, using only cards that are unlocked in arena 1. This is super suspicious as most players will switch up their deck as soon as they unlock cool new cards, especially as you would have a legendary at the point in the game where Boss found them. Both players ALSO had donations with no current clan. You may think they've just left their clan, but I will prove otherwise later in this post... ​ Bot Profiles: Before we take a look at the behaviour of bots in battle, let's talk about how we can recognise a bot right after we face them - on their profile. As I mentioned earlier, I faced a total of 32 bots in just 91 games of Clash Royale. It is important to note that there are NO bots above the 4000 trophy mark, this is where the game is 100% legitimate players. From these 32 bots, 100% of them had a single named profile. 100% of them had a player tag that started with either a Q or an L. 100% of them were NOT in a clan. 100% of them have some random amount of donations that is above 0. These are all things Boss looked at in his video, but I found a little bit more on the profiles than just that. 63% of bots are within two games of a new arena, and almost 80% of bots are within THREE games of a new arena. We'll theorise more on that later, but I think this is to do with Supercell wanting new players to reach new arenas more easily so they can feel achievement whenever they play the game. 100% of bots over level 7 have no cards in their deck two levels higher than their king tower - meaning a level 7 bot will never have a level 9 card, and so forth. So those are all quite obvious things, but let's take a look at RoyaleAPI. 100% of the bots I faced had either dropped trophies to be at the nearest trophy border, or had stayed right around where I faced them over the following days. Considering 80% of these bots were within a few games of the new arenas anyway, it consolidates the theory that the bots are only in the game to give players easy wins when they may be at crucial points in the game. Howeverrr, there's one thing outside of the game ENTIRELY that gives us the definitive proof that bots exist... I mentioned Brad earlier. Brad is a speedrunner on Twitch and came into one of my bot hunting streams, asking me for the player tags of any bots I had found... what he returned pretty much changed the entire outcome of this project... Using the Supercell API, he was able to pull the ACHIEVEMENT DATA from each of the bots. For those of you too new to Clash to remember achievements, these are what came before quests. They were super basic things like "get 3 wins in a challenge", or "hit 2000 trophies" and would give you a small amount of experience upon completion. Why would this old system be useful in 2020? And especially to prove bots? I hear exactly none of you ask. Well, Supercell never actually deleted the code for these achievements. Whilst they may not be visible in the game anymore, your account is still continuously being tracked for completing achievements, but just isn't being rewarded when you do so. And THAT is important, because one of the easiest achievements on this list was to join a clan... Using Brad's API, we can see that every one of these bots has donated cards and that the achievement is still being tracked on their profile. But what we can also see is that NONE of the bots have EVER completed the join a clan achievement (see image #1 here). This tells us that these accounts, that aren't in a clan but have a random amount of donations, have NEVER actually been in a clan. This PROVES that these accounts are bots, because how would a human ever manage to donate a card without joining a clan?? It's impossible, and proves EXACTLY what I needed for this research. Now, knowing that these accounts are most definitely bot accounts, I reviewed the replay files of each bot account I encountered to analyse how the bots play inside of Clash Royale so I could figure out why they even exist inside of Clash Royale... ​ Bot Gameplay: The bottom line of this section goes something like this - the bots tend to be SUPER passive in how they play. Only 29% of bots put troops in the back to start a push, and only 21% of bots played units aggressively at the river. This sorta never really gave the bots a way to actually build a push, seeing as they'd just sorta play units in the middle of the arena. I named this middle section of the arena the "bot spot", and it turns out that 96% of bots put the majority of their units in this passive zone. This really never lets them threaten you, and makes their gameplay super passive, which I guess is intended by Supercell. This "throwing of games" is backed up by the fact that 95% of bots leak elixir during the game when you're close to taking a tower. Instead of spending that elixir on defending your pushes, they legit just sit there and let you win. The only real aggression I found was with bots below 600 trophies. These ones seemed to spam everything at the river as soon as they could, but once you reach the 600 trophy mark the bots seem to stop doing this - I would guess that Supercell have different AIs at different trophy ranges. Although we already discussed that the majority of bots do just leak elixir to let you win, 92% of them will place a card right before they die. It seems as though they're trying to trick the player into thinking they haven't forfeit. Overall, these bots seem intentionally well coded by Supercell to make newer players believe that they are beating other real players, when in actuality they're getting free and easy wins to keep them playing the game for longer. I noticed that 70% of bots like to sacrifice their win condition on defence, maybe this is also to give the player easier wins? 0% of the bots I faced used any emotes, which again could relate to keeping newer players happier as they climb the ranks. That, of course, is not certain, just a theory. The final behaviour I noticed was to do with spells. 87% of the bots played spells in a sort of "programmed" way. This is sort of hard to explain, but hear me out. That percentage of bots wanted to play their spells on things that were spell-resistant. For example, they would always like to Fireball Musketeers and Arrow Skeleton Armies. However, this wasn't always executed well. There were a number of times were they would Fireball Musketeers at 4hp, or Arrow Skeleton Armies that only had 2 Skeletons left. So it felt as though they were programmed to use x spell on y troop, but didn't have any logical thought behind it - which made total sense for how a bot would actually run. Now a lot of you are probably asking... why? Why do bots exist? Well I've theorised a little bit about letting players have wins around crucial parts of the game, but I think there might be a somewhat deeper meaning here... ​ Why Bots Exist: Let’s put bots into the context of Youtube. Almost all of you skip ads before videos on YouTube. Ads are usually only 15-30 seconds long, but you probably skip them anyway. While YouTube make less money from you skipping ads, people might leave the site if they had to wait 30-seconds before every video. And this is the same for Clash Royale. There simply cannot be 15-second queues for games, and bots are the fail-safe. Getting someone to download an app is already difficult enough, so Supercell cannot have a ton of players uninstall the game because of waiting times. PUBG and Call of Duty mobile both already have bots in their games to start matches sooner, so this isn't unheard of. There’s even a developer called VOODOO Games who ONLY release games with bots in them. They’re advertised as being multiplayer games, but the game isn’t even coded to be able to connect with other devices (you can even turn on airplane mode midgame and continue playing as normal.) Anyway, VOODOO has a game called Hole.io that a lot of my friends enjoyed playing for a while. And the reason they loved playing it is because... They were winning... a lot. You see, bots are terrible at playing video games. So if Hole.io was truly multiplayer, they might win 1 in every 20 matches? It wouldn’t be as fun and they’d probably uninstall. In Clash Royale, someone has to win, and someone has to lose. So every time a game is played, one player ends up happy, and the other player ends up sad. A bot is designed to lose on purpose, and does not care at all about losing because it has no feelings. So matches against bots allow Supercell to increase the overall enjoyment of the game by letting players gain happiness from beating bots. If the average player loses too many matches in a row, they’ll probably just uninstall and find a new game to play. So, it is in Supercell’s best interests to have these “pity matches” where an opponent is SO bad it is impossible to lose - and bots fill that role perfectly. By making sure players are never waiting too long for games, as well as making sure players never get too frustrated from losing a lot, bots allow supercell to give a better experience to newer players. ​ My Opinion and Conclusion: This might be the most irrelevant part of this post, but I thought I'd give my views on the bot scenario in Clash Royale. I totally agree that shorter wait times and higher game enjoyment are POSITIVES, but what about everyone above 4k? It's fairly obvious that a lot of us more loyal players are slowly getting bored of what Clash Royale has to offer... and why newer players might be having a better experience, what do we get? Instead of spending time developing updates that give the loyal players a better experience, they've developed this secret, complex, bot AI that they've sorta his from all of us. Again, I agree that bots are a POSITIVE addition to the game, but my only problem is that they should have never been the main priority for Supercell. Whilst the bots are just a small factor, it indicates to me that Supercell aren't afraid of adding things that help them without even letting the community know why the updates have REALLY been taking this long. The ONLY statement I could find from Supercell on this topic was a support post where they talk super ominously, but do admit to bots existing (see image #2 here). They call the bots an "extension of the tutorial", and say they're encountered "infrequently" with the purpose of "increasing the skill level of players who are climbing the ranks", but really this doesn't line up too greatly. I don't think the first 4000 trophies, equivalent of nearly 7 hours of game-time if you win EVERY battle, count as an "extension of the tutorial". Nor would I agree that they're "infrequent" encounters, with 35% of my games being against bots. And I DEFINITELY wouldn't say that they help to increase player skill level, as they are literally just free wins. As a closing statement here, I don't really mind that bots exist in Clash Royale. That's fine. What I do mind is that Supercell have tried to be as secretive and covert as possible about this. Just ADMIT there are bots. Just ADMIT they give people wins. Just ADMIT it's because the game is on a slow decline and you want to keep new players engaged. That would keep the community MUCH happier, rather than having us find it out anyway in the middle of the biggest update drought we've ever seen. I doubt Supercell will ever see this, but just be transparent with us... it would make everyone's lives so much easier, and it'd stop people trying to look for things to quote-unquote "expose" you on. But yeah boys, hopefully you did enjoy this little project that I came up with. PLEASE do consider giving a share to this post, or checking out my YouTube video on this topic. I don't usually ask for stuff like that, but I think this information could be quite important to any Clash Royale friends you may have. Big shoutouts to lolnopound and Brad for helping me out with this video - their links are in this post if you wanna check them out! But yeah boys, thank you all for reading this far, I hope you enjoyed the post :) submitted by /u/EbolaBailey [link] [comments]View the full article
  12. submitted by /u/ClashyYT [link] [comments] View the full article
  13. submitted by /u/DINOGATOR1204 [link] [comments] View the full article
  14. submitted by /u/FaceTh3Truth [link] [comments] View the full article

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