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  1. Submitted By: Soul Crusher Watch Now: *NEW!* OLD vs NEW!! Summer Balance Update 2021 ALL CHANGES in Clash Royale!!
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  16. ​ https://preview.redd.it/q27ua32efpl51.jpg?width=475&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=54abe791b8c2d4020a1b7aa11f00a1fccc7bdb9a Sorry for the quality i don't know how to do this things so i did this on paint. submitted by /u/Darkonyan [link] [comments] View the full article
  17. INTRODUCTION Hello everyone, J.Corby17 here. It’s finally here; Clan. Wars. 2! We have been waiting for 6-13 Months since the last “Update” (Supercell says that the last Update was 6 months ago when they changed Overtime..., But the last Update we got real content from was 13 Months ago, with Season 1. So, you decided when our last Update was). Was the wait worth it? What’s in the new Clan Wars and what’s coming in Season 13?! Let’s find out! PART 1: CLAN WARS • So, we finally got the long awaited change to Clan Wars! Long story short on what Changed: • You now ride a Boat to the Finish Line and get a reward for going there depending on how fast you made it to the Finish Line. You move your boat by getting “Fame”, and you get Fame by winning either Duels (3 1v1 Battles), 1v1, or Boat Battles (Battle against a AI with Cards defending the Boat). If all the Boat Defenses are destroyed, they Boat had to be fixed by getting Hammers, which you get by doing the same Modes as before. • In all honestly, the concept is amazing! I love the idea of our Clanmates working together to take out specific Boat Defenses and battling in specific Modes to move the fasted down the River. However, the execution was not as good as I was hoping it would be. Here’s why: • ~1: Use of own Card Levels, that all have to be Unique~: Supercell, why? When you said that you wanted to promote us to use more Cards in the game, you have to also boost Gold by ALOT or lower Upgrade cost to incentivize upgrading other Cards. Besides moving around the Awards we get and aligning boosting them, It’s not enough for us have 4 completely unique Decks. I have bought all Pass Royales (along with some other offers), and both my 3rd and 4th Deck are not maxed. Why not just have flat Level limits based on the League you are in! Level 9 for “Wooden” League (add a new league),Level 10 for Bronze, Level 11 for Silver, Level 12 for Gold, and 13 for Legendary. And Increase the Trophies to 4000 (800 per League). This still incentivizes players to Upgrade their Cards, but they won’t be Punished as much for having lower Leveled Cards. • ~2: The fact that higher Card Levels give you more Fame/Hammers:~ When I saw this for the first time, I was livid. This, is the definition of Pay to Win. If I have higher Level Cards than my Opponent, not only am I more likely to win, but they are always rewarded less Fame/Hammers for losing just because they got unlucky and faced a higher Level player. They are not even compensated if they do beat a higher Level player! So, from looking at my Decks, the Fame I get is 208/104 for a completely Max Deck and 206/103 or lower depending on Card Levels. Why not just make it 200/100 for all Decks, no matter what Level? This makes things consistent and fair! PART 2: “QOL” CHANGES • There were a fair bit of “QoL” Changes in this update. But they were not exactly what we needed. Here’s what they were: • ~QoL Changes~: A slight boost to Gold/Trade Tokens, Re-arrangement of Free Rewards/Gems, a new Trader (in Clan Wars) so you can Trade without other Players, and UI Changes. Let’s go over each of them specifically. • ~slight Gold/Trade Token Boost~: The Gold and Trade Token boost is honestly not to bad. Supercell Drew made a post on the Reward changes here, and they seem okay. Not enough for us to properly have 4 Unique Decks, but it’s a start. • ~Re-arrangement of Free Awards/Gems~: The Rewards post I mentioned earlier also goes over how Free Rewards (like the old Free Chest) and Gems were changed in where and how we got them. Seems like an okay change in my books • ~Trader~: If this was the “Swap” function you were talking about adding something similar too, then I don’t think hit the nail on the Tombstone on what that actually means. While the option is nice to have, you are forced to trade whatever Card Rarity he is offering, which is annoying when you need the Trade for a different Rarity. Also, sometimes you can be offered the same card Card you want to get that he is willing to give.... WHY?! If Supercell made us able to switch what Rarity of Card we can get and fix the Same Card issue, it would be very nice! • ~UI Changes~: And now here’s the feature that people don’t like a lot subjectively. The change to the Clan Tab definitely is understandable, but the Clan Chat is confusing to get to, especially for Clans that don’t care about Clan Wars. A simple Switch of having Clan chat be visible first then hit a button to go to Clan Wars would fix this issue entirely. We can now Remove Cards from our Deck, Completely delete a Deck, and Randomize your Deck. However, the latter 2 Changes are only for Clan Wars Decks. Why not add it to Regular Decks? Moving your Friend’s info to the Battle Tab is a nice change though. Overall, these changes are alright and just need some small fixes to be made better. PART 3: SEASON CHANGES • And with a new Season comes new Tower Skins, Emotes, Challenges, and Balance Changes. Let’s go over them now: • ~Tower Skin and Emotes~: I am very grateful that Supercell is giving us a Free Tower Skin and Emote (and a Legendary King’s Chest plus other stuff from Clan Wars 2), the Boat Skin looks good and first Guard Emote is solid. The Pass Royale Tower Skin looks amazing with its Colosseum theme. The Goblin sinking emote is decent I guess. The first Golem emote looks “off” to me, but the actions of the emote make sense. And the Party Goblin emote looks cool, but I don’t get the dance move he is doing. Overall some cool Tower Skins and Emotes. • ~Challenges~: We only have one new Challenge this Season: Capture the Mortar. We don’t know anything about the new mode, but I believe it will be like Capture the Dragon Egg. Where if you “build” the Mortar faster than your opponent, then it will help you in battle. Does not seem like much, but a welcome addition. PART 4: BALANCE CHANGES • Lastly, we have Balance changes, my overall favorite part of every update. These ones though, are not exactly what the Cards addressed need. • ~Heal Spirit~: Healing Radius Nerfed to 3.0 Tiles from 4.0 Tiles • Honesty, this change is solid. It makes it easier for you to Distract the Spirit while it is more likely to Heal your Troops. Personally, would of Nerfed the Radius to 3.5 Tiles and nerf the HP Healed to match Arrows (303), but this change will definitely balance the little guy out. • ~Fire Spirits~: Splash Radius buffed to 1.7 Tiles from 1.5 Tiles. • And speaking of Spirits, this change also addresses an issue with Fire Spirits: how the Splash might not always hit swarms. This change does fix that issue, but they are still likely to not hit other Troops at all due to their low HP unlike their frosty and holy cousins. Personal, I would of changed them to 2 Spirits that had the same HP and Range as Ice/Heal Spirit (190 HP and 2.5 Tiles), Buff their Damage to 280 each, and Buff their Splash Radius to 2.0 Tiles (maybe keep at 1.7 Tiles). This change would not only make them more consistent with the other Spirits, but it also makes them have more utility in all scenarios instead of just being amazing at taking care of swarms. A good change in the right direction, but it should be more. • ~Bomber~: Hitspeed Buffed to 1.8 Seconds from 1.9 Seconds • A slight buff to this pyromaniac Skeleton is okay, but it does not do much. And it does not fix the issues the Card has for being a Ground only Splasher with no unique effects to make him stand out, while also having a confusing and misleading amount of HP that makes him annoying to deal with if you don’t have a big Spell. It’s good for the time being, but Bomber needs more change than just this • ~Zappies~: First Hitspeed buffed to 0.9 Seconds from 1.1 Seconds • I have no idea how else to buff this Card without it not changing much or them become annoying again or without actually reworking their stats. The First Hitspeed buff might be useful in niche scenarios, but it’s not going to do much. They need a real rework, not just buffs. • Overall the changes try to fix issues Cards have, but miss the point in some cases. Besides Heal Spirit being an overall great change, the rest change things that don’t matter due to other Stats hindering them. A 6/10 for the Balance Changes PART 5: MY THOUGHTS ON THE GAME + FUTURE PLANS • I’m just going to say it, I’m very worried about the longevity of this Game. This Update did NOT meet my or the majority of players’ expectations for the 13 months we had to wait since the last real Content Update. If we include the Season 15 Changes, I would say this update is worth the 6 months we had to wait since the Overtime Change, which Supercell considers an “Content Update”. If we don’t, this Update just barely breaks even on me not quitting making content for it (more on that later). • I want this game to succeed, and I know that Supercell can really make a Game good if they wanted to, so I expect them to try and make the Game good here. Drew made a comment here explaining how everyone is involved in how the game is made and that they want to make it better. I am really hoping that they will get their stuff together and start making the game a smash hit like it was back in the day. • ~Future Plans~: I have decided that along with doing Season Analysis like usual, I’m going to make 2 Massive Post: How to Make Clash Royale more F2P while being Profitable and the Standardization Movement; Definitive Edition (working Titles). I don’t know when I will have them done, but once I make those Post, I am taking a break from making post on this Subreddit. I’ll still play it and comment on others, but this is my last straw. I am sorry if this saddens you. I just want what’s best for the game. CLOSING • So, what did you think about the Clan Wars 2 Update and Season 15? Was it worth all the hype? Do you agree with the Balance Changes. Let me know down below. Clash on everyone! submitted by /u/JCorby17 [link] [comments]View the full article
  18. Submitted By: Soul Crusher Watch Now: NEWS: BALANCE CHANGES, BUTTON FIX & MORE (season 15 update)
  19. Submitted By: Soul Crusher Watch Now: New September Update & Balance Changes | New Emotes, Skins & QoL Changes
  20. submitted by /u/allan11111111 [link] [comments] View the full article
  21. ​ So, balances should be coming out relatively soon, either this weekend with CWII reveal or the week after. I would like to know your opinion on what the balance change could and should be. As for me, I would go Heal Spirit nerf (Healing amount preferably 10-15%): This card is straight up dictating the meta and synergizes with many of the cards at the top which would otherwise not be as strong. Barb Hut Nerf (First Troop Deploy Nerf): Even though it has been hiding in the shadows of heal spirit, its still the second most used building, which just isn't ok for a spawner, even Seth has said this. Archers Buff: Musky has been getting too strong of a foothold in cycle decks, even slotting in in 2.9 xbow. Archers, even with a slight buff, could slot into many decks Muskteer is in purely because of lack of options. Valk Buff: Basically for same reason as archers buff, but with knight taking over instead of musky. Royal Delivery Rework (Re-add knockback, reduce damage by 10-12%): It was a great card, it did deserve a nerf, but definitely not in the way it did get nerfed. I hope this was just MA treatment all over again tbh. What do you think the balances will be? Obviously I was being kinda safe with my options, but it would be cool to see what you have to say. Edit: The title is supposed to say September Balance Changes "Predictions" Discussion. submitted by /u/Vignesh17 [link] [comments]View the full article
  22. submitted by /u/ThatOneGuy2k01 [link] [comments] View the full article
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