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Found 175 results

  1. submitted by /u/lilball-ripjuice420 [link] [comments] View the full article
  2. Submitted By: Soul Crusher Watch Now: WORLD’S MOST TOXIC DECK FINISHES #1 IN THE WORLD!! ELIXIR GOLEM OP!! Clash Royale Elixir Golem Deck
  3. submitted by /u/Vaibhaaaaaav [link] [comments] View the full article
  4. submitted by /u/CU8EKING [link] [comments] View the full article
  5. submitted by /u/Mega_PEKKA [link] [comments] View the full article
  6. I have been playing for ~2 and a half years but have only recently heard about this, please explain so I don’t suck. submitted by /u/Someran_Domguay [link] [comments]View the full article
  7. submitted by /u/AliA9555 [link] [comments] View the full article
  8. submitted by /u/Blackangel466 [link] [comments] View the full article
  9. Before anyone says I'm salty, I have played elixir golem a good amount. I wasn't playing EG in its beginning days because I didn't have time to play CR (thanks band), but I took up the deck in April, after watching two videos about it. I have not ever felt any dirtier playing any deck besides this one. I thought golem was easy enough, but elixir golem takes it to a whole new level. Having a tank that costs 3 elixir allows you to invest almost unpunishably- if you golem in the back, you can get punished. With elixir golem? They have way more elixir at their disposal so they can defend and still be able to build an insanely threatening push. What's the deal with the 4 elixir you get back when your tower your defending units are crippled? After watching those two videos, I was able to beat players better than me (including several top 10k people); the first time I hopped into a classic challenge I went 12-2 with the deck, and I'm still an average player. When I say people who play elixir golem are carried, I mean it. When playing vs elixir golem, even if you have the matchup, there is almost no wiggle room; if you make even a small mistake, or if you even have a bad starting hand, you are almost certainly going to lose the game. On the other hand, the elixir golem player can make visible errors and still be able to win. For example, I once started a game by misplaying a barbarian hut AT THE BRIDGE, and I still managed to win. The opponent was playing double barrel bait and he had similar stats to me. While most decks rely on you to drop cards with good timing and placements, elixir golem doesn't even require that. Not to mention the fact that elixir golem becomes a tank and then a swarm means convential anti-beatdown cards like PEKKA are less effective vs it. I know the card isn't the best in the game right now, but it's extremely unfun to go against and I'd say even promotes bad habits. In my opinion, an elixir golem player has almost never outplayed another person. A possible rework I have in mind is having a golem and three blobs, with you getting 1 elixir from killing the golem and 1 from each blob. I hope this card can be reworked to become cool to watch instead of the same mashing over and over again. Thoughts? submitted by /u/I-usually-lose [link] [comments]View the full article
  10. (My likely controversial opinion) E-Golem is known to be kind of a toxic card, and also low skill. Today I made my own E-Golem deck and tried it out in a private tournament for fun. It's honestly a pretty brainless strategy. Some background information: After the last E-Golem nerf, I never really had too much trouble defending it. If my deck had trouble with it I assumed it was the deck and changed it until the E-Golem matchup was bearable. Having said this, up until today I didn't play E-Golem myself much at all. So I only had experience playing against this deck, and not with it. I won against it a lot, so this led me to have the opinion that E-Golem decks weren't that bad, not too toxic. Always thought it was kind of a weak card. Then I made one myself and tried it in a private tournament. It was kind of hard at first, but I very quickly got the hang of it. Soon I realized that E-Golem doesn't require much strategy at all. You just defend ok-ish then you slam an E-Golem in front and watch it steamroll through the opponent's defense. When you play an Elixir Golem most decks have to defend. Sending something opposite lane usually doesn't help as an E-Golem push can very easily very fast 3-Crown you. Your opponent has to respond to a 3-Elixir 3-Crown threat, they have to play by your terms. They have to wait to defend the E-Golem, or play very passively to they can be ready to defend the E-Golem. It's way too passive and repetitive. The opponent has to play perfectly or they take massive damage. They have to save their cards for defense, make sure to kill off ALL your support, then have to destroy the golem and the golemite then the blobs. Meanwhile you can defend poorly then play the E-Golem with you counter-pushing troops. It can be played in the back like a regular tank but also at the bridge for a quick counterpush. If they overcommit or make a mistake at all, they are dead. If they don't play with zero mistakes, they are going to have a bad time. Since E-Golem is a 3 Elixir card that can easily get a full beatdown push behind it making any mistakes will definitely cost you some tower damage, potentially even the game. Some shitty "good-enough" defense; then a 3-Elixir Golem spammed on offense that ALWAYS requires multiple cards to deal with. Unlike Golem, your push can't be interrupted prematurely by going opposite lane. Spending an 8-Elixir Golem means you can't have as much Elixir for support as an E-Golem would by the time it gets to the bridge. The Golem push can be lessened by pressuring them opposite lane, and getting good damage off. But every time you play the E-Golem, the opponent HAS to defend the full push every time, except with even more support troops since the E-Golem costs less. Going opposite lane isn't an option as that will only dig yourself further into the hole. E-Golem costs a lot less meaning more and better support troops that can be valuable on both defense and offense. E-Golem also has less hard counters since it is a tank-swarm hybrid. It does more damage than the Golem at all stages. You can somewhat ignore their push, and go with your own EVEN BETTER push for less Elixir. It costs 3 Elixir and is as hard to stop as a Golem, far outclassing other 3 Elixir cards in terms of offense. Since you are paying the 3-cost upfront and the 4-cost later it could be said that when you play the E-Golem you are immediately up 4 Elixir since you get a 7-worth E-Golem for the cost of 3. Then when your push eventually dies you make a -7 trade, in exchange for a lot of tower damage. How ever this trade is usually not capitalized on to its fullest because most players spend a bit more Elixir than usual to counter it thus partially nullifying the Elixir gained from destroying it. Playing the E-Golem at the back has no risk whatsoever. Going opposite lane against an E-Golem in the back will just punish yourself, as the E-Golem player can just defend it easily. You may get some damage off but because you spent that Elixir going opposite lane, you now have less Elixir to defend the push, now almost guaranteed to get damage off. When you play it you have 7 Elixir left to defend, that's more than enough to defend some push at the bridge. If they play a lot of cards for a push, you can let them get some damage off then play the E-Golem + a supporting card at the bridge, since they don't have a lot of Elixir in hand. If they play passively, and make a small cheap push, you can defend it with little to no damage then put an E-Golem in the back. When playing E-Golem, once you see the opponent's offense it becomes extraordinarily predictable, since you are forcing them to play by your terms. Most decks wait until after they destroyed the Elixir Golem to make an actual counterpush, and at this point you know what they have in hand and what they're playing so you can defend it optimally. Or perhaps while your Elixir Golem is slowly walking in the back they could make some half-baked push at the bridge. All of the above factors contribute to just how lacking in skill it is. Basic macro is required but otherwise doesn't really require a lot of critical thinking, placement, timing etc. You could spend a lot of Elixir to defend their push, or you could put just enough so that they don't three-crown you and then put an E-Golem down and watch as they abandon any further offense they had planned and start defending. A 3 Elixir card that can't be punished while also having the power/potential of a Golem and doing more DPS than most win conditions. If you play E-Golem then lose to someone, they almost always out-skilled you, outplayed you. If you beat someone with E-Golem you almost never played better than them. It's just not in the nature of an E-Golem deck's playstyle, not too much skill required regardless of matchup. Honestly I'm just going to say, I feel like E-Golem is kind of an underrated card. Previously I thought it was weak and needed a buff/rework to help make it more viable. Now I'm completely against a buff. This card needs some kind of rework to make it less brainless or just no changes at all. Definitely one of the most toxic cards in the game. And that is why I feel dirty playing the Elixir Golem. Very low skill, no matter how well the opponent played before they may lose just because it went to double Elixir. None of the wins I've gotten have felt "earned", it just feels I bullshitted my way to victory by with poor defense then spamming the E-Golem on offense and just winning. I've never had this much success with such low effort put into winning. Never have I had an 80%-ish win rate in a private tournament. Since I made my own deck I also had the element of surprise on my side, combined with the volatility of E-Golem many matches gave me an early start. I didn't even use Battle Healer or Night Witch in my deck btw I refuse to put them & E-Golem in the same deck Disclaimer: Yes I've only played this deck for a few days, and yes people playing in private tournaments aren't always the best players. Maybe my opinion is uninformed or biased. Just wanted to share my opinion on this. Thanks for coming to my TED Talk. submitted by /u/Qzxlnmc-Sbznpoe [link] [comments]View the full article
  11. Today we have miniminter sharing the top 3 broken decks from the July meta. The deck I'm sharing in this guide is dual w [...] (Feed generated with FetchRSS)View the full article
  12. Elixir Golem is probably the most hated win condition, however this is because many peole, in my opinion, play Elixir GOlem the incorrect way, so in this post I am going to educate the people in this Sub-reddit how to use this infamous In ocndition in the correct way. ​ The deck I will be outlining s known as ELixir GOlem Sparky --> Elixir Golem --> Night Witch --> Sparky --> Ice Wizard --> Tornado --> Zap --> Battle Healer ​ Way to Play: First Never, EVER rush the Bridge with ELixir Golem, this is the way to lose. There are 2 ways to play ELixir Golem. but first we will go over the Rules. --> Never Rush the Bridge with Elixir Golem --> Do not cycle your Ice Wizard, its your only air defense --> Do not waste your Tornado, it synergizes with Sparky and Ice Wizard --> Never throw the Battle Healer or Night Witch at the bridge --> ALWAYS play your sparky behind you king ​ So there are 2 ways to play the game, At the beginning of the game you never make the first move, you always want to wait for your opponent. Now if they push something small, meaning something the sparky can 1 shot, then you should play the Sparky behind you king in the opposite lane, ignore the small push, if it takes you tower...oh well. But lets say they have a Mega Knight at the bridge, yall know ho Ladder is, then you would have 2 options, 1) Use the Ice wizard to draw the Mega Knight into the center of the arena, then use the Tornado to pull it to the King Tower, an Activated King Tower should be your goal within the First Minute. 2) Play a sparky behind you King Tower same lane as the Larger Push. Depending on the Size of the push you can react appropriately, Larger pushes you should play the Sparky into you King Tower Into the same Lane, Sparky is not the typical Tank Killer because of the Charge Time, but after that Large Push is dead, yo play elixir Golem and Night witch, You always want to push with Sarky and Night itch, this is because the night witch is a psuedo-tank killer, meaning with the 2 bats it spawns it can kill the Elctro-Wizard which is the most common counter to sparky, Electron-Dragon is usually only found in Golem Decks, but Golem pushes get eradicated because of Sparky + Nado. Night Witch and Elixir GOlm also synergize well, becausew hen the Golem Pops, the Tower re-targets onto the Night Witch. Battle Healer is never to be used with the ELixir GOlem, it is not meant to , it does work well, however if you rush the bridge with Battle Healer, and splaysher with an Ice Golem will be able to kill the Push, in reality the only reason to keep battle healer is for the trolls, you can substitute it for any medium sized troop, mini pekka, valkry knight, or even goblin gang. Ice Wizard is your only air defense, and thus you really should not waste it by cycling it, Tornado synergizes very well with it, however if you used the Nado to kill stuff with the Sparky, by pulling troops to the crown tower, thereby getting residua damage. With the amount of bait running around this season, zap plus ice wizard can kill minion horde, goblin gang, and goblin barrel, however most of the time you would want to activate king with tornado. Good Luck Fellow Elixir Golem Players and I hope you learned to Play Elixir Golem the correct way submitted by /u/NinjaWarper975 [link] [comments]View the full article
  13. submitted by /u/Rednaxila [link] [comments] View the full article
  14. submitted by /u/Ember_line [link] [comments] View the full article
  15. submitted by /u/zwhuimao [link] [comments] View the full article
  16. Submitted By: Soul Crusher Watch Now: HIGHEST SKILL DECK in CLASH ROYALE! 2.5 ELIXIR MINER POISON!
  17. Submitted By: Soul Crusher Watch Now: HIGHEST SKILL DECK in CLASH ROYALE! 2.5 ELIXIR MINER POISON!

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