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  1. In its current state, the bonus bank is an exclusive Pass Royale feature that allows players to earn bits of gold for each additional tier (10 crowns) they pass after tier 35, which is limited to a total of 10K gold that can be earned. However, I feel like the bonus bank can be changed to be more influential and beneficial to the game. As I was playing Brawl Stars, I saw on their brawl pass that after passing the final tier, players would earn a big box per every 500 tokens regardless of if they have the brawl pass or not. This gives players more motivation to continue playing even after completing the pass, and promotes activity and gives a bit more rewards to people who don’t spend money. Going back to Clash Royale, my idea is for non-Pass players to also have access to the Bonus Bank. Gold is a very coveted resource (especially with F2P), and any extra methods to earn gold will be well received from the community. Giving some access of the Bonus Bank to all players will not only improve progression, but also promotes more activity. People will have a greater reason to actively play after finishing the free pass, and things such as the crown rush at the end of every season will be more helpful. I’m not asking for a huge amount for the free Bonus Bank, but any amount is helpful. Of course, Pass members should still enjoy extra perks, and giving access to all players might make it feel of less value. To combat this, the Bonus Bank could be of more value for Pass members (some ideas include higher maximum capacity, more gold per tier crossed, or a combination?), so there is still merit to getting the pass. In its current state, the Bonus Bank only gives a maximum of 10K, which isn’t really that helpful to buy the pass for, and this is evident as people buy the pass mainly for other reasons and not for the measly Bonus Bank. Allowing Pass members to earn more gold through the Bonus Bank will increase activity within its owners, as well as make buying the Pass more appealing as you can earn even more gold through the Bank than without the Pass. TL;DR: Bonus Bank should be a feature for all players, and Pass members will have a more buffed version. I’d love to hear any other suggestions or changes regarding the Bonus Bank, as it has potential to definitely do more, and. Can improve the game. Thank you if you read this far, and take care! :) submitted by /u/richpandapi [link] [comments]View the full article
  2. submitted by /u/Rednaxila [link] [comments] View the full article
  3. submitted by /u/FloppyManMeat69 [link] [comments] View the full article
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  6. Submitted By: Soul Crusher Watch Now: HOW would YOU CHANGE CLASH ROYALE
  7. A couple of days ago apparently the Account of our clan leader got "hacked", followed by a 100 tropy player joining the clan who has been given leader by the stolen Account. Multiple people in our clan already tried to contact the support, but it seems like there's nothing they can do. Here is what the clan currently looks like: https://gyazo.com/bf0682490e29b0b2fd9b3b1cbea702bc After that guy has been offline for 10 days after taking over the clan I thought that maybe I can just stay in the clan until 30 days passed and will be given leader, but apparently he knows how the system works and just logged in for a second yesterday. It would be a shame if a Clan which has been existing for over 3 years and tons of CW points gets killed just because of something stupid like that, and it should be obvious that this 100 trophy guy who played a total of 3 matches is not supposed to be the leader of that clan. So yeah, anybody had something similiar happening to their clan and knows if there's a way to get it back in the right hands? submitted by /u/iDetroy [link] [comments]View the full article
  8. Clan war is just dumb. A LVL 8 person who just got into wars can maybe have LVL 5-9 cards to fight with. Meanwhile they can be matched against LVL 10-11 people with their LVL 10-11 cards. At that point it isn't even skill anymore. I love the idea a lot. A few clans see how much they can rack up in terms of medals but it just doesn't work. Most people I've talked with feel like it's more of a chore than something they want to do. There's just so much wrong with it... Ideas on how to change it: 1) Just like party mode. Just pick what mode you want instead of the 3 random that shows up. I NEVER play anything but draft or other random balanced matches where both of our cards are lvl 9. As it's fair. 2) Make it so it's like 2v2 and find people of the same card levels instead. I hate that as a lvl 9 I have to face up against that high of a level difference so often. But still keep the clan war levels on cards. Just take an average of ALL card levels you as a player have so there's still reason to get the high level cards and grind the collection day. That way you (if you are lvl 11) face against matching opponents. 3) increase reward from collection day. It just feels meaningless to do them. Most in my clan and other clans I've been in have just done one collection day round just to get in. A little boost in reward might lighten up that a bit. 4) Maybe alternate modes every war. Some wars it's wallbreaker rush, some normal, some prince jousting and so and so. It just gets stale so shaking it up might give it more repeatability as you might have to use alternate cards that you normally don't use to stop the wallbreakers or whatever. 5) Make it more of a clan activity. It just feels like it's your own battles. You go in alone, collect cards alone and then face a random opponent alone. Maybe make some wars 2v2 so it's just a little more intractable for others. Downvoted me to smithereens if you feel like I'm wrong. It's just my opinion and you might have a different opinion or take on it :) submitted by /u/Unable_Toucan [link] [comments]View the full article
  9. submitted by /u/xXImm0R74LXx [link] [comments] View the full article
  10. Introduction and Background: Heya guys! My name's Bailey and I write strategy content for Clash Royale. Today, we're gonna cover a topic I'd like to name the "deck role triangle". Applying this theory correctly will enable you to change the role of ANY deck within ANY matchup to give you a better chance of winning. I'd say learning this theory improves my chances of winning a bad matchup by at least 50%, ESPECIALLY if my opponent doesn't recognise that I've changed my deck's role. This theory is all about looking at how your opponent is using the 8 cards in their deck, and changing how you're using yours to give you an advantage in the matchup. This post does have a video format which is heavily edited to show you better examples of what we outline here, so if you'd like to watch that instead of read the link is here! Before I get into explaining it, I just wanna give a quick background to how I came up with this video concept. This theory is inspired by Seth's old deck archetype triangle [Source: image 1], however my version is more modern and up to date. Seth's triangle looked at games from old competitive events like the Clash Royale North American Open, and has fallen out of fashion with the many changes made to the game. For example, it claimed that beatdown generally has the matchup over siege, but what about Mortar Bait? That is, technically, a siege deck that would ruin Golem due to its high punish abilities and good defences vs the Golem. Whilst Seth's was a good triangle for its time, I think this deck roles triangle is more well suited to Clash Royale in 2020. ​ The Triangle: Now, let me start off by outlining the basics of the triangle [Source: image 2]. The three roles we have are the "investing" role, "punishing" role, and "counter-attacking" role. In short, punishing beats investing, investing beats counterattacking, and counter-attacking beats punishing. We'll go more into this later in the post, but the most important thing to note here is that NO specific cards are listed in the triangle - ONLY how you would play them. In Seth's old triangle, beatdown would constitute a Giant or Golem deck, siege would constitute an Xbow or Mortar deck, and control would constitute a Miner or Hog Rider deck. Whilst this triangle's label of "investment" MAY make you think of cards like the aforementioned Giant, there's no reason as to why Giant cannot be played in the role of punishment or counterattack. That's the beauty of talking about deck roles opposed to deck archetypes - this theory will actually give you a way to understand HOW your opponent is playing and HOW you should be responding. An archetype triangle simply tells you WHAT your opponent is playing and what you SHOULD be playing, which doesn't really help when you're already stuck in that horrible quadruple tank matchup vs your Xbow. Of course, you would know your opponent is running beatdown and that you are running siege in this matchup, but how on EARTH does that help you win it? It can't really, but understanding deck roles can. ​ How the Roles Match Up: Let's talk about the triangle's matchups. At the top, we have investing. To the LEFT we have punish, which counters investing. And to the right of punish, we have counter-attack which counters punish but loses to investing. Let's take a quick rundown of how these matchups work, and how you can use this triangle to turn a losing scenario into a winning one. Let's start with you using an investment plan vs your opponent's punish plan, where punishing SHOULD win. When you invest, your opponent's punish plan means that they will probably try to attack the opposite lane with a lot of elixir to get a damage lead over you. This will work out for them, seeing as your investment has put you down a lot of elixir. SO, instead of falling into this investment trap, take a look at the deck role triangle and use the strategy that counters punishing - counter-attacking. Hold your tank and wait for them to play their punishing win condition, defend it with your support units and put your tank in front of these at the river. Because their punish attack won't last too long, it's not enough time for a Poison to really kill any of your defending units. Other spells like Lightning are too expensive to spend in this time, and Fireball barely kills anything. This means that your supporting units GENERALLY live here, and you'll be able to throw a tank in front to punish their aggression. You now have your big push built, without your opponent punishing, and will probably go forth to get more damage than your opponent did. Switching your gameplan meant that you went from using your investing plan and losing damage, to a counter-attacking plan and gaining damage. Now let's switch it up a bit, let's say you go into a game with the counter-attacking mindset. If you were to face an investment deck, you would attempt to play into the investment and stack defensive units for your counter push. Because investment pushes usually last a long time, your defending units will mostly die to your opponent's support and spells. This will leave your counter-attack rather frail and allow your opponent to defend rather easily and reset. Looking at the deck role triangle, what you should do here is PUNISH. When your opponent invests, play your win condition at the river and force your opponent to defend so you can focus on gaining an easy defence onto the investment that you forced your opponent to abandon. Once again, we can see that with the SAME deck in the SAME matchup, you can produce a DIFFERENT result just by using the deck role triangle to alter the way in which you use your 8 cards. Finally, let's talk about playing a punish plan against a counter-attack plan. A good example of a punish mindset is a Hog Rider deck. This is usually a bad matchup against a punish plan because your opponent is likely to just wait until you play your Hog Rider, then defend it with their units and push heavy afterwards. You won't really have time or elixir to use spells with your quick Hog push, so their units will usually survive and form a counter-attack. This can cause you to get very minimal damage but take a load due to your opponent's elixir lead. This is maybe the most difficult transition to make, but here you should take a look at the triangle and try to switch your plan from punish to investment. Hog decks that run tanks like PEKKA or Mega Knight have the best time with this, as they can build a push around this bigger tank. When your opponent tries to defend your new investment plan, hoping to counter-attack afterwards, your units and spells will blow away their defending units and allow you to get damage without facing that much desired counter push. So, there's a brief rundown of how this triangle functions and examples of how your deck can be mixed up and played with multiple dimensions. Ultimately, it's gonna take a bit of improvisation from yourself to actually make use of this concept's full potential. Anyway, with that said, let's talk more about the three strategies themselves. ​ Investment Mindset: Let's start with the first role - investing. This is seen by some as the most simple way to play decks in Clash Royale. It consists of putting a beefy tank in the back, and building a large push around it to take a tower. They often like to wait until double elixir before investing too much, but some lighter investment strategies may make their move sooner. When building a deck for investing, you want to be running cards around the 3-5 elixir mark that are ALSO spell resistant. This allows you to put a tank in the back and build a big push against a counter-attacking deck, but also allows you to defend against punish decks and beat them on the counter push because of your spell resistant units. Anything like Elixir Golem, Giant, Lava Hound, Golem, and Three Muskeys mainly suit the investment role. So, to put it short, building a big push is the main focus of these decks, but they can often switch into the counter-attacking playstyle when matched up against their countering punish deck. ​ Punishment Mindset: This punish role was directly developed in order to counter the investing role. The plan usually requires a fast, high damage attacker that your opponent can rarely afford to leave on their tower. Perfect examples would be Wallbreakers, Skeleton Barrel, Goblin Barrel, Hog Rider, Balloon, Royal Hogs, and Xbow. So, when you run this kind of deck, you're looking to match against an opponent with an investment strategy so you can fulfill the deck role triangle. However, if you meet a counter pusher, you'll need to switch your gameplan to investing and building a push instead. This can be done by simply placing an Ice Golem and support in the back before pushing, allowing more of your opponent's defensive units to die on their side of the board before they can counter push. Alternatively, if you're running one of these decks with a heavier unit like PEKKA, you can place her in the back to cause a much larger offensive threat to your opponent. One of my favourite decks of all time is PEKKA Hog for this exact reason - it feels so easy to sway the more difficult counter pushy matchups in my favour with a PEKKA in the back. ​ Counter-Attack Mindset: And finally, we have the counter-attacking role. This role is the newest of the three, and is probably what sets this entire triangle in motion. You're looking to defend against your opponent's smaller pushes in order to use your defensive value to overrun them on the counter push. Examples of prevalent counter-attacking decks would be Miner, Mortar, Bridge Spam, Graveyard, Ram Rider, Giant Goblin, and Royal Giant. These decks primarily look to play on the defensive, awaiting an opponent's attack that they can defend. However, if that opposing attack happens to be an investment, the counter-attacking plan can switch into a punish plan and quickly rush the river to put the opponent under immense pressure. This might have become the strongest gameplan in Clash Royale at the moment, as its ability to switch between counter-attack and punish is near seamless, giving it almost no bad matchups. ​ Conclusion/Summary: This deck role theory isn't really about any specific cards inside of Clash Royale; it's moreso about how you use them. For example, if you keep giving your opponent counter-attacking value by using a Hog Rider, you should maybe start your pushes with a PEKKA in the back and use the Hog Rider later. I think it would be easy to confuse this theory with Seth's old archetype triangle (especially because I related the two at the start of this post), but really it's just about how you use the cards in your deck to overcome opposing gameplans that may counter you. I think this is definitely one of the newer skills to Clash Royale, and so I ended up making this post on it! SO, if you did enjoy today's content, then I do highly recommend my YouTube video version of this post for you aspiring Clash players! Any support appreciated :) Anyway lads, that's all I got for this deck role theory, thank you all for reading, I hope you did enjoy, and peace. submitted by /u/EbolaBailey [link] [comments]View the full article
  11. So like the title say i love to change my clan name , what is the big deal to dont have that unlocked? :( .. submitted by /u/tigasmigas [link] [comments]View the full article
  12. “DeckChallanger” - Worked on this for two months… Lets go: ​ Incorporates deckbuilding and poker-ish strategy thinking But also: ability to bluff, surprise and outsmart your opponent. ​ Purpose: To enhance the tension before the game, and get at the same time rid of the “rock, paper, scissor”-problem. Either a CR game can look like this: Two players select without any regulations - thus, it is completely random - each one a respective deck. The only tension created, comes from the fact that the two players have no idea what deck they are facing. This often results in unfair matchups, where the winner is already decided from the first 1-2 minutes of the game. So... if the matchups already are made in a random way: → why not make the <<Random part>> a bigger part of the game...? ​ This gamemode will make everything more challenging and diverse on a level never ever seen before - and fun at the same time - and not only fun. But a ridiculous level of fun with new and fresh mechanics, that will never seem to get old and boring. [I think this gamemode even could awake CR from the dead] The gamemode is that good. And guess what? I don't care about the money! I could probably sell this idea, but no. I want to share it with the community. Because I love Clash Royale gameplay, but the peak potential of the game is so far away. This gamemode would take the CR experience from a 2/10 of its possible ”game potential” to a staggering 10/10, if not 11/10... (imo) Every day a week, this gamemode would never ever get boring: So... let's explain this, and stop talking: ​ - A luck based wheel decides the two decks facing off eachother, a primary and a secondary time - Before the wheel is spinned, both players has to select one wincon (one circle sector) each, that gets banned from the wheel in their match - Each sector in the circle is consisting of every win condition (or perhaps another regulation that will challenge the player to build a deck: like ”5.0 or more” or ”2.5 or less” and so on (and for these special ones, the advantage is the the player gets to pick the win condition by himself, but has to compensate that by getting around the challenge of the regulation) - Then you build your deck from an empty cardslot-interface, from the ground up. - Every win condition has a group called ”hardcounters”. Since the player knows the opponents win con (in the case of that regulation) - he can pick a hardcounter that fits with his deck - his regulation - but also hard counters the wincon from the opponent - If a ”neutral” wincon gets selected, like the Pekka or Mega knight, a maximum of 1 ”firsthand” win con can be added - Also, the miner, skeleton barrel and rocket (I could have forgotten someone) has a special category as ”secondary win conditions”, and can be added to any win condition, but max 1 of them - All of the other cards can be chosen when building the deck If matchup is defined as ”advantage to one player” - For example [ballon - ramrider] —> the player in disadvantage gets to pick two hardcouters, while the one in matchup advantage only get to picks one hard counter for the opposing wincon Max 2 small spells (not tornado, including royal delivery) Max 1 big spell (including EQ) And ofcourse - Max one hardcounter to wincondition (if defined as equal matchup) When you have built your decks, you lock them in. Then you have to show 1 of your cards to the opponent. You can pick by yourself what card to show the opponent. Here lots of different strategies will develop, for example: bluffs, surprises or to just outsmart your opponent into thinking you have a deck that you may not use, different strategies and of course reversed psychology. Then you get the ability to change two cards in your locked deck, but only two. But the card you show and your wincon, are locked, and cannot be changed. Then the same thing happens to the other player. This interchange of cards happens one time, and then a second time - showing your opponent a total of 2 free cards plus your given win con. (The card you choose to show is automatically locked, and very much like your given win condition, can not be interchanged.) Then the decks are finished! This adds up to the tension before the game like never before, and creates a whole new level of strategy. Instead of just saying ”of well, this is an unfair matchup. What a shame.” That part of defining how the matchup is random, is now THE defining part of the game that makes it so interesting. There is so much potential to be captured here. Really note that. This maybe even could bring CR back from the dead, and enhance the esport side of the game, but LIKE A SHIT TON. This not only makes the game more developed and skilled in a new way for the pros, but also gives viewers a new level of curiousness and tension as a part of every game, instead of just players picking a meta deck from some of the few viable archetypes in the current meta, and then it is pretty much rock paper scissor to see which one wins, because: matchup advantage is almost 100% defining the winning player today, in CR:s current system, when unfair matchups alline So, ultimately this makes the matchup less ”rock paper scissor”, that is Clash royales biggest problem right now. Players would have to not only need a skill to build good decks, but be prepared for anything, and create strategies for their own new deck, tailored for the opposing deck AT THE LIVE TIME as the game is played That requires <<huge>> skill. The level of skill in E-sport with this gamemode would be on a whole other new level - that's some good entertainment, let me tell you. <So, even if *the gamemode DeckChallanger,* may start with a luck-based and completely random system, to define the wincon matchup> - It creates a challenge for both opponents, that they need to solve with their <<skill>> Skill 1. +It is up to the players SKILL to first build a deck that counters it in a FAIR way (with all the rules)+ Skill 2. ++And finish the game with even more skill to create real time epic strategies in game, tailored for that specific matchup++ [I can guarantee you that this will create results, like when someone has the advantage in matchmaking defined by their wincon - but still wins a CR game because of the deckbuilding skill and real time strategy combined with quick reaction and precision gameplay.] —> this would be a new level of CRL entertainment (but also as a Casual/Competitive mode IN the game for normal casual players) Also, since every wincon will be inte the game, you can't get a weak card. That would not be fair. So ebarbs for example. They are too weak on ladder - well, buff them to the viable point in this particular gamemode. But jezzz. Don't screw it up SC, have a separate feed of this gamemode-balances, and survey how cards are performing. This gamemode needs to have every wincon that is on the wheel, 100% balanced. ​ *Sidenote* - SCROLL PAST IF NOT INTERESTED, it is not relevant to the gamemode! (logical preposition for ebarbs when we're at it:) Motivation: “ ebarbs could be used as a counter pushing card, that's effective on defense, and after; be used in a counter attack. One problem today is their health, they die easily. And, since they are whole 6 elixir today, it is hard to combine other cards with them, to support them while active in game (Like ice golems, ice spirit etc). Therefore, make them 5 elixir (IN ONLY THIS GAMEMODE), but set their crown tower damage to 40 - 60 % of their normal damage - since they need to be able and two-shot ranged support troops like wizards and musks, because it is one of their main interactions (They have a slow hitspeed, but when they do get their shot in, they are effective, and can quickly move on to a different target, like a giant) . This way, if an ebarb gets to you tower, it won't punish you as much, and the ebarbs can easily be killed on offence, since they have such low HP - if the opponent doesn't support them with more elixir” I´m just using common sense here guys, don't be hard on me. But I think that would make ebards more of a card that has a place in the game, an ideal way to use them effectively, that every card should have a clear definition of: Like most other cards. Right now, ebarbs have too many things that they are good at, and way too many things they suck at. This idealized concept of them, would actually make them quite unique in the game, and add a new nuance to the possible card-choices for counterpunching tank killers. The other problem is also that they are way too rewarding when reaching the tower - but also way too undervalued when used on defence - since they die so easily, and bam: 6 elixir down the drain, and you can't support them with other cards, because of their high cost. → Therefore it could be tried to see what happens if they cost 5 elixir, and had reduced crown tower damage. If they are to strong, lower their HP to balance out the question of how hard it should be to kill them If you are not using this thinking process when balancing cards already SC (cause of your history, lol XD), maybe take some inspiration: because I have a strong belief, in that [Every card in the game has a place, and can get balanced. There are no such things as: “Bad designed cards”, that just a sad excuse] - imo *Sidenote finished* ​ ​ This would basically be the peak of CR potential - if we get this gamemode in the game - or at least in CRL... imagine this, instead of 2v2. (If you have lost track, read the paragraph over the sidenote again”) The purpose of this gamemode is to enhance the player's ability of deckbuilding, incorporated into the gameplay. The player also has to know what cards fit good with exactly every archetype. This gamemode would make for an extremely DIVERSE and always FRESH and SURPRISING gameplay, never seen the likes of in CR history. That's of course depending on the pros innovative skills… and them skills bro… they will most certainly create a good basis for this. This is the gamemode that I think everyone wants, including the developers of Clash Royale. They have always been nagging about making a gamemode, that is more diverse and has deckbuilding as a bigger part of the game itself THIS. IS. IT. The gamemode would also be extremely, EXTREMELY entertaining to BOTH: - watch, for example CRL, because we would get to see what cards they are picking, and see their strategy - made under pressure and small timeframes. This would add soooo much content to commentary for the casters. Extremely interesting. Pros have to be wearing soundproof headphones, we also need to check microphone-cheating way more in this case of gamemode - since the audience knows the decks that are facing off - but the players don't. They only know 3 of each others cards - Or as a gamemode in Clash Royale, live time with random players. Imagine playing this, as a casual gamemode, or as a separate ladder with kingtower level brackets... (*orgasm*) The ”balance-rules” of this gamemode would be : - ”what cards are defined as hardcounters to each wincon?” - ”What matchups are defined as; advantage - to one of the wincons facing each other?” The cards in each group could be a subject to change, very much like the balance changes each month. It gets better and better the more we get experienced within the gamemode TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK REDDIT! I can't wait to hear your thoughts. Let's make Drew of Seth hear this. We could be changing the way CR is played - FOREVER! //Cheers:) ​ P.S This mode - could be a new "competetive ladder" bracket. SERIOUSLY. (Like you just read way less than half of the total text:) Main notes: - Supercell needs a healthy relationship with their playerbase (They don't really have that now) - The player should be offered a small piece - a limited, but still fair opportunity- of the beautiful game they are working on - for <<free>> And theeeen... - If the players tries it, loves it, and decides - “I WANT MORE, I think the money is worth it” , that's when you as a free-to-play game developer offer the player a less limited offer, for real money - for example a pass royale with mer premium features (Still not changing the game mechanics tho, just progression, but not in pay to win way. In a “Pay to experience less grind”- way) You´ll understand more soon! That is a healthy way to make money. You as a free to play game developer should give players the <<freedom to choose>>, and if you make a damn good job - you should automatically get more money, BUT IN A FAIR AND HONORABLE WAY The system SC today uses in today's ladder, with pay to win walls from the gem-currency: - That has to be the worst business model to make money on a free to play game. That's a fact. It doesn't matter how much supercell has made from these games, they could have easily made way more with a more healthy business model. But... there is hope! Because, with this gamemode, I would stand by the opinion to say: - Clash Royale would not only be the BEST mobile game ever made - But perhaps, one of the best games ever made on this planet. THAT HOW MUCH POTENTIAL THERE IS IN THIS BEAUTIFUL GAME - in my opinion —> but supercell doesn't see it However - I do. With my vision for supercell though, if I were in charge: I would incorporate this gamemode, in a <<premium>> way with the pass royale each month if they give me this kind of freedom and gameplay opportunities - and a need to grind less. —> I would pay for that pass royale. That's how much fun I think CR is So let me present the business model: - FREE CHOICE: 5 free daily matches on this gamemode. You get 5 new ones every 24 hours, and if you can't play for 1 day, there is a bank that can store a maximum of 10 matches THIS IS LIMITED - but free. You get the taste of brilliance and entertainment - PREMIUM CHOICE: 15 battles every day, and banks that store up to 3 days of not playing - 45 battles capacity. (This would be the current passroyale) THIS IS FOR THE ENTHUSIAST. If you have a good logistic when playing - this will be enough for anyone - for a small monthly fee (the same value as a cheap lunch in town - is CR DeckChallanger worth that to you, personally? - UNLIMITED CHOICE: a new more expensive version of pass royale, like ”legendary pass” gives you an unlimited amount of matches. THE HOLY GRAIL. No boundaries. Infinite fun. BUT. IT. IS. YOUR. CHOISE. *More in depth:* You get the mode in lv 9. But when you start over for each season, you get to CHOOSE what kingtower leauge you wanna play in: if you are king tower 12 for example, you can't access the lv 13 league, but can choose between king lv 9 all the way to lv 12. If you choose lv 9, you will have a better opportunity to level up most of the cards you will use in the game when building the diverse possible amount of decks. Since versatility is key, this will improve your chances to perform and reach higher. In lv 9 league, the seasonal end rewards are the lowest point in the pair of leagues, though. So you have to compensate for: FairPlay- and The size of rewards —> BUT IT IS YOUR GOD DAMN CHOICE Then again, if you are in kingtower lv 12, and have most of the card you still will do fine with, at lv 11 and some at lv 10 → Then maybe, it is worth the sacrifice of lowering the FairPlay to king tower league 11, but increasing the potential rewards - as you progress on the global leaderboard for your bracket. Each season you pick what kingtower leauge you wanna bet on. (The more wins you have, the higher you get on the GLOBAL leaderboard for your separate king tower league. If this is a trophy system or just K/D, it's up to supercell to decide, or you guys on reddit.) I prefer the good old trophy system, and then we incorporate your highest ever reached trophy number on OLD LADDER, to define the starting place you will have in your kingtower bracket. Therefore, you will get an advantage if you are high on ladder - which is heavily dependent on spending money on the game via supercell’s current method, so that you need to, agan: Spend money on the game - and SC gives you advantages in fair ways - which makes supercell sustainable money making company - still because of this game mode. This system will also not compete with ladder, since you won't be having “Your own deck”. This gamemode will hover ever be a method, to get more resources, to upgrade your cards for the normal ladder - that the current supercell-business model for making money, is in charge for. So the higher card levels you have, the easier it gets to have more cards in higher levels - to compete in leagues with higher rewards - and again: spending money on the game gives you an advantage to progression BUT! The player WHO WANTS to play CR fair play, can still do that with a fair-cost passroyale and in lv 9 - with low rewards, but again: with fair play. If you on the last hand thought, do completely fine with only 5 matches a day (or how many SC would evaluate that to be sustainable for them), then you don't even need the pass, but: you will start way lower in your king tower league each month have to push for longer ro reach the competition of your skill level the rewards are crappy thus is a disadvantage in ambition, energy consumption and time, but it is still FAIR PLAY. AND FAIR LEVELS when doing the grind. The frustration being created, will be way different than the one on ladder. That feels like just pure pain ass bullying… to be real here. If you want to do that extra work, do that good old grind, IT SHOULD BE UP TO YOU, THE PLAYER, However: If you feel like skipping that extra work is worth a pass royale to earn more gold, play more matcher every day, to upgrade more of your cards, to reach higher ladder records, get better starting place - and finally be able to progress <<faster and more effectively>> to compete in higher leagues for more rewards - that´s in this business model - up for you, and ONLY for you to decide. *next:* My last wish or idea is to have live spectating on top 500 on each of these king tower brackets, where live matches are in a little interface, so that you also easily can find the live ones. This way: You can just log in to CR, play a few games, but then if (lol, WHEN) you get frustrated chill and watch a few pros play, get inspired - and then get in the game again with that new motivation and focus! THIS IS WHAT CR NEEDS TO STAY ALIVE, and not in a few months, or a year, NOW! Supercell, spend the work on this, instead of making amazing looking new arenas every month that we then throw away and never see again... We have plenty of arenas now! Save yourself that work, vary insead between the beautiful 15-25 arenas we now have (why not have some lower season arenas a few times a year? That would still be refreshing for the +4000 trophies players) All while developing this system instead. I also think this tops the clan wars update, but if you could start working on this as the next project after the CW update, that would be amazing. And I mean... the work that needs to be done, are just a couple of interfaces that take care of the logistical system. No new arena. No new animation with cards. No boats or whatever the huge and complex stuff that you have worked on in the new update. THIS IS VERY SIMPLE COMPARED TO THAT —> and still... still this would be so much more: EFFECTIVE on both Grade of how healthy the relationship is with your playerbase Money income, on a predictionable and regular basis each month with the increase of passroyale purchases *** Let's leave that for now, and look at this idea I have… for the community in Clash Royale: <<This is important to help spread this gamemode in our community:>> Shoutout to LEGENDARAY! I know you are reading this, if my comment gets upvoted ;) been watching you and your creative ideas for over a year now. Been there since like 12k subs- so you kind of owe me not just this- but all of your subs, and everyone else in the world: that loves Clash royale, but doesnt play it any more because it is so far off its maximum potential of being a both FAIR, COST FRIENDLY and FUN game To Legendaray: If you see the same potential in this gamemode as I do, please make a Concept video of it. Both explain, and literally play it with one of your friends or co-lab with other youtubers - for example KFC (would be awesome) (This is possible, because the gamemode is so simple to develop. It is just basic logistics) You are studying engineering, very much like I want to do (just finished high school baby, and I got into design engineering - my dream - in Sweden!) - so I know that you not only <can do> this, but do this <gooood>. Damn good. Together with my idea, innovative skills and ability to make a well thought out basic described concept - combined with your videoskills, problem solving-ability AND your youtube channel that has blown up recently... We. Can. Change. CR. Forever. I mean this dude. That's why I'm hyping this up... We can not only make an awesome concept and create some excellent content for you channel: But we can spread this to a whole other and new level than never ever possible before. (Cuz you are very smart, and have a youtube channel AND looks at reddit!! All at the same time.) It is meant to be Here is how you (or anyone else that feels entruiged) - can do it. - Make a virtual luck based spinning wheel, or a physical one (that would be AWESOME) with every win condition and/or also with other types of regulations the deck should be built around (for example [5.0 or more]) - on all of the many circles sectors on the ”spin the wheel” like wheel-thingy - Then you spin the wheel, and see where it stops *intense thrilling musicccc* - Switch to the deck building interface with empty cardholders (the wood thing-slots), and have a small animation that locks the wincon that got chosen by the wheel, for example: ram rider - Then the same thing happens again to the other player - now the players vote for how long they wanna build. Tryhards will go for the lowest allowed, like 10-20 sec, but noone will be able to pick a maximum of... hmm lets say 40 sec. The middle point between the votes, decides the time both players have to build their decks - A timer starts ticking down : 3, 2, 1, START BUILDING! *creative, intense music* Display both players at the same time. For each player: Facecam, Mobile cam, card collection of the hardcounters you can use one of, spells, ground attackers ect. All the categories in a pedagogic way to more easily build a deck, and display at last a separate 8-slot card holder that shows the deck´s cards being inputted over time. - The less time you have to build a deck, adds to the skill of having diverse knowledge within every win condition, thus: what cards fit ”in the current meta”. (Haha I always hear your voice there) You really have to be up to date with the cards that will fit with any wincon or archetype - Time stops. If you do not make it in time, the remaining card slots will get a random card. - The first player gets 10 sec to pick a card to show. - The card is shown to the other player in 3, 2, 1, GO - The other player (he is named player 2 from now on) gets 15 sec to change two of his cards 7 cards. - Then player 2 gets 5 sec to decide what card to show: 3, 2, 1, GO - player 1 gets to change 2 out of his 6 cards, since the one that he exposed earlier is ofcourse locked - Then, player 2 again gets to show one card again, because that is more fair. (If you do not get that, think again.) Anyway - the same thing happens again, but he also has only 6 cards to choose from. - At last, player 2 gets his last, and second chance to change two of his cards. If anyone plays poker, you should be noting the vibes right about now;) - and that's it! That's how you can make a fun concept video of how this game mode works, and then actually play. We don't need supercell to check if this is fun! Us, we in the community can do that by ourselves, and then publish it on Legendarys channel, to get feedback on if this is something the game wants. Together we can do some amazing stuff guys! Lets change Clash Royale forever, together! They can't ignore us if we do this really well. And if we really want this, then use that motivation to really get this concept video top notch Legendaray-quality. Let's continue on the gameconcept a bit more thought, got some more ideas: Now the match plays out much like any other, but you know 3 of the opponents cards, and you also know [that your opponent knows] 3 of your card in the deck, and you know which one you have showed (if you have a normal IQ memory) The last thing you <<could do>> to the concept, is to add a crowd and commentators to this. Try to see how that works out. Let the casters have a prep talk about the players: THIS IS JUST FOR <<INSPIRATION>> for example: (I'm trying to add some bad humor in to this - so that is is just like the CRL we all love) ”Hello and welcome to CRL west, spring 2020! This day we will be starting off by talking about our week top crl player, KFC, that will be kicking off the season today in just a couple of minutes.” (KFC is a content creator known for making a fool of himself - for entertainment) - Yes that's right [other casters name] KFC is looking real focused down there, but hey! Now he is looking at us, and he is still looking at us...? *5sec pass* now it is just weird - what are you doing down there KFC? *KFC smiled and says ”ha! Gotd you!” *But you can't hear him, only see him and his awkward gestures* *casters* - Ooookey... anyway! At Least KFC is looking to be having a real fun time down there! So, KFC as I was about to tell you, is known for his lethal choice of quick deck building time frames to stress out his opponents, but always tends carefully select what cards to reveal in his deck - to lure and surprise his opponent with an innovative deckbuild” - ”that's right [other casters name], in just s few minutes we will get to see him in action” Wheel is spinned: ”And here we go! Kicking of the first spin of the day. [wheel spins] ohhh and it is looking to be... the ram rider!” *Fill in the commentary between with some bullcrap here etc, you get it* Player2-wheel spin: ”The second spinn of the season starts... now! This is going to be a good one, let me tell you that [casters name]. *other caster* ” That i for sure can reassure you of, because it is looking to be the Pekka!” ”What a way to kick off the season. It will be interesting to see how this matchup turns out...” - Yes that's right my friend, you can just see the sheer tension in Legendarys face. He knows he's up for not only a deck building challenge, but also a real-time problem solving when playing to get his ramrider around that moma Pekka. He has got to outsmart him somehow…” The deckbuilding begins: ”Oh, looks like KFC is going the other way today, with some conservative card revealing - While Ray on the other hand is surprising us by showing his big spell!” *surprised, chocked, stunned* —>*other caster* ”Yes that's right [casters name], that not something you see happen every day” The match begins: ”Okay! Let's go, this match is looking like a real thrilling one, and the smile on Rays face actually seems to be making KFC nervous of what's to come” *other caster* ”to be honest, I have quite frankly never ever in my career of CRL - seen a pro player look that terrified as, KFC does right now. Lets lean back, and have a good look at this game.” After that, the rest is just like the already existing seasons of CRL... - But! With waaay more entertainment, and possible outcome of amazing results, when pros wins - even when getting a matchup disadvantage in the beginning by the spinning wheel… The end: ”BUT THE PEKKA GETS TORNADO’D AWAY!! AND THE GOBLIN CAGE IS’NT IN CYCLE THIS TIME FOR KFC, AFTER RAY JUST BAITED IT OUT RICH! The ram rider is going to hit the tower! AND THE RAMRIDER BREAKS THROUGH, and Legendaray comes out with a clutch victory, sniping the win from KFC with just a couple HP - despite the matchups disadvantage Ray’ received in the beginning of the match… What a staggering prestige from Legendarays side! Yes my friend! That is som top notch Clash Royale gameplay right there, and this is just the beginning of CRL West spring 2020. For weeks to come, the show you now are watching will be filled with dussions and dussions of these kinds of matches, every, single, week. (Get the CRL exclusive membership for more content, green room and so much more...) So ultimately: ”The skill in the new mode DeckChallanger, lies not perhaps in knowing a small amount of certain decks in the current meta very well, but rather in adaption to the situation, and therefore a good pro has to be very diverse and versatile - and good at finding creative ways to surprise and outsmart his opponents in real time gameplay: —> in order to dominante in Deckchallanger 2020” //Cheers again! ​ Second and last "quick" P.S To supercell: Please add this as soon as possible to the game - if you decide to go for it. Start with just a launch of a <<casual gamemode, standard at only lv 9>> that has no ladder. Let us taste the game mode. Let us give you guys feedback. [Just a Casual - then it will require less work for you guys to let us try it out.] If you, SC, already here start to see a noticeable increase of pass royales being bought, put the stakes ever higher on creating a separate ladder for this mode - to create a competitive feel. That's when the money will start to pour in. ​ Trust me ​ Who am I? Winner in Halland county Sweden for being the best innovator the year 2019-2020 within the global young entrepreneurial organization JA Worldwide: Sweden. For reference: Sweden's population is roughly 10 000 000 citizens. (I innovated a theoretically proven to be working - solution to suspend a Spherical/Globeshaped tire for a wide variety of use cases within the global transportation industry with magnetic levitation and many other smart solutions - and then conceptualized a business idea, design marketing oand a plan to find investors… (still working on that company, doing all in my power to reach out to more investors for the best deal to my startup) ) And receiver of “E-max stipendium” , for being picked out as one of the 100 most innovative, entrepreneurial, impactful and creative senior-year highschool students in all of Sweden the year 2019 - 2020. (I have graduated now) This is what I do. And Clash Royale deserves it. I want no money, just my god damn beautiful beloved game to reach its maximum potential, in a sustainable and healthy way; For both the players and its company developer. ​ (Why do I tell this down here? This late?) \sidenote** If this post has gotten upvoted to reach high in the feed, it means that I have made it there in a fair and honorable way, just like anyone else that is anonymous on reddit. I presented my idea only, and captured the reader's attention all the way down here. I don't think it is relevant to know who I am, if my idea and concept doesn't speak for itself - of how frickin good it is. That way, you guys get more critical to the idea (Anyone could have uploaded this) - but when you sit there, have read it all, trying to be critical but you can't really find a weak spot Bam. Then this guy is not just some random kido - this guy deserves a bit of respect. \sidenote finished** ​ From your neighbour, country Sweden. //Cheers! - for the billionth time... Nils Bjerger, Halmstad, Halland, Sweden ​ AND REDDIT: TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK. ​ bye ​ ​ ​ But… not just yet. Hehe (A lot of text down here for supercell, or anyone else that is interested in business, future technology and innovation) note this supercell: The idea and concept of DeckChallanger, is only one of the many Ideas <<I have>> for Clash Royale. However… This is the only one you will get for free. And - this is not even the best one, this is just the one with the most: favorable effect on the game, in the ratio of: The need of money, work and energy to go from concept to practically working - in ratio to - The effect the finished concept has on the game. This concept has the highest ratio in that aspect amongst my other ideas and concepts for CR. Other than this concept - I have multiple ideas and visions for how we could completely change the general view of what Clash Royale is, and what it could become in the future… If you decide to work on this game mode, launch it, and then notice the significant increase in Pass Royale purchases not only the first month, but keeps at a constant high throughout many months - <<that I am already now predicting here, right now in may 30th, 2020>> Hit me up. If one of my ideas made you that much money, just imagine how much money you would make if you got all of my ideas: Both the Best ones, the more Huge ones and the Smaller ones. Try imagine what is inside my head, if this idea, the DeckChallanger, made you that much money By Itself. Therefore it might be smart to get my contact information right now already, if you guys decide to go for my concept gamemode. I wouldn't be offering this to just any game. I only want to do this with Clash Royale, because this game is the only game I truly love, and have really deep knowledge in. After many years of playing with the innovative thinking process I have - I have not been able, to not, start developing ideas for the game. They have just appeared naturally. So, if you decide to hit me up, what would I want in return? **I tell you that in my other post** So. That why I´m going to tease my <<other>> top 2 ideas: ** They did not fit in this post. Go to my profile to see the other one (New account so I will only have two posts)** Let's make a clear structure for the vision of for when new gamemodes gets added to the game, and what purpose they would be serving: LADDER - The main mode. Play all day, choose your deck - but levels are unfair You need a method to get more resources to upgrade your cards... - Beneath this main gamemode, there are other gamemodes to be played along side ladder, that when played - gives you resources - to upgrade the cards for the main mode: Ladder Therefore since Ladder already is unfair - why ALWAYS make <<close to all>> of the gamemodes supporting the main mode: ladder - also level dependent? - The list of supporting game modes: Clanwars Classic and Grand challenges (If we had tickets in chests, that would be nice.) Special challenges Global tournaments - My idea is to <<add>> in game modes in this category, with the focus on Fair Play, and a Freedom to the player. The gamemode then offers a free version of its brilliance: And then it is up to the player if they want more → get a pass royale. That moral works fine with any human being that I have ever met. This way, haters probably gonna say: “AHH, YOU ARE ONLY ADDING NEW STUFF FOR THE PAYING PLAYERS. AND THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE A FREE TO PLAY GAME?!” But you can calmly respond with the obvious argument: “So <<adding>> the gamemode that gives you 5 free daily matches, and a bank of max 10 - is not free content? Isn't that <<more content>> that gets added to the game, in the supporting category to ladder - the main mode - to get more resources - to upgrade your cards? Think about that. Anyway: The category could look like this, If my ideas were added: DeckChalllanger, bracket king tower level dependent seasonal leagues A new Clan Wars system (This should still be completely free tho, only new modes get the new business model I am describing) [Idea 3] [Idea 4] [Idea 5] ….. And so on. (And don't forget my tease for the ESPORT side of Clash Royale…) (other post) That is the direction I would want to be taking this game. Clash Royale has a business model that is out of date in the free to play gaming-world, today. But it is not too late. Clash Royale is a beautiful game with huge potential, now after 4 in game years of development - A FRICKIN MASTERPIECE - and is more than possible to completely turn around and generate huge streams of income again/even more than before All you need. Are the right ideas. Not the bad ones, not the average ones, not even the good ones: But the necessary ones. * * Remember one thing from this. This crazy, but passionate guy <<knows how to>> completely reimagine the definition of what Clash Royale is and its status from all over the world, and throughout all gaming-industries. The potential you can't see - I not only see, but know is there. You could also at the same time get a stake in the potential future world leading company of autonomy, delivering spherical wheels to the whole GLOBAL mobility market, in monopoly (Only we have the new technology, we develop it highly confidentially) for the first few years: just by hitting me up. Only remember that when you are on the cusp of ignoring this offer. That's all I ask for, along with you testing this gamemode out with your developers: For the sake of everyone out there in our world: that absolutely loves Clash Royale. And the gamemode… You're gonna absolutely love it. ​ Also: Watch this advertisement from Supercell, and think about my tease for the future of CRL esport https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Jdp_dkduJc (You will look at it - from a whole new perspective…) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FBRWUwm0_gY And finish things off with this one above. Now you get the idea, so take that imagination, and look at this CRL 2020 spring first episode. Fast forward the first 5 minutes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8tkqWCto7yg Do you guys see how polished CRL has become now? How it feels, like <<a real not esport, **but even a pure SPORT**\>>? (Despite the corona pandemic that took away the studio the casters are in, and the OGN arena. The feel of CRL is there, ands it’s real) Then imagine that (The beautiful 3D environment graphics and special effects) with the [number 1 and number 2] problems solved (that I presented earlier), and combine that version of how CR is played (for example DeckChallanger) - with the excellent format CRL now has developed, to be a real established esport that feels totally REAL, although it is all virtual. It is all about perspective. To open your eyes. To start dreaming. ​ Bye Kind regards: Nils Bjerger submitted by /u/Buff-Executioner [link] [comments]View the full article
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