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  1. Introduction and Background: Heya guys! My name's Bailey and I write strategy content for Clash Royale. Today, we're gonna cover a topic I'd like to name the "deck role triangle". Applying this theory correctly will enable you to change the role of ANY deck within ANY matchup to give you a better chance of winning. I'd say learning this theory improves my chances of winning a bad matchup by at least 50%, ESPECIALLY if my opponent doesn't recognise that I've changed my deck's role. This theory is all about looking at how your opponent is using the 8 cards in their deck, and changing how you're using yours to give you an advantage in the matchup. This post does have a video format which is heavily edited to show you better examples of what we outline here, so if you'd like to watch that instead of read the link is here! Before I get into explaining it, I just wanna give a quick background to how I came up with this video concept. This theory is inspired by Seth's old deck archetype triangle [Source: image 1], however my version is more modern and up to date. Seth's triangle looked at games from old competitive events like the Clash Royale North American Open, and has fallen out of fashion with the many changes made to the game. For example, it claimed that beatdown generally has the matchup over siege, but what about Mortar Bait? That is, technically, a siege deck that would ruin Golem due to its high punish abilities and good defences vs the Golem. Whilst Seth's was a good triangle for its time, I think this deck roles triangle is more well suited to Clash Royale in 2020. ​ The Triangle: Now, let me start off by outlining the basics of the triangle [Source: image 2]. The three roles we have are the "investing" role, "punishing" role, and "counter-attacking" role. In short, punishing beats investing, investing beats counterattacking, and counter-attacking beats punishing. We'll go more into this later in the post, but the most important thing to note here is that NO specific cards are listed in the triangle - ONLY how you would play them. In Seth's old triangle, beatdown would constitute a Giant or Golem deck, siege would constitute an Xbow or Mortar deck, and control would constitute a Miner or Hog Rider deck. Whilst this triangle's label of "investment" MAY make you think of cards like the aforementioned Giant, there's no reason as to why Giant cannot be played in the role of punishment or counterattack. That's the beauty of talking about deck roles opposed to deck archetypes - this theory will actually give you a way to understand HOW your opponent is playing and HOW you should be responding. An archetype triangle simply tells you WHAT your opponent is playing and what you SHOULD be playing, which doesn't really help when you're already stuck in that horrible quadruple tank matchup vs your Xbow. Of course, you would know your opponent is running beatdown and that you are running siege in this matchup, but how on EARTH does that help you win it? It can't really, but understanding deck roles can. ​ How the Roles Match Up: Let's talk about the triangle's matchups. At the top, we have investing. To the LEFT we have punish, which counters investing. And to the right of punish, we have counter-attack which counters punish but loses to investing. Let's take a quick rundown of how these matchups work, and how you can use this triangle to turn a losing scenario into a winning one. Let's start with you using an investment plan vs your opponent's punish plan, where punishing SHOULD win. When you invest, your opponent's punish plan means that they will probably try to attack the opposite lane with a lot of elixir to get a damage lead over you. This will work out for them, seeing as your investment has put you down a lot of elixir. SO, instead of falling into this investment trap, take a look at the deck role triangle and use the strategy that counters punishing - counter-attacking. Hold your tank and wait for them to play their punishing win condition, defend it with your support units and put your tank in front of these at the river. Because their punish attack won't last too long, it's not enough time for a Poison to really kill any of your defending units. Other spells like Lightning are too expensive to spend in this time, and Fireball barely kills anything. This means that your supporting units GENERALLY live here, and you'll be able to throw a tank in front to punish their aggression. You now have your big push built, without your opponent punishing, and will probably go forth to get more damage than your opponent did. Switching your gameplan meant that you went from using your investing plan and losing damage, to a counter-attacking plan and gaining damage. Now let's switch it up a bit, let's say you go into a game with the counter-attacking mindset. If you were to face an investment deck, you would attempt to play into the investment and stack defensive units for your counter push. Because investment pushes usually last a long time, your defending units will mostly die to your opponent's support and spells. This will leave your counter-attack rather frail and allow your opponent to defend rather easily and reset. Looking at the deck role triangle, what you should do here is PUNISH. When your opponent invests, play your win condition at the river and force your opponent to defend so you can focus on gaining an easy defence onto the investment that you forced your opponent to abandon. Once again, we can see that with the SAME deck in the SAME matchup, you can produce a DIFFERENT result just by using the deck role triangle to alter the way in which you use your 8 cards. Finally, let's talk about playing a punish plan against a counter-attack plan. A good example of a punish mindset is a Hog Rider deck. This is usually a bad matchup against a punish plan because your opponent is likely to just wait until you play your Hog Rider, then defend it with their units and push heavy afterwards. You won't really have time or elixir to use spells with your quick Hog push, so their units will usually survive and form a counter-attack. This can cause you to get very minimal damage but take a load due to your opponent's elixir lead. This is maybe the most difficult transition to make, but here you should take a look at the triangle and try to switch your plan from punish to investment. Hog decks that run tanks like PEKKA or Mega Knight have the best time with this, as they can build a push around this bigger tank. When your opponent tries to defend your new investment plan, hoping to counter-attack afterwards, your units and spells will blow away their defending units and allow you to get damage without facing that much desired counter push. So, there's a brief rundown of how this triangle functions and examples of how your deck can be mixed up and played with multiple dimensions. Ultimately, it's gonna take a bit of improvisation from yourself to actually make use of this concept's full potential. Anyway, with that said, let's talk more about the three strategies themselves. ​ Investment Mindset: Let's start with the first role - investing. This is seen by some as the most simple way to play decks in Clash Royale. It consists of putting a beefy tank in the back, and building a large push around it to take a tower. They often like to wait until double elixir before investing too much, but some lighter investment strategies may make their move sooner. When building a deck for investing, you want to be running cards around the 3-5 elixir mark that are ALSO spell resistant. This allows you to put a tank in the back and build a big push against a counter-attacking deck, but also allows you to defend against punish decks and beat them on the counter push because of your spell resistant units. Anything like Elixir Golem, Giant, Lava Hound, Golem, and Three Muskeys mainly suit the investment role. So, to put it short, building a big push is the main focus of these decks, but they can often switch into the counter-attacking playstyle when matched up against their countering punish deck. ​ Punishment Mindset: This punish role was directly developed in order to counter the investing role. The plan usually requires a fast, high damage attacker that your opponent can rarely afford to leave on their tower. Perfect examples would be Wallbreakers, Skeleton Barrel, Goblin Barrel, Hog Rider, Balloon, Royal Hogs, and Xbow. So, when you run this kind of deck, you're looking to match against an opponent with an investment strategy so you can fulfill the deck role triangle. However, if you meet a counter pusher, you'll need to switch your gameplan to investing and building a push instead. This can be done by simply placing an Ice Golem and support in the back before pushing, allowing more of your opponent's defensive units to die on their side of the board before they can counter push. Alternatively, if you're running one of these decks with a heavier unit like PEKKA, you can place her in the back to cause a much larger offensive threat to your opponent. One of my favourite decks of all time is PEKKA Hog for this exact reason - it feels so easy to sway the more difficult counter pushy matchups in my favour with a PEKKA in the back. ​ Counter-Attack Mindset: And finally, we have the counter-attacking role. This role is the newest of the three, and is probably what sets this entire triangle in motion. You're looking to defend against your opponent's smaller pushes in order to use your defensive value to overrun them on the counter push. Examples of prevalent counter-attacking decks would be Miner, Mortar, Bridge Spam, Graveyard, Ram Rider, Giant Goblin, and Royal Giant. These decks primarily look to play on the defensive, awaiting an opponent's attack that they can defend. However, if that opposing attack happens to be an investment, the counter-attacking plan can switch into a punish plan and quickly rush the river to put the opponent under immense pressure. This might have become the strongest gameplan in Clash Royale at the moment, as its ability to switch between counter-attack and punish is near seamless, giving it almost no bad matchups. ​ Conclusion/Summary: This deck role theory isn't really about any specific cards inside of Clash Royale; it's moreso about how you use them. For example, if you keep giving your opponent counter-attacking value by using a Hog Rider, you should maybe start your pushes with a PEKKA in the back and use the Hog Rider later. I think it would be easy to confuse this theory with Seth's old archetype triangle (especially because I related the two at the start of this post), but really it's just about how you use the cards in your deck to overcome opposing gameplans that may counter you. I think this is definitely one of the newer skills to Clash Royale, and so I ended up making this post on it! SO, if you did enjoy today's content, then I do highly recommend my YouTube video version of this post for you aspiring Clash players! Any support appreciated :) Anyway lads, that's all I got for this deck role theory, thank you all for reading, I hope you did enjoy, and peace. submitted by /u/EbolaBailey [link] [comments]View the full article
  2. submitted by /u/Wolfsk1nd [link] [comments] View the full article
  3. submitted by /u/Zer0wO [link] [comments] View the full article
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  12. Hey everyone, We wanted to share a few new updates to the subreddit as well as our current outlook of the state of r/ClashRoyale. First off, we will be creating a “Meme Monday” rule. This rule will restrict memes to only being posted on Mondays, with memes being banned on all other days of the week. Our rationale behind this rule is to allow those community members who want to see and post memes the ability to do so while keeping the quality and integrity of the subreddit high throughout the rest of the week. Now that memes are banned (Tuesday - Sunday), memes will no longer sit on the front page in dubious uncertainty of their existence because now they’re all rule-breaking and will be removed.This is not a permanent change, as we plan to “trial run” this idea and keep it, if it seems to be helpful to the community. We are eager to hear your feedback on Meme Mondays, as it’s invaluable in our continuation of the project. We have also amended our rules to reflect this change in policy, and if you have any questions about wording or stipulations behind the change, send us a message via Modmail or leave a comment here. Rule Update: During Meme Monday, Rule 6, which prohibits low-quality/low-effort posts (specifically: Memes/Image Macros), is temporarily suspended. All other subreddit rules are still in effect. In addition, Meme Mondays will have their own set of guidelines that will be enforced. Those guidelines are as follows: Memes may only be posted during Meme Mondays Start: Sunday, 10 PM EST/EDT End: Tuesday, 2 AM EST/EDT Any meme posted outside of these times will be removed. Users are limited to two meme posts during Meme Mondays Users must flair their posts with the “Meme” flair Memes should be mostly original. If it is extremely similar to any others, it will be removed. Reposts of any kind are not allowed Memes may never target or attack anyone. Do not be toxic. On another note, we’d like to address the recent spike in toxicity as a result of the delay of the latest Clash Royale update. We won’t speak about our personal thoughts on the matter, but we do want to remind everyone to remain civil when discussing this topic. We’ve seen a large spike in personal attacks against Supercell Employees on the subreddit, who come here voluntarily. They are not forced to use Reddit as a communication platform and could very well go elsewhere. Please do not ruin what we as a community have built with an outcry of toxicity and personal attacks against them. Remember, they are human like all of us (I hope), so let’s treat them like you would treat others around you. I really want to reduce the amount of bans handed out as a result of this, as no one deserves to be degraded the way Drew and Seth have been over the past few weeks. None of this is in their control and it’s not our place to bash them. The best recommendation we can make at this time is to continue to be critical but constructive in your criticism when speaking about Clash Royale, and most importantly, remember the human. Before posting, ask yourself these questions: What's my motive in posting this? Is this rooted in truth? Is this post helpful? Am I looking for a fight? Could this hurt others? Hurt me? How will I feel about this post in a day, week, year? Would I say this to someone IRL? It’s essential that we treat others fairly and nicely, especially as we await the latest content update from the Clash Royale team. As always, please let us know what you think down below and help us make the r/ClashRoyale community as strong as possible. -r/ClashRoyale Moderators submitted by /u/Trikshot360 [link] [comments]View the full article
  13. submitted by /u/Wo1fy7 [link] [comments] View the full article

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