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Found 2 results

  1. I don’t think this game has been updated majorly in about 2 years now since quests. Is this the new normal with them releasing a card randomly and a new skin every month? submitted by /u/NotLiam19 [link] [comments]View the full article
  2. This season has actually been the worst season for me, I sadly tilted from one win away from 6k all the way down to 5600 so I doubt I will be bothering to climb again. Within that tilt, 8 of my 10 matches were against bait/hog cycle decks. These decks have been around for a while now and I am sure I am not the only one who reserves a deep seated hatred for them. 80% of my last 10 matches were similar decks, which for me, does not sit well as I am someone who believes in strong diversity, after all, there are 98 cards to pick from and plenty of combinations out there. Yes, I am aware that ladder is the competitive part of the game (outside of GCs). Whilst I am also aware that once you hit a certain trophy level, you can expect to see similar decks, but what if that wasn't the case? I think this is where the game balancing doesn't do enough. Completely taking the "Pro" side out of the game (as I am speaking as a casual player), the balance team really should take not of the casual scene and not just focus on the competitive scene, as I feel that's where most of their balance reasoning comes from. Not everyone is a Pro player, not everyone want to be a Pro player, so personally I feel alienated and feel that the balance changes are tailored towards them. I could be miles off on that assumption but playing the game I get that feeling. So speaking from a casual players point of view, these are just some changes I would like to see at some point don't the line: Hog Rider. This card is very powerful. 4 elixir card with high health, speed and targets buildings, and iirc, has only ever received 1 nerf which was to its hit speed (someone correct me please if wrong). I think a hit to its hit points or speed wouldn't go amiss. Ice Golem. Now I have a better change idea for this; change its pull range. I am sure I am not the only one who gets frustrated when they see their cards kited across the arena from a mile away by one of these f******. And to me it enables too much power to support troops for just a 2 elixir card to take out your big tanks that chase it. Bomb Tower. This card has surged in popularity (in my eyes), mainly in cycle/bait decks. Card is too strong. It had a lot of health, a long range, does splash damage AND has a death bomb. That is a lot. I would either remove the death damage or reduce the health of it. Skeleton Barrel. I have recently started playing with this and it is insane. Mine isn't even maxed and it puts in so much work. The movement speed buff was a mistake and needs to be toned down. Barb Barrel. Just make so it can kill a princess. That's all. Not archers though, that was a little silly. Barb Hut/Goblin Hut. Remove the spawned units on its death. I don't know why Supercell felt the need to include death units on both of them. Balloon. The balloon is terrifying to see coming down the lane, and it does more damage than a fireball on death (on tower). I think reducing that damage to make it fall in line with that (on tower) would make it a little bit more manageable in the long game. Hunter. I have only used him a few times and always got frustrated when he would go to shoot something and never would. Maybe a slight increase to his hit speed (0.1/0.2) seconds would make him a bit more consistent in dealing with hordes. These are just from what I have noticed from the game from a casual perspective. What have you seen in the game that needs balancing? Either for the good or for the bad? submitted by /u/TehFuzzehSSJ [link] [comments]View the full article

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