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Found 18 results

  1. Our bio is “Good Morning America! Wars Aren’t Optional.” This is because our clan takes Clan Wars 2 very seriously. We are undefeated, and we have won every race by a landslide. What our clan can do for you: -you will get a weekly Legendary chest when we win the river race -you will have your donation request completely filled in a timely manner -constant deck recommendations for challenges, war and ladder -trade tokens are put up daily What we expect in return: -play almost every day -push ladder past 4600 trophies at least every season -donations
  2. Good morning! I'm looking for new players for my clash royale clan. It is a clan that has 5 years and i would like to invite those players who don't need to focus on war clans, but just stay in the clan, chat and relax with some friendly. I'm the chief of the clan "Alberto" with 5300+ trophies. It would be better if you have 4000+ trophies, but it doesn't matter if you have less than 4000: the important is to fill the clan and to have fun! The name is "nypd": https://link.clashroyale.com/?clanInfo?id=CVG28Y . Hope to see you there
  3. This clan has been around since the beginning but constantly requires active committed members. We only ask that you participate in war twice a week and donate often. Friendly group, play a lot of 2's often, and share knowledge / advice.
  4. I was thinking about a feature where players could donate gold or gems to other players. Sometimes, after a good game with somebody, I want to be able to do more than just say good game, well played, or good luck. With this new feature, you could reward your opponent for a close match with some gold or gems. Clans could also host tournaments where the winner gets a reward from each clan member. You could also do loans with other players in you clan if there's a deal in the shop you can't afford at the moment. If you can't pay them back maybe you get demoted or kicked. Also, I know that a lot o
  5. U.S.S Royale Clan Family! U.S.S Royale (4000+) | 24/7 War Members Needed! Feeder Clan also for the Casuals and Lowers! | #8CQU90YP | U.S.S Royale is a semi-competitive clan that is trying to push to and stay in legendary league in war and trying to grow our crew. Below are some of the details: Inactivity Filter: 7 Days 24/7, constant war players needed Very mature environment. Most players here are adults. Swearing obviously allowed. Trophy Requirement = 4000+ MASSIVE donation count each week (15k donations a week) - ALL
  6. Prior to the big trophy road update, max donations gave gold. In the case of Rares and Epics, it was 50 and 500 gold each. You still got star points as well. Why get rid of this? As someone with a lot of max level cards, this is a ton of gold I now can’t access. submitted by /u/cowmastermind [link] [comments]View the full article
  7. Required trophies: 5,300 MUST BE ACTIVE Normally we have no need to advertise, and stay at 49 or 50. We seek active, war ready players. Our donations are much more than most clans. We are even funny.. probably. Sick of nobody participating in wars? Getting tired of not having a active, fun and helpful group of clan mates? Well good news! Ancient Royals #PUJL98YV is giving away one spot to you TODAY, ACT NOW – free beer – maybe.. depending on age, location and COVID restrictions. Ancient Royals #PUJL98YV is looking for new recruits. We are a very acti
  8. Alphabet Soup is an active clan. Donate, participate, war, or you're out. This establishes an environment of active players who want to win. We are usually holding a solid 50 members, but have recently kicked a handful who did not follow the rules. Now is your chance to get in. -Beer
  9. Clash Royale has a great mechanic that allows you to support your clanmates and gain gold and exp: requesting cards. And it sure does help in maxing your deck. But the system isn't perfect; in fact it is far from balanced and it has two big flaws. I'll be covering those in this post, of course with ideas to balance the system. ​ 1) Requesting commons gives much more value than requesting rares ​ A)The problem At first, I thought that rares are higher rarity than commons so needing a few more requests isn't bad, but the difference shouldn't be that big. Rare cards aren't that rare, you are
  10. Biomemeswarm Active friendly clan. War 24/7 but it’s not mandatory. 300 donations for elder and 50 donations a week or you will be kicked. If you join war you must use your attack or be demoted or kicked. No crying for co leader. Clan is about 2 years old now and pretty relaxed.
  11. Recruiting Royale is a self-funded website and currently does not draw income from any source, including advertisements. The clan advertisements visible on the site are free of charge and are a benefit to those who wish to make use of them. Donations are never expected, but always appreciated! For those who choose to donate, any amount is helpful. All donations go to the cost of running the website which generally includes hosting, CDN, security, email services, and so on. A Donator Account does have privileges more so than a regular member. A donator account has increased messag
  12. New clan, anyone who joins within the next 24 hours gets free Elder. Donations expected.
  13. It's a small and very recent clan but we're gonna grow fast. Anyone who joins in the next 24 hours will get instant Elder promotion. Must be active and donate.
  14. Looking for active clan war members. Promotions are given out if you donate and participate in war.

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