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  1. • Hello Everyone, JC here. And today is probably one of the most conflicted feeling days I ever felt in my life. Part of me is very hopeful and excited for the Big Should have been June July Update coming, with seemingly a MASSIVE Clan Wars Rework, lots of QoL changes, and actual Lore?! But that is for next Season, or maybe the next one, sadly. For this Season however, we have A New Card, Season and Balance Changes, and the future of Clash Royale to discuss. Let’s get to it then, shall we? PART 1: SKELETON DRAGONS • For being a pair of dead Dragons which are somehow inside the Prince’s Wet Dream Paradise, I was expecting a little more. Though they do act as a real substitute for Baby Dragon in some niche scenarios, they are not as viable as you think they would be. Here’s why: 1) Their Splash Radius and HP is so small that being split is a hindrance their versatility and viability (except for Fireball Bait, more on that later). Together, it’s basically a slightly less HP Baby Dragon with double the DPS, which is cool. But when Split (or on defense in general), they have minimal to no defensive play due to how frail they are, how their DPS is average, and how their Splash Radius is the Second smallest in the game (After Hunter, Firecracker, and Technically Magic Archer at ~0.3 Tiles) at 0.5 Tiles. Thy just don’t have the stats to back up using them unless it’s in Fireball Bait (which is already getting a big Buff because of 3 Muskies, but more on them later), which is solid on the meta now. Who knows though, maybe they are better than we think, so we have to wait and see with these flying pile of bones. 2) What we can’t ignore however is how un-creative the design is of the Card. To quote Seth himself in the most recent TV Royale, he said that “An easy way to think of Skeleton Dragons is for 4 Cost, you are getting a Baby Dragon cut in Half”. And looking at the gameplay, it’s true. When played together, it’s basically a Baby Dragon with Less HP and Double the DPS. I get it, they are working really hard on the Big Should have been June July Update, but they could have been at least a tiny bit more unique. Like, respawing after 5-10 seconds after death if thier “Bone Pile” is not destroyed or something. They just lack the uniqueness and stats to have their own role (again, except in Fireball Bait Decks) • As I said before, besides being a substitute For Baby Dragon in some niche Decks, I’m not sure if this Card will be Viable or just even Okay. We have to wait and see though. I have to admit, however, that I like the inspiration for the Card. They said that they Combined the mechanics of a Beta Minion (Troop from Clash of Clans that had more Range than a Minion) with the Design of the old Skeleton Dragon. But now is not the time to talk about Card Ideas, now it’s time to talk about Balance Changes! PART 2: BALANCE CHANGES • ~Prince~: HP Buffed From 1615 to 1664: Of course the narcissistic Prince Andrew (the canon name of him, like how the Fishermen is named Maurice. Hope he gets his confirmed buff someday) would make himself stronger when inside his own dream. Besides the point, this is a good buff. It will make him more versatile as a Mini Tank and Offesive Tank Killer just by a tiny bit. I personally wouldn’t have buffed him this way, but that’s fine. I do think it will increase use and win rates slightly, but not by much. Solid change. • ~Royal Delivery~: Damage Nerfed from 402 to 362): Another Solid Change on Supercell’s end. To think that one Damage buff can make something so slow and weak become something so strong and downright broken at times! While I personally feel it still should spawn faster with some other changes, I think that this a good nerf to balance it out, but just make the damage 360 to be a little more consistent and it will be absolutely perfect. Good job Supercell! • ~Earthquake~: Reworked Slowness Effect by 35% into a “Snare” Effect at 50%: This change is... interesting to say the least. One one hand it just makes more sense that it could cause Snare (making only Movement Speed slower by a bigger amount) instead of Slowness (making Movement Speed and Hitspeed slower by a smaller amount), since earthquakes do make you wobbly and make it harder to move, but you can still move your hands, or attack the same as before (technically). But, now this change is weaker against troops and buildings: since troops will likely be placed close enough to opposing Troops to not have to be slowed by the snare effect. Only if the opponent makes a mistake in Troop Placement is where this new change will be useful. Also, it’s inconsistent with Ram Rider’s snare at 85%. This is a good small nerf to Earthquake, but I feel the Percentage/Effect Power will have to be standardized to like 65% and the Cards will get other changes to make up for the buff/nerf. Overall, good yet funky change, will still be viable. • ~Bomb Tower~: Lifetime Nerf from 35 to 25 Seconds: And now for a controversial change. I think that this change is a little too harsh for Bomb Tower, it dies much quicker now even if it’s supposed to be a “Tanky Building”. I do agree that this change does address how defensive it is, but I think it could of been done better. Such as Nerfing Lifetime to 30 Second and to Nerfing HP to 1000/1110 HP, still tanky, but not as much. And the 30 Second lifetime is more consistent with other Buildings. Besides personally disagreeing with the change, it’s a good nerf to hinder its defensive play while still stopping pushes on defense. • ~Staggered Deploy Time Standardization~: All Cards that spawn more than 1 Troop will now have a 0.1 Second Staggered Deploy Time (Excluding Skeletons and Skeleton Army): Now this is getting me excited! In my previous post, I suggest that Supercell is starting to make changes to Standardize Stats in game (with evidence and examples of how they can do it, check it out after this), and I was right! Drew even responded and said that the post was great and they are indeed starting to standardize more stats, he even forwarded it to Seth To see if my Standardizations are balanced! For the changes itself, all Cards that Spawn 2+ Troops got slightly Nerfed, but it’s not that big a deal. The exceptions however are 3 Muskies, Goblin Gang and Minions: 3 Muskies are now basically Meta with this change (From 0.5 Staggered Deploy) whole Goblin Gang and Minions got a nice buff that was not needed but won’t affect much. I love that Supercell is now starting to Standardize Stats, even if it’s 1 at a time, so this is an excellent change. I wonder what stat will be next? PART 3: SEASON CHANGES • Now for the usual stuff in Season Updates, Dream world style. The tower skin is what you expect of a happy dream world with a cloudy aesthetic and some colored highlights. Not the best skin, but it’s nice. The exclusive emote it’s kinda funny and can be used for BM, but it’s nothing special. The Dark Prince is crying because he is not in his own dream world (yet?!), and it’s a solid emote. Lastly, the pony. Just saying, it’s a great emote. It’s simple and it looks good, I like it. PART 4: THE FUTURE OF CLASH ROYALE • And now for the most important part of this Season Analysis: The Future, and it’s not looking too bright for it. With the Update conformed to still be in development, being very likely to come in July at Least but more likely August, it definitely bummed out the fan base a lot and caused a hit in the player base. While I agree with Supercell on making this the best update they can (and how “Vorona Cirus” delayed the), I think that this is long enough. If the update is not out by July or August at the Latest, the game will take an even bigger hit than it has before. I’m worried about the game dying: I love it so much and it’s creative and fun, it does not deserve to die. What it needs to really bring the fan base back (besides a Clan Wars Rework and QoL Changes which are confirmed coming in the AMA/FAQ posted yesterday) is a new Game Mode that’s not “haha, tell and back go spawn spawn” (Spawner Challenges) and more ways of increasing progression without paying a lot of money or being active 24/7. The AMA/FAQ released yesterday by u/Supercell_Drew gives us insight on why they are taking so long on the update, some stuff that’s coming, and is overall a breath of fresh air to finally get some communication coming from the creators of the game we love. Please comment your questions on it, if it gets a lot of upvotes it will be answered it might help our community figure what’s going on behind the scenes of Clash Royale. • ~So there we have it.~ Honeslty, this update is pretty good, for being a major letdown of there being now Big Update coming out now. The Skeleton Dragons, while simple and un-unique, will slightly diversify Deck building and is a viable substitute to Baby Dragon. Balance Changes are soild, just not fully on the Dot. Season Changes are bland-ish, but to be expected. And the Future of Clash Royale May seem dark, but there is always a light ahead of the tunnel; and I think Supercell is making sure we see that light by July-August. Let’s hope for the best! 6.5/10 Update. • Do you guys like the Update? What are your thoughts on the New Card, Balance Changes, Season Changes, and Clash Royale’s Future? What would you like to see in the upcoming Big Update and why? Have a nice day everyone and Clash On! submitted by /u/JCorby17 [link] [comments]View the full article
  2. Anyone have a valid explanation as to why they didn’t nerf bats this month? They have nearly a 25% ladder usage rate and a 33% GC usage rate. With a plus 50% win rate on both. It seems like they have taken over the meta and need adjusted. submitted by /u/sageyban [link] [comments]View the full article
  3. Submitted By: Soul Crusher Watch Now: June 2020 Balance Changes | Earthquake Destroyed? | ALL Nerfs & Buffs
  4. Submitted By: Soul Crusher Watch Now: SEASON 12 BALANCE NEWS - where is the BIG Update?
  5. submitted by /u/Rubix44922 [link] [comments] View the full article
  6. submitted by /u/smlbiobot [link] [comments] View the full article
  7. submitted by /u/RCCHGaming123 [link] [comments] View the full article
  8. So far, this meta has been going pretty good. Almost all decks are viable, however there are some cards that could use some tweaking. I'm going to be pulling all this data from Royale API in the GC's section from the last 7 days ​ Feel free to comment on any of my changes, I'll usually respond. ​ Nerfs ​ Royal Delivery: Radius -17% (3 tiles ---> 2.5) Use Rate: 25%, Win Rate: 56% It's clear this card has become a little TOO useful on defense. It's kind of a defensive crutch right now. The recruit followed by the explosion damage can one shot any fireballies and tank a hit from any heavy hitters such as Sparky or PEKKA By reducing the radius, I think it will be a bit less effective on defense and will increase the skill cap of the card. As of right now, you can place it down and it will demolish anything in its radius as the explosion damage is quite significant. Earthquake: Radius -14% (3.5 tiles --> 3.0) Use Rate: 24%, Win Rate: 53% EQ is a rather interesting card. Before this balance update, it was everywhere to counter all the spawners and Bomb Tower. It was really RPS too. You'd get insane value if the opponent had buildings in their deck, or it'd be a dead card. EQ is clearly a little too versatile as a medium spell after its buff this meta. It's slowly crept its way into several decks in the meta, doing more damage to towers than a fireball now. I think EQ's troop damage should stay as is in order to prevent RPS mechanics. This radius reduction will decrease EQ's ability as a prediction spell and you will likely have to wait and see where the opponent places their building. This will also allow 1-3 buildings to now evade EQ's damage, creating more counterplay to the card. Bomb Tower: HP -10% (1126 --> 1013) Use Rate: 23%, Win Rate: 53% Never thought I'd see the day when I am calling for a Bomb Tower nerf. Bomb Tower had a sudden arrival in the meta as a last ditch attempt to find a counter to the once OP Elixir Golem. At first I thought it would soon go away once Elixir Golem was not OP. But it turned out to be one of the most underrated and slept on card in the entire game. Despite its other building counterpart Goblin Cage being so popular, Bomb Tower has remained supreme as the best and most versatile building in the game. This nerf is just a slight HP nerf affecting some interactions with Hog and Balloon (Balloon + Snowball will be able to one-shot once the Balloon reaches the Bomb Tower, Hog won't need an extra hit on the Bomb Tower in some cases). Bats: Hitspeed +10% (1.2 ---> 1.1) Use Rates: 34%, Win Rate: 54% I think Bats are low-key one of the most slept on broken cards in CR, just like how Tornado was. They provide so much DPS for 2 elixir, they're useful on both offense and defense and can fly. They are the most used card in the game with a pretty high win rate, these are the win and use rates Baby Dragon and Miner had before their nerfs. Despite Zap being the 3rd most used card in the game, Bats still have insanely high use and win rates. I think a slight DPS nerf wouldn't hurt as they would still do a ton of damage and will still get insane value for 2 elixir. ​ Buffs ​ Witch: First Skeleton Spawn +30% (3.5 ---> 2.5) Use Rates: 1%, Win Rate: 11% Ever since her HUGE nerf in November, Witch has proven to be one of the most worthless cards in the game. She simply doesn't provide any value and is a waste of 5 elixir. She is a terrible reactionary card and hopefully this buff to her first skeleton spawn will make her more useful against troops such as Mini PEKKA and Prince which are what she is supposed to counter. I don't see the point of using this card as it's outclassed as a support troop by Night Witch, Musketeer, and Electro Wizard. Cannon: Hitspeed -10% (1.0 ---> 0.9) Use Rates: 1%, Win Rate: 26% Unlike Bomb Tower, Cannon has proven to be one of the worst buildings in the game and is only viable in 2.6 Hog Cycle. This hitspeed buff will make it a low health high DPS building that is able to deal with swarms effectively. Cannon will provide much more value for its cost and will still be a beast against big tanks such as Giant and Golem. ​ Reworks ​ Bowler: Knockback Removed Cost Increased +1 elixir (5 ---> 6) Hitpoints +15% (1596 ---> 1835) Damage +60% (239 ---> 382) Hitspeed +20% (2.5 ---> 2.0) Range +10% (5.0 tiles ---> 5.5) Bowler has been underpowered for a long time and rightfully so. He has an unhealthy continuous knocback mechanic that promotes defensive gameplay. I completely removed this effect and increased his cost while buffing a lot of his stats. He will now have more DPS than a Musk, the same range as an Electro Wizard, and more HP than a Valk. This rework is aimed at creating a powerful support troop that is a beast behind a tank while removing his overly defensive play style . Firecracker: Knockback -25% (2.0 tiles ---> 1.5) Shrapnel Count -20% (5 shrapnel ---> 4) Damage +27% (53 ---> 67) Firecracker has always been annoying card as the opponent can just stack so many of them and if you don't have a big spell or Arrows, they will get infinite value. The reduced knock back will allow for a more enjoyable experience playing against the card and the damage buff combined with the nerf to the shrapnel count will allow her to one shot skeletons and bats while maintaining the same DPS. submitted by /u/Pokerface735 [link] [comments]View the full article
  9. In my opinion, Season 11 balance changes were one of the best of all time. There was definitely a big shake-up in the meta without too much dominance of certain cards, which is a state that should be maintained as long as possible. Here are some suggestions for Season 12 changes, taking into account some dead/underwhelming cards that could use a rework/buff ​ Troops Witch (buff) Hitpoints +6% (696 -> 739) Damage +5% (111 -> 117); DPS 101 -> 106 Major interaction changes: Survives Fireball + Zap/Snowball, single Hunter shot (700 damage at TS) Witch currently holds the lowest winrate in the entire game in challenges (12%) and top ladder (32%), so it's obvious she needs a buff of some sort. Although, I'm not a fan of giving her a faster initial spawn so that she remains consistent with Night Witch. Those two buffs improve certain interactions vs spells and troops with similar health to her (Hunter, Mega Minion and another Witch would die in 1 less shot) ​ Zappies (buff) Initial attack speed 1s -> 0.7s The last rework to Zappies was successful, but not for long (they retrieved their spot in bottom 10 use rate cards in 1-2 months after the changes), so a small buff should help them defend against enemy units without making them too oppressive ​ Bowler (rework) Damage +18% (239 -> 283); DPS 95 -> 113 Hitpoints -10% (1596 -> 1437) Projectile range 6 -> 5 Projectile speed +33% Major interaction changes: One-shots Archers, Firecracker and Wall Breakers Two-shots Barbarians Dies to Rocket + Log It's one of some very underrated, 'sleeper' cards in my opinion that have a lot of potential, but lost a lot of interest or are slightly underwhelming. This rework gives him a lot more firepower, still leaving him vulnerable to counterplay (Prince/Dark Prince, P.E.K.K.A., Mini P.E.K.K.A, air units) but helping him counter cards he's intended to counter - big groups of ground swarms like Barbarians/Royal Hogs ​ Inferno Dragon (rework) Tier 1 damage +17% (30 -> 35); Tier 1 DPS 75 -> 88 Hitpoints -5% (1070 -> 1020) Major interaction changes: Two-shots Skeletons (tier 1) Dies to 4 Mega Minion shots A small rework to allow it 2-shot Skeletons (like Inferno Tower does), taking some of its health in return ​ Fire Spirits (buff) Range 2 -> 2.5 Added staggered deploy (0.15s) Also affected by the changes: Furnace This seemingly small buff helps both Fire Spirits and Furnace, which are both in a miserable spot right now. Range buff makes them consistent with other Spirits, whereas staggered deploy - with other common swarm cards ​ Spells Royal Delivery (nerf) Damage -8% (402 -> 371) Recruit spawns slower Major interaction changes: Doesn't one-shot Bomber It was glad to see Royal Delivery enter the meta as a viable defensive spell. However, it's appeared to be too strong after a buff of this caliber (+27% damage). A partial revert + slower Recruit spawn should help keep it in check ​ Rage (rework/buff) -> Rage Spirit Elixir cost 2 -> 1 Hitpoints: 191 Damage: 91 Range: 2.5 Duration 6-10s -> 4s (static throughout upgrading) Radius 5 -> 4 Also affected by the changes: Lumberjack (Hitpoints +6% [1060 -> 1120]) Major interaction changes (Lumberjack): Survives one Sparky hit Before the nerfs to Mini P.E.K.K.A. and Battle Healer, Lumberjack was seeing a constant decline in use/win rates, having below 35% win rate at some point. Making a 1 elixir Rage Spirit opens up more space for dynamic gameplay and possibility to buff Lumberjack in certain areas, due to him being affected by the duration/radius changes ​ Buildings X-Bow (rework) Hitpoints -6% (1383 -> 1301) Damage +35% (26 -> 35); DPS 104 -> 140 Lifetime 40s -> 30s Major interaction changes: Two-shots Skeletons Total damage output: 4160 -> 4200 Damage output after countering with Rocket: 468 -> 245 This rework is aimed to make X-Bow more offensive, reducing its defensive/stalling potential via lifetime nerf. A health nerf would help defend against it with spells, each allowing the X-Bow to deal 99-223 less damage, which is especially noticeable with Rocket, whereas a damage buff increases its total damage output in shorter time, making it harder to distract with cheap cards like Ice Golem ​ Defensive buildings rebalance Inferno Tower (rework/buff) Elixir cost 5 -> 4 Hitpoints -27% (1452 -> 1061) Tesla (rework/standardization) Lifetime 35s -> 30s EQ damage taken (underground) -67% (204/s -> 68/s) Hitbox radius 0.5 -> 0.6 (matches other defensive buildings) Bomb Tower (nerf) Lifetime 35s -> 30s This standardization is aimed to make all buildings balanced and somehow viable in the meta. Cannon is just fine, because it has its niche in 2.6, although it could use a slight buff in the future. Inferno Tower has usually shown underwhelming stats in challenges, where its win rate was usually under 40% Tesla indirect nerf in March (being affected by Earthquake) was quite controversial and brought up discussions whether it should be damaged while underground or not, so taking 'troop-tier' damage while underground and 'building-tier' damage while up is a happy medium. In return, its lifetime could be decreased and its hitbox radius increased to match other defensive buildings Bomb Tower is the most viable of all 4, so a lifetime nerf (which is quite insignificant) for standardization reasons is enough imo ​ (I haven't taken cards like Fisherman, E-Barbs, Firecracker etc. here, because SC is already keeping an eye on and will tweak them if needed) TL/DR: Buffed cards: Witch, Zappies, Fire Spirits Nerfed cards: Royal Delivery, Bomb Tower Reworked cards: Bowler, Rage (+), Inferno Tower (+), Inferno Dragon, Tesla, X-Bow submitted by /u/Namethatsnotoccupied [link] [comments]View the full article
  10. I felt like this season's changes were mediocre. however, I loved how the changes altered the meta so much. I think, next season, there should also be a big balance change. Barbarian & Goblin Hut HP buff Barbarian Hut 10% HP buff Goblin Hut 5% HP buff Last season was an overkill, and they need to give them a slight hp buff to make them viable. 10% shouldn't make BH annoying, but will boost the usage. Goblin Hut was more OP, so it only gets 5%. I am not buffing furnace because I want to see what they do to fire spirits first, as I know Supercell will deal with furnace somehow. Executioner Rework Projectile range and range both become 5 tiles 30% damage buff hitspeed to 2.5 seconds This is attempting to replicate last years fail of the executioner's rework. This rework will be less drastic. The aim is to allow executioner to better handle support troops behind tank, rather than a splash damage card. Witch Rework skeleton spawn speed buffed to 6 seconds spawns skeletons upon dropping speed changed to fast range to 4 tiles The aim of this rework is to allow the witch to better collaborate with the skeletons. The skeletons will better protect her, and she will fight closer to skeletons. Bomb Tower Nerf 6% damage nerf Nothing major, just to stop bomb tower from being OP. Royal Delivery Nerf Radius to 2.5 tiles He is way to strong right now. This will reduce some of his area damage. submitted by /u/N00BGamerXD [link] [comments]View the full article
  11. submitted by /u/AGAKILLER1129 [link] [comments] View the full article
  12. submitted by /u/TheKingIsBackYo [link] [comments] View the full article
  13. submitted by /u/Reeks-of-war [link] [comments] View the full article
  14. This meta is awesome! So this time around, I wanted to focus on some quality of life changes and reworks and a single potentially dangerous rework. I will use bold italic to underline the important points, but if you want the details of why I changed cards the way I did, you should still read the whole thing. Or hit me with a comment if you want to discuss further, I usually respond. Data from Royaleapi over a relevant period of time. With this said, here are my proposals. Reworks Freeze: Cost reduced to 3 elixir Duration -25% (4sec-->3sec), Radius -0.5 (3-->2.5) Artwork changed to a small bottle (like in Clash of Clans) Usage 1-3%, Win 30-50% Freeze is a very old card in the game. Initially it had a huge radius, a long duration, and no damage. As the game evolved, it became clear that these stalling strategies are not desired. Currently, Freeze's duration and area at max level are a little more than half of what they used to be in the first days of clash, but I still think it has to go down more before it becomes a honorable part of the spells family. This rework is aimed at reducing Freeze's power while also increasing the counterplay. You will be able to more easily space your units out of Freeze's area since its radius will only be the size of Zap. I have been thinking about this idea for a few months, but what sold me on it was the idea of changing the card profile artwork for another nice Clash of Clans consistency. Ice Golem: Damage -45% (70-->38), Death Damage +10% (70-->77) Usage 10-20%, Win 45-55% Ice Golem has the most awful underleveled interaction: it is unable to kill skeletons and bats one level higher. Unlike other such interactions, Ice Golem only dies once and the leftover bats and skeletons need to be fully dealt with. This rework aims to make it so underleveled Ice Golems no longer suffer from this. Ice Golem is a fairly high-skill card that most of the skilled mid-ladder players avoid because of this interaction (5k ladder only uses Ice Golem 7% of the time, compared to top ladder's 26%). With this change, Ice Golem would be an option for more skilled, but underlevelled players, without really buffing or nerfing it or changing its interactions significantly in tournament & max play. Furnace: Lifetime -40% (50sec-->30sec), Spawn time -27% (10sec-->7.5sec), Spawns two fire spirits on death Usage 0%, Win sub-30% Originally, I wanted to buff Fire Spirits in this wishlist, but I held off of them to bring Furnace to the spawners' new design. I made some other changes to Furnace too, here are my thoughts: * Total fire spirits are still 12. * For only 4 elixir, Furnace provides 50sec of stalling. I don't think mid-cost buildings should stay on the arena for that long, so I rebalanced the whole effectiveness of Furnace. This 40% change is not necessarily a nerf since direct damage becomes less effective. * The opponent will have more counterplay options, like placing a unit to counter more waves than before (i.e. The Log now counters two waves). After Furnace settles, we can take a look at how it performs and decide on a buff to Fire Spirits that doesn't result in an overpowered spawner again. Zappies: First attack speed reduced to 0.5sec, Now charge like Sparky Usage 0%, Win sub-30% It just makes so much sense. Zappies have three coils and a hit time exactly half that of Sparky. This change will allow them all to retain their charge instead of randomly turning off and going in sync whenever a target dies. However, stuns now reset them. Zap will be able to sync their attacks up and minimize the stunning. Also, Zappies will start off uncharged and need to load for a full 2sec before they can attack despite their faster first attack speed. Nerfs Bomb Tower: Lifetime -14% (35sec-->30sec) Usage 15-23%, Win 51-55% Bomb Tower is used a lot despite Earthquake blasting the meta recently. It is certainly on the strong side. Nerfing its lifetime to the rather standard 30sec would bring it to a healthier place. This nerf is smaller than it looks since only a fraction of the damage bomb tower receives is from its lifetime and the death bomb, not so related to lifetime, also often brings value. This should net to about a 5% nerf. Graveyard: Skeleton deploy time reduced (0.4sec-->0.5sec) Usage 10-15%, Win 51-56% So you know how when Graveyard spawns a skeleton, it has this little animation where it doesn't move but is vulnerable, right? This animation lasts 0.4 seconds and I am changing it to 0.5 seconds. Graveyard has been deemed way too strong for a while but I don't think it needs a major nerf, so I changed this little thing. The game has a lot of deploy times set at 0.5sec, like Barbarrel's barbarian and Gobcage's brawler, so Graveyard's skeleton spawns will now join those. Other nerfs you might ask me about: Skeleton Barrel: Originally had very high stats and pros would rate it S tier. Now it shows to be just average. Goblin Cage, Earthquake & Royal Delivery: Way too early to react, they might just turn out like Skeleton Barrel. For example, Delivery jumped up from 7% to 20% usage in GC all of a sudden, days after the changes. I make these posts after the first week of the seasons, while the balances are usually set in stone around the 3rd week. Due process is important and shows if action needs to be taken. If Goblin Cage remains so strong in 2 weeks, I would revert the last buff. For Royal Delivery, I would reduce the area of effect. For Earthquake, I would reduce troop & building damage by 5%. Bats & Miner: For the time being, I'm relying on the fact the main Miner Bats deck has Bomb Tower in it, which I nerfed. Bats are more complicated because they are also a unit in Night Witch, but they have been strong for long and might need to be resolved sometime soon. Musketeer: Would've gone for it if it did not affect Three Musketeers. I don't have any great ideas for 3M and I don't think Seth has been doing a good job at handling them either. Royal Hogs, Heal Spirit: These two are very related to the more questionable Earthquake. Wizard: Not gonna repost the 4-elixir idea if the Clash team has considered it and I haven't come up with any designs better than my old ones. Idea posts are supposed to give devs new ideas and change the game, not beat a dead horse. Valkyrie, Mega Knight, Hog Rider: I haven't come up with any good ways to make these three more bearable in mid-ladder while retaining their balanced status in the meta. Tweaks Witch buff: First attack faster (0.7sec-->0.5sec) Usage 1%, Win sub-30% Witch is one of the 3 troops that has such a combination of first attack, hit speed, and projectile speed, that she can launch a projectile before the last one lands. This majorly disrupts her hit speed when she changes targets. I am looking into getting rid of this mechanic for troops entirely. The other two troops with it (Rascal girls and Dart Goblin) are pretty balanced so I left them for later. With Witch being VERY weak, I am giving her this small buff. Her attacks can be delayed by up to about 0.15sec. After buffing her first attack speed by 0.2sec, this will no longer happen. If any of you are confused what this means, it means that Witch has the same thing as Magic Archer two years ago where he would load his shots very slowly against things like Graveyard. It's only a little less extreme. I changed her so this no longer happens. Bandit & Fisherman: Stuns no longer reset their special attack cooldown Bandit: Dash cooldown increased by 0.1sec (0.8sec-->0.9sec) Definitive buff to Fisherman and a re-balance to Bandit. When Mega Knight was released, I found it confusing that Bandit's dash cooldown could be reset by a stun while his jump cooldown could not. Of course, those are different mechanics, but with the shortness of their durations, I don't think stuns have much of a reason to interact with them. Mortar, Firecracker & Hunter change: No longer fire at targets that already died These seem like the only three cards in the game that can fire at "nothing". They do this because their homing attack is pre-determined a split second in advance. You have probably not seen it, but it's possible that you freeze them during this stage, then they would fire at something that died seconds ago. While it looks funny, I think this mechanic needs to be removed as it often affects gameplay while clearly being confusing. This will also fix the rare instances where these cards take too long to initiate an attack. Electro Wizard & Zappies: Inconsistencies fixed The stun effect gets postponned by a frame, meaning that two Electro Wizards or Zappies facing each other will now attack simultaneously and that there will no longer be 1v1 interactions where the stun sometimes preceeds an attack and sometimes does not. submitted by /u/Mew_Pur_Pur [link] [comments]View the full article
  15. Submitted By: Soul Crusher Watch Now: EVERYTHING about HOW the BRAWL SEASON PASS works + Quests + ALL BALANCE CHANGES (May 2020 Update)
  16. My Season 12 Balance Changes Wishlist: Elite Barbarians: First Attack Faster (0.7sec => 0.5sec) Why? : I know this one will get hated a lot but let's be honest here they might be difficult to handle when they are overlevelled but in challenges, they are pretty much useless (they have around 1% use and 15% winrate in Grand Challenge) so in my opinion just a little first attack buff should be good. Witch: Splash Radius increased by +9% (1.1 => 1.2) Why? : Witch sometimes has trouble countering swarms like Minion horde and goblin gang. That doesn't feel right since she is a ranged splasher so i decided a small Splash Radius buff would be good for her increasing the Radius from Dark Prince level to Baby Dragon level. Zappies: Damage increased by +2% (84 => 86) Why? : Zappies can now kill Flying Machine, Musketeer, Wizard, Ice Wizard, Electro Wizard (Archers and Firecrackers at some levels) in one less hit. Royale Delivery: Radius decreased by -16% (3 => 2.5) Why? : In the previous balance update, that damage buff made Royal Delivery number one spell at Top 1000. In my opinion decreasing the Radius Instead of nerfing the damage should put the card in a balanced spot. Magic Archer : First Attack Slower (0.6sec => 0.7sec) Why? : Magic Archer is so versatile in P.E.K.K.A. Bridge spam and Miner Wall Breaker Cycle. I don't want to nerf him much because last time when we had a first Attack nerf he became useless. So these are my requests for the next balance update. Instead of raging on the comments try to be more creative and give me suggestions about what sould i change on the list or you can make your own list aswell thanks for reading (sorry if i have any grammar mistakes). submitted by /u/UgurhanKose [link] [comments]View the full article
  17. So what did the new balances affect? Like theres still a clear meta and things like dragon and goblin huts are still used and are good. The new tornado got more of a buff except against miners. The only thing that is crippled is the healer. submitted by /u/ntplays [link] [comments]View the full article
  18. So this is a very early take on what the meta has shifted towards. Nerfs Balloon Nerf death damage by 20% Balloon is one of those cards that was always strong but no op forsay but now with nado nerfed balloon has been everywhere now. I think the death bomb does too much damage currently taking out half of a wizard or musky health bar. Bomb Tower Nerf Hp by 7% The one card that needed a nerf but didn’t receive one. I will say on defense of the bomb tower it’s keep Royal hogs in check. With this nerf 1 less musky shot to take it down. Graveyard Nerf duration to 8 secs? Graveyard has been very strong the last few metas and it’s hard to tell what exact shape it’s in from the tornado nerf but I’m it looks like it’s still the same power from last season so graveyard needs a nerf of some sort. Xbow Nerf hp by 10% My god after the eq nerf I knew xbow was going to shoot up which is did. 2.9 and ice bow are everywhere right now and it’s very boring to play makes the game stale. So xbow needs to be killed easier or a rework maybe. Buffs currently the same ones from last season. But I’ll try to think of more. submitted by /u/Stantypoo_ [link] [comments]View the full article
  19. Submitted By: Soul Crusher Watch Now: #1 PRO REACTS & PLAYS NEW TORNADO (Full Balance Review)
  20. Submitted By: Soul Crusher Watch Now: Balance Changes for May 2020 | Tornado Rework & ALL Nerfs & Buffs

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