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Found 7 results

  1. Submitted By: Soul Crusher Watch Now: REPLACING EVERY Sound Effect in Brawl Stars
  2. submitted by /u/El_sparky_Primo [link] [comments] View the full article
  3. How Lavaclone has affected the meta, and how the deck itself dropped out and lost popularity. ​ In Clash Royal's lifetime, there have been countless of popular archetypes and decks that have surfaced, and disappeared. This was the case, especially from a year ago, for Lavaclone. Lavaclone was known as one of the most powerful combos in the game at the time, the deck itself having several spell bait elements as well as being primarily beatdown. But overall, what started the Lavaclone meta? And what caused the deck to die down? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ​ Clone's January 2019 rework: One of the pinpoint arguments made for Lavaclone's rise, is through Clone's rework in January of 2019. According to the ClashRoyaleFandom "...the January Update made the cloned troops spawn behind the original troops instead of to the right". The reason behind this change was to make it easier for the non-cloned troops to make it to the tower, by pushing them closer towards the tower, and the cloned troops back, making it easier to connect with troops as Balloon, Giant Skeleton, and Skeleton Barrel. This was also to help reduce the inconsistencies between Cloning troops to the right, and using different lanes. ​ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ​ What is the Lavaclone deck? ​ The deck, in particular, is the following: Lavahound Clone Baby Dragon Lumberjack Skeleton Army Flying Machine Bats Snowball Note: There are different variants of this deck, such as having Arrows for Snowball, or Guards for Skeleton Army. But they all revolve around baiting opponents spells and building a push behind Lavahound, and Cloning the beatdown, so the strategy in question stays relatively the same. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ​ Discussion questions: What is your experience using, or fighting against Lavaclone Do you hate the deck, or love the deck? Why? What strategies did you use towards overcoming Lavaclone, or using it to its fullest potential? What other decks and archetypes can relate to Lavaclone? Does this deck fall under the bait archetype, or beatdown? What other decks can you use in the exact way this deck can be used? What other variants of this deck have you seen or used? What cards did you switch out and why? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ​ Why do you think Lavaclone has lost popularity in the last year? There can be several different reasons for this, the most popular theories are as following: Due to several splash cards being reworked, added, or buffed (Examples can be Executioner, Magic Archer, and Firecracker) Due to more spells being reworked, added, or buffed (Examples can be Arrows, Royal Delivery, and Tornado) Due to Clone's range nerf in April of 2019 (Reduced from a 4 tile range, to 3 tiles) ​ Please leave what you think caused Lavaloons downfall in the poll below! ​ ​ Side note: We decided to take a different approach to this Daily Discussion. Instead of talking about a specific card, its counters, and its strategies, we decided to give the spotlight to an entire deck and archetype in question. We think this will help narrow conversations down, as well as giving some light on players who use this deck (Giving tips on strategies, matchups, etc), and for those who have trouble fighting against this deck (What its primary weaknesses are, how to work around such synergies). Please make sure to leave a comment about this kind of format, what you liked, what you disliked, what you would like to see added or changed, and if you would like to see more like this! View Poll submitted by /u/Sgt_Burns141 [link] [comments]View the full article

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