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Found 13 results

  1. Minion horde was first nerfed (staggered deployment) as an attempt to make 3M decks less dominant without nerfing 3M themselves. Well, shortly after that they killed 3M for a while, yet chose not to bring back minion horde. Then they buffed or added a bunch of other horde counters, while still not doing anything about horde, leading to it now being borderline unusable. It’s suicidal to play a minion horde now. This all is a problem for the following reasons: A) Horde was nerfed as an attempt to deal with a different card that now is balanced, yet horde wasn’t brought its original state after that other card became balanced B) Magic Archer became popular C) Snowball had recently been added to the game D) Arrows were buffed (arrow speed) E) Princess was buffed (arrow speed) F) Firecracker was added to the game G) Royal delivery was added to the game At some point you need to bring a card back to life if you’re going to directly nerf it once and then indirectly nerf it 6 more times, especially when the reason for its nerf in the first place was to fix a card that was later fixed on its own anyway. Is it time to decrease or remove the deploy stagger of minion horde? submitted by /u/--Gingersnap-- [link] [comments]View the full article
  2. submitted by /u/eraa1529 [link] [comments] View the full article
  3. submitted by /u/daddycool6699 [link] [comments] View the full article
  4. Minion Horde seems to be fading away, not like heal, but more like Elite Barbarians, where without a counter, it is absolutely devastating and can easily take out a crown tower and more. Problem is, that is so easy to counter. Now, I am not going to look at stats regarding use and winrate, since I don't think they are very relevant since they only count top 200. I'm just going to about the logistics of the card and how is it pretty much a crap card in attack and in defence. It is slightly better in defence because it has a very high DPS and can take out the balloon, Pekka, Mega knight and giant skeleton, among many other tanks with just a mini tank to support. However, it is so easy to counter, especially against two spells, zap and arrows. Horde is 5 elixir, and gets absolutely destroyed by 3 Elixer arrows, and goes down to critical health against zap and snowball. Additionally, it gets countered by fireball, poison, and rocket, royal delivery and if you can chip something off with those 4 spells, you are always guaranteed a positive elixer trade. Nowadays with everyone carrying 2 or more spells, even out cycling the small spell will not guarantee you safe placement of the horde. Additionally, it gets beaten by almost every single air card, namely wizard, executioner, ice wizard, flying machine, baby dragon, fire spirits and more. Even cards such as e wiz, ice spirit, heal spirit and Musketeer can easily counter it with a mini tank such as an ice golem. Apart from minions and bats, correct me if I am wrong, it has the smallest range of all anti-air units and therefore gets countered by them from a distance. I think this card is going down the same route as elite Barbs, and is one of the least used, easily counterable cards that really has no real purpose. Yes, it can act as a swarm against the likes of balloon and lava hound and other air units such as flying machine, but due to the fact that it is easily counterable makes it such a high-risk card. ​ Most decks have at least 4 direct counters to the horde and therefore is almost impossible to cycle it. Also, it isn't a cheap cycle card, it costs 5 elixir and poor placement or timing can cost you the game. Therefore I'd like to suggest a revamp to it, by changing it to 4 elixir and changing the number of minions to 5 so that even if they are arrowed, zapped, rd-ed, snowballed, fireballed, poisoned etc. the negative trade isn't that big. I know this will make it so similar to the minions but there seems to be no other alternative way to make is less risk. Maybe we could make minions 2 eleixer and 2 minions. Also making it a bigger card, with more space between the minions so that cards such as exe, wizard and baby dragon have a harder time splashing it, will make it more versatile. ​ I have always liked this card, and it is sad to see it dying right now, and I hope SuperCell make a change that makes this card viable again. submitted by /u/HarryKane_9 [link] [comments]View the full article
  5. You can also add/remove towers, check if glitches you saw online really work, and test a new deck’s combinations against possible other ones without losing trophies! It’s a fun single player mode where you can perfect your deck and learn more about counters! submitted by /u/Jukkobee [link] [comments]View the full article
  6. submitted by /u/OctowardtheSquid [link] [comments] View the full article
  7. Warplayers welcome. Minimum level 11

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