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Found 8 results

  1. The most basic and Vanilla of all modes, yet one of the most fun: 1v1 casual match. 4 years of CR and we still don't have it. Now, there should be an option to battle matching trophies or pure unranked. Also, there should be a toggleable option to play with all cards on tourney standard. Pros: Enjoy core CR gameplay without the pressure of trophies or limited tries. Try any deck you want with no backlash(Taking first point into account, a lot of creative decks might be witnessed). Test out new cards without the sloppy training camp trainers. Let friends/etc enjoy basic CR without messing your progress. Clanmates aren't always online for friendly 1v1s; some random dude across the world is. Face off all sorts of wierd combos(goes along point 2). Actually get crowns(which friendlies don't give). Good place for warmup before ladder/challenge. A place to practice without consequences. Cons: People may not want to battle, tourney, or challenges anymore. (They will though, since trophies measure your skill in easy number form, and all three give rewards.) And honestly, the cons seem to highlight how good the mode is, rather than downgrade it. It wouldn't be to hard to implement, seeing as we already have battle mode. Just remove cups and add two toggleable matchmaking parameters. Tbh, I'd love a mode like this, not to mention this isn't some hardcore original idea. Also, it'd be nice if SC implemented this in recent update. What d'ya think? submitted by /u/Arc_7 [link] [comments]View the full article
  2. Hello, Sugar Free is a Casual clan looking to grow while also having fun. Three friends didn’t really like the clan that we were in so we are trying to start our own. Open to all experience levels. No bullying or harassment. Active donations and War (when we get there).
  3. Greetings! If you're someone who likes clan wars and looking for a laid back clan, you could consider joining LCN. Our rules: - English chat, No spam - Have fun but be respectful. - Donate and request actively. - Do your share for the clan wars. - No special treatment for secondary accounts. - If you have attended 10 wars in a row, you can request promotion to Elder. There is no emphasis on trophy levels. The limit is set to 4600 to avoid inactives. It's an old clan that's been up since the soft launch. We appreciate everyone contributing to the clan chest, and anyone can earn elder by being consistent and considerate! Thanks for reading and feel free to ask questions
  4. Hey guys, We wanted to give you a bit of a small update on what we have been up to the past few weeks and also the chance for a bit of a casual AMA with myself and u/Supercell-Seth. We'll be checking this thread over the next few days and answering some questions! --- This weekend We brought back Legendaray's awesome Infinite Elixir Challenge for a bit of goofy 20 win Challenge fun over the weekend alongside the more serious Global Tournament. We will also be adding 7x Elixir to Party rotation starting next Season We have the awesome community run No Tilt Worlds semi-finals! Content creators will be holding more tournaments over the weekend to give away the Exclusive 4th Birthday Emote Seasons We're finishing up the last bits of testing this week for the Heal change & the rest of the Season. We're giving away more Gold than any other Season in Season 10 Finally a Magic Archer Emote! Balance changes are currently being finalized for May, and Seth has been throwing out some weird and wonderful ideas (Wizard to 4 Elixir?!) that we've been playing around with The next update We're still hard at work on the next big update (the one we teased in TV Royale last month) and are having a lot of fun developing it. Things are moving very quickly! We are keeping a lot of the development under wraps but will be looking forward to sharing more info with you when the time is right. --- On behalf of the Royale team, I hope you're all staying safe and taking care of yourselves! See you in the comments! Drew submitted by /u/Supercell_Drew [link] [comments]View the full article
  5. We are looking for active members for clan war. We do not have a donation requirement as long as its not 0. We are friendly/casual and dont take the game too seriously.

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