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  1. Open - International - Donations/Week: 4k Casual & Chill clan, we've been around since ‪December 2017‬! Only good players that stay active! Come kick it with us! We look forward to seeing some new names in the clan chat! <3 & Peace!! -Trigun
  2. Come join our clan. Currently looking for active players in River Race. Plenty of space as inactive members, lower trophies, or those not participating in War are kicked. Currently at 48 members but 6 inactive members will be kicked soon (10+ days last seen)
  3. [4500] #2pvL8jv - ELYSIUM- Looking for active members FOR WAR!!! We are an active clan and was around 7000 war trophy before patch, looking for active members that causes no drama. We offer a good time because we are a chill clan and we are very good at this game. You might even find the love of your life and get married in here!!! *finding the love of your life in this clan is not guarantee, your experiences may be different
  4. DUTCH ONLY CLAN clan name: Brotha NL ClanTAG:#8Q90UP0U trophies requirement: 4600 clan members: 48/50 ⚔war requirements 500 fame weekly⚔ are you -DUTCH- and you can't find a clan join our clan and become one of our brotha's we are active every day. We go always for number 1 in clan war, and we are helpfull for newer players and we donate every one. More info in our clan.
  5. Hey there! We are a UK based clan looking for active members from anywhere to participate in wars. Everyone is welcome as long as you donate and play your war games
  6. we are a new clan accepting newer players. we ak that you donate often, are at least in arena 6, and have at least king level 7 once we have enough members we will have wars every day. clan name is spicy noodles and i, the leader, am chili pepper 101 join for war, fun, and make new friends!
  7. This clan has been around since the beginning but constantly requires active committed members. We only ask that you participate in war twice a week and donate often. Friendly group, play a lot of 2's often, and share knowledge / advice.
  8. Open - International - War Trophies: 2555 Casual & Chill clan, we've been around since ‪December 2017‬! Only good players that stay active! Come kick it with us! We look forward to seeing some new names in the clan chat! Our goal is to fill the clan before the new update!! =) <3 & Peace!! -Trigun
  9. easy going clan, mainly in it for the wars, we war pretty much 24/7 I only kick long term afks (8days or more without playing game) most of us donate every chance we get, looking for active players to help improve the clan wars
  10. looking for new members to help grow, or veteran players just looking for a clan to call home, and anyone between, were a chill clan, actively donate, clan wars started as soon as the previous ends, we talk to each other and help, give advice on decks and arenas, so if you're looking for a chill clan to have some fun, get some war days in, and make some friends then head on over, everyone is welcome
  11. Looking for at least 4 more active members willing to participate in every war and donate. 5/6 players are +-200 of 5,000 trophies. We're all friends and are committed to doing wars 24/7.
  12. submitted by /u/Lord-Parallax [link] [comments] View the full article
  13. I just kicked off Inactive people so we are looking for new members who will remain active and participate in the wars! We will conquer and we will win! Now who’s with me!
  14. submitted by /u/Vsp-RT16 [link] [comments] View the full article
  15. Looking for recruits. New and Active Clan. Seeking to do Wars, but need more players to be able to do so. Rest of info in Clan Description in game. Join and help us grow into a strong clan!! We're waiting for you!! Note: To anyone who joins, due to the fact that we are a smaller clan, please know that we won't always have someone on 24/7 to greet you and such. If you wait, you will definitely be greeted by either me or someone else. Thank you!! Clan Tag: Y929PRO9 Minimum Trophies: 2000
  16. Hey there. Im a recruiter looking for new players to join a clan by the name of Avante Garde. We are a very laid back clan just a couple friends who decided to start a clan. But now its been a couple months and we want to expand our membership. Anyone is welcome we just ask that you are respectful and kind to your fellow clan mates. If you are any questions feel free to message me here or on in clash royale. Hope to see you soon.
  17. submitted by /u/niklikestoB [link] [comments] View the full article

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