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Found 27 results

  1. submitted by /u/stokesryanc [link] [comments] View the full article
  2. New to the sub and isn't active with many players so I want to engage opinion submitted by /u/Alpha-Aaron [link] [comments]View the full article
  3. submitted by /u/Arc_7 [link] [comments] View the full article
  4. submitted by /u/Shrabidy [link] [comments] View the full article
  7. I feel like this game blows now. Not as fun as it used to be, hardly any good updates, repetitive game modes, and seems pretty P2W now. I started when it was released in 2016. Its crazy how much this game has changed since then. It isnt as fun as it used to be. You have to constantly grind for so little cards/gold, and leveling up takes a stupidly long time. Im really considering uninstalling for good right now. Its rediculous how mad i get now because of everything listed. What do you guys think? submitted by /u/realpekkasaurus [link] [comments]View the full article
  8. Every clan war that I participate seems to have luck as major factor instead of skill. This probably happened to you: your clan gets 20/30 cards in the collection day and it ends with a bunch of random cards that don't make sense together, besides the majority of it is at levels 1 to 9. Even so, you start the final battle, thinking that it is going to be a balanced battle. But it isn't, your opponent appears with 8 cards level 11, and his deck doesn't make sense either, he will win just because of the cards level. Or even the opposite, you face an opponent with cards level below yours. So, what's the meaning of this? It doesn't give any teamwork feeling to win the clan war, it looks like a russian roulette to see who will face the worst enemy, 0 improvement feeling, 0 chance to prove your skills, 0 balanced battles. At least this is the way I see it, maybe I'm wrong. submitted by /u/LickMyBody [link] [comments]View the full article
  9. TO COMMUNITY MANAGERS SETH AND DREW, r/ClashRoyale AND THE CLASH ROYALE COMMUNITY, The next Clash Royale Update Better Pull It Off. Clash Royale is announcing that something HUGE is coming in the next update. We haven't had a game-breaking update since the Season Pass and the game is getting stale. Will this update bring Clash Royale back into the daylight, or will it give temporary hype for a few days, and then drift off into the darkness once again? I am now officially a former Clash Royale player (since March 2020). I have played since beta, owned a clan for 2 years, and contributed to a Nova Esports Clan for one year. Ever since the Season Updates came along, the game feels staler than ever; a feeling of disgust, the "why do I need to play the same stuff" feeling. What is this all for? Now, my intentions of posting this is not to "spark outrage and hatred" in this community or cause anyone to dislike the Clash Royale Developers. This is a game that I have loved for years. I don't think the Supercell Team will read this post, but I want to express my honest opinions on how to improve this game and hope that Clash Royale will have a better outcome. ____________________________________ Topics I Will Be Covering: Clash Royale Season Pass Updates Pass Royale/ Special Events/ Emotes Supercell's Communication with the Community Progression System State of Clan Wars and Clans ____________________________________ 1. CLASH ROYALE SEASON PASS UPDATES This huge update better be Supercell's miracle to save their game, or else Clash Royale's future will not look so good. And I guarantee that. The Clash Royale Team's development team is a lackluster when it comes to creating these updates. Look at Brawl Stars. This game has huge updates that actually changes how the game is played. Despite the Coronavirus pandemic, the Brawl Stars development team have been working so hard to create exciting updates for their playerbase, and even made the Brawl Pass FREE to the free-to-play. They even spend time to actively listen to the community feedback and implement ideas based on them. I'm just so proud of the Brawl Stars team. Now look at Clash Royale. Same boring updates for one whole year. Lack of communication with the playerbase (see "Supercell's Communication with the Community). The biggest update is delayed. Game is staler than ever. The "sneak peeks" are feeling more "disappointing" then exciting. The game is in a bad state. Instead of writing huge paragraphs about this topic, I'll try to be brief and share the key-points. This will limit the reading duration to our fellow readers. a) TV Royale Episodes I want to summarize how I feel about how content is presented in TV Royale (Season Passes): After watching "Season Pass" episodes, you already know that nothing will change gameplay-wide Most of the episode is "filler" information. I've noticed that Seth and Drew tend to make repeated-content appealing by spending time describing cosmetics and makes it seem like important content Despite TV Royale being longer than 3 minutes, content feels quite minimal I want to wish the Supercell Team the best of luck in creating the next update, because it has been hard for them lately due to COVID-19 b) Pass Royale Pass Royale is additional content to the pay-to-play playerbase, and definitely does not count as major content. However, I cannot argue with this because money is the key to a successful business. Reminder to everyone that Clash Royale still requires money to run their business, so let's not jump into conclusions and complain that Supercell is a "money hungry" operation. As for the Pass Royale item, here's some feedback on it: The rewards are exactly the same despite how many new tiers there are You would typically buy this for the cosmetics, more chests, "chest strikes", unlimited retries, and season banks. This isn't a really good incentive to play Clash Royale if all you're getting is the same stuff every time. Buying the season pass for extra rewards won't help your progression significantly. It will give you strikes and unlimited retries. But realistically, whether you buy the pass or not, there's hardly any difference when it comes to progression. Tower Skins and New Arenas Temporary arenas are cosmetic and do not count as major content. This type of content goes away in the next update, so why bother making this so important? Tower skins isn't bad content, but isn't major content either. They are simply cosmetics. c) Emotes Emotes are definitely not major content. It's purely cosmetic, and are considered "small-additions" to an update. Why do emotes not count as major content? (!) You can only select 8 emotes for your "emote deck", and it's infuriating to swipe through a hundred emotes and select the emote you want. You can never use all of your emotes in one game unless you're flexing to the opponent Emotes CAN be annoying so some players mute them ingame, so what's the point in collecting them? The only existence of emotes in clan chats is for random emote spamming or huge blocks that fill up the chat d) Special Events Spawning, spawning and more spawning. Sometimes, you can even predict the spawning challenges that will appear in the next update. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to predict these challenges. They used to be fun, but now they're very unoriginal. We need more challenges that are unique, especially community ones. e) New Cards Adding new cards won't improve the state of Clash Royale, especially unoriginal ones like the Skeleton Dragon. Here's why: Some of the new cards have recycled mechanics or a mix-of-mechanics from multiple cards being an excuse to make a brand-new card No matter what card is added, the "card boosts" will often not help test out card mechanics on ladder due to a narrow variety of cards you can use (see Progression System) A new card will most likely decrease in usage rates after the monthly seasons end ____________________________________ 2. PROGRESSION SYSTEM The progression system has been a lackluster for a long time. The real reason why you're collecting all these rewards all over the game is to upgrade your cards. They can be used for ladder (1), clan wars (2), and challenges/tournaments that require your real card levels (3). I'd personally want to see some changes made in this system. ​ Why is the overall progression system in a bad state? It takes years to max out an entire deck, never mind a single card (as a Free-to-play with full commitment) It's really hard to use a variety of cards on ladder due to the extremely slow progression system, which makes trophy pushing stale No matter how many chests you open, even huge chests such as the Mega Lightning or Legendary Kings chest won't help you max your cards, not even by a fraction. This is due to the randomization card collections, where random cards come out (not the ones you want). Buying the season pass for extra rewards won't help your progression significantly due to the reason above a) Ladder and Trophy Road Why is Ladder in a bad state? Current progression system restricts the variety of cards you can use on ladder Season Reset decreases 50% of your trophies if you're in the Leagues. This pressures players by putting them on an endless cycle of attempting to replenish their trophies every season. For high trophy clans, it's a pressure of retaining their ranks. Not pushing will result in a lower trophy count. Due to the tiny amount of rewards you get each season, you're forced to use the same cards time and time again. It does get a bit boring. b) Card Boosts This was a nice addition to the game, especially when new cards are released. You can test out the new card on ladder and find out its archetypes (aka how it works). That's not always possible. Because it's not possible for the boosted card to fit into all decks. For meta decks, each card has its purpose to fulfill in order to succeed in matches. An unknown, boosted card could potentially jeopardize the functionalities of the entire deck and may result to a loss of trophies. This all comes down to the variety of cards you can use on ladder. For a majority of people, not that many. c) How to Improve Progression? As many would have guessed, the best solution is to make progression a bit faster. Slow progression systems will increase the staleness and repetitive nature of the game, and will result to more people quitting. Ways to speed up the progression are: Significantly increasing the rewards in chests or challenges Decrease the overall RNG when obtaining cards Have a system where chests will produce cards that are consistently used on ladder (Helps provide more cards for higher leveled cards) Decrease the number of cards required to upgrade For players who have maxed out multiple cards, the chests will favor cards that haven't been maxed out yet The shop could provide cards that are used more often ____________________________________ 3. SUPERCELL'S COMMUNICATION WITH THE COMMUNITY In my opinion, the Supercell's communication with the community is fairly decent, but is definitely not something to be proud about. There hasn't been any noticeable changes with their communication since 2018. I want to go more into depth on this topic and explain their post. Main Communication we are Currently Getting From Supercell: u/Supercell_Drew's responses on Reddit and clarifying questions for the public Community Manager interviews Very rare communication posts There used to be "Weekly Communication Topics" and "Semi-Monthly What We've Been Working on" posts, but I've heard that community backlash has caused this operation to shut down On the TV Royale episodes, they're now talking about how a "card" is developed, which doesn't really count as communication. ​ a) I'll be replying to some of the main points on this post Supercell Drew shared earlier. ​ Developing takes time. Developing a brand new feature takes longer than modifying existing features. Taking an existing feature, removing it and turning it into something completely new takes even longer! Telling the community that developing takes time is something that we can all understand. But for one whole year? It shouldn't take a long time to create one single "huge" update or some changes to Clan Wars. Look at the Brawl Stars Team. They've created so many game-breaking features such as gadgets, and is successful at doing so. I understand that Brawl Stars is a completely different game with different mechanics (etc), but Clash Royale does have lots of potential as well, and this "potential" isn't being executed in a good way. Now look at the Clash Royale community. Lots of backlash and posts that spark outrage because of repetition. There are also lots of ideas that have the potential to improve the game. There is hardly any implementation of community ideas in Clash Royale as most of the ideas and concepts only come from (and are restricted to) the Clash Royale Developing Team (or maybe Youtubers, but that's it) ​ Bigger features are more complex and sometimes you have to throw stuff out and go back to the drawing board to deliver the best feature possible. I see this as a risky assumption to make for what the "community wants". It's quite hard to predict what the community wants if the entire community doesn't get any specific idea of what's coming. What happens if this "huge update" ends up being a total failure and a dissatisfaction to millions of players? The scene won't look so pretty. This is when the "Weekly Communication Topics" or some discussion thread comes in. Also, we understand that development of new content or a rework does take a long time, but should not take over a year to make. To majority of the playerbase, this is becoming a disappointment because the Team isn't meeting up to Supercell Standards. The delay and the Covid-19 situation isn't an excuse either. Again, look at Brawl Stars Team for example. The Clash Royale Team shouldn't use the excuse of consistently trashing concepts and going back to the drawing board time and time again in order to make (what they think is) the "best feature possible". Now I'm not asking the Supercell Team to reveal everything (this will defeat the hype obviously!). Reveal something small and get the community to provide feedback and suggestions for that topic. Use community suggestions all over r/ClashRoyale to possibly improve the development of the huge update. Now that's communication! A small dev team can't do everything on their own. ​ We also created an entirely new way to play Royale that we ended up liking so much we wanted to put it in alongside the originally planned features. I don't want to sound too selfish, but I find the Clash Royale Dev Team is talking A LOT about themselves and not about what the entire player-base and community thinks about this situation (personal opinion). ​ And last of all - we want to make sure that what we show or reveal is going to be an accurate representation of what appears in-game. This is obviously easier closer to update completion. For Season Pass Updates where the update content is so predictable, this statement is deemed true. However, I can prove that this statement is false. Let's take the "Introducing STAR LEVELS" teaser for example; The Supercell Development Team has been creating star levels for a few months after this update, and then it just stopped. What happened to Star Level III Mega Knight? Doesn't seem accurate at all. I understand that these Star Levels take up a lot of assets ingame, but the Supercell Team should rethink this and learn to live up to what they advertise. ​ It’s taking a while but we will be revealing more in the future and are hyped to share it with you. Supercell, I advise you guys to live up to what words you are representing to the community. Usually, we are told that "This update is going to be massive!", our team is working so hard to create this update, more info will be revealed in the future, revealed soon, revealed later, please be patient. Using this repetitive cycle of communication has been going on for far too long, without any direct indication as to what will ACTUALLY be happening. Revealing a very general topic to the community as a sneak peek "Example: we are improving Clan Wars!" is too vague of a topic. This brings confusion and frustration as the playerbase doesn't know WHAT will be changed. The Team can't always keep the playerbase waiting for months at a time and having a teaser picture to show after 6 long months of nothing. All words, but no actions, yet. I wish the Clash Royale Team good luck on creating this update, and I hope it IS the best feature there is. b) Solutions on Communication I know I may be asking for a lot, but it's time for the community to have some sort of involvement in Clash Royale Updates. Implementing community content, suggestions or ideas, is something that could significantly improve the State of Clash Royale and could include something as small as: New cards created and designed by the community Community-made emotes Special Events/Game modes created by the community (not restricted to Youtubers) QOL Changes / Suggestions Star Levels (Goblin Guru has his Star Level III Rocket Idea) ​ ____________________________________ 4. STATE OF CLAN WARS (and Clans) Clan Wars have been a lackluster for many months. I've been noticing that lots of Clans are shutting down and are becoming more inactive than ever. It's quite hard to be committed to the same, repetitive tasks every single day. Collection, then war, then collection, then war. Ever since the "Clan Wars Update", nothing significant has ever changed except a deck-rotation and challenges rotation change. Why Is Clan Wars Stale? After reaching 3000 Clan trophies, you'll get the same rewards as a Clan with 30000 trophies When the season ends, even the highest reward (Legendary League 1st place chest) isn't worth the time and effort to obtain (Less valuable then Mega Lightning Chests, but even the best chests don't help progression significantly) No milestones as an incentive to push in Clan Wars Clan Wars does very little on improving your progression State of Clans/Teams The amount cards you can donate helps you upgrade a single card to its maximum level very VERY slowly. In fact, it'll take several months to upgrade the card you want, and it can get infuriating sometimes Please implement a separate chat for trades, because a massive number of trade token offers take up majority of the chat. Why do this? 1) This will help reduce clutter on the clan chat, and 2) A separate page can also feature more trades. It's quite hard for clan leaders to motivate members to do the exact same tasks repetitively Due to Clan War's lost of interest over time and progression issues, majority of clans are getting inactive ​ ____________________________________ 5. Other Features In Clash Royale TOURNAMENTS This is commonly used for Youtuber Emote giveaways, but that's pretty much it. The rest of the Tournaments feature is dead. Rework or remove this feature. MATCHMAKING Matchmaking is still very flawed, and most of us know why. Need me to say more? SHOP OFFERS Please remove those gems-for-cards offers. Only a fool will choose to spend 250 gems for 50 Bomb Towers! We need more ways to get Fortune Chests! Allow cards "that you frequently use on ladder" to appear in the shop more often instead of complete RNG BALANCE CHANGES Balances have improved over the months, but still needs gradual improvement. Despite having almost 100 cards, cards that are being balanced won't really change that many interactions and will definitely feel unnoticeable. This includes 1-5% HP buffs, or 0.1 sec changes in hit-speed. Cards that desperately needs changes and are below 1% usage rates are not buffed until many months later. This is due to a lack of testing. Cards that are perfect in their current state (and doesn't need changes) instead get an entire rework and ends up being either too dominant, or useless (Eg. Tornado, Witch and Executioner). There needs to be some changes in how cards are balanced. Saying that the game is perfectly balanced at its current state, is no excuse. LAGGING Suggestions on lagging: Before you press the battle button, there needs to be a system to "warn" you to check your wifi connection if your connection is poor When lagging in 1v1 battle, at least have a bot to replace you during your AFK When lagging in 2v2 battles, allow your 2v2 teammate to control your deck during your AFK __________________ Conclusion Most of us can agree that the game is getting very stale and boring. No incentive to keep playing. CR players are dropping like flies. The game's in a really terrible state and I wonder what'll happen at the end of the line. I personally love this game, and I believe the Supercell CR Team could turn the tides with the upcoming update and make Clash Royale great again. Big thanks to u/Supercell-Seth and u/Supercell_Drew for creating such an amazing game that has been adored by players for years. Good luck on creating the next update! __________________ If my post is TLDR (too long; didn't read), if I've missed information, or if there's a typo, please feel free to comment any concerns you have regarding this post! Thank you! submitted by /u/Chief_Pekka [link] [comments]View the full article
  10. I appreciate the seasons but it’s really grown predictable and repetitive. We get a card, a new arena, balance changes and a few cosmetics each season which again I appreciate but the game needs a major shake up and soon. Here’s hoping this upcoming update will be worth it... Also, still no new star levels for tons of cards like Bandit since 2018. Ugh. What do you guys think? submitted by /u/Lokain22 [link] [comments]View the full article
  13. submitted by /u/codersan [link] [comments] View the full article
  14. submitted by /u/Btownblasterssss [link] [comments] View the full article
  17. Submitted By: Soul Crusher Watch Now: NEW META!! CURRENT BEST DECK IN CLASH ROYALE RIGHT NOW!!
  18. Submitted By: Soul Crusher Watch Now: MAKE PRO PLAYERS RAGE!! CURRENT BEST NO SKILL DECK in Clash Royale!!
  19. It's kinda ridiculus how the situation has become. Baby d (one of the most balanced card in the game since release) is getting another nerf next season. But why? Because his use rate is high. So Baby D is actually strong? NO. He is a mediocre flying splash unit that does a good job in countering hordes and building not so far from the river but does a really poor/mediocre job in everything else. Baby d lose one on one against most all other ranged splash at 4 or 5 elixir units in the game. So why everyone use it anyway? Because he is the ONLY reliable flying splasher in the entire game. The only similar card in concept is edragon and it is terrible at dealing with hordes/multiple units most of the time. It doesn't matter if baby d isn't the strongest because baby d will do his job better than any other in supporting your push. Edit: As many suggested baby d is also a nice tank in some meta decks like graveyard and lavahound (after the hound dies making him tanking for the pups even if mist of the times this role is for unit like miner). After magic archer was killed last season baby d use rate raised by an impressive 12% and graveyard decks with the new OP goblin hut raised in usage rate. What is one of the most common cards in graveyard decks? You guessed right, Baby d. He didn't become any stronger since last season but he took a void in the meta making his use rate skyrocket. If you don't believe just look at Pekka bridge spam. Before it was one of the most used archetype but after magic archer nerf it has almost completely dissappered until the last 10 days when a new type of pekka bridge spam rised in use rate and of course it was the baby d that almost exclusively alone resurrected these dead decks. Again because it was the only possible choice to replace a meta in need of a building sniper and swarm controll able to keep distance (in this case ignore) ground troops. In conclusion. Baby d need a nerf? NO. Baby d need some new competitors in his unique role. So basically new flying tanks that are able to do spash. Also the elixir cost of these new units need to be around 3/4 or else they will never be able to steal usage rate from baby d like it happened with edragon. Another smart thing to do would be nerfing his usage rate by nerfing the meta itself like (as I suggest above) nerfing goblin hut and graveyard deck in general. Also buffing back magic archer would be nice way to lowering baby d use rate down as well as making this boring and heavy building meta have some new fresh air. Please respond with constructive comments on the current situation we are in, whether you agree or not and why. submitted by /u/NightmareLarry [link] [comments]View the full article
  20. Hi i've been playing PEKKA for 2 and half months now. I reached 7k last season, but i'm really struggling this season, mainly because MA Nerf+ hut meta. What do you think about It? Which version do you use rn? I'm tryong Minions and baby d, but i'm not really Happy about those. submitted by /u/mariodc9 [link] [comments]View the full article
  21. TLDR/Conclusion. I like new metas. A few months ago we had the nasty Witch meta and Executioner meta and for the longest time half of the cards in the meta weren't even good (i.e. Magic Archer, both Huts, Night Witch, etc.). But now I feel like the meta is incredibly low skilled. I feel like gameplay is super linear. Even beatdown decks have some sort of thought to where you're placing things or if you're going to golem in single elixir. Is this bad? Not neccesarily. But with lack of content in recent months and going against decks that are very oppresive with not much though process, it's hard to keep striving to be a better player. Gonna be blunt I think this is one of the most low skilled decks in Clash Royale history. Only thing that comes close is the Night Witch Fiasco with Golem/Tank when she was released. That doesn't mean it's bad though. I'm happy that the same 4 cards aren't constantly in the meta. Look in Replay Royale and scroll down how many top players are using cards that were considered jokes just a year ago. Here are some cards that I, personally, have trouble with. Need to make it clear just because I have trouble with it, does not, make it OP. Just voicing my personal feelings here (5.3k trophies and only have lv 11/12 cards). My personal problem with Battle Healer is that she has the ability to heal herself and other troops around her and makes for unstoppable pushes, she also has the health of a knight and only costs 1 more elixir. Yes, she does not do nearly as much dps since her attack damage and attack speed is bad but the utility she gives when paired with some of the other cards in the meta is bountiful. The card itself in my opinion is not broken, but the cards around her make it too strong. Sort of how Bridge Spam was broken AF last summer. It's not like there was any stand-out card that made the deck super strong. But all the cards in combination (Bandit, Battle Ram, Ram Rider, etc.) made the archetype super strong. I don't think I want to see a nerf to her? But I also don't want to kill every card that is used with her. I was thinking a significant HP nerf so she still keeps her ability to heal everyone but can't take a rocket to the face and walk it off as she heals herself and other troops and takes your tower. Another troop that's making rounds in the meta is the Elixir Golem. I don't wanna say he's OP but he takes very very little skill to use and get maximum rewards. He is essentially a golem that costs 3 elixir and splits into smaller blobs (1 golem> 2 golemites> 4 mini golemites). Every time the mini golemites are killed the opponent receives 1 elixir for each one killed, cool. The problem is the opponent receives the elixir AFTER you wipe their entire tower since he is basically a 3 elixir golem. People have been requesting this rework for a while but I think giving the elixir earlier would make it much easier to deal with. There's tons of ways you can redistribute the elixir so it's up to Supercell to decide. I was thinking 1 elixir for killing the OG golem, 2 elixir for killing each golemite, and then 1 final elixir for killing all the blobs, just a thought. Another common card in this meta is goblin hut and barbarian hut which have received buffs recently ,which is great cause they were bad for so long. However, the swarmy nature of them (espically the goblin hut) makes it difficult for people that don't run cycle or poison to take out the huts without taking a massive negative elixir trade. Nerfs to them? I don't think yet? I think Barb Hut is in a good place since it's so expensive and requires good awareness to when to use them. Goblin hut isn't oppresive as the moment but I think waiting a month before nerfing it. Other cards like the Electro Dragon is in a lot of these types of decks and I'm personally not really sure why, there has to be a good reason though. I suppose since you're pushing in with an Elixir Golem you want a flying unit to reset inferno dragons and towers? Just a guess. E. Dragon is by no means OP and he was super niche for a long time so I'm glad he's in the meta now (has been in it for maybe a few months). *conclusion at top*. Thank you reading, I', probably just shouting in the void right now but just wanna offer my thoughts on the meta as a non-pro player who often as matchups with cards that are all at least 2 levels above mine. submitted by /u/WaavyDaavy [link] [comments]View the full article
  22. Submitted By: Soul Crusher Watch Now: THE #1 CURRENT BEST TROPHY DECK IN CLASH ROYALE RIGHT NOW!!

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