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Found 14 results

  1. This clan has been around since the beginning but constantly requires active committed members. We only ask that you participate in war twice a week and donate often. Friendly group, play a lot of 2's often, and share knowledge / advice.
  2. I was thinking about a feature where players could donate gold or gems to other players. Sometimes, after a good game with somebody, I want to be able to do more than just say good game, well played, or good luck. With this new feature, you could reward your opponent for a close match with some gold or gems. Clans could also host tournaments where the winner gets a reward from each clan member. You could also do loans with other players in you clan if there's a deal in the shop you can't afford at the moment. If you can't pay them back maybe you get demoted or kicked. Also, I know that a lot of maxed players have gold or gems that they don't really need for anything and just hold onto. These players could host tournaments and give some kind of reward to the top players kind of like with the exclusive birthday emotes. This is just my idea but if anyone wants to add on please let me know because I think this would be a pretty cool feature. Edit: To prevent players with side accounts from exploiting this, players can only donate up to 10k gold and 30 gems a month to the same player submitted by /u/WILLYBOSS [link] [comments]View the full article
  3. U.S.S Royale Clan Family! U.S.S Royale (4000+) | 24/7 War Members Needed! Feeder Clan also for the Casuals and Lowers! | #8CQU90YP | U.S.S Royale is a semi-competitive clan that is trying to push to and stay in legendary league in war and trying to grow our crew. Below are some of the details: Inactivity Filter: 7 Days 24/7, constant war players needed Very mature environment. Most players here are adults. Swearing obviously allowed. Trophy Requirement = 4000+ MASSIVE donation count each week (15k donations a week) - ALL requests get filled King Tower: Ideally, at least 10, but we can work with this Lowest donator each week gets axed Go to war, do all 4 Discord: https://discord.gg/FUdP3TH (Post any questions in the general channel!) More clan info can/will be seen on our Discord. The main clan is INVITE ONLY! If you want to request, type your King Tower Level, trophy count, and number of war wins. This way, it will be easier for us to accept/reject you. If the main clan is full, please keep reading! We have a second clan! Clan Tag: #8CQU90YP H.M.S. Royale is our feeder clan! If you are not high enough level or looking for a more casual clan, join our feeder! If the clan is full as well, head to the feeder regardless. There is PLENTY of space. Players with any and all experience welcome! If you are interested or intrigued at all about joining either one of our clans, PLEASE join our discord! We will listen to anyone and everyone that has questions or is interested in joining a particular clan. The feeder is OPEN to anyone and everyone. Anyone is welcome in the H.M.S. Royale. Clan Tag: #Y9PYCR8J We hope to see you join the crew!
  4. Prior to the big trophy road update, max donations gave gold. In the case of Rares and Epics, it was 50 and 500 gold each. You still got star points as well. Why get rid of this? As someone with a lot of max level cards, this is a ton of gold I now can’t access. submitted by /u/cowmastermind [link] [comments]View the full article
  5. Required trophies: 5,300 MUST BE ACTIVE Normally we have no need to advertise, and stay at 49 or 50. We seek active, war ready players. Our donations are much more than most clans. We are even funny.. probably. Sick of nobody participating in wars? Getting tired of not having a active, fun and helpful group of clan mates? Well good news! Ancient Royals #PUJL98YV is giving away one spot to you TODAY, ACT NOW – free beer – maybe.. depending on age, location and COVID restrictions. Ancient Royals #PUJL98YV is looking for new recruits. We are a very active clan! Everyone practices before wars and shares helpful decks, strategy, and opinions. We are looking for war ready members with at least 5300 trophies. The leader BigDpalace #YRLCL2C has been playing 4 years, has 77% MAXED lvl 13 cards, 19% lvl 12, and only 4 level 11. His account value is 15.5 mil Gold. Most other co-leaders have been playing at least 3 years and have good card levels, and experience, finish seasons above 6k trophies. We have alliances with other ‘Ancient’ clans as well as LA. You won’t be sorry after joining Ancient Royals #PUJL98YV
  6. Alphabet Soup is an active clan. Donate, participate, war, or you're out. This establishes an environment of active players who want to win. We are usually holding a solid 50 members, but have recently kicked a handful who did not follow the rules. Now is your chance to get in. -Beer
  7. Clash Royale has a great mechanic that allows you to support your clanmates and gain gold and exp: requesting cards. And it sure does help in maxing your deck. But the system isn't perfect; in fact it is far from balanced and it has two big flaws. I'll be covering those in this post, of course with ideas to balance the system. ​ 1) Requesting commons gives much more value than requesting rares ​ A)The problem At first, I thought that rares are higher rarity than commons so needing a few more requests isn't bad, but the difference shouldn't be that big. Rare cards aren't that rare, you are guaranteed to get them from every type of chest (except epic and legendary chests). The requesting lets you request for 40 commons and 4 rares, assuming you are in legendary arena. So, 10 commons should equal 1 rare (5 commons = 1 rare in trade tokens)? WRONG! The table below (card comparison-section) tells the real value. ​ Level Common cards required to upgrade Rare cards required to upgrade Card comparison Requests needed to upgrade (commons) Requests needed to upgrade (rares) 10 800 200 4 commons = 1 rare 20 50 11 1000 400 2.5 commons = 1 rare 25 100 12 2000 800 2.5 commons = 1 rare 50 200 13 5000 1000 5 commons = 1 rare 125 250 As you see, requesting for commons gives sometimes 4x more value than requesting for rares, and 2x more value when it's most balanced. This is a real problem. ​ B) A possible solution The simplest possible way to balance this would be simply allowing to request for more rares. It's also the only one I can think of that doesn't involve messing with card levels in general. Let's suggest allowing legendary arena players to request for 8 rares. It would half the requests it takes to upgrade a card. Level Common cards required to upgrade Rare cards required to upgrade Card comparison Requests needed to upgrade (commons) Requests needed to upgrade (rares) 10 800 200 4 commons = 1 rare 20 25 11 1000 400 2.5 commons = 1 rare 25 50 12 2000 800 2.5 commons = 1 rare 50 100 13 5000 1000 5 commons = 1 rare 125 125 This doesn't fully balance the system, but cr leveling system in general is pretty weird (400 cards required doubles to 800 cards, then goes 1.25x to 1000 cards). And rares are still higher rarity than commons, so this would be actually quite good. ​ 2) All players in legendary arena get to request the same amount of cards (This is more a small QoL change, and if only one of these changes could be done, it would be the first one) ​ A) The problem The requesting system has a feature that is forgotten by many players: it lets you request for more cards when you reach a certain trophy milestone. (10 commons 1 rare initially, 20 commons 2 rares after 1000 trophies (P.E.K.K.As playhouse), 30 commons 3 rares after 2000 trophies (Royal arena) and 40 commons 4 rares after 3000 trophies (Hog mountain)) Sadly, this isn't implemented to higher trophies. It would reward trophy pushing and encourage level 13 players in master league to push higher up and maybe help a bit in matchmaking. ​ B) A possible solution This is my concept for requests: - 10 commons 2 rares initially - 20 commons 4 rares at 1000 trophies (P.E.K.K.As playhouse) - 30 commons 6 rares at 2600 trophies (Jungle arena) - 40 commons 8 rares at 4000 trophies (Legendary arena, Challenger I) - 50 commons 10 rares at 5000 trophies (Master I) - 60 commons 12 rares at 6000 trophies (Champion) Here's some statistic how it would change the donation system (higher leagues). ​ Level Current system (already covered in part 1) Challenger (already covered in part 1) Master Champion 10 20 common reqs 50 rare reqs 20 common reqs 25 rare reqs 16 common reqs 20 rare reqs 14 common reqs 17 rare reqs 11 25 common reqs 100 rare reqs 25 common reqs 50 rare reqs 20 common reqs 40 rare reqs 17 common reqs 34 rare reqs 12 50 common reqs 200 rare reqs 50 common reqs 100 rare reqs 40 common reqs 80 rare reqs 34 common reqs 68 rare reqs 13 125 common reqs 250 rare reqs 125 common reqs 125 rare reqs 100 common reqs 100 rare reqs 84 common reqs 84 rare reqs Keep in mind, usually 6k players already have an (nearly) maxed deck, so they will be focusing more on other cards, while challenger/master-players focus on leveling up their main deck. ​ Thank you for reading this post. Please share your ideas and suggestions to comments. submitted by /u/Just_A_Casual_Player [link] [comments]View the full article
  8. Biomemeswarm Active friendly clan. War 24/7 but it’s not mandatory. 300 donations for elder and 50 donations a week or you will be kicked. If you join war you must use your attack or be demoted or kicked. No crying for co leader. Clan is about 2 years old now and pretty relaxed.
  9. Recruiting Royale is a self-funded website and currently does not draw income from any source, including advertisements. The clan advertisements visible on the site are free of charge and are a benefit to those who wish to make use of them. Donations are never expected, but always appreciated! For those who choose to donate, any amount is helpful. All donations go to the cost of running the website which generally includes hosting, CDN, security, email services, and so on. A Donator Account does have privileges more so than a regular member. A donator account has increased message storage, use of signatures, and month long advertising of their clan, compared to the typical one-week runs. Additional features may be added in the future as well.
  10. New clan, anyone who joins within the next 24 hours gets free Elder. Donations expected.
  11. It's a small and very recent clan but we're gonna grow fast. Anyone who joins in the next 24 hours will get instant Elder promotion. Must be active and donate.
  12. Looking for active clan war members. Promotions are given out if you donate and participate in war.

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