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Found 104 results

  1. submitted by /u/Elliot2308 [link] [comments] View the full article
  2. submitted by /u/Phage_YT [link] [comments] View the full article
  3. submitted by /u/Waluigi_Boi [link] [comments] View the full article
  4. submitted by /u/Kermanium294 [link] [comments] View the full article
  5. submitted by /u/kinglu98 [link] [comments] View the full article
  6. Submitted By: Soul Crusher Watch Now: So those Balance Changes huh?.. End of Season Ladder
  7. submitted by /u/PokerFace567 [link] [comments] View the full article
  8. Submitted By: Soul Crusher Watch Now: Broken Balance Changes August 2020
  9. Here are my fears for next seasons meta. Any ideas of yours are welcome in the comments. DOMINANT DECKS Here are the decks that I fear will be dominant. Splashyard Yes. Splashyard is coming back. I can only image the defensive monstrosity that Splashyard will be. Bowler, ice wiz, barb hut, and more. This deck will be absolutely atrocious to play against. Elixir Golem The nerf of rocket will lower it’s use rates, eliminating one of egolems hard counters. This is purely a guess, but egolem might see a huge surge in usage next season. Log bait The name says it all. With log getting 2 nerfs at the same time, log bait is going to do better than it has the last few seasons. Double barrel will be especially prominent. Decks with more than 2 spells, which hard counter log bait, will also become less prevalent. Lavahound Again, this is purely speculation. I feel like lavahound will be stronger simply because decks that counter it will be falling out of the meta. Megaknight Card level boost. Maybe not seen so much in top ladder, but will be super popular next season. 3M+Royale hogs The most prevalent 3M deck doesn’t even use spells. Every other deck receiving a slight nerf will only make this deck stronger. Piggies will also be slightly buffed with the spell nerf. DECKS THAT WILL DIE Yea a lot of decks are going to die this season. Mortar Mortar relies heavily on log/fireball/miner chip. Mortar is already not the strongest deck. It has been indirectly nerfed several times and this might be the last one it can take. Balloon Cycle Another archetype that has been getting nerfed to oblivion. Balloon has always relied on miner chip. I myself have spent the past 2 months maxing a balloon deck, only to find that 5 of the 8 cards are getting nerfed. Snowball, log, and Royale delivery are all popular with balloon. Bats are as well. Balloon has been out of the meta for a long time. This is going to make its recovery difficult. 2.6 Hog Cycle Another deck that relies heavily on spell chip to win. 2.6 players are lucky to get more than 7-8 hog hits per game. It’s already been on the weaker side for a while. This slight nerf could push it out of the meta. Miner poison Or any miner chip deck for that matter. I understand the need for consistency, but miner is going to die. The miner nerf was unfair. Wanna rant about your deck dying? Let loose in the comments. Thanks for reading my post! Feel free to ask me anything! submitted by /u/ELIte3907 [link] [comments]View the full article
  10. submitted by /u/Pooria-P [link] [comments] View the full article
  11. INTRODUCTION Hello everyone, J.Corby here. And it’s that time of month again. Where I look at the Season data given to us and explain what it all actually means, imo. Today we are looking at Season 14: Prepare for War! We have new Season Changes, Balances Changes, and the likely date of the Big August Update. But, I am kinda... disappointed with what we got this Season. It had a lot of unused Potential, even if the Big August Update was not coming in early August. Let me explain what I mean. PART 1: SEASON CHANGES • ~Emotes, Tower Skin, and Challenges~: • ~Emotes~: These new Emotes are... concerning to say the least. The Pass Exclusive Emote is an Archer gracefully shooting an arrow, not bad, but not good. And then the other 2 Emotes you can get from the Shop (Firecracker Hood Up and Archer cleaning the ”arrow” Tip) are just kinda meh to me, not even one of them as a Challenge Reward either like in past Seasons. And the reason why I say these are “concerning” is because the new art style and more smooth motion are different to the older Emotes like the OG King Emotes, or hell even the Season 7 Firecracker Emote is fine compared to this. I know this is a nitpick, but I love the simplicity of how the Emotes look, they don’t need to have a different art style or feel more smooth, they just need to express the intended emotion with characters we like (Some of those intended emotions might cause controversy in the community, but that’s for another discussion, maybe a post for another day). Overall they are on the lower end in my opinion, but at least the Archer/Firecrackers out there got some love. • ~Tower Skin~: And now to have a 180 here; this skin is actually really good in my opinion! It’s based of the Mega Knight are we are back in Legendary Arena... again (we all know base Legendary Arena is cool, but for the third time? Just get rid of Season Arenas and decorate the Legendary Arena to match the Theme). I like the helmet being the focus in the front of the King Tower and how it’s just like a massive armored tower. Is it as good as Season 3’s Tower Skin? Probably on par to me, maybe a little less good. Great job here if you as me. • ~Challenges~: I am interested in this set of Challenges, very interested. All of these have a title of ”Master the Deck” followed by lines of either Beatdown/Bridge Spam/Siege and Air/Tower Damage/High Damage. All I know is that it’s to “level up our Cards for Clan Wars 2.0”, so are these like Training Camp Challenged where we face the trainer while we both use a Deck that’s Beatdown/Siege/etc.? Whatever it is, it’s going to help us boost our Card levels so that’s good. Definitely need to wait and see here folks PART 2: BALANCE CHANGES • ~Bower~: Sight Range Nerfed to 4.8(?!) Tiles from 6.0 Tiles, Projectile Distanced Buffed to 7.5 Tiles from 6.0 Tiles, HP Buffed to 1724 from 1596 Out of all the changes, this is the only one I really like. The Bowler’s Boulder can now finally hit a Firecracker while she is shooting (R.I.P Firecracker) and he overall hits things that are farther away now, AND he has more HP, allowing him to survive longer to counterattack in pushes. The one thing I’m concerned about is the Sight Range. All Troops that are Ranged (if they have more than 4.0 Tile Range) will always have a sight range of +1 of their Base Range (some outliners like Sparky and Archers that should be fixed, but still). What this does is make Bowler’s Sight Range his Base Range, which May cause issues with targeting. And why 4.8?! If not rounded up to 5.0 Tiles, why that? It’s inconsistent. I do overall like the change since it fixes his issues with other Cards, but it’s a funky change for this funky purple dude. • ~Royal Recruit~: Damage Buffed to 111 from 101 A Simple buff for arguably the most Simple Card in the Game. They can now one shot Spear Goblins... that’s about it. While the new DPS buff is nice when defending, if Supercell wants Royal Recruits to be viable (they said multiple times they don’t want them too because they are problematic), then they need WAY more than just small Stat changes. They need a full on rework or even just to be deleted/replaced if they are that problematic. This change won’t do that much, but it’s something • ~Royal Delivery~: Knockback Removed Wow... I know the Card was extremely Strong, but it did not need THIS much of a nerf! What this does is basically make it unable to reset Cards like Inferno Dragon, Hog Rider, etc., making it to where they overall will get more Damage off than before. They did not Even do anything to make up for it besides the Royal Recruit buff that carries over. I think I get why they got rid of it: “Damage is good, Radius is good, we want the timer to be long for “skill plays”, so let’s just get rid of Knockback!” While those are “valid” arguments, the Knockback was very important for a Card like this to make it work. I guess we have to see if it will still be in the Meta with this change • ~The Log~: Roll Distance Nerfed to 10.1 Tiles from 11.1 Tiles Ouch, that’s gotta hurt for the woody guy. Wait, would a lot feel pain? They can cry and get mad, but would they feel pain? Anyways, this Nerf is big! You now have to Roll the Log exactly at the Bridge to get ANY Crown Tower Damage off, let alone it being not as rewarding now (more in that later). It also makes it less effective at handling Bait when the spam both Princess and Goblin Barrel, The Log just barely misses the Princess now! While most interactions remain the same and it will still be Viable, I think this Nerf might be a little much. • ~Bats~: Hitspeed Nerfed to 1.3 Seconds from 1.1 Seconds The Bats’ jaws are getting heavier and heavier, this they hit slower and slower. By itself, this change would not be that bad because they still have great DPS for their Elixir. But when they buff/nerf Hitspeed, they ALMOST ALWAYS buff/nerf their First Hitspeed... I think you know where this is headed. Changing the First Hitspeed of a Card can make or break them, and this is going to be a massive nerf to them being played reactively, which is not good. It’s like what happened when they nerfed Magic Archer’s First Hitspeed years ago, he was really bad, and now Bats might be in the same spot. Looks like I’m going to probably switch Bats for Minions in my deck. • ~Miner~: Crown Tower Damage Nerfed to 48 from 56 And I thought that Bats got one of the worst Nerfs. This change has the potential of completely killing off Chip Cycle with Miner, forcing you to run other Cards to even consider using this Card on offense. I personally thought that after initial nerf, he would be Fine, or at the very least make it 33%. But now, I fear Miner actually might not be as Meta as he is now. Let’s just hope he still is used in Giant Triple Spell or Miner Wall Breakers Decks. But wait, if Miner’s Crown Tower Damage got nerfed, then does that mea- ~Spells with Crown Tower Damage (Tornado and Earthquake excluded)~: Crown Tower Damage Nerfed to 30% from 35% I spoke too soon, THIS is the worst nerf of the Balance Changes. While Spell Cycling is very annoying and frustrating to deal with (looking at you, Ice-Bow), this nerf is way too much to me. Freeze deals 29 from 34 Damage, Zap and Snowball deal 48 from 56, Log deals 72 from 84, Arrows deal 93 from 108, Fireball deals 172 from 201, Poison deals 184 from 216, Lightning deals 264 from 307, and Rocket deals 370 from 426! I hate this change with a passion, and only because it is TOO MUCH of a nerf. The main issue was ROCKET dealing too much Damage to Crown Towers (because of Ice-Bow), but if they nerfed the Base Damage, interactions might change too much. So they decided to do a massive Crown Tower Nerf to all Spells because it is still technically an issue in the game. I don’t get why the Nerfed it so Hard however, why not make it 33% to “match” how much Damage Earthquake deals to Crown Towers. Change Spells (and Miner) to work like Earthquake: where their Base Damage and a different type of Damage (in this case, Building Damage) is the Same as the Base Damage, but make the other type of Damage (in this case, Crown Tower Damage) an actual Number and not a percentage of the Base Damage (even if it technically is a Percentage of the Base Damage, like how Earthquake deals 33% of its Building Damage to Crown Towers and Troops, even when it’s not classified as “Crown Tower Damage”). But that’s not all! They make Tornado an exception to the rule... WHY?! I know that Tornado is a wacky Card that might still need fixing, but that does not mean it gets a free pass on Standardization like Crown Tower Damage. This set of Changes is going to change the game the most, and it may hinder Spell Cycling, it might a little too much to me and other players. PART 3: THE BIG AUGUST UPDATE • It’s sad to say this, but it’s implied that the Big August Update is coming in middle to even late August, not August 3rd like Season 14. While this is understandable since they just got back from their mandatory Vacation and might need to finalize some details, I am very worried about this update. From what we seen, with the new Clan Wars and stuff, I don’t think this Update will be worth the 6-13 Month wait for a new Content Update. Unless they are hiding a lot, and I mean A LOT of other changes to boost Progression, fix Inconsistencies and more, don’t think this Update will meet the massive expectations it has. I really do hope the best for this Game, it has given me so many fun memories over my 4+ years of playing it, but even I am losing patience here. Seth and Drew, if you are seeing this post, please tell us that you at the very least understand the concerns that I and many others feel about this Season and Future of Clash Royale. We know that it can and deserves better. CLOSING So, what do you think? Think I am being a bit too nit picky here, or are my thoughts justified? Do you like the Season and Balance Changes? Do you think the Big August Update is going to be a Success? What do YOU want to see in Clash Royale? Let me know down below. Clash on everyone! submitted by /u/JCorby17 [link] [comments]View the full article
  12. Submitted By: Soul Crusher Watch Now: Season 14 QUICK Stats & Facts (& Balance Changes) | Clash Royale
  13. Personally, I am very excited with the balance changes. I feel like Supercell has taken a giant step in the right direction by focusing more on the game as a whole and less on each card as an individual card. Bowler: While I don’t think bowler is a viable card still, this buff will make him an interesting replacement for magic archer in some decks. Excited to try him out Spells/Miner: This one has felt long overdue. I’m sure many will complain about the holy miner being changed, but we all (most of us atleast) can agree that playing miner/cycle or spell/cycle is simply not fun. This change feels less about how each card interacts and more about making the game what it should be: enjoyable for all. Log: the only main difference here is defensive. If opponent has a princess at the bridge, and the also gob barrel, a single log won’t counter at the tower and over the bridge. Makes sense to me. Recruits: they one hit spear goblins. About damn time. Delivery: I refuse to use delivery, I have it level 2 on accident. Skipping as I feel like this card didn’t need to be added in the first place as it takes away from arrows and/or barb barrel. I am surprised we didn’t see any changes to healer or heal spirit, as they tend to be complained about a lot on this sub. I can’t personally say I think they need major reworks, but we should get stats on heal spirit?? And I do think healer’s passive healing could be nerfed a little or removed completely. What are your thoughts? are these changes what the game needs or will these promote a worse meta in the end? submitted by /u/Ryanrockz2000 [link] [comments]View the full article
  14. Killed mortar bait submitted by /u/Benji8668 [link] [comments]View the full article
  15. Submitted By: Soul Crusher Watch Now: BIG BALANCE CHANGES | ALL SPELLS NERFED!
  16. Check out the balance changes coming to Season 14! These changes go live in-game on Tuesday, 4th August. --- BOWLER (REWORK) Sight Range -20% Projectile Range +25% Hitpoints +8% WHY? The idea behind this rework is to make Bowler a bit more viable in offense, while keeping his defensive potential strong enough. Now he can reach the opponent’s Princess Tower right after crossing the bridge, but he has to be a bit closer to enemies to score a strike! --- SPELL CROWN TOWER DAMAGE REDUCTION The following Spells now deal 30% of their total Damage to Crown Towers (Crown Tower Damage) instead of 35%: Arrows Giant Snowball Fireball Freeze Lightning Poison Rocket The Log Zap ABOVE SPELLS Crown Tower Damage 35% > 30% --- MINER Crown Tower Damage 35% > 30% WHY? Spells have been the most popular and effective cards in the game since time immemorial. While we think it’s cool for spells to have really healthy use rates, they provide a bit too much value if used to destroy a Troop next to the opponent’s tower. This, coupled with the creation of sometimes stale and frustrating ‘Spell Cycle’ strategies, sees them get a slight reduction to Crown Tower Damage this Season. Miner is often used for his Crown Tower Damage which was recently reduced to be in-line with Spells. Keeping with this thinking, Miner has also been affected by this change. --- ROYAL RECRUITS Damage +8% WHY? Now these clumsy inexperienced fellas can destroy Spear Goblins with 1 hit. --- BATS Hit speed 1.1sec > 1.3sec (slower Damage Per Second) WHY? Cheap. Fast. High DPS. Bats have been one of the most used cards for a long time and maybe it’s because they give just a little bit too much value for 2 Elixir. --- THE LOG Projectile Range -9% WHY? Like Bats, The Log has been a strong leader in Challenge use rate, putting it far ahead of any other card. Even though we don’t want to touch one of the few Legendary spells in the game too much, we thought it would make sense to up it’s skill-cap slightly. Now in order to hit the opponent’s tower the log should be deployed on the very top row of tiles. --- ROYAL DELIVERY Knockback removed Royal Recruit damage +8% (the same buff for the Royal Recruits card) WHY? Royal Delivery has been a jack of all trades. It hits both ground and air, deals significant Damage, spawns a defensive Troop AND re-targets many Troops with its Knockback. Since the Royal Recruit inside is getting a Damage buff, we think it’s the right time to make Royal Delivery less of an answer to every kind of push. --- Season 14 starts on Monday 3rd August and the balance changes go live on Tuesday August 4th. Let us know what you think about these changes below! submitted by /u/Supercell_Drew [link] [comments]View the full article
  17. submitted by /u/smlbiobot [link] [comments] View the full article
  18. Heal Spirit HP Nerf Can't reach towers solo anymore. Now dies to small spells instantly. Knight Hit speed nerf Evidence of it in the past of it being bad with lower HP, so now it is just worse at killing tanks. Royal Delivery Another damage nerf (on initial deploy) Takes one more swing to kill enemies. Earthquake Hit speed slowdown is back but not as strong Card tanked after it was removed, would be tolerable in-between. Tombstone HP Buff Doesn't die to Earthquake on initial deployment. You now need to wait like 5 seconds if you want to kill the skeletons that spawn afterward. Changes I don't think will happen but should: Witch Skeleton spawns are staggered Harder to spell predict. Royal Recruits Small HP buff Survives one more princess tower shot (allows another swing on tower when ignored). Also affects Royal Delivery. Barbarian Barrel Increased deploy delay Makes it easier to catch and defend. Also one less swing on tower. Bats Spawns in a tighter circle Makes it harder to surround a card and easier for splash troops to hit. Graveyard Greater first swing delay Now fully countered by poison. Spawn no longer random Always does same amount of damage on tower. My monthly rework: Wizard Elixir cost to four As an alternative to Musketeer and Magic Archer, it makes sense that it should be the same elixir cost as the alternatives. Damage and hit speed nerf (still one shots minions). Adjusted so it does not outperform cards like Baby Dragon/Skeleton Dragons. Health nerfed to magic archer level. Splash cards are scary when you can't kill them, so being able to die to some small spell combos and large spells is crucial. ​ Tell me what you would change, I want to know! submitted by /u/shmike_1 [link] [comments]View the full article
  19. submitted by /u/LotsOfLogan49 [link] [comments] View the full article

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