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Found 7 results

  1. Remember that some of these cards were used in the same deck. Chip damage is also important. Remember, if you can't deal with a balloon or high health card you are screwed. Pekka- shes godly in this mode. Paired with anything and shes near unstoppable and when she eventually is taken down the cards supporting her will avenge her and wreak havok. Often I'd place her to defend e.g against a wizard, then she'd kill a valkyrie, then a musketeer and then when she dies the supporting troops can easily damage the towers. Valkyrie- far superior choice to prince and dark prince imo. Bulky and kills swarms and can be used to kill the 3 wizards, firecrackers and such Rascals- air reigns supreme in this mode and this card shines because of it. The boy distracts the air troops while the girls shoot it down. Extra useful against balloons, skeleton barrels, and with the right card placement can cause them to split lanes or escape any death damage. The tombstone or Goblin hut-distracts building targetting troops and wrecks them. Distracts most cards though splash damage is an issue. The troops spawned upon death were very useful as a distraction and could be used to time when going for a push. For example, I'd place Pekka just before the goblin hut died so she'd have 3 goblins to support. Bats-the cheapest air defense was helpful imo. When used to kill balloons it offered the best elixer trade. Also would mean opponent would have to spend elixer on arrows or fireball to kill them and they'd still beat the balloon. Electro wizard-balloon and sparky are popular so if the had the option for either I knew electro wizard would be a life saver. Balloon or hog rider-solid option to destroy buildings, forcing opponents to react or dealing damage Arrows, fireball or poison- self explanatory for chip damage on towers, swarms and buildings. Honourable mentions go to musketeer, mega minion, firecracker and lightning for being a solid choice since theres little downside in this game mode. I only picked other cards if these options were not available Always ensure there is a card that can deal good damage to air troops in hand at all times (fire cracker, archers, any wizards, musketeer, bats, rascals etc). Have a building if possible, tombstone, furnace, goblin hut or bombtower were most favourable imo. Have an option to get high damage since tanks (royal giant, giant, golem or e golem) were popular. The way I played was pick a card at the start that has the most uses. E.g Pekka is a tank killer, has high health and one shots alot of troops. After that I'd pick a card to destroy Pekka's weaknesses, so say I pick zap. That means I counter sparky and swarms now too. I notice the opponent can pick minion horde and balloon so I remember to pick something to deal with both. I also like buildings as they are useful so I pick Goblin hut. I also want a reliable defensive card so I choose valkrie or rascals. As you can see from this example I've pretty much all possible threats covered. If for example I decided my counter for high health troops would be goblin gang and skeleton army, that would be a bad choice since the opponent would likely anticipate they need to easily get rid of swarms. Say for example the first card I pick is arrows. Going forward I know I do not need to worry about most cards since arrows one shot or deal high damage. So then picking princess afterwards would be a waste, but picking prince or battle healer would be a better spent option. submitted by /u/Valsana [link] [comments]View the full article

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