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  1. submitted by /u/Unity0113 [link] [comments] View the full article
  2. Submitted By: Soul Crusher Watch Now: WARNING: CRAZY NEW GOLEM DECK MAKES EVERYONE RAGE! — Clash Royale
  3. Submitted By: Soul Crusher Watch Now: WARNING: CRAZY NEW GOLEM DECK MAKES EVERYONE RAGE! — Clash Royale
  4. Submitted By: Soul Crusher Watch Now: THIS IS TOO EASY!! NEW META GOLEM DECK WINS IN ONE PUSH ONLY!! - Clash Royale
  5. Today we have the German pro player, Flobby on the channel sharing his new ladder deck. This deck is so strong because t [...] (Feed generated with FetchRSS)View the full article
  6. Submitted By: Soul Crusher Watch Now: IS GOLEM BREAKING THE META?!? (Flobby's New Deck)
  7. submitted by /u/Justin531857 [link] [comments] View the full article
  8. I swear there here are some moments when 3 of 6 matchups are against Golem… Then, it disappears for 3/4 games, then there it goes again. It's appearing really WAY MORE than the 12% that it's supposed to be in the game (according to Royale API). ClassicGolems with NW most of them, but also a LOT with no-matter-what support cards —those really are not very good and I can win some of those. I know Supercell does NOT care about the mid-high ladder, but this season, it's just ridiculous how much Golem is played, don't you think? submitted by /u/wolfynn [link] [comments]View the full article
  9. submitted by /u/Qzxlnmc-Sbznpoe [link] [comments] View the full article
  10. My cousin pushed to top 700 in us with elixr golem. I really wanted to try it out since it looks op, but my problem is my e golem is level 8 and my healer is level 8. I am at 5300 trophies. Is that a problem? submitted by /u/Mat3o13g [link] [comments]View the full article
  11. Submitted By: Soul Crusher Watch Now: BREAK THEIR PHONES! MAKE PRO PLAYERS RAGE w/ GOLEM CLONE! — Clash Royale
  12. Submitted By: Soul Crusher Watch Now: BREAK THEIR PHONES! MAKE PRO PLAYERS RAGE w/ GOLEM CLONE! — Clash Royale
  13. Ayo, it's yojojo, and today I wish to offer my assistance regarding the EG+BH situation. I've been trying to restrict myself from making balance posts about just one or two cards alone (other than the Mirror one), but considering how complicated this problem actually is for just being two cards, I believe it meets the requirements I've set for myself to make a post about it. Let's get into it, shall we? Table of Contents () Table of Contents () Linking Together The Synergies Why Isn't There a Simple Fix? Possible Complex Fixes Conclusion Linking Together The Synergies Before I can even begin to describe the problems we face when balancing these cards, we need to go over some very important points so that we can be on the same page, and those points of interest are the monstrous synergies these two cards have with each other. Some may think it is as simple as "EG becomes a swarm," which does make her healing more powerful, but it goes much deeper than that. First off, let's consider their performance when they aren't paired together and dissect who they are individually. Let's just look at the Battle Healer just for a moment. Pretend Elixir Golem doesn't exist for the sake of analysis. What is she? She is a healer. What do healers do? Healers supply nearby troops with a surplus of HP, and will continue to do so until she dies, meaning she can technically heal troops for an indefinite amount of time. How is this ability balanced out in CR? For simplicity's sake, she will only activate her heal when she attacks an enemy. Because she relies on hitting targets to deliver healing, she can't be too efficient of a killer, or else she won't get enough healing done. Since she can heal herself with the same attack, her heal cannot be too strong, either. In specific, she shouldn't be too immortal for her cost when she locks on to your tower. Because she needs low damage to do what she is supposed to do and low healing to not be overpowered, the rest of her stats must focus on giving her the right amount of hit points. All of these are a problem. Because she needs low damage to do considerable healing, she cannot defend herself very well and relies heavily on support cards to protect her, which in return does not allow her to do much healing. Because her healing is limited due to the fact that she can heal herself, the healing she gives out is negligible. She needs to dedicate a lot of time to Healing before she makes a considerable impact on the match. All of these downsides can be resolved if you give her enough Hit Points to allow her the time she needs to do her job, but there is a problem with this that won't allow her having more HP. I will explain it later in the post as it will tie with something else. Point is, as of now, she dies too quickly if unprotected. Because of all these problems, she is a completely dead card. Outside of Elixir Golem decks, that is. She is at best an inferior 4 elixir Knight with the DPS of a Royal Recruit. Garbage. Now, let's look at Elixir Golem. Elixir Golem is a high risk, high reward card that lets you place a very hefty tank for cheap, but becomes expensive when it dies. The goal when using a card like this is to recover enough of an advantage to make up for the disadvantage you will soon face when your tank dies. Due to this design, it can be very punishing if you already have a lead, essentially being a deal-sealer. How is this ability balanced out in CR? The way the cheap-becomes-expensive system is implemented into CR is by having the tank break down into 4 individual Blobs that each give the opponent 1 elixir, giving your opponent 4 elixir in total. Considering it gives your opponent an extremely versatile advantage, there needs to be a feature that can make giving your opponent elixir worth it if you work for it, preferably something else versatile. Considering it goes straight for buildings (so basically the Crown Tower), the redeeming feature it has is offensive aggression. In specific, it offers a large amount of HP with moderate DPS, and moves faster the more damaged it becomes. Seems fitting for a card that punishes by design as it isn't too picky about the situation. Now, there is some conflict between these two things, and the conflicts can conflict each other as well. The biggest conflict is how it turns into a swarmy unit. It's not that being more swarmy is a strength (though they do move a lot faster), but rather it is a huge weakness. A single 2 elixir Log being able to dish out 1440 maximum damage on the entire tank (killing the Golemites then hitting all the Blobs that come out at the same time) makes killing the Elixir Golem way too easy, not to mention that most tank killers will still do a ton of work to him on top of that. Right now there is a certain something that prevents him from getting a buff, and it leaves him a weak card. Due to its aggression, you can run the risk of making it too aggressive (or in other words, making it a 7 elixir tank that you place for 3 elixir), making it difficult to buff. So now you have a 3 elixir Giant that has twice as many hard counters to it and gives the opponent 4 free elixir. No thanks, I'd rather have the Giant with fewer hard counters and no elixir being given out like a madman. Tada, Elixir Golem is dead. Without the Battle Healer, that is. Both cards by themselves are quite dead. Battle Healer in her current state needs a good tank in front of her in order to survive long enough to do anything meaningful, and because she is 4 elixir, she takes away from what could have been a push that could have brute-forced its way to the tower utilizing a different 4 elixir support card. Doesn't work. Elixir Golem, cheap as it is, suffers from having twice as many counters as a normal tank, limiting how much of an advantage you can get from him greatly and causing huge counterpushes to come your way. Forget it. Are you seeing everything fall together now? Elixir Golem allows for more support behind the push. Two Battle Healer flaws now removed: she no longer takes too much away from a push, and now she has a beefy tank in front of her to keep her alive. Battle Healer heals groups of troops. Two Elixir Golem flaw now reduced: the effects of all damage are slightly less powerful on him, and now his support troops can make up for his elixir dump much more effectively due to the Battle Healer constantly healing them up. Tada, all flaws are effectively made up for when these two cards are together, and now you have a very, very strong pair. And this is a bit of a problem when it comes to balancing these two cards. Why Isn't There a Simple Fix? Well, first off, I do want to mention something that I didn't mention in the previous section for reasons that can only be described as "I couldn't put it in and make the paragraphs flow at the same time": they both have excessive power in numbers, both together and individually. 2 or 3 Elixir Golems can easily brute force their way to take towers just by having too many Hit Points to bleed through, and getting 2 or 3 Elixir Golems down is not hard to do, even without a Mirror. Same goes for Battle Healer, being easy to get 2 or more of them down without a Mirror. Battle Healers can heal each other up to the point of immortality, which can make them unstoppable. Together, the effects of stacking them together can become oppressively strong, being almost guaranteed to take at least one tower if not all three of them. With that out of the way, back on topic: Why isn't there a simple fix? Let's look at how things are now: For Battle Healer, this vile synergy with the Elixir Golem prevents her from getting a very important HP buff that would make her viable in other decks. If you buff her HP now, Elixir Golem would benefit too much from it and make them become a completely unstoppable duo as the support troops will just never die. So, the simple HP buff she needs cannot be done. For Elixir Golem, this synergy does not allow for any sort of direct buff to make up for his extreme weaknesses, for the same reasons as mentioned in the previous paragraph. So no simple buffs. Now what about just a little more complex fixes that can still be considered simple by keeping the design of the card? Considering how Battle Healer simply needs a tank that can make up for her elixir cost, almost any Elixir Golem change you can think of can just be thrown out the window. More swarms, less swarms, different distribution of HP, different distribution of Elixir, faster movement speed, slower movement speed, doesn't matter since all she needs to do is keep support troops alive for a certain amount of time and boom, tower down. Making him more expensive + buffs won't work until you do it to a point where you just can't support your Elixir Golem enough with or without Battle Healer to make up for his massive elixir dump, effectively killing his use rates. Tank killers and splash units will still delete him regardless of his stats, and higher elixir cost means a more massive positive elixir trade for the opponent. The only ones that could work are ones that completely remove Elixir Golem's tanky side and replace it with something else incredibly powerful and ridiculous, such as making him a Mini Pekka that goes for buildings. At that point you might as well make Royal Giant have 1000 HP and make him Very Fast. What about Battle Healer changes? Making Battle Healer do less healing for more of anything is a big no-no. It would simply make her even more of an inferior Knight and basically make her anything but a healer. It would definitely make Elixir Golem synergies less powerful, but if anything, it would simply kill her use rates. Removing passive healing in exchange for a buff is again a big no-no. She needs HP really badly and this would once again make her more of an inferior Knight, and this wouldn't even address the disgusting Elixir Golem synergy at all. You can't nerf her healing, period. It sucks already since she's so reliant on having something tank for her, leaving her unable to heal much of anything other than the tank and one support troop. The healing is only a problem with Elixir Golem since he provides so much cheap tankage for her, still allowing for a lot of support units to be dumped with her. Her healing shouldn't get nerfed any further because of him, as it would only serve to kill the card afterwards. Any other change made to her that would try to keep her design would be pointless, considering that her Healing is the only thing that matters in an Elixir Golem push. You understand why there is no simple fix for them now, right? So what can we do now? We can't just kill the cards, even if they are oppressive as hell when they are together. Possible Complex Fixes At this point, the only way you are going to fix these cards is by changing their design a bit, but just a bit. Design changes are things like adding/removing abilities, changing their elixir costs drastically, or really any enormous stat change (like +50% HP on Bowler) that changes how you play the card a bit. All things considered, I think both of these cards have met the requirements needed to call for a design change, having very little use rates in every mode (yet still oppressive) and being completely dead cards when separated. A reoccuring problem when it comes to balancing is the Battle Healer's need for a tank to get things done and Elixir Golem's extreme dependency on Battle Healer's healing to get his value back using multiple healed support units. With this in mind, I've cracked one solution that could for-sure work to make these cards independent of each other. What could make Battle Healer less in need of a tank and what could make Elixir Golem less dependent on the Battle Healer? This: Battle Healer -- Elixir Cost 4 -> 6, Hit Points +45.5% (1425 -> 2073), Damage +39.8% (123 -> 172), Added Death Heal (same as Heal Spirit Heal, 2.5sec delay before delivering the heal) That's right. I increased her elixir cost greatly. And it's a glorious way to make Elixir Golem less dependent on Battle Healer. The more expensive a card is, the less total cards you can place into your push, and for Battle Healer and Elixir Golem, that's a huge disadvantage. Elixir Golem needs as many reliable support troops as he can get to make up for the 4 elixir he will inevitably give to the opponent (and Battle Healer ain't one of those reliable support troops, just a support for other support troops), and Battle Healer needs plenty of support troops around her to keep herself alive. With Battle Healer being 6 elixir, you now have 9 elixir worth of defenseless crap to support when putting the two cards in the same push instead of the previous 7 elixir worth of defenseless crap. Try placing that at the bridge! That's more expensive than a Golem, and it is a Golem with double the hard counters! The fact that she is 6 elixir alone is enough to make the combo questionable, which would mean that the synergies between the two cards might become reduced enough to the point of allowing for a proper and safe buff to the Elixir Golem. What if it's not enough and the combo is still too strong? Make Elixir Golem 4 elixir, or even make Battle Healer 7 elixir. Making the combo more expensive is the key to nerfing the synergy, and I can bet a lot of money that just one more elixir on top of this change would nuke the synergy. How do you make 6 elixir Battle Healer good? Simple. Since her synergies are reduced significantly/nuked with Elixir Golem now, you can do almost anything to buff her. And you know what I buffed? I gave her the HP she has needed since her introduction to the game to allow her to manage without requiring a tank in front of her. Now she is the tank. I originally planned to give her more health than what the change lists above, but considering her new cost, I decided to swap some of that HP out to make her more like a Giant Skeleton for the sake of comparison, since her stats were already fairly close to that of a Giant Skeleton. Gave her more damage to match the GS's attack pattern, and gave back the lost healing (from the damage buff and less HP than originally planned) as a guaranteed sizable Death Heal. So she is basically an inverted Giant Skeleton. Exact stats are up to debate, and getting the stats even a little bit wrong can have catastrophic results, but I want you to focus on the potential of the direction this change is going moreso than the exact stats, as those can be figured out later. This also limits how much you can stack Battle Healers, which is also a big plus. Also makes Clone a good and somewhat healthy pair with the death heal considering using Clone with Elixir Golem is a fat mistake. That is my favorite change so far. The reason why I love it so much is because despite its complexity, little changes in terms of how you use her, yet it can fix so much. She would still feel the same as she always did, but now instead of being a mini-tank, she is a regular tank and doesn't necessarily need a tank in front of her to function. For 2 more elixir that is, but for what you get in return, that's okay. This isn't my only change. I got another one in case you didn't like the first one. Death Heal gave me another idea, but I'm on the fence about this one for its controversy: Battle Healer -- Hit Points -29.8% (1425 -> 1000), Added Death Heal (same as Heal Spirit Heal, 0.5sec delay before delivering the heal), + any one specific buff you can think of A much simpler yet much more drastic redesign than the previous one, this would make Battle Healer much easier to kill even when behind an Elixir Golem, which is a killer nerf that many people want right now. We're talking completely nuking Elixir Golem decks. In return, she is given a completely new role: a sacrificial tank, sorta like Lumberjack or Ice Golem. Her death heal can make her a great tank for win conditions like Royal Hogs, Hog Riders, Balloons, Minion Hordes, etc. The main problems I'd like to point out with this change is how drastically it changes the card and how it makes certain aspects about her null. It makes her passive and active healing pretty much useless, and if you were to buff her damage for balancing reasons, it would become even more useless. Point is, it would kind of ruin a lot of what makes the healer, well, a healer. She'd become a Heal Spirit delivery. I'm not saying that it wouldn't work, but it definitely makes her a lot less unique and takes away a lot from what she can do. On top of that, she can still be cancer in an Elixir Golem deck if you can't kill her. So far those are the only two changes I've come up with. Question from a few of you: Why not change Elixir Golem instead? Answer: Like I said in the previous section, all the Battle Healer needs is a hefty tank and a lot of support troops with her to be an oppressive monster. Making a design change to Elixir Golem that would get around that issue is flat-out ridiculous, considering you'd have to make him ridiculously less tanky (and factor in all 3 stages/forms of the Elixir Golem on top of that) and then make up for it. If you can come up with a proper Elixir Golem design change that nerfs the synergies with Battle Healer and buffs his use rates overall while still being within the realm of reason, then go for it, but I haven't quite found a change that can do so. I'll stick with the Battle Healer change for now. Conclusion I created this post as an effort to chip in and do my part as the unpaid theorist of Clash Royale. I do this for fun and then sulk as it gets buried, and then "I'll fuckin' do it again. [a-hyuck]" I don't know what to tell you other than that I'm mentally insane for doing this over and over again and expecting something different each time. But hey, at least I enjoy being mentally insane when the next day rolls over, so that's all that matters. Anywho, I wish I could be... more. I wish to be more... impactful. Significant. I wanna make a bigger boom than just making supposed "fan" posts on reddit, because I believe I can offer good insight on multiple things about this game (when I'm not in a bad mood), not just card balancing. And I want to do it because this game has a special place in my heart. It's a valuable source for me as it is one of the very, very few things I can completely dedicate my mind to when it comes to coming up with solutions to problems. My "one-trick" ability, so to speak. (As to whether that "one-trick" ability is actually good is up for debate, but I'd like to be given the chance to prove myself.) If anyone is looking for someone like this for whatever project they have concerning Clash Royale, by all means hit me up. I'm looking for the opportunity but I'm having a hard time finding them. Thank you all for your time. If my responses are late, then that's because I went to bed or suddenly became busy. Ask questions, don't be dicks, be calm, be collected, and most importantly, be professional. submitted by /u/yojojo3000 [link] [comments]View the full article
  14. submitted by /u/g-money-2020 [link] [comments] View the full article
  15. Submitted By: Soul Crusher Watch Now: 3 CROWN EVERY GAME!! NEW META GOLEM CLONE IS 100% BROKEN!! - Clash Royale
  16. This month's meta was somewhat balanced, however, there are a few outliers and Skeleton Dragons created a spell bait meta in challenges and top ladder. So I thought it was a good month for some major changes. I will use bold italic to underline the important points, but if you want to understand my intentions, you should still read the whole thing. Or hit me with a comment if you want to discuss further. Let's start with the two big reworks and then move on to the other changes. Rage Spirit Rage will be changed into this new character who, similar to Heal Spirit, jumps on enemies to activate an aura that rages friendly units Cost: 1 elixir Hitpoints: 190, Damage: 90 Speed: Very Fast, Range: 2.5, Targets: Air & Ground Rage Boost: 35%, Rage Duration: 5sec (from 7.5sec for tournament standard Rage), Rage Radius: 5, Rage linger duration: 0.5sec (from 2sec for tournament standard Rage) Frankly, I think Heal Spirit's introduction was really successful. Compared to Heal, it's not one-dimensional. It can be a cheap distraction and might not even deliver its healing, at least in a useful way. It's a lot more interesting when you're in a battle and rather than simply choosing to play Heal, you need to pay attention to when enemy units get close to your friendly ones and then playing the Heal Spirit. Well, compared to Heal, Rage is an even better card to transform into a spirit. Rage is not scale-able as it deals no damage, has no hitpoints, and doesn't summon anything. The Rage Spirit has hitpoints and damage, so the death effect no longer needs to have a different duration between levels. This would fix one of the final hurdles to bringing top ladder's and tournament standard's balance together. Also, because counterplay exists, it would finally change this. So, why do I think this version is balanced? For the most part, with the experience from buffing Heal Spirit. Heal Spirit is currently OP, but overall it looks like the strength of the effect needs to be worth between 1 and 2 elixir for it to become balanced. Rage is already at roughly that level of strength, but because it lasts for long and one of Heal Spirit's main weaknesses is that the healing radius not always reaches out far enough, I figured that some other adjustments needed to be made to bring Rage Spirit to the right power level, too. Here, I nerfed the duration to be even weaker than the first level of Rage and also massively reduced the 2sec of boost units get when they exit Rage's radius. Elixir Golem Rework Golem: Hitpoints +28% (1196-->1557), Speed increased to Medium, Range increased to Melee: Medium, Death spawn changed to 3 blobs Golemites: Removed from the game? Blobs: Hitpoints +70% (299-->519) Usage 2-5%, Win 35-50% I don't want to just rant here, but I simply have so much to say about this card. I don't want it removed, but a total overhaul is needed. Many of you might not even acknowledge this as an issue, because we are not facing Elixir Golem all the time, but Elixir Golem is easily the most toxic card in the game. Elixir Golem decks are the kind of thing you give mediocre players so they get a shot at beating pros. Maybe you'd say "it's good that lower-skilled players have cards they can use" but I will disagree. First, the card is inherently flawed no matter how much skill it takes, I'll explain below. Second, there should not be a win condition that brings anyone close to the success of pro players with barely any learning curve. Elixir Golem is, to me, the most game-breaking card right now, and I really insist on a rework. CWA: Pro Ranks Top 20 Decks from LOWEST to HIGHEST Skill! (Vulkan rating Elixir Golem as the least skilled deck in the game) Elixir Golem was also overpowered in the past and it only got health nerfs and a hit speed standardization, not fixing the underlying issues. At this point it is just a half-relevant card that people are only tolerating because it's not the meta. ----- 1. Let's talk about the problems The first issue with the card is how swarmy it becomes. It's hard to put in words, but in many matchups everything gets melted while trying to deal with the latter phases. Heal effects are the best in medium swarm decks, which the golemites phase really capitalizes on, and so Healer and Heal Spirit are good with EGolem alongside with Rage to increase the healing. So if you can't deal with a push, it will get healed back and you wil get 3-crowned. Elixir Golem is basically a magnet for yet more cards that are considered toxic. The next issue with the card is the disconnection between the elixir you spend and the elixir you put on the board. I believe that an Elixir Golem that doesn't give elixir would cost about 5.5 elixir. So you get the stats of a 5.5 elixir card for 3 elixir, giving you an advantage of 2.5 elixir instantly. In the long run, you lose 1.5, but some of that elixir might be wasted by the opponent if their bar was full or thanks to the sheer advantage you got earlier and used. Then if you get a second Elixir Golem down, you are now 5 elixir up front. In the early days of the pro scene, often both players would ban Elixir Collector to have a sort of "Gentleman game" and not abuse the downward spiral of not being able to stop these custom elixir advantages, which is what Elixir Golem does without there even being a counterplay. Actually there is a counterplay Seth kept talking about: getting elixir from the blobs. Probably the biggest issue is how long it takes to gain some of the lead back. You first need to get through an Elixir Golem with 1196 hitpoints. Only after then killing an Elixir Golemite with 598 hitpoints, you can start getting elixir by killing an elixir blob with 299 hitpoints. That makes it 1993 damage you need to deal to get just the first elixir. Add 300-400 because of wasted damage and it's 2400... except wait, actually you need to deal 300 more damage to get to a blob because EGolem got healed by a Heal Spirit. Oh, 100 more because of the Healer. And 100 more, and 100 more. Not to mention your units will probably retarget to the support or the other golemite before starting to attack the blobs, and that each split will reset the attack animation of your units. Basically, if you use a few point attackers instead of splash, it can often take 3000+ damage, as much as a 5-elixir Giant, just to pop a single blob and start recovering from the disadvantage. This is an awful lack of counterplay on most occasions. Let's be honest, all of the high-damage splash attackers that counter this, like Wizard and old Executioner, are/were divisive cards. Bomb Tower also works well, but it's difficult to say with certainty after its recent nerf. ----- 2. Let's talk about my rework proposal. With the changes, the overall hitpoints of the card are reduced from 3588 to 3061 (-15%) Not so swarmy anymore: The overall units in the elixir golem goes from 7 to 4, and from 3 to 2 different types. The average hitpoints of a unit increase from 513 to 778 (more than 50%), reducing the wasted damage. You no longer get a 2.5-elixir lead just by playing it: This lead you get is massively reduced. Elixir Golem would be worth around 4.5 elixir, reducing the effect by about 30-40%. So now he would be more of a cheap cycle-style beatdown tank than a powerhouse. Also, because the golem walks faster (by 33%), split pushing will only happen when the opponent is already in the middle of defending the first one and possibly has some of the advantage taken back. The opponent Actually has counterplay: While popping a blob takes more hitpoints than before (1993-->2076), there is less wasted damage and only a single re-targeting on the way. So what will Elixir Golem be about? I don't know. Maybe beatdown-cycle hybrids? Maybe split pushing? It might end up good, it might end up bad. The only thing I know right now is that it can't be worse than what we currently have. After trying to imagine it, I thought it was weak, so just to "play it safe", I also buffed the melee range. The current short range looks visually weird for such a huge guy. ----- I am disappointed that Elixir Golem has come to be this. I knew from the start its problems were a lot deeper than it seems. Frankly, not many people in the community, even the pro community, think about things this way: people make up their opinions based on how they feel in battles. Complaints like "those blobs deal too much damage" took over genuine concerns about the card's design as they were easier to implement. But this led us to the most obnoxious decks in the game. This needs to be fixed now. Please. Buffs & Nerfs Lumberjack: Death Rage Duration standardized to 8 seconds Lumberjack's rage bottle will no longer be tied to the Rage card, because Rage Spirit is now replacing it; the rage bottle will be its own thing with a consistent duration from level 9 to 13. This fixes the incosnsitency with the card between max level and tournament level. Heal Spirit nerf: Healing -18% (366-->300), Hitpoints -1% (191-->189) Usage 10-20%, Win 52-59% A few months passed and Heal Spirit's stats have remained over the top. This nerf removes some of its healing potential and fixes an inconsistent interaction against Tesla, however, it doesn't change it in situations where no friendly units are around. Fire Spirits & Furnace buffs: Hitpoints +21% (91-->110), Kamikaze time -50% (0.2sec-->0.1sec) Fire Spirits: Usage 1-2%, Win 20-40% Furnace: Usage 0% Both cards are abysmally weak right now. Fire Spirit's main niche is its damage, but it's difficult to buff this aspect much further without breaking the card. Increasing the count is an option, however, if the damage becomes too high, then 4 of them would fully-counter Royal Hogs - a 5-cost win condition - for only 2 elixir. Not good. I think the best option right now is buffing other stats like hitpoints, kamikaze time, range, etc. Here, I buffed the hitpoints to be the same as those of a spear goblin and increased the kamikaze time a little. As a bonus, inconsistencies get fixed with this. Fixed inconsistencies against: Lower-leveled crown towers, Guards; Prince. Survives an extra hit from: Firecracker's pellets, Ice Spirit, Heal Spirit, Goblin, Dart Goblin, Royal Recruit Skeleton Dragons nerf: Speed reduced to Medium, Hit speed & Initial attack faster by 0.1sec Usage 27%, Win 56% Now, many of you might want some fancy shmancy rework with a poison type attack or turning into a pile of bones or something, but you know what? They are one of the highest-complexity common cards with their abilities to fly, split, and splash. I am having stellar fun fighting against them, unlike when facing Firecracker, Healer, or Elixir Golem with their unique mechanics. Instead of reworking them, I just gave the duo a speed nerf that would make them more distinctly different from Baby Dragon. I held a poll on Deckshop's discord where almost everyone answered they find it to be the most similar to Baby Dragon, when the card was more likely meant to be something between Mega Minion and Minions. Pathfinding fixes & Sight range standardizations Pathfinding: Troops will no longer switch to their original lane when the tower on the opposite lane is down This needs to be patched. The outcome is different when the troops were placed on the other lane even though the conditions are the same, making this pathing counter-intuitive. Pathfinding: Troops will no longer occasionally walk backward when a target is in front of them This needs to be patched. Troops' "clutch attack" will now only (and consistently) happen when the target remains in sight range This needs to be patched. Clutch attack is when units land one extra attack after being pulled out of range. This will now only happen when the target goes outside of sight range, which currently is especially not the case for Sparky, Bandit, and Fisherman. So I am proposing that this gets fixed. I.e. knocking back Bandit with The Log will now make her need to charge again because she can no longer "see" the target. However, Tornado won't disrupt her charge instantly, instead, it would only work if it pulls her fast enough so that the tower is no longer in her sight range. Rebalancing sight range: To summarize, all units will have at least 5.5 tiles sight range. Troops with a long reach will have a 0.5 tiles longer sight range than their attack range. Building-targeting units have a 2 to 4 tiles longer sight range. Self-pushback units are exceptions. P.E.K.K.A., Giant Skeleton, Sparky: Sight range increased from 5 to 5.5 Ice Wizard and Wizard: Sight range increased from 5.5 to 6 Bandit, Flying Machine, Musketeer: Sight range increased from 6 to 6.5 Dart Goblin: Sight range reduced from 7.5 to 7 Lava Hound: Sight range increased from 5.5 to 7.5 * PEKKA and Giant Skeleton: This makes their gameplay more intuitive. Kiting will work at the same distance as any other melee unit * Lava Hound: Every card that targets buildings has a 7.5 or a 9.5 tiles sight range with this one being a weird and unintuitive exception. * Musketeer, Wizard, Sparky, Ice Wizard, Bandit: Every troop is able to see enemies a little in advance to being able to attack them, which makes sense and adds to the depth of gameplay. Currently, these five units can only walk or attack. If you play your Ice Wizard 5.6 tiles from an enemy, then I believe it shouldn't walk away when it is only 0.1 tiles from being in range to attack. This change also enables a great deal of the ability to address pushes from the opposite lane, since a single 0.5 tiles walk is never enough to make a unit switch its lane. * Dart Goblin: Can occasionally switch its lane with a single retargetting, when it's clearly not the intention of the attacker, and it's the only card that can do so. submitted by /u/Mew_Pur_Pur [link] [comments]View the full article

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