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Found 46 results

  1. Today we have the #1 hog player, Yearson, in the channel sharing the traditional 2.6 hog cycle deck that he’s currentl [...] (Feed generated with FetchRSS)View the full article
  2. Submitted By: Soul Crusher Watch Now: HOG 2.6 END SEASON +7800 - CLASH ROYALE
  3. Submitted By: Soul Crusher Watch Now: BEST 2.6 HOG CYCLE PLAYER in the WORLD!
  4. Submitted By: Soul Crusher Watch Now: BEST 2.6 HOG CYCLE DECK in CLASH ROYALE
  5. Hey everyone today I'm sharing this new 2.6 hog cycle deck which is the new and improved version of the traditional cycl [...] (Feed generated with FetchRSS)View the full article
  6. Submitted By: Soul Crusher Watch Now: ALWAYS VIABLE FOR 3+ YEARS! PRO PLAYS w/ 2.6 HOG CYCLE — Clash Royale
  7. Submitted By: Soul Crusher Watch Now: ALWAYS VIABLE FOR 3+ YEARS! PRO PLAYS w/ 2.6 HOG CYCLE — Clash Royale
  8. These are the numbers you are going to face in the 5500-6000 trophy range as a 2.6 Hog Cycle playing 100 games. Link here to see full PDF https://drive.google.com/open?id=1RG34Va9jQRcIE0OApfVR9bFR8pjlG7Gq ​ https://preview.redd.it/z50f65ee01151.png?width=2833&format=png&auto=webp&s=6bec2eea28e8eb240e1d5562c049e81649ed7f27 submitted by /u/HastingsHLL [link] [comments] View the full article
  9. Submitted By: Soul Crusher Watch Now: HOG 2.6 PUSH LADDER +7200 - CLASH ROYALE
  10. I used to play 2.6 hog and was decently good at it, but I played it again and I'm terrible. Not sure if I forgot how to play it or the cards were debuffed in the current meta or something. submitted by /u/DeChosenJuan [link] [comments]View the full article
  11. For 2.6, playing against Graveyard is tough because of the cannon rework a few seasons ago. The cannon's hit speed was reduced to 1.0 from .8 which makes graveyard a harder matchup than it already was. When playing Graveyard it is important to keep up the pressure. The best times to hog is when they are attacking or if you can get a counter push from defending. GY players spend 7-14 elixir in one push so you can hog opposite lane to catch them at low elixir if they don't have a nado. They won't be able to use a spell offensively and you might catch them on low elixir. Save your log and cannon for the graveyard at all times. Not saving these cards for the graveyard will make you lose a lot of tower damage. Separate your musketeer and cannon from each other when defending to avoid a freeze/poison on both of them. Skeletons are susceptible to these spells as well, so keep them separated too. You can either do a 5-0 cannon against a knight and musketeer in the corner for the gy or you can do a high musketeer to kill a baby dragon and a lower cannon to avoid spell value. Keep your skeletons near the edge of the arena for both. You can fireball a Baby Dragon on defense if you want your tower and musketeer to retarget faster onto the graveyard. You can block a tank at the bridge with either an ice spirit, a hog, or an ice golem to prevent your tower from locking onto the tank. Defenses will be much easier if you can block a tank. When spell cycling save your log for the graveyard. So only send a fireball when spell cycling. Graveyard Freeze Graveyard Freeze has matchup advantage of 70:30. In this matchup your opponent does not have a big spell to punish your musketeer, so you can keep playing her in the back or in the middle towards the lane the opponent is attacking. She will also be important to kill the opponent's tanks while defending. You are going to want to protect your musketeer and keep her alive as long as possible because they can't spell her, do this by playing ice golem; ice spirit; and skeletons to protect her. You don't want to use Log because you need to save it for the Graveyard. You can even play a hog to keep her alive if you are clever enough. The only time you should Log is when they freeze for the GY, if they decide not to Freeze or you recognize that they can't you can log the gy. Graveyard Poison Ice Wiz Nado Bombtower has 95:5 matchup against Hog, but the Bombtower Musk variant is a 50:50. These matchups have Poison to kill your musketeer so play her reactively rather than cycling her opposite lane or same lane. The reason why GY Nado BT is so strong is that they can never be out cycled. They will always have a response to your Hog even if you counter push same lane. This is one of the hardest matchups for a 2.6 player. If your opponent has Nado then you shouldn't attack opposite lane because they will nado it to the king tower for 0 hits. Always go same lane against Graveyard Nado and only go same lane if you want to try and counter push after a defense or when blocking a tank at the bridge. Otherwise, your Hog will be shut down every time in the opposite lane. Overall the defense is similar to GY freeze just keep your units separated and keep their poison in mind when playing defense. Giant Graveyard Giant Graveyard has 90:10 matchup against 2.6 because the cannon has to be used for the Giant and not the Gy like usual. Generally, you want to go opposite lane and you want to attack when they are attacking. To defend a bridge Giant GY, put a 4-2 Cannon, play musketeer in the corner for the gy, play skeletons onto the Giant, and log the gy skeletons once they start to group up on the tower. If Musketeer is out of your cycle you are going to have to use ice golem in the Gy and then log. The key to defending a bridge push is to save your cannon and skeletons for the giant and use your musketeer/ice golem to kill the gy skeletons. If they play Giant in the back they are trying to build a gy push. Play Musketeer in the back corner and then play an opposite lane hog. Predict the GY with skeletons, and then use either a 4-3 cannon or a 5-0 cannon if they don't have a big spell. You can cycle to another musk if it gets killed then log the gy skeletons once they group up. The biggest threat is GY, the giant isn't as much of a threat. Focus most on defending the GY rather than the Giant. Tower trading will be better for you because you can pull the Giant out of the two-tower range allowing your tower to shoot the gy skeletons. Thank you u/Pokerface735 for requesting a Graveyard matchup guide. If you have any feedback or something important that I missed feel free to comment down below and I will read them. If you want me to do another guide you can ask in the comments. submitted by /u/Packers34 [link] [comments]View the full article
  12. 2.9 is a difficult matchup to go against when playing 2.6 because they have the same cycle as you. If each player plays perfectly and both play the matchup well, then 2.6 has matchup. If both players are inexperienced or average players, then Xbow has the matchup. In my opinion, the matchup is 50:50 but Xbow will have more room to make mistakes. One or two mistakes with 2.6 and you will lose. The most important thing against Xbow is to get your opponent in your cycle. It is also all about who can get the most value from their spells and who can cycle faster. You can either go with opposite lane Hog riders or you can go same lane and spell cycle their Xbow. Either one is good. Normally Xbow players will try to make a move first. If they don't then they will try to attack after you play your Hog Rider or when your Ice Golem is out of cycle. The easiest way for 2.9 to win is to get a lock onto the tower in single elixir time. If they Xbow when both the Musk and the Hog are out of cycle you may lose the match. Use all of this knowledge to your advantage. Attack Strategy The best time to Hog in single elixir time is when they play Archers in the back. Play Hog and Ice Spirit. If the Hog gets two swings onto the Tesla it will allow you to out-cycle the opponent's Tesla the next time around. You can Hog Opposite lane if they place an offensive Xbow. This prevents them from placing an offensive Tesla and they won't be able to properly defend the Xbow because they will have to spend 4 elixir to defend the Hog. If they split their archers in the back and their Xbow is out of cycle then it is okay to Fireball one archer and the tower you are going for. It is good to be aggressive vs 2.9, but you have to get your opponent into your cycle first. Cycle Logs in the lane you are going for. Cycle aggressive Ice Spirits at the bridge. Defense Strategy Never waste an Ice Golem because that is your best distraction for the Xbow. You can Ice Golem in the back if they have used a defensive Xbow. If they use their Ice Golem in the back you can play your Ice Golem into the same lane in front of your king tower and follow it up with a Musketeer placed 5 tiles from the river in the middle. If the opponent puts down an Xbow defensively always fireball it (You can also Log if you want) even if you can't hit the weaker tower. If it is placed three tiles from the bridge feel free to Musketeer snipe it. If you don't fireball/damage the Xbow then it will get lots of value over time and support the next offensive Xbow. Methods to defend the Xbow: If your opponent plays Xbow Tesla at the bridge they will have 0 elixir. Play an Ice Golem in the Middle in the opposite lane and then Hog opposite lane followed by a log. Next, you can snipe the Xbow with a Musketeer placed 1 tile behind the chain. The Xbow will be targeted onto the Ice Golem, and the Musketeer will be out of the Tesla's range. You can play a Hog Rider onto the Xbow and Log/Fireball. Also, you can choose to Ice Golem Hog if you know they have Tesla. Using the Hog to defend is the best way to stall out the game. It is also the safest way to take out the Xbow. You can also just defend by stalling. Use Ice Golem, then Cannon, then Skeletons, then Ice Spirit, and then Log or Musk/Cannon once you have stalled long enough for elixir. Lastly, you can Fireball and Log the Xbow with the tower while you tank it with an Ice Golem or defend it with a Musk or Cannon. A good Xbow player will try to switch lanes if you continue to do this. Tips If they Xbow and immediately play an Ice Golem, Hog Rider is the best answer to defend the Hog. It is generally better to kill the Xbow with the Cannon if it isn't paired with Archers or a Tesla. If they have either Archers or Tesla it is better to go with a defensive Cannon or Ice Golem to stall the Xbow. Careful when Fireballing an offensive Xbow, the Xbow player will typically Fireball your tower because they see it as a free Fireball for them. But when they do this your Musketeer and the next few Musketeers in cycle will have the potential to get a lot of value. If they fireball your Ice Golem and your Musketeer, drop the Hog onto the Xbow. Always Ice Golem opposite lane of an Xbow so you don't play it into a Tesla or Archers. If the Xbow user drops Xbow Tesla then drop an Ice Golem opposite lane. The opponent will drop Archers next to the Tesla after a few seconds. You should Fireball when they do this. The Musketeer is easily distracted by The Log or other units, try to switch up how you defend the Xbow or this will be used against you. Try to switch up how you place cycle cards to avoid being predictable. If you guys have any other tips for 2.6 against 2.9 (or 2.9 vs 2.6) let me know in the comments. Also if you have any suggestions or any feedback, let me know below. submitted by /u/Packers34 [link] [comments]View the full article
  13. Submitted By: Soul Crusher Watch Now: HOG 2.6 SMALL PUSH LADDER +7000 - CLASH ROYALE
  14. Submitted By: Soul Crusher Watch Now: HOG 2.6 EARLY SEASON PUSH - CLASH ROYALE
  15. submitted by /u/Milo-the-great [link] [comments] View the full article
  16. For all the 2.6 players out there, expert or novice, this is just a random list of essential things I learned intuitively that I wish I knew before I started out. It’s ranked from most to least applicable. Knowing all of this would’ve saved me so much time and frustration. As for my skill level, I pushed to 6.1k last season, my first season with a max 2.6 deck. So in other words, my trophy range has a somewhat equal mix of predictable archetype decks and completely random decks. COUNT CARDS (THIS IS DIFFERENT FROM COUNTING CYCLE) You really only need to do this for one reason: to see if your opponent has a big spell or not. If they don’t have a big spell, you can just cycle musketeers in the back to easily win almost every game. An easy trick if you lose count is that if you see the same card twice, you already know at least five different cards have been played because four cards must be played to cycle back to a card. If all 8 cards have been played and there’s no big spell, cycle those muskies! EASY RISK-FREE WAY TO PRACTICE COUNTING ELIXIR If you really want to become a good player in general, you’ll want to learn how to count elixir. If you’ve done research, you probably already know there’s really only one way, and it’s simple on paper. You just keep track of interactions, (+1 elixir trade, -4 elixir trade), and add that to your own elixir count. It’s really hard to do this in game because there’s pressure of losing, so instead, WATCH YOUR OWN REPLAYS AND COVER YOUR OPPONENT’S CARD DISPLAY AND ELIXIR METER. This will allow you to sufficiently practice counting elixir without risking losing trophies. LEAKING AT THE BEGINNING I know you’re not supposed to leak as a cycle player, but 2.6 is a special case since the typical play at the beginning of each game is to hog at the bridge. If you wait just a few seconds after hitting 10 elixir, chances are, your opponent will make a stupid first play (at least for my trophy range). I know 2.6 is more of a proactive over reactive deck, but for the first interaction you should leak a tiny bit before deciding to hog at the bridge. Doing this can make so many games easier for you later on. STOP COUNTER-PUSHING WITH A SURVIVING MUSKETEER IN SINGLE ELIXIR It always seems like the right thing to do, but you have to remember that musketeer costs more than you think. If you have a partial-health musketeer walking up the lane after defense, chances are, your opponent is only 3 elixir behind at most. This means if you decide to push with a hog in front, they can easily counter it with spells or cycle cards, rendering your push useless, and then you don’t have much elixir to defend. MEGA KNIGHT Probably the card most 2.6 players struggle with, since it seemingly destroys any defense you can throw at it. My #1 tip for beating mega knight is not stupidly playing hog when you know they have mega knight in cycle and have enough elixir. What if you can’t count elixir? Take an educated guess. If not a lot of action is going on in the arena, and hasn’t been for a few seconds because you’re waiting for your elixir to regenerate, chances are, they have enough elixir for mega knight. DON’T KITE IT WITH ICE GOLEM UNLESS IT’S NOT GOING TO JUMP I think a jump does twice as much damage as 2 hits, and you need the mega knight to walk around and hit the ice golem as much as possible. So, if you only have ice golem and musketeer to deal with a right side mega knight, drop ice golem ONE TILE TO THE RIGHT OF THE RIGHT MIDDLE TILE. This will prevent the jump. Also, don't be afraid to make it jump around with ice spirit and skeletons. Jumping is good for stalling. BE CAREFUL ACTIVATING KING TOWER WITH CANNON I have no idea why, but a ton of players loooove to run hog rider with mega knight. Cannon is definitely the easiest way to activate king tower against MK, but you’re left with virtually no defense for the hog rider. So in general, don’t activate king tower against the first MK that’s used to counter your hog, because they’ll have enough elixir to attack with something else when all of your towers are focused on the MK. DON’T TRY TO KILL SPARKY WITH SPELLS IN SINGLE ELIXIR It won’t work. It’ll have crossed the bridge by the time you have your second fireball, then you’re left with no elixir to adequately deal with the tank. Sparky is almost always paired with some type of giant (gobin, royal, normal). Your objective is to kill the sparky with skeletons, ice spirit, and musketeer (ice golem if really needed, but not optimal). You’ll also want to place a standard hog-counter cannon instead of a standard golem counter cannon, so the sparky can lock onto the cannon for extra distraction. When you see sparky in the back, hog opposite lane, so it forces them to sacrifice an extra support troop on their offensive push. submitted by /u/danielhwei [link] [comments]View the full article
  17. Submitted By: Soul Crusher Watch Now: HOG 2.6 FINAL PUSH +8000 TROPHIES - CLASH ROYALE
  18. Submitted By: Soul Crusher Watch Now: UNREAL! 2.6 HOG CYCLE NEVER FALLS OUT OF META! — Clash Royale
  19. Submitted By: Soul Crusher Watch Now: UNREAL! 2.6 HOG CYCLE NEVER FALLS OUT OF META! — Clash Royale
  20. Hey everyone today I’m brining you guys the traditional 2.6 deck that is one of the best free to play friendly decks i [...] (Feed generated with FetchRSS)View the full article
  21. Submitted By: Soul Crusher Watch Now: HOG 2.6 END SEASON PUSH +7700 - CLASH ROYALE
  22. Hello guys! When I debuted in this game, my deck was pretty inconsistent. It was a mix of Musky, Hog, Witch, Wizard, skarmy, MK... Well, a junk deck that I used until I couldn't move up in ladder. At that point, I was frustrated and was looking for a good deck that could carry me to the top. I tried pretty much a lot of deck, each time because a YTer presented it as a very good one... to no avail. ​ Then I found a video of Yersoncz playing that weird deck called 2.6 with "trash" cards like skeletons and ice spirit... I was amazed by what I was watching. He was so good at defending against big decks, using such simple units... I wanted to do the same, so I upgraded my 2.6 deck and learnt to play it. ​ It was difficult, my units were underleveled but I was excited to see some progress in my gameplay. I was proud because it was famous for being a difficult deck to master. ​ Nevertheless, I encountered a lot of players saying the 2.6 is a no-skill deck, you just have to spam Hog and profit. Now again, in the comments of the new CWA video ("HOG CYCLE GOD - "2.6 Will be SO much better!"), some guys are calling this deck no-skill and want a hog nerf. I don't think Hog is that OP, I lose a lot as a 2.6 player. My opponents are definitely not scared of it, huh. I really don't want this deck to be nerfed, I love it and it's my best F2P deck. My cards are all lvl 12, but my Musky is lvl 13. ​ Do you think the 2.6 is that easy to use and need a nerf? submitted by /u/Sylfer_DD [link] [comments]View the full article
  23. Submitted By: Soul Crusher Watch Now: HOG 2.6 LADDER HIGH TROPHIES - CLASH ROYALE

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