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Found 43 results

  1. Submitted By: Soul Crusher Watch Now: HOW TO WIN THE ICE WIZARD DRAFT CHALLENGE 8-0 LIVE GAMEPLAY + TIPS AND TRICKS! - Clash Royale
  3. submitted by /u/omarpower123 [link] [comments] View the full article
  4. ​ Hello everyone, my name's TheRandonOne, and welcome to yet another post of mine! Today, we'll gonna be talking about the potential of bringing something that can spice up the game as a whole! Since this game didn't have something quite like this, I decided to make a post of my own about it! So, without further ado, let's jump right in. ​ Introduction ​ We all know it. Clash Royale hasn't received a fruitful update for more than a year, and just this month, a new season, along with a new card (which people dislike because of the unoriginality) have been released. Due to the lack of communication, news about the update, the same stale stuff and the absence of a content update for a lengthy period of time, people are dissatisfied, and even left the game. To be honest, I don't necessarily disagree with these people. There isn't much content to explore, and the game just doesn't seem as fun anymore. But, despite these hard times, I still like the game, and I also like coming up with ideas of how to make it better. People are dissatisfied over lack of content, and this is one of the bigger issues out there. And for that, I have come up with the idea of community-wide events that people could enjoy. Let's talk about it. ​ Events, and What They're Supposed To Be ​ Let's look first at what COULD constitute as some sort of event, but it lacks a feature or two: ​ Seasons First in our list, we have the SEASONS. Seasons do constitute as some sort of monthly events, thanks to the fact that it brings something new every month, no matter how small the addition was. But the thing is, it doesn't bring much to the table, since the seasons are a little more than an arena reskin, and people are just tired of it. Next. Gamemodes Second in our list, and probably the closest thing to an event, are the gamemodes. They bring a new way of playing, which spices up the game, and that trait is what we're looking for. However, it only changes the matches that you're playing IN the specific gamemode. And alas... Challenges Third in our list, the challenges. They're limited time, you get prizes by competing in the challenges, and they usually have a new gamemode which, in the previous point, changes the way you play. Sounds pretty good for an event right? Yes, but it's not something you could constantly participate in. ​ They all sound like great candidates, but they certainly lack something, and that doesn't make them quite like an event. So basically, what we're looking for is something that brings more content than a season, something that isn't stuck to the boundaries of the gamemode we're playing, and lastly, something that brings prizes, but it's independent of a challenge. And this, my fellow clashers, is what an EVENT will be. The Effects of an Event In The Game ​ Now that we've established what an Event is, we might also delve in what makes it so special, how will it affect the game, how will it change Clash Royale? This is what we're going to discuss right now. An event basically brings changes to the game for a limited amount of time. Those said changes will happen not just in ladder, not just in a challenge, but in every gamemode you will play during the event. And like the Trophy Road, and the Special Quests, it includes prizes given for every task completion. ​ For an example of how an event will be like, I'm gonna introduce you to: The Freezing Halls Description: "In this chilling event, every gamemode will have freezing cold arenas, and ice will form at every corner of it! Better bring a sweater, and some hot chocolate!" Effects: In this event, every 20 seconds, a Freeze effect will be applied to every Troop, Ally or Enemy, which lasts half the time of a normal Freeze spell. At 30-second intervals, chunks of ice will emerge at random points in the arena, which have around 800 HP, and it can be targeted by Troops and Buildings. For every chunk of ice broken down, two Ice Spirits will be liberated, and will fight for the side that freed them. Example of Quests during this Event: Liberate 50 Ice Spirits Win 10 matches during the event Defeat 20 troops while they are frozen Available Rewards during this Event: Silver Chests Gold Event-themed Cards Magical Chests New Emotes Fortune Chest Top 10000 Rewards A Lot of Gold Hard-to-obtain Chests Enhanced Tower Skin This Event's Enhanced Tower Skin Sub-Zero Tower It can be obtained by reaching Top 10k in the Event Leaderboard The Princesses and the King from these Towers will gain the ability to slow down Troops by 25%, at the cost of a -5% reduction in damage. ​ So this was an example of an Event, its effects, its quests and its rewards. Now you can see what an event is really like. And now, for the finishing touch, some bucket rules about the Events: The Quests are Unlimited, start off with low rewards, and those rewards gradually become better as more Quests are completed. Event Top 10000 measures the top 10k people who have completed the most quests. Whoever ends up in the top 10k will receive an enhanced Tower Skin, which has a small perk added to it, alongside the cosmetic change. The duration of an Event is about 14 days, and it occurs once every, I don't know, 1, 2 months, you decide. ​ This event that I described in particular is mostly RNG-driven. But not every Event will be like that, some events will have similar capturing mechanics to Dragon Hunt. Here's an example: Event Name: Quite The Shocker Description: "In this electrifying event, every gamemode now has two Tesla towers to spice up the battle! They're up for grabs, however, they won't go down without a fight!" Effects: Two foreign Tesla towers will be located at the river, one on each side, with Hitpoints 2x Higher than a normal Tesla tower. Each Tower is up for grabs, meaning that the Tesla towers can be captured by either side. Whoever captures the Tesla first, will have the Tesla fighting by their side. The Teslas however can also be recaptured by the enemy. Example of Event Quests: Take control of the Tesla 25 times Defeat 25 Teslas Finish 10 matches with both Teslas on your side Available Rewards during this Event: Silver Chests Gold Lightning Chests Electric Cards New Emotes Mega Lightning Chest Top 10000 Rewards: A Lot of Gold Hard-to-obtain Chests Enhanced Tower Skin This Event's Enhanced Tower Skin Charged Tower It can be obtained by reaching the Event Leaderboard Every 5th Shot from the Princesses or King of these Towers is guaranteed to issue a 0.5 second Stun. ​ Pros and Cons Pros: ​ It allows for faster progression, and it's far more F2P friendly than the Seasons. Since the Quests are infinite, and the rewards gradually get better, it allows the F2P to progress faster in the game, compared to the Seasons' more P2W approach. ​ It gives F2P players a far better chance at winning free cosmetics, like Emotes, or even Tower Skins. Right now, the only ways to get free emotes are through challenges, stockpiling gems and buying Pass Royale. With the Event's progressive system, F2Ps will have a far better chance at Emotes. ​ The events themselves will spice up the gameplay, so that the game doesn't become stale. The individual effects and perks for each and every match will make sure that the game stays fresh, and it doesn't become boring. Cons: ​ During the Events, people won't be able to play normal gamemodes, which will upset players who wants to play the game normally. This will be certainly annoying for some players, seeing as they can't play the gamemodes normally during the event. ​ This change will be tough to implement into the game. Compared to other features in the game, it's gonna take time and patience to be implemented. And now that the Pros and Cons are also listed, it's time to move on to the final section of this post: Questions and Answers Q: Wait, aren't Events like Seasons, but it actually brings more content? A: To be fair, this is more or less a Season-like feature that happens across all gamemodes and is more F2P friendly I guess. The added bonus is that every Event brings a new way of playing, whenever RNG, or just in a way that you can control. It spices up the overall gameplay. Q: What will happen to Gamemodes that have similar mechanics to the current Event? A: Solution A, either both perks merge into one, such as having a Dragon Egg AND foreign Tesla towers at the same time, or eliminate the gamemodes that have a perk conflict with the event for its duration. Q: What if this idea will ruin gamemodes as a whole? A: Don't worry, it won't affect the way you play in those gamemodes TOO much. Most of the gamemodes are pretty much about either playing with decks, picking your cards for a deck, playing with a predetermined deck, a boost in Elixir, or mirror decks. The way with which gamemodes who interfere with the Event perks are dealt, are explained in the question above. ​ Conclusion So, that concludes the whole Event post! Thank you so much for reading this! If you have any more questions, or have a suggestion regarding how this idea could be shaped up, please let me know in the comments below! I will gladly read your comments! submitted by /u/TheRandonOne [link] [comments]View the full article
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  15. Submitted By: Soul Crusher Watch Now: SEASON 11 GLOBAL TOURNAMENT DECKS + GAMEPLAY AND TIPS AND TRICKS! - Clash Royale
  16. Submitted By: Soul Crusher Watch Now: Why Gale IS the BEST Auto Aimer (Quickfire)... + Hot Zone Gameplay + Sneak Peek of NEW Skins

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