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Found 23 results

  1. We need active battling and donating members. Join now!!
  2. Hello my name is jesper an i am searching for new members of my clan named deadly eagles My main thing is to have fun and be active in war
  3. Friendly new clan. Help us achieve greatness!!
  4. Click this link to join my Clan in Clash Royale! https://link.clashroyale.com/invite/clan/en?tag=YUUCVJR9&token=a4ygxr4y&platform=iOS
  5. We just started, 8 members, looking for level 8’s or higher, we really want to start war. We want lv.8 or higher, but we don't care about your arena. We talk and play friendly battles a lot, so we can help you train your skills. Come join us, and we make sure to carry you through your arena days into your league days.
  6. [5000] TOP Ladder / War clan. #YOQCPGUU [ ENGLISH SPEAKING ] Clan name : Heaven Clan Tag : #YOQCPGUU Leader : Wha ; 6 300 ( Grand Champion ). [ Aiming for 6 600 next season ] The clan started on 03 / 27 / 2020. Looking for members in order to build a strong Ladder / WAR clan. " TOP " : I want to gather skilled members to fastly compete with other TOP clans. No members right now. Waiting for Mature and Active players. Goal for the next months : - Reach 3 000 War Trophies. Thanks for reading. Join me and be proud to help me building a strong clan!
  7. ESTABLISHED JULY 2019 LEGENDARY WAR LEAGUE 6740 CLAN INFO https://royaleapi.com/clan/Y908RPYP WE ARE A HIGHLY ACTIVE ADULT WAR CLAN 24/7 - Accepting long term members that still have passion for the game - The experience core veterans been together for 3 years - Most of us war and secure a 1st place war chest every season SIMPLE RULES - Required to stay active by helping with war once a week and must finish all attacks (win or lose) Keeps everyone fresh for war rotation - WE HAVE NO donation or ladder trophy requirements, trophy road rewards should be self motivated - We stay active with war resources, trade tokens and progression REQUIREMENTS - LEVEL 12/13 with 5.3k personal best - 50+ war day wins - English and Mature players only, preferred 18 years or older DIRECT MESSAGE ME FOR ANY QUESTIONS OR MORE INFO / DISCORD LINK https://discord.gg/5zXcTYP
  8. Top 50 clan in NA! Giving top clan members cash rewards and incentives. season passes, war wins, ladder rankings,etc. Trust me they’re EXTREMELY competitive!! Come aboard and take my money
  9. Yes, you read right! The Legendary ClashProleague is building another clan again! If u dont want to play CR casual because you want to be successful this is your clan! Join now fast! the min trophies is just 1600 but not for long!
  10. Looking for active members eligible for clan war. Anyone is welcome
  11. Join "Clan Krakhammer" if you want to be part of a war based clan, war participation and donations are mandatory. Spamming and abusive language will get you kicked. We are re building this clan after a co leader decided to kick everyone and leave, only a few loyal members joined back.
  12. Experienced Players from Savage Supreme looking to start a new clan. Right now we are open to skill levels and we’re seeking positive, active players. We have 6 right now and as soon as we get 10 we’ll run Clan Wars 24/7. Come join us and help us grow!
  13. I made a new clan and I'd be happy to accept new members so we can grow. Do keep in mind you must be fairly active and donate regularly. Cheers!
  14. New clan, anyone who joins within the next 24 hours gets free Elder. Donations expected.
  15. Hello, we are MagmaElite. We are a B2B war clan. We will soon open up out Esports team for people who want to go professional and get paid by us. Also, soon we will have a discord full of daily giveaways for active members. Our first giveaway is the Gold Pass. Join up fast to join the giveaway!
  16. Reddit Demons Is Now Recruiting New Members!! If You Are... Looking To Join A Serious War Clan Ready To Take The Next Step The Demons Want You Want To Play Above 20k War Trophies We're Seeking: 5600+ PB 100+ War Wins King Tower Level 12+ We Offer A Great Team Of Clan Mates & Support For War Strats & Deck Ideas. We Hold Practice Battles For All Wars & Make Sure Everyone Is Prepared. Missing War Day Is Unacceptable! Direct Message For An Invite!
  17. Join our active war clan Shlongers! Need active members who snapped and participate in war. We are a fun clan who likes to mess around and trash talk too.
  18. Just created this clan after getting tired of clan leader not actively kicking inactives. Personally love to do back to back wars non-stop and active everyday members. If you're looking for kick back common sense adult ran clan come check us out. As soon as a 10 people with King Towers lvl. 8 or higher we're starting a war. Active will get promoted to elder or co-leader depending on shown maturity. United States located clan, come check us out! Only clan with the name: LandOfTheFree (Yellow backround with Green Tree)
  19. Before submitting your request, take a look at what you need to have done in order to have your application approved. Register for this site Post a topic in the most applicable area (only once please) After posting, copy the URL (link) to the topic you just created Submit the form for the clan advertisement request and paste in the URL you just copied DO NOT include the invite link generated by Clash Royale Wait to see if your request is approved. Usually 1-2 days Ads run for one week intervals. After the one week as elapsed, you can submit another request and so on. Currently, we do not have any limits on how many times your ad can be posted.
  20. Clan Groups: Clan groups provide a way of communicating to your entire clan at once without others seeing what is being discussed. Clan groups can be created upon request for individual clans. Once created a leader or co-leader will be placed in charge of the clan group. From there they can add or remove members as needed. Clan Forums: Individual clan forums provide a dedicated area for you to communicate with your clan. Individual clan forums can be created upon request. Clan Applications: Clan applications allow clan leaders and col-leaders to choose who they ultimately let in their clan. An unlimited amount of criteria can be added to clan applications. Once an application is created, a topic is created in an individual clan forum with the applicant's information. From there, the application can be accepted or rejected and a message will be sent to the applicant. If you are interested in any or all of the above for your clan, please Contact Us!

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