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  1. Submitted By: Soul Crusher Watch Now: Playing in every league from CHALLENGER to ULTIMATE CHAMPION in one day
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  6. Submitted By: Soul Crusher Watch Now: i got COLETTE from a FREE box in Brawl Stars
  7. submitted by /u/Mega_mewtwo_ [link] [comments] View the full article
  8. Hey guys, This is just a quick one but I wanted to let you know what we've been doing with your feedback. First of all, we can see that a lot of people here are not happy with Clan Wars 2. We genuinely believed (and still do) that Clan Wars 2 has the potential to be GREAT, but we have clearly missed the mark for a lot of players. Because of this feedback we will be focusing our next update on making Clan Wars 2 better than it is right now. I want to let you know that your voices have been heard and that yesterday we went back to the drawing board as a team to set up a roadmap for our next update. We had a group meeting with nearly all of us in the office together (it's been a while all being in the same place - it does wonders for morale) and we spent the day coming up with the first iteration of a solid roadmap for the next mandatory update. I'm not going to share our roadmap with you JUST yet, but what I will do is show you what I personally presented to the team yesterday as the key (major) issues that I felt needed to be addressed. Please note that this is NOT the roadmap, this is just what I personally presented to the team. Each bullet point in the WHY IS IT BAD? section is feedback from the community and my own thoughts/community feedback in the WHAT CAN WE DO? section. --- MAJOR COMMUNITY ISSUES WAR DECK RESET LINKED TO LOCAL TIME WHY IS IT BAD? (COMMUNITY FEEDBACK) Unfair? Players get advantage by being in another timezone No chance for players to catch up while they wait for deck resets WHAT CAN WE DO? Solution keeping local time - keep local time but use Finish Time as a way to rank players Removing local time - putting it on a fixed world clock start time (8am UTC?) still has similar issues but could work. Match by region (East/West)? Change the race mechanic completely (probs not an option) --- SMALL CLANS NOT BEING CONSIDERED IN MATCHMAKING WHY IS IT BAD? (COMMUNITY FEEDBACK) Small Clans can’t finish the race Small Clans getting outmatched by bigger Clans Small Clans matched against maxed Clans Small Clans not getting rewards so can’t level Not fair/equal footing Damages close knit small Clans/family & friend Clans/IRL Clans WHAT CAN WE DO? Introduce “small Clan Wars”? Have smaller rewards but also smaller Fame thresholds Matchmake based on Clan Size Introduce new Clan creation stats (10/25/50 member clans with different rewards and leaderboards) and make separate system & leaderboard for them (like boom beach task forces) Give extra War Deck resets for players (like extra attacks in Clan Wars 1) --- MATCHMAKING NEEDS TO BE BETTER (PLAYERS) WHY IS IT BAD? (COMMUNITY FEEDBACK) Players getting poor matchups with other players that they can’t beat Players unable to get rewards due to constantly losing, therefore can’t upgrade their decks, vicious cycle WHAT CAN WE DO? Underdog system Deck Power Level matchmaking Level Cap @ League level Some other matchmaking magic to fix the situation? --- REWARDS NEED TO BE OBTAINABLE BY ALL CLANS (NOT JUST THE BOOT) WHY? (COMMUNITY FEEDBACK) Clans are playing the entire week and not hitting the amount to even finish the race, despite being #1 We have removed quests and put the rewards somewhere unobtainable by them WHAT CAN WE DO? Make rewards based on River position (with a certain threshold to pass?) The above matchmaking changes etc Lowering Fame threshold --- A lot of these items were already in other people's feedback lists and we settled on some solid action points from these items. As a team we are confident that solutions to some key community pain points will be resolved in the next update. There are also a bunch of UI changes that I have requested that are currently being worked on. you can see a mockup below of at least the main Clan screen & the War screen (if Reddit lets me post it...) Work in progress... not final. Work in progress... not final. We are also confident that after this first Clan War Season some problems may resolve themselves and our Data Scientist is indeed VERY keen for the team not to make any rash decisions without us being fully informed by data (this is a man who takes data very seriously). Anyways I just wanted to give a bit of transparency towards our upcoming update plans and will keep you in the loop with any further decisions. My plan is to share a public Roadmap when we have whittled down the dev work and can provide accurate info. Please remember that plans can change, however. Happy to answer some questions in the comments below throughout this evening and the weekend, just want a reminder to keep them civil. OK, maybe that wasn't quite a quick one but I hope it's informative. Have a great weekend, Drew and the Clash Royale Team submitted by /u/Supercell_Drew [link] [comments] View the full article
  9. (Added an addendum to this repost for the mods) No, seriously! In fact, it's so impressive that I just wouldn't have believed that it was possible. We're in the software industry, so clearly the lock-down situation barely has any impact on us. (At least, for well managed teams...) Yet, it took you guys so long to literally push out a heavy downgrade 'update' to your game. So many serious bugs, I've lost track. Replaced a hated system with an even worst one. (Quite impressive in itself!) Took months and months to release it. Haven't added any QoL changes. Still haven't fixed old problems (card info screen for example still shows the intro video first instead of the stats AND the stats still haven't been standardized across all cards, for example it's missing the DPS info for a lot of card... which is just really basic as far as stats goes for what brands itself as an e-sport game.) The new GUI and the error messages are incredibly un-intuitive. In addition, you've pretty much killed casual clans, insulted your players, forced your players into playing the game "your way" if they want to get any account progress, removed any other incentive to play, you've refused to acknowledge the serious foundational flaws in your thinking and design... In fact, several posts from Drew are doubling down on these design flaws. But here's the brilliant part, so brilliant I just can't imagine it, you've managed to do all of this as a team without anyone, to my knowledge, getting fired. Honestly, as someone in the industry, I'm literally amazed. Kudos to you all! We know how this works: Your A team created the game a few years ago, and the fast fun game-play got millions of players hooked. The A team then moved on to different teams/division/companies and what's left is who wasn't able to get a better position. Usually those people are at least smart enough to run their department in a long tested and proven method of small iterative changes. But not you guys, you were brave enough to give up on any improvements and just get rid of anything good and replace it with untested badly designed stuff. Impressive! Addendum: This was first posted here: https://www.reddit.com/r/ClashRoyale/comments/ipelsx/from_someone_who_works_in_the_software_industry/ The mods removed and locked it with the given reason being: Rule 2: Low discussion potential Even though it was the #1 post on the sub, with over 1400 upvotes and over 160 comments in just 4 hours. When their excuse was challenged in modmail, they said that the post was removed as no solutions had been provided. So I've agreed to list solutions here and they've said this should be enough to not get the post removed again: Get a real game designer with more experience Actually listen to players' suggestions and implement them How long has CWA been rightly begging for Challenge tokens?! Don't double down on bad design choices when called out Fix the card stats Stop removing stuff people like Add back some of the stuff we liked and that you removed (quests, epic chests in the shop, weekly clan chest, battle log button on the main battle screen, emotes sold the old way) Think of lower level players Think of casual players Think of casual clans Don't force clans and players to play one specific way (Your way) Let everyone progress meaningfully by playing any way they want Actually increase gold significantly for everyone, not just hardcore players The design goals are wrong and the team needs to refocus the effort on the game being fun for everyone, not just hardcore players. I will refrain from posting the usual other solutions posted from everyone else. They can be added if the mods feel like this post needs even more solutions listed. In conclusion, everything that was listed as wrong in the original post, yeah, don't do that, and do the opposite. Thanks! (PS: Please stay on topic, let's not switch this post into a topic about the mods.) submitted by /u/ObboQaiuGCD [link] [comments]View the full article
  10. No, seriously! In fact, it's so impressive that I just wouldn't have believed that it was possible. We're in the software industry, so clearly the lockdown situation barely has any impact on us. (At least, for well managed teams...) Yet, it took you guys so long to literally push out a heavy downgrade 'update' to your game. So many serious bugs, I've lost tracked. Replaced a hated system with an even worst one. (Quite impressive in itself!) Took months and months to release it. Haven't added any QoL changes. Still haven't fixed old problems (card info screen for example still shows the intro video first instead of the stats AND the stats still haven't been standardized across all cards, for example it's missing the DPS info for a lot of card... which is just really basic as far as stats goes for what brands itself as an e-sport game.) The new GUI and the error messages are incredibly un-intuitive. In addition, you've pretty much killed casual clans, insulted your players, forced your players into playing the game "your way" if they want to get any account progress, removed any other incentive to play, you've refused to acknowledge the serious foundational flaws in your thinking and design... In fact, several posts from Drew are doubling down on these design flaws. But here's the brilliant part, so brilliant I just can't imagine it, you've managed to do all of this as a team without anyone, to my knowledge, getting fired. Honestly, as someone in the industry, I'm literally amazed. Kudos to you all! As someone in the industry, I know how this works. Your A team created the game a few years ago, and the fast fun gameplay got millions of players hooked. The A team then moved on to different teams/division/companies and what's left is who wasn't able to get a better position. Usually those people are at least smart enough to run their department in a long tested and proven method of small iterative changes. But not you guys, you were brave enough to give up on any improvements and just get rid of anything good and replace it with untested badly designed stuff. Impressive! submitted by /u/ObboQaiuGCD [link] [comments]View the full article
  11. submitted by /u/mommamia36 [link] [comments] View the full article
  12. Note: I will use some parts of my 2.9 guide since many things are similar. Introduction: Icebow is one of the few viable Xbow decks today (the others being 2.9, 3.0, and 3.1). This deck is commonly hated because it can rocket cycle unfavorable matchups. And of course, many just call it rocket cycle. However, it wasn't like that in the beginning. ​ I-History: Before modern Icebow 3.5, we had Icebow 3.3: a High skill Xbow deck.In Icebow 3.3, rocket cycling was very risky as its defense is not as solid as 3.5. The person who made Icebow 3.3 popular was Karnage. The deck can be seen below. ​ https://preview.redd.it/utn4xlvd6hl51.png?width=490&format=png&auto=webp&s=8dd5dbced19b4951261c69a2578b39e5c85b37c5 Now, because of this deck's problems, the modern 3.5 was born.It can be seen below. ​ https://preview.redd.it/xxl3p67l6hl51.png?width=639&format=png&auto=webp&s=e1c57e28b7f673ad71e58ea7b1ef1106ed02f158 II-Differences with 2.9: 2.9 mainly relies on cycle speed to get a lock. Icebow focuses on creating an impenetrable shield and forcing your opponent to overcommit to get an Xbow lock or rocket cycle. III-Card Analyses: 1-Xbow: The main win con of this deck. Is used defensively or offensively. 2-Tesla: The main support card for Xbow and the primary defensive building. 3-Ice Wizard: A great defensive card. Slows down troops for the tesla or Xbow to murder them at a distance. 4-Knight: The main mini tank of this deck. He can defend the Ice Wizard and tesla while they attack from a distance. 5-Rocket: The secondary win con and the big spell of this deck. 6-Nado: The secondary small spell of this deck. Pairs well with Ice Wiz and Rocket. 7-Skeletons: The main swarm/cycle card of this deck. Cheap and effective. 8-Log: The main small spell of this deck. IV-Main Card Synergies: Ice Wiz Tesla.Ice Wiz Nado.Ice Wiz Knight.Knight Tesla.Rocket Nado.Xbow Tesla.Tesla Nado. Now, we start the guide: 1-The Basics: 1a-Starting a Match: With Icebow, it is overall safer to wait for your opponent to play if you have a bad hand. Here are some good (and bad) first plays to do: Splitting skeletons. Very safe. Logging the tower. Not too safe but not risky if you have nado in hand. Ice Wiz in the back. Risky. You are wasting a great defensive card. Knight in the back. Same thing as Ice Wiz. Tesla in the middle. Safe against everything but balloon, Sbarrel, lavahound, and siege. Xbow. Unless you know what your opponent is running do not do this. Rocketing the tower. Worst play to make. 1b-Card Placements: 1baa-Offensive Xbow's: Standard Xbow Placement: One tile below the bridge, and one tile to the side of the arena. This placement is an offensive one. It is good for three reasons: This gives you some space to place troops such as knight in front of the Xbow. This increases the chances of your opponent failing to distract your Xbow with opposite lane tanks. Most of the time, you can use the tip of the log push these tanks away from the Xbow’s range allowing it to lock on the tower. The placement can be seen below: ​ Standard Placement Opposite Lane Punish Xbow Placement: One tile from the bridge, one tile to the opposite side from the bridge’s center. This one is mainly used for punishing plays against Giant, Golem, and Balloon on the opposite lane. The reason is that you can put down a tesla in the middle to pull the Giant, Golem, and Balloon to the opposite lane, effectively splitting their win condition form the support making your time much easier. The placement can be seen below: ​ Opposite lane punish placement Middle Xbow Placement: At the middle 0 tiles from the river and the Xbow’s range is barely touching the tower you are attacking. You want to use this placement when: Your tower is down but you still need to attack the same lane. This is because they can attack the Xbow from 2 sides as opposed to 4. Playing against Giant Double Prince and they have just used a ranged attacker (like Ewiz). This will make the Giant and the support walk a farther distance which gives you time to kill everything and get a lock. It can be seen below: ​ Middle Xbow Placement 1bab-Defensive Xbow's: First, why do we need defensive Xbow’s? Defensive Xbow’s can snipe buildings from your side of the river. They can add a second layer of defense. If your opponent doesn’t use a spell on it, you can cycle back to another Xbow and overwhelm them. Anti-Fireball/Rocket placement: 6/7 tiles from the king (or 4/5 from the bridge) and one tile away from the weak tower. This placement prevents damage from the fireball your Xbow and the weak tower. It also prevents damage from the rocket on your tower. DOES NOT WORK AGAINST POISON, EQ, OR LIGHTNING. ​ Anti-Rocket/Fireball Placement Anti-Fireball/Poison/EQ/Lightning placement: Basically, one corner of the Xbow is touching the opposite tower’s outer corner. DOES NOT WORK AGAINST ROCKET. It is my goto placements since it gives you space in the middle to place a tesla. ​ Anti-EQ/Poison/Lightning NOTE: For all these Xbow placements, the Xbow can be placed higher to snipe buildings/troops. 1bba-Defensive Tesla's: Classic Placement: 3 tiles from the bridge. Should be used against ranged/melee troops, hogs, and fast win cons as well as most other units.An image is seen below. ​ Classic Placement Anti-Tank: 4 Tiles from the bridge, should ONLY be used against SINGLE tanks because it can be bypassed easily by ranged support. ​ Anti-Tank Anti-Fireball: Same thing as classic placement. Anti-Poison/Lightning/EQ: One Tile Higher than the classic one. 1bbb-Offensive Tesla's: These Tesla's are to be used to support an offensive Xbow. Anti Hog/Balloon/Ranged Troops/Small Units (Excluding Musketeer): As close as possible to the Xbow. Used when you have an elixir advantage or when you are sure you can breakthrough. ​ Anti-Small Units tesla. Anti Tanks: 1 tile away from the Xbow. Should be used against melee tanks that you can kill. You SHOULD NEVER USE THIS AGAINST GOLEM SINCE GOLEM CAN DESTROY BOTH THAT XBOW AND YOUR TESLA. ​ “Imma Cycle to Another Xbow” /Anti Lavaloon Tesla: A tile or two closer to your Xbow than the classic defensive one. Basically, you wanna use this tesla when you are facing lavaloon or when you can’t breakthrough. If you Xbow and your opponent golem’s same lane, use this tesla as nothing will stop that golem from destroying that Xbow. If you are lucky and the tesla survives, cycle to another Xbow and counter push. ​ ​ Ant-Lavaloon Tesla. Now, if there is a reason for not being able to place a tesla in the middle, you should place it like an Anti-Poison Xbow. ​ 2-Main Techniques For Having Success With Icebow: 2a-Card Counting: Card counting is knowing what your opponent has in hand.To do this, know this one fact: When you play a card, it will be back in your hand after you play 4more. 2b-Elixir Counting: This is knowing how much elixir your opponent has. To do so, find the number of elixir you spent, the number he spent, subtract them, and subtract the answer from your elixir count. Since I am not too good at explaining these things, I recommend you guys check out Vuilkan's video's on these topics. 2c-Elixir Management: Basically, do not overcommit by 2 or 3 elixir. For example, if my opponent uses a hog rider and I have no tesla or nado, I should defend with skeletons + log and take one hit instead of ice wiz + skeletons + log and take zero (unless it is overtime). You never want to spend more elixir than your opponent. If you have to, at least 1 elixir if possible. 3-Counter Decks: 1-BarbHut GY. 2-Golem Lightning. 3-Golem Clone. 4-Xbow 2.9 5-RG Cycle. 4-Basic Midladder Guide: People in low to mid ladder are almost always higher level than you, so at the start of the game, you should be playing defensively. Make sure to never rocket cycle in midladder. Rocket is one of the best cards for countering midladder decks. Use defensive Xbow's. Many midladder players will either leave them alone or not have a big spell to use on them. Make the overcommit. For Example, after you play Xbow and they play valk, play knight to force them to play something else (and since many midladder decks are heavy) they'll generally overcommit. Many midladder decks have many tanks. In this case, you cannot outcycle them. You have to break through by brute force. Whether it is gaining an elixir advantage or killing their tanks. Know your building placements. There are specific anti-spell placements to avoid giving your opponent value. Also, there are specific placements you should do in certain situations.There are many times I have used an Anti-Fireball Tesla and the opponent tried to fireball it and the tower and missed it completely. Dirty Building Bypass Trick: If your opponent plays a building 5 tiles from the river, you can place an Xbow in the classic placement but one tile higher in the opposite lane to bypass it and attack the tower. Know your numbers: When you are going to spell cycle your opponent’s tower at the end of the game, make sure you know how much damage your spells will do. It will make finishing the game much more easier and less stressful if you know when you are able to win. This could also ensure that you don’t accidentally miscalculate and leave the opponent’s tower with 20 hp after you use a valuable rocket on the tower.Basically, start rocket cycling when their tower is two rockets and two logs away from death. Use offensive Xbow's when they cycle a 4 elixir card or higher in the back. This will force them to split their push. Never use defensive Xbow's in single elixir unless it is to snipe spawners. Don't waste the Ice Wizard. He is a powerful card that can help you defend against the biggest pushes.Same goes for nado and rocket. 5-Some Matchups Guides: 5a-Splashyard: Against splashyard, you want to go opposite lane as them. You should try your best to get a lock in single because in double it is almost impossible to do so. You want to pressure the once you have an elixir advantage, or if they cycle a card like ice wiz or knight in the back. By pressuring them, you will force them to defend your Xbow's and make them not have enough for a GY push. If you are unfortunate to face a GY push, place an Ice Wiz to defend the GY, nado their tanks away from your tower so that it can help against the GY. Place a Knight + tesla to kill their tanks, and log away any excess skeletons. You can also use rocket on their tanks. You should use defensive Xbow's in double elixir to: 1-Bait out their poison.2-Help defend against GY. In double elixir, play defensively. DON'T ROCKET CYCLE. (Unless the tower is like 1 rocket away from death) If you haven't gotten a lock yet, you are doomed. Try to rocket knights and Baby d's with the tower. Note, if a tower trade is inevitable, do it. GY suffers more against tower trades than Icebow. 5b-Logbait: This is a fairly easy matchup. Once you activate king, it is game over. They cannot rocket cycle you, as you can Xbow. To get an Xbow lock against bait, make them overcommit and once they are down 3 elixir, Xbow at 7.If they inferno, skeletons + log should take care of it. If they knight you can kill it. If they rocket, you still get 500 damage. Defensive Xbow's are gold against logbait. This makes them unable to play princesses or gangs.If they ignore it, go with an offensive one. They will have to use knight + rocket then you can get to another offensive Xbow quickly or a defensive one. 5c-Golem Lightning: This is one of the most tough Icebow matchups. Xbow opposite lane as soon as possible in single elixir when they play a 4 elixir card in the back. Use the punish placement. Golem won't be down in time and even if it is down in the opposite lane, a tesla will pull it to the opposite lane towards the Xbow. If they golem in the back, pretesla and ice wiz. Save your rocket.Defend the tesla and Ice Wiz with knight. Cycle back to another tesla after it gets lightninged.If the push is huge, rocket nado it. Nado + Ice Wiz is gold against this matchup. Use defensive Xbow's in double elixir. You can use it in the Anti-Lightning position to snipe at a distance, or in the place of the tesla since it is way tankier. If you ever need to rocket cycle, do it when the tower is 2 rockets and 2 logs away from death. If you defended their golem push and they are not back to a golem, use an offensive Xbow and make them overcommit. Try to get a lock if possible. 5d-Xbow 2.9: Against Xbow 2.9, you should try to survive single elixir. They can easily outcycle you and distract your Xbow's for as long as they wish. They can also fireball your Xbow and the tower. Be offensive. Offensive Xbow a lot and make them overcommit. If you do make them overcommit, offensive Xbow at 8. Rocket their Xbow and use something like log to prevent taking 500 damage. If they manage to outcycle your rocket, use knight + defensive Xbow (anti fireball) to kill their Xbow. Try to not use tesla against offensive Xbow's. Use it only as a last resort since it is a soft counter. In double, rocket all defensive and offensive Xbow's. Try to be more aggressive than them. If you just have defended an Xbow and have a 5+ elixir lead, rocket their tower for damage, but be prepared to defend all offensive Xbow's. Go with offensive Xbow's when you have the elixir lead. Rocket nado if they use ice golem + Xbow close together. 5e-RG Lightning. You have the matchup here. Xbow offensively in single after you have defended an RG and have an elixir lead. Snipe defensive buildings with defensive Xbow's. Use offensive Xbow's when they RG in the back in single. Save your tesla for the RG. Prepare to use ice wiz nado to defend if the tesla dies or gets lightning. Defensive Xbow's are gold in double. They help bait out the lightning. Rocket their Ewiz's or 4+ elixir air attackers and the tower. Rocketing the RG and the tower is not a bad play as long as: 1-They RG in the lane you are attacking. 2-They do not have heal spirit. You should only offensive Xbow in double if you need to get a lock. Rocket Cycle when their tower is 2 rockets and one log away from death. 5f-Megaknight Decks: Xbow offensively when they are down 5 elixir in single. Save your knight for the MK. You can also use tesla + skeletons/ice wiz to kill the MK. Rocket 4+ elixir troops in the back. If you are playing MK bait, activate king with nado. Use tesla's for Sbarrels and knight for MK. Against MK WB, save tesla for WB, knight for MK, and Xbow when you have defended and they are not back to MK. Defensive Xbow in double. These two MK decks do not have a big spell. Dealing with two Xbow's (one defensive and one offensive) will be a nightmare for them. Do not let the MK jump on anything. Use skeletons to tank his jump. Against MK midladder decks, break through with brute force. Make them overcommit. Use a knight + tesla to defend your Xbow against MK if you severely need a lock. Rocket cycle if you have a 4+ elixir lead or if you have a defensive Xbow down and is prepared for anything and everything. 5g-Lavaloon. Again, you have the matchup. Xbow same lane as the hound, and use a tesla to take care of the loon. Rocket Nado if needed and Ice Wiz nado if no balloon is present or you do not have rocket. If they use barbs against your offensive Xbow, use something like Ice Wiz + log + skeletons to make them overcommit. Save your Xbow. Never defensive Xbow and always Xbow same lane as the hound unless the lavaloon player switched lanes. If the lavaloon player switches lanes to make you Xbow in the lane that you are not attacking, Xbow in the offensive opposite lane punish placement. Use a high tesla to pull the loon to the Xbow and Ice Wiz the hound and its support. Use nado if the balloon will get a lock. Rocket cycling is not a good idea. Rocketing the lavaloon pushes is. ​ 6-Rocket Cycling Guide: Rocket cycling has become a main strategy of Icebow. So let us cover it. 1-Rocket Cycle when the opponent's tower is 2 rockets and 2 logs away form death. 2-Rocket the tower if you can also rocket a 4+ elixir with it too. 3-Don't rocket cycle favorable matchups like lavaloon. 4-You can rocket the tower if you have nado in hand and a healthy tesla down against many decks like hog decks. 5-Rocket the tower is you have a 4+ elixir lead. 6-Never rocket cycle against sparky and Xbow for obvious reasons. 7-If it will be a game of tower damage, you can rocket cycle but be prepared to defend. This should be done in triple elixir overtime. 7-Common Mistakes: 1-Rocketing the tower brainlessly. 2-Wasting the Ice Wiz or Knight. 3-Not spacing out troops enough. 4-Not having a game plan. 5-Using the wrong card placements. 6-Overcommiting. 7-Not switching lanes against Poison or EQ. ​ 8-External Links and Such: Great Icebow players to learn from: Karnage lemonTree68 SFIX BestNA Vulkan (great at it but doesn't main it) Youtube Link's: BestNA's Channel lemonTree68's Channel Vulkan's Channel CWA's IceBow Mistakes (Featuring Karnage) One Hour of the best Icebow Gameplay featuring Karnage Vulkan's FAQ's and Card Counting Tutorial Vulkan's Elixir Counting Tutorial Vulkan's Quick Elixir Counting Guide SirTag's Icebow Guide Other Links: My 2.9 Guide ​ I hope this guide helped you all. Stay Safe and Goodbye. ​ Written By RinasSam. FOSS (Free and Open Source) Guide: Can be taken, modified, and redistributed without my permission under the condition it is FOSS too. submitted by /u/RinasSam [link] [comments] View the full article
  13. submitted by /u/bmeridian [link] [comments] View the full article
  14. After Drew’s Post I decided to see if the new update gives us better rewards or not. For those that can’t be bother reading all the calculation I will give a SPOILER ALERT….. We get WORSE rewards now. Essentially the things we lost compared to the new system evens out except one major thing. The new clan wars chest gives at best scenario -200 gold per day, and a realistic best case scenario of -1200 gold per day. A few things to clarify. I am speaking from the point of view of a level 13 player who has been in an established but casual clan that is in Legendary League. We finished clan wars 1 with just over 24,000 war trophies. As such, we always got at least one and usually multiple first place finishes in clan wars every 2 weeks. This guaranteed the best clan war chest each time. Now to run all the calculations I have converted everything into gold. This is done as follows: Common Cards = 5 gold Rares Cards = 50 gold Epics Cards = 500 gold Legendary Cards = 20,000 gold The reason for the above is that whilst cards are all worth twice this amount in the shop, if you have maxed these out, this is the amount of gold you will actually receive for them. Also, if you want to trade out a maxed card for one you need, you will spend your token plus the amount above per card. So if I want a legendary card, I ask for one I need, and offer one I have maxed out already. This will then cost me 20,000 gold plus the token. So this is why the above amounts have been used to calculate the gold conversion not what they are worth to buy in the shop. These above figures are also used to calculate the minimum gold each chest is worth. In each case, I haven’t included the chance you can get a bonus epic or a bonus legendary. The calculated amount only includes 100% guaranteed cards. Now I realise people won’t agree with me here but this is what I value Gems to be. 1 Gem = 275 gold. This is actually a very high amount. I could make that 1 Gem = 200 gold and that would still be considered very high for some. However, this is the conversion I use when considering if I should spend Gems on continuing challenges or cashing out my prizes in the Global tournaments. The best offer Supercel has ever offered in the shop involved spending 1000 gems and getting something like two Mega Lightning chests and some gold and tokens. At the time I calculated the deal to give 192 gold per gem spent. For the sake of the calculations used here, I didn’t need to convert Tokens gained. However if I did need to do it they would be worth: Legendary Token = 2000 gold Epic Token = 1000 gold Rare Token = 500 gold Common Token = 250 The above amounts are the total gold you receive once you have 10 of each type of token and then receive another one. OK so lets get to the nitty gritty. I will use Drew from Supercel’s format to see if things are better now or before, and you can decide for yourselves as some of this might be subjective. For those inclined you may wish to check my calculations as I have done these very late into the night/morning and typos or errors may have crept in. Removed Daily Gifts X3 ​ https://preview.redd.it/njnf7v2hysk51.png?width=1345&format=png&auto=webp&s=4b5c305ecae8e8872c793bd5177f545e3863a42d NOTE on average a free chest nets you 233 gold. However there is always a chance for an epic, or even a legendary from this. Chance for a Legendary card from the free chest is currently 0.24%. It’s not much but we’ve all had it happen from time to time. So the average not taking into effect chance of epics or legendary cards in the free chest is 3 x 320.75 = 963 (rounded up) / day. ​ Also Removed Periodic Free Shop Gift https://preview.redd.it/lkvpghboysk51.png?width=1345&format=png&auto=webp&s=a5a16dca9450d46a971611e3bf1d9e39e7058d34 OK so I’ve assumed we got one of these prizes offered in the shop weekly. That is certainly the case with the Epic card, the rest I am not sure of. This means the 3,778 becomes 540 gold per day. Adding the two removed methods above means we used to gain 963 + 540 = 1,504 gold per day from these. So Drew has said the above prizes got replaced by the following. ​ https://preview.redd.it/lksrsqyqysk51.png?width=1569&format=png&auto=webp&s=99917c29ac7f85b2158fcf11749aed3f5c6339de This is where it gets tricky. It’s hard to know the likelihood of getting any of these (bar the epics that only occur once per week and what Drew said about gems (that we will all get 100gems per 30 days). So the 30 day totals above include 4 days getting gems, and 4 and a bit days getting Epic Sunday epics. So this means the remaining 22 days in those 30 days will give a random assortment between Common cards (500 gold), Rare (1,250), Gold Chest (1,165) or 1,500 gold. The Average from these is 1,104. So in a 30 day cycle this means 1,104 x 22 + 27,500 + 10,714 = 62,502. This gives an average of 2,083 gold per day. In summary the new system gains about 500 extra gold per day over the old system. However this is heavily weighted by the fact I use 275 gold per gem as my conversion. Many would lower this, and you’d find the gold gained per day figures of the before and after get much close to each other. Removed From Old Clan Wars Legendary League On average I would have got around 2,000 – 2,500 gold per day doing card collection. Lets say 2,000 gold to be conservative and not taking into account the chances you sometimes get lots of gems. As an example, if I won one card collection battle (500 gold) , the final war day (1,000 gold) and the clan came first (1,000 gold). Here is 2,500 gold. When you opened your war day chest the final item was a chance to either double your gold, or get between 10-50 gems or a token. This collection occurred once every 2 days. Currently War Day Daily Gold To be on par with above the old clan war, you must be able to win 2, 1v1 battles. You can roll your dice and try duels. If you win your duel you will get 3,500 gold however if you lose it you will only get 350 gold. Potentially you can win it and then get 1 or two more attacks and if you win those get yourself another 1,000 or 2,000 gold. You could also choose to do the passive attacks that pretty much guarantee a win (ie repair the boat or attack someone else's boat) this will give you a guaranteed 500 gold (as all you need for this 500 gold is to do the simple task of destroying at least one of the towers). So 4 attacks of this = 2,000 gold per day guaranteed. So you can take the risk, or you do the guarantee. Either way, I think the average is around 2000 gold per day and this is on par with the old clan war daily gold. Now for QUESTS! I enjoyed these and never found it hard or a task to actually have to complete them. They simply got completed from normal play. Removed Quests 1 Per Day https://preview.redd.it/neeks10vysk51.png?width=1345&format=png&auto=webp&s=f7a31ef7ac4182c4547b45c71f060733289b5a2f This is tricky to calculate because each person had a chance to re-roll one quest each day. Most would try and re-roll until they got gems, or got one of those double rewards (ie 1,000 gold, 20 rares, 2 epics and occasionally you even got a 20 gems one). I for example never collected common quest so I’ll take the 250 gold this represents out of the equation. So lets say a typical week, I am able to re-roll the quests and I would get Gems only 1 time, the 1,000 gold quests 2 times, and 4 times I get the 500 gold quest. This will equal 6,750 gold. So this is close to 1,000 gold per day. I think this is being conservative since I know I got the Gems quest more than once per week simply by always re rolling quests to try and get it. Verdict = 1,000 gold per day gained from daily quests. Now this is the fun part. We also used to have the 41 day chest cycle attached to doing the quests. Quest Chest Cycle = 9,850 Quest Points Quest points per day = 35 Total quest cycle completed in 281.4 days ​ https://preview.redd.it/oedlveuyysk51.png?width=897&format=png&auto=webp&s=d494a51a5e0c00572393a1624247d8db9ac38244 This means that the 41 chest cycle yields a minimum of 448,127 gold (not taking into account that you can gain extra epics or legendaries in the above chests). For example the odds of getting a legendary card from a magical chest is nearly 20%. That 448,127 gold used to be earnt over 281.4 days. So this is an average of 1592 gold per day. Verdict = Add this 1,592 gold with the 1,000 gold above gives around 2,600 gold per day that we used to get for quests and the quest chest cycle. Drew also lumped the following in that we lost: Also Removed Old Clan Wars Chest In Legendary League the old clan war chest for first place chest was worth 45,060 gold. So the old war day chest was given once per 14 days. We got to battle for it 7 times. This guaranteed that our clan and many others got at least one first place finish during this time. From the moment we got to Legendary league, we never missed out on getting a first place legendary chest (I even kept all the screenshots of the collections). So the old clan wars guaranteed an average of 3,219 gold per day from this chest. Added with the 2,600 gold this makes 5,819 gold per day. Verdict from all these things removed, we used to get a guaranteed 5,819 gold per day. So the question is, what replaced all this? Drew has said that the new clan wars chest that is given to us every 7 days (instead of every 14 days) replaces all this. However is this actually better? Prizes in Legendary League are as follows: ​ https://preview.redd.it/eqtvafi1zsk51.png?width=672&format=png&auto=webp&s=4bef93d909bc79556bea2e64948bce40eaf83fb7 So if the clan comes first or second every week the prizes are about the same. Averaging out a first or second place finish will equate to about 39,773 gold per week or 5,681 gold per day. However if you throw in some third place finishes (I won’t even throw in fourth/fifth place ones) this drastically drops this amount. Lets assume your clan is good and in three weeks you finish First once, Second once and Third Once. You get unlucky and you don’t get the legendary card from the third place chest (remember in all those quest chests above, I never included chances of getting extra epics or Legendary cards). From this first, second and third clan placing you have earnt a total of 96,195 gold over 3 weeks or an average of 4,581 gold per day. This is a lot lower than the old guaranteed 5,819 gold per day. So the unrealistic best case scenario is that your clan never finishes lower than second place or when it does finish third you get lucky and win the legendary card anyway….. At best this will get you around 5681 gold per day. This amount is far from guaranteed. Even this best case scenario is actually worse than the old clan wars calculation that gave me a guaranteed 5819 gold per day. So overall this system is WORSE. I think assuming a 3 week cycle of getting one first place, one second place and one third place is actually a best case scenario and even that means we get around 1,238 gold per day less from this scenario. In a normal scenario when your clan gets put in the river race in a “Group of death” match up, your clan could finish really low. It only takes one or two bad bad results per month to skew things to a much worse scenario than just losing 1,238 gold per day on average. If you have read this far well done. What do you think of all this analysis? The rest of Drews’ post highlighted the monthly tournament and I didn’t see much difference from before, besides it always costs us Gems to get these rewards, I did one of these a long time ago when the original clan wars replaced the clan chest. Back then Supercell was telling us the new rewards were better and myself and some others posted showing them how it actually wasn’t. They ended up revising things and giving us more. Hopefully they look at this post and do the same. They may say that they will now compensate by giving more away in challenges but I’d rather the daily grind that never costs gems to do a continue, will at least be raised a bit to match or actually be better than the old system. Also I actually want to thank Drew for his post. I think it shows that he cares about us and that he cares about the game. Drew’s post would have taken a long time to construct and many things were explained well and with details. This made my post easier to research. submitted by /u/EatEmAlive123 [link] [comments] View the full article
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  16. Maybe I'm more of a dolphin. Whatever. I spend anywhere from $30-$100/month on average, particularly snapping up any of those x4 offers that come around once per month https://preview.redd.it/798g7px73pk51.jpg?width=1080&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=2f9843b19321dea40a968f646dea141766b48438 https://preview.redd.it/aykncvx73pk51.jpg?width=1080&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=9b07ae5d2112146026b940689f64a7aae344b74d https://preview.redd.it/00m8vxx73pk51.jpg?width=1080&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=066c35638358d24a11533be468b50d45c9027545 https://preview.redd.it/z4yrgwx73pk51.jpg?width=1080&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=b5b6763d1b1d4e28cb285c05e6f1eecf15d3eec2 https://preview.redd.it/zvy911y73pk51.jpg?width=1080&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=af7c89bcea91ba22fe6bd61c23f7b264279c5032 https://preview.redd.it/fable5y73pk51.jpg?width=1080&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=6369dd15348adc47c5247aa7992bb8c245951d5c As you can see in the images, all the support team is willing to offer is reddit posts referring to the issue. Acknowledgement without any resolution Until now I fully expected a microtransaction game to do its best to get me to open my wallet. Happy to play that game and support the dev team when it's my choice. Switching buttons like this just to trick me though? And then all you can offer is vague reassurances when the trust is already broken? Fuck off Apologise directly, and reimburse the players with a cherry on top. Nothing else is acceptable submitted by /u/KarmaWhorediot [link] [comments] View the full article
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