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Found 192 results

  1. ​ https://preview.redd.it/0kkpgk516r151.jpg?width=1920&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=ec32805cb8b1f81622c4278177504516773c6a3f Hey Reddit, I've seen a lot of posts over the last few days asking for more communication on our upcoming update so here it is! I wanted to address some concerns that I have seen, so here we go… --- "Why don't they just tell us what they are working on?" This is a deliberate choice - I personally don't want to reveal any information until we have a bit more polish and a solid date for release. As you can see, even releasing a teaser image early has lead to a lot of negativity when the update has not materialised etc. HYPE VS EXPECTATIONS Those of you that remember the BIGGEST UPDATE EVER! (Touchdown) know how important it is to not overhype things and we want to manage expectations accordingly. Yes, not releasing an update for a while by default sets expectations, but that's a separate topic. Marketing also plays a role when revealing info - it’s harder to make a big splash with a huge trailer etc if all the info is already released elsewhere. And last of all - we want to make sure that what we show or reveal is going to be an accurate representation of what appears in-game. This is obviously easier closer to update completion. ​ “WHY IS IT TAKING SO LONG!!!” Developing takes time. Developing a brand new feature takes longer than modifying existing features. Taking an existing feature, removing it and turning it into something completely new takes even longer! When we started developing this update - the BIG problem to tackle was "We have so many cards in the game, but players only use 8. The game becomes infinitely more fun when you experiment with different decks and play with different cards, so how can we make players play with more than 1 deck. Oh, also this other thing needs some work.". As we worked on our main vision for this update, we also created an entirely new way to play Royale that we ended up liking so much we wanted to put it in alongside the originally planned features. Alongside this, the covid situation has provided new challenges for development, with ALL employees at Supercell working from home. This causes it's own problems especially for those with kids (no daycare = team members with young children have had a rough couple of months!). The way we develop is very organic, we sit next to eachother and talk a lot, trade ideas, show eachother stuff regularly. While not at all a major reason for the update taking a long time, being apart has created its own unique issues. At the end of the day, we want to make an update that we as a team are proud of and is up to the standard players have come to expect from Supercell games. If it takes a bit longer than usual, then that is something we are willing to let happen to get out a polished product. ​ "We don't want balance changes or new cards, we want an update!" That's a fair enough response and opinion to hold. But some people do want new cards & alance changes! In our minds when there is a long wait for an update it is better to keep introducing small changes (balances, new cards) than just have nothing change in the game for the duration of an update cycle. ​ “Stop making Seasons and focus on the update!” Making new cards or seasons doesn't impact our ability to deliver Seasonal content or new cards - our team has people that are 100% working on the new update and others who are working on both the update AND the new Seasonal content. So it is never either/or. The only time this changes is when stuff breaks (servers, app store issues, legal things) and we need to resolve those issues as a matter of priority. ​ “Well why don’t you just release a smaller update?” Sometimes smaller updates might be good, but we have this time decided to focus on a bigger feature that requires more thinking and development. Bigger features are more complex and sometimes you have to throw stuff out and go back to the drawing board to deliver the best feature possible. ​ "We haven't had an update in 11 months/1.5 years/2 years." I see this a lot on Twitter lol, there seem to be varying opinions of when we released our last update. Our last update was the end of November 2019. This is around 6 months ago and is for sure a long time to go without an update, I agree. However since that last update we have released: 5 x new cards (inc Skeleton Dragons) 7 Seasons (all with balance changes/game modes/new cosmetic content) This will continue until the update is out. --- TL;DR We are still working on the update. It’s taking a while but we will be revealing more in the future and are hyped to share it with you. Thanks for reading - it was a bit of a long one! --- I respect that this is not an ideal situation for fans of the game, but I can only ask you for your patience, and if you can give that then know that it is greatly appreciated by myself and the rest of the team. I know there will still be a lot of questions after this so I’ll be sticking around tonight for a little while (it’s Friday evening Finnish time) but will be popping on over the weekend to answer other questions as well (most upvoted & others). submitted by /u/Supercell_Drew [link] [comments] View the full article
  2. submitted by /u/Pam_Pizza [link] [comments] View the full article
  3. Sorry for the post being kinda late. I planned on posting it on Monday, but Memorial Day and other family events caused me to have to delay the post. Oh well, better late than never right? Hello everyone, u/JCorby17 here, and boy am I excited! The Big June Update (which is confirmed to have a Fishermen Buff, the new Skeleton Dragons Card being added, and being the final Season Update in the First Year of Seasons being added into the Game) is around the corner and we are just dying to see what the big feature that Supercell has been working on (maybe a little too long if you ask a lot of us lol)! But I think that this Update is going to be more than just a Massive Feature added and the usual Season Update additions: I have a hunch that Supercell is up to something even bigger; bigger than anything we have ever seen. INTRODUCTION • As we saw In the Season 11 Balance Changes, Magic Archer got his HP nerfed 440 from 490, which u/Seth_Supercell confirmed on his Twitter here that they are “making 440 a new 'standard' number like 216 (Princess/Dart/RGirl) or 598 (Musky/Wizards).” This got me thinking: “If that is a Stat that’s now standardized, shouldn’t other Stats be standardized to better balance the game?” But then I realized: They have been slowly starting to do this! • Last month and also in the month Before: Goblin Hut and Barbarian Hut got Death Spawns like their Tombstone counterpart (Furnace still needs one, but they are probably going to rework Fire Spirits to make them stronger, maybe make it similar to Ice/Heal Spirit? Speaking of Heal Spirit...). Also last month, Heal Spell was transformed into a Heal Spirit; sharing most of the stats to match his frosty cousin. And, there was also the semi-big “Rulebook Update” that made all Melee Troops have similar and specific Melee Ranges back in July (even making Cards like the Minions and Lava Hound either “Melee Long” or have 3.5 Tile Range, which seems to be the shortest Range besides the Melee Ranges)! • After really looking at all of these, I believe that Supercell is slowly but surely making things much more standardized and consistent in the game! And for a game like Clash Royale, with specific interactions that should be consistent at equal levels of play, I think this is an excellent move in their end! But now that raises the question: How will they standardize the other mechanics and Stats inside a game like Clash Royale? Well, that’s what I’m going to try and do, by discussing the idea of the “Standardization Movement”! So, let’s get into it then, shall we?! PART 1: WHAT IS THE STANDARDIZATION MOVEMENT AND WHAT ARE WE LOOKING AT • So, what exactly is the “Standardization Movement” that I’m talking about? Well to put it simply: • The “Standardization Movement” is an effort to standardize all the Damage, HP, Durations/Lifetimes, and any other inconsistent Stats of all the outlying Cards in the game. Ideally, it allows for more intuitive interactions between Cards in battle and would easier memorization for older and newer players alike. This movement should ultimately optimize gameplay, which is heavily interaction-based in Clash Royale. • What this Standardization Movement does is make the game more consistent and easy to understand for all players, while also fixing some interactions that are either inconsistent or frustrating at times. For this Standardization Movement to work, we are going to have to look at A LOT of the mechanics in the game, and I have to give huge thanks to u/Mew_Pur_Pur for finding most hidden statistics and mechanics and helping me format my post. Check him out if you want! So, now with that out of the way, let’s go over what mechanics and Stats we will be standardizing! They will include: 1) ~Damage~: How much Damage a Troop, Building, Spell or even Crown Tower deals in a singular Hit. Cards that are considered “Win Conditions” or Spells that deal Damage MAY have a unique number for this Stat (they will not be in the post, but there are some Exceptions)! Standardizations include: 67, 70, 80, 90, 98, 110, 140, 160, 180, 201, 220, 240, 280, and 359 Damage 2) ~Health Points/HP~: The Amount of HP that a Troop/Building/Crown Tower has. Cards that are considered “Win Conditions” MAY have a unique number for this Stat (they will not be in the post, but there are some Exceptions)! Standardizations include: 67, 91, 201, 216, 252, 280, 440, 560, 598, 696, 750, 888, 964, 1000, 1110, 1232, 1432, 1542, and 1672 HP 3) ~Hit Time~: How fast a Troop/Building/Crown Tower hits something (Note: Hitspeed + Damage = DPS, or Damage Per Second. This shows how much Damage a Troop/Building/Crown Tower deals every Second if constantly hitting something). Standardizations include: 1.0-3.0 Hit Time 4) ~First Hit Time~: How fast a Troop/Buidling/Crown Tower hits something for the first time (resets from after defeating a Troop/Building/Crown Tower OR when being applied Knockback by something). Standardizations include: Instant (0.0), Fast (0.3), Medium (0.5), Slow (0.7), and Sluggish (1.0) First Hit Time 5) ~Melee Range~: How far a Troop/Building can Damage something when it has to walk up to it to deal Damage. Standardizations include: Very Short (0.4), Short (0.8), Medium (1.2), Long (1.6), and Very Long (2.0) 6) ~Distance Range~: How far a Troop/Building can Damage something when it doesn’t have to walk up to it to deal Damage. Standardizations include: 3.5-11.5 Tiles 7) ~Splash Radius~: How much area does a Troop or Building cover when on the Arena. Standardizations include: 1.0, 1.2, 1.5, and 2.0 Tiles 8) ~Lifetime~: How long that a Building is on the Arena when NOT damaged by anything at all. Standardizations include: 30, 35, and 40 Seconds 9) ~Spawn Time~: How long it takes for a Card that has something Spawn after it’s defeat to spawn into the Arena. Standardizations include: 0.5 or 1.0 Second 10) ~Effect Duration~: How long a Effect (such as Slowness) last after being effected by only 1 increment of it (Ex: A Giant Snowball “hit”). Standardizations include: 0.5, 1, and 2 Seconds 11) ~Sight Range~: How far that a Troop can “see” a Troop/Building/Crown Tower and be distracted by them (The bigger the Range, the easier it is to distract and vice versa). Standardizations include: 5.5 Tiles at minimum for all Troops, add 0.5 Tiles to a Ranged Troop’s Range, and 7.5, 8.0, 9.5 for Buildings Targeters • Note: There WILL be some Cards that DO NOT have all of their Stats standardized because it either *1)** Makes them too much like another Card and seem almost redundant, and 2) Makes them too weak or strong if 1 or more of their Stats are standardized. The Cards might still get their Stats changed however. Also, this is NOT a Balance Change Post, so some Cards look like that they have been Nerfed or Buffed with these Standardizations, but we would have to give the Cards other changes to make up for the mandatory Buffs/Nerfs. How we fix them is up to you guys, give me your thoughts on how you would do it! • So now that we have the Stats that we will be going over, and the Standardizations that we will be implementing to the Cards, what and how will the Cards change to match these Standardizations? For each Stat, we will go in order of lowest to highest followed by the name of the Card and what and how their Stat changed to match the Standardization. PART 2: CARD STANDARDIZATION ~Damage Standardizations~: • ~67~: X Bow (From 26), Skeleton (Same), Bat (Same), Spear Goblin (Same), Earthquake (From 68 per Second) • ~70~: Firecracker (Times 4, From 53 Times 5) Hunter (Same), Tornado (Same per Tick), Ice Golem + Death Damage (Same) • ~80~: Ice Wizard (From 75), Lava Pup (From 75), Battle Healer; HP Healed when Attacking (From 84) • ~90~: Minion (From 84), Zappy (from 84), Ram Rider; the Rider (From 86), Archer (From 89), Crown Tower (Same), Guard (Same), Ice/Heal Spirit (From 91) • ~98~: Freeze (From 95), Electro Wizard (From 96), Goblin (From 99) • ~110~: Royal Recruit (From 101), Dart Goblin (From 100), Magic Archer (From 111), Witch (From 111), Rascal Boy + Girl (Same), Skeleton Barrel; Death Damage (Same) • ~140~: Battle Healer (From 123), Baby Dragon (From 133), Princess (Same), Executioner (Same times 2), Flying Machine (From 142) • ~160~: Zap (From 159), Giant Snowball (From 159), Barbarian (From 159), Electro Dragon (From 159), Bandit (Same), Fishermen (Same), Miner (Same) • ~180~: Cannon/Cannon Cart (From 167/168), Fire Spirit (From 178, possibly 201-280 with other changes), Musketeer (From 181) • ~201~: Bomb Tower (From 184, possibly 280 to match Bomber with other changes), Tesla (From 190), Barbarian Barrel (From 200), Lumberjack (From 200), Dark Prince (From 206) • ~220~: Royal Ghost (From 216), Battle Ram (Same), Ram Rider; the Ram (Same), Valkyrie (From 221), Mega Knight (From 222) • ~240~: Wizard (From 234), Bowler (From 239), The Log (Same) • ~280~: Mega Minion (From 258), Bomber (From 271), Ballon; Death Bomb (From 272), Goblin Brawler (Same), Elite Barbarian (From 301) • ~359~: Arrows (From 303) Prince (From 325), Wall Breaker (From 325), Heal Spirit; HP healed when Attacking (From 366), Royal Delivery (From 402) ~Exceptions~: • ~572/600/877/1232~: Fireball, Poison, Lightning, and Rocket (Same for all 4) • ~598/696~: Mini Pekka (Same) and Pekka (From 678) • ~35-359/718~: Inferno Dragon (From 30-350) and Inferno Tower (From 35-704) • ~798~: Ballon; Regular Attack (Same) • ~964~: Giant Skeleton; Death Bomb (From 957) • ~1110~: Sparky (From 1110) ~Health Points/HP Standardizations~: • ~67~: Skeletons (Same) and Bats (Same) • ~91~: Fire Spirit (Same, possibly 200 to match Ice/Heal Spirit with other changes) and Guard (From 90) • ~201~: Minion (From 190), Ice/Heal Spirit (From 190), Shields; Guard, Dark Prince, and Royal Recruit (From 199) • ~216~: Princess (Same), Dart Goblin (Same), Rascal Girl (Same) • ~252~: Archers (Same) and Firecracker (Same) • ~280~: Wall Breakers (From 275) and Elixir Blobs (From 299) • ~440~: Tombstone (From 422), Zappy (Same), Magic Archer (Same), Royal Recruit; Shieldless (Same), Skeleton Barrel (from 540) • ~560~: Flying Machine (From 510) and Barbarians (From 555) • ~598~: Ice Wizard (From 590), Electro Wizard (From 590), Wizard (Same), Musketeer (Same) • ~696~: Royal Hog (From 695), Mega Minion (From 695), Hunter (Same), Witch (Same, possibly 750 to match Night Witch with other changes) • ~750~: Cannon/Cannon Cart with Shield (From 742), Bandit (Same), Night Witch (Same, possibly 696 to match Witch with other changes), Battle Ram (From 756), Electro Dragon (From 790), Fishermen (From 800, possibly 888 with other changes), Goblin Cage (From 800, possibly 888 with other changes) • ~888~: Goblin Hut (From 844), Goblin Brawler (From 853), Furnace (From 884, possibly to 964 with other changes), Elixir Collector (Same) • ~964~: Baby Dragon (from 957), Tesla (From 954) • ~1000~: Elite Barbarians (From 970), Ice Golem (From 994), Miner (Same), Royal Ghost (Same), Executioner (From 1010), Inferno Dragon (From 1072, possibly 964 to match Baby Dragon with other changes) • ~1110~: Dark Prince; Shieldless (From 1030), Lumberjack (from 1060), Mini Pekka (From 1129), Bomb Tower (From 1126) • ~1232~: Sparky (From 1232), Mortar (From 1219), X-Bow (From 1330, possibly Unique with other changes) • ~1432~: Inferno Tower (From 1408), Battle Healer (From 1425, possibly 1542 with other changes), Knight (From 1452), Barbarian Hut (From 1452) • ~1542~: Rascal Boy (From 1515) and Prince** (From 1615, possibly 1672 with other changes) • ~1672~: Valkyrie (From 1654) and Bowler (From 1596, possibly 1542 with other Changes) ~Exceptions~: • ~110/170~: Spear Goblin (Same) and Goblin/Lava Pup (From 167/179) • ~359~: Bomber (From 398) • ~2000+ HP~: ALL Troops/Win Conditions with 2000+ HP (Same but Changable, I’m not that crazy to state all of them) ~Hit Time Standardizations~: • ~1.0-3.0~: Most of the Cards in the Game (Same but Changable, I’m not that crazy to state all of them) ~Exceptions~: • ~0.4~: X-Bow (From 0.25), Inferno Tower (Same), and Inferno Dragon (Same) • ~0.8~: Lumberjack (Same) and Dart Goblin (Same) • ~4.0~: Sparky (Same) • ~5.0~: Mortar (Same) ~First Hit Time Standardizations~: • ~0.0/Instant~: Prince’s, Dark Prince’s, Battle Ram’s, Ram Rider’s, Bandit’s and Mega Knight’s Charged Attack (Same) • ~0.3/Fast~: X-Bow (From 0.0/Instant), Archers (From 0.1), Valkyrie (From 0.1), “Skeleton Barrel” (From 0.1), Goblin (From 0.2), Ballon (From 0.2), Goblin Brawler (From 0.2), “Wall Breakers” (From 0.2), “Fire/Ice/Heal Spirit” (From 0.2), Royal Hogs (From 0.25), Baby Dragon (Same), Giant Skeleton (Same), Fishermen (Same), Battle Healer (Same), Dart Goblin (From 0.35), Battle Ram (From 0.35), Mega Minion (From 0.4), Wizard (From 0.3), Guards (From 0.4), Lumberjack (From 0.4), Bandit (From 0.4), Knight (From 0.5), Flying Machine (From 0.5), Royal Recruits (From 0.5) • ~0.5/Medium~: Bomber (From 0.2), Barbarian (From 0.4), Rascal Boy (From 0.4), Ram Rider; the Ram (From 0.4), Inferno Dragon (From 0.4), Minion (From 0.5), Mini Pekka (Same), Musketeer (Same), Giant (Same), Skeleton (Same), Spear Goblin (Same), Prince (Same), Pekka (Same) Miner (Same), Magic Archer (Same), Mega Knight (Same), Princess (Same), Bowler (Same), Ice Wizard (Same), Bomb Tower (Same), Tesla (Same), Sparky (Same), King/Princess Tower (Same), Cannon/Cannon Cart (From 0.6), Royal Ghost (From 0.6), Hunter (From 0.7), Elite Barbarian (From 0.7) • ~0.7/Slow~: Dark Prince (From 0.4), Hog Rider (From 0.6), Ram Rider; the Rider (From 0.6), Royal Giant (Same), Electro Dragon (Same), Witch (Same), Night Witch (Same), Goblin Giant (From 1.0), Firecracker (From 1.0) • ~1.0/Very Slow~: Golem (Same), Golemite (Same), Lava Hound (Same), Lava Pup (Same), Mortar (Same), Ice Golem (Same), Rascal Girl (Same), Executioner (Same), Elixir Golem/Golemite/Blob (Same),Zappie (Same), Inferno Tower (From 1.2) ~Melee Range~: • ~0.4/Very Short~: Golemite (From 0.25), Elixir Golemites (From 0.25), Skeleton Barrel (From 0.35), Battle Ram (From 0.5), Goblin* (From 0.5), **Skeleton (From 0.5), Wall Breaker (From 0.5) • ~0.8/Short~: Barbarian (From 0.7), Lumberjack (From 0.7), Bandit (From 0.75), Golem (From 0.75), Ice Golem (From 0.75), Elixir Golem (From 0.75)Royal Hog (From 0.75), Hog Rider (Same), Ram Rider (Same), Giant Skeleton (Same), Goblin Brawler (Same) • ~1.2/Medium~: Bat (Same), Knight (Same), Elite Barbarian (Same), Valkyrie (Same), Dark Prince (Same), Pekka (Same), Miner (Same), Fishermen (Same), Royal Ghost (Same), Mega Knight (Same), Battle Healer (From 1.6/Long) • ~1.6/Long~: Goblin Giant (From 1.2/Medium), Prince (Same), Guard (Same), Royal Recruit (Same), Night Witch (Same) • ~2.0/Very Long~: Minion (From 1.6/Long) and Mega Minion (From 1.6/Long) ~Exceptions~: • ~0.1~: Ballon (Same) and Elixir Blob (From 0.25) ~Distance Range~: • ~3.5-11.5~: Almost all the Cards in the Game (Same, I’m not that crazy to state all of them) ~Exceptions ~: • ~2.5~: Fire Spirit (From 2.0), Ice Spirit Same), *Heal Spirit** (Same) ~Splash Radius~: • ~1.0~: Ice Wizard (Same), Bowler (Same), Executioner (Same), Royal Ghost (Same), Dark Prince (From 1.1) • ~1.2~: Witch (From 1.1), Dark Prince (From 1.1), Baby Dragon (Same), Valkyrie (Same), Mega Knight; Regular Attack (From 1.3) • ~1.5~: Wall Breaker: (Same), Bomber (Same), Wizard (Same), Fire Spirit (Same), Ice Spirit (Same), Heal Spirit (Same), Sparky (Same) • ~2.0~: Golem’s Death Damage (Same), Golemite’s Death Damage (Same), Ice Golem’s Death Damage (Same), Skeleton Barrel (Same), Princess (Same), Mega Knight; Spawn/Jump Attack (From 2.2) ~Exceptions~ • ~0.3~: Magic Archer (From 0.25), Hunter (Same), Firecracker (Same) • ~3.0~: Death Bombs (Giant Skeleton, Bomb Tower, and Ballon) (Same) ~Lifetime~: • ~30 Seconds~: Tesla (From 35 Seconds), Mortar (Same), and Cannon/Cannon Cart (Same) • ~35 Seconds~: Bomb Tower (Same), Inferno Tower (From 30 Seconds), and X-Bow (From 40 Seconds) • ~40 Seconds~: Tombstone (Same), Goblin Hut (Same), and Furnace (From 50 Seconds) ~Exceptions~: • ~20 Seconds~: Goblin Cage (Same) • ~50 Seconds~: Barbarian Hut (Same) • ~70 Seconds~: Elixir Collector (Same but Changeable) ~Spawn Time~: • ~0.5 Seconds~: Graveyard Skeleton Spawns (From 0.4), Goblin Cage Death Spawn (Same), Barbarian Barrel Spawn (Same), Lumberjack Death Effect (Same), Goblin Giant’s Death Spawn (From 0.7 Seconds) • ~1.0 Second~: Battle Ram’s Death Spawn (Same) and Goblin Barrel’s Spawn Time (From 1.1 Second) ~Effect Duration~: • ~0.5~: Stun (Same) • ~1.0~: Freeze (From semi-Card Dependent), Healing (Same), and Poison (Same) • ~2.0~: Slowness (From semi-Card Dependent), Rage (From 2.5 Seconds), and Snare (Same) ~Sight Range~: • ~5.5~: Pekka (From 5.0), Knight (Same), Giant Skeleton (Same), Mega Knight (Same), Barbarian (Same), Elite Barbarian (Same), Goblins (Same), Valkyrie (Same), Skeleton (Same), Minion (Same), Mega Minion (Same), Night Witch (Same), Lumberjack (Same), Miner (Same), Guards (Same), Prince (Same), Dark Prince (Same), Bat (Same), Ice/Fire/Heal Spirit (Same), Baby Dragon (Same), Inferno Dragon (Same), Electro Dragon (Same), Executioner (Same), Electro Wizard (Same) • ~+0.5 to Ranged~: Sparky (5.5, From 5.0), Archer (5.5, Same), Witch (5.5, Same), Wizard (6.0, From 5.5), Ice Wizard (6.0, From 5.5), Musketeer (6.5, From 6.0), Flying Machine (6.5, From 6.0), Bandit (6.5, From 6.0), Magic Archer (7.5, Same), Princess (9.5, Same) • ~7.5 for Building Targeters~: Giant (From 7.0), Goblin Giant (From 7.0), Golem and Golemites (From 7.0), Elixir Golem, Golemites, and Blobs (From 7.0), Royal Giant (From 7.0), Ice Golem (From 7.0) • ~8.0 for Building Targeters~: Ballon (From 7.7) and Skeleton Barrel (Same) • ~9.5 for Building Targeters~: Hog Rider (Same), Royal Hogs (Same), and Ram Rider (Same) ~Exceptions~: • ~5.5 for Building Targeters~: Battle Ram (Same) and Lava Hound with Lava Pups (Same, might be a Bug. If so, Change Lava Hound to 8.0 to match other Air Building Targeters and keep Lava Pups the same at 5.5) • ~8.5 for Ranged~: Firecracker (Same) and Dart Goblin (From 8.0) • ~Building’s Sight Ranges~: Their Range IS their Sight Range (Same as Before) PART 3: WHY DO THIS, WHAT DOES IT ACCOMPLISH • After reading all of that (or at least skimming it), you’re probably thinking “Wow, that’s a lot of stuff to implement into the game that seems like it would make the game more consistent. But, why do it if the Cards already are ‘fine’ right now?” And the answer to that question is something that Supercell has stood for since it’s beginning: “Our goal is to make the best games – games that are played by as many people as possible, enjoyed for years and remembered forever.” • What I mean by this is that this Standardization Movement could, no, WILL fix a major part of the inconsistencies and issue with the Game that keeps it from being “played by as many people as possible, enjoyed for years and remembered forever”. We may not give Supercell, and in turn the Clash Royale Team, the credit they deserve, but they really do make good games that can be played for years and years. However, with the current state of Clash Royale; with it having minimal “updates” each season for over a year now, monitization issues, ladder issues, and etc, this change would fix the game to be better than ever and 1) Bring new Players to the fan base, 2) Get old members that left the fan base to come back because of all the fixes, and 3) Just be a good improvement to the Balance of the Game and be a breath of Fresh Air to everyone. • Now I know that these standardization would mean a lot of Time and Effort put into making sure that these Standardization Points (or whatever Points Supercell comes up with, remember, mine are just educated ideas) are balanced and consistent, but if we can wait a year for a massive update, then I think we can wait a bit more for something that will make the game better in the long run. If we want this game to follow their motto, then I hope that Supercell really considers doing this (among other changes to fix the game). CONCLUSION • So, there we have it, the Standardization Movement. We first discussed how Supercell is slowly making Card Stats more Standardized, then we gave examples of how they can Standardize some of the Stats in game, and lastly we discuses the reasoning and effects of these Changes. • What are your thoughts on Clash Royale becoming more standardized? Do you think it’s better for the game or worse for the Game? What other Stats do you think I’m missing in this post? Maybe I’ll make a follow up with the other missing stats like Knockback or something. Any Standardization Points you would change, and if so why? And with that, I hope you all have a great day and stay safe. # ClashOn FUTURE PLANS AND EXTRA • Oh hey, you actually read all of that or just skipped to the end looking for a TLDR. I don’t know how I would of wrote a TLDR for something this big so..., you must of really liked it then. Thank you so much for reading my post, it means a lot to me. Make sure to share it with your friends and Clanmates if you want. Anyways, onto the future. I decided that I’ll post at minimum 2 Post each Season: 1 Post for Season Analysis, and the other either being a Balance Change Post or something Different like this. Unless it’s something sudden or I have free time to do it (which I might have now since it’s officially summer now), it will probably stay at 2 post a Season with that system in mind. What kind of stuff would you like to see me do, tell me down below in the comments. Again, have a great day, stay safe, and # ClashOn! submitted by /u/JCorby17 [link] [comments]View the full article
  4. submitted by /u/Team_Legacy [link] [comments] View the full article
  5. honestly beatdown is just so hard to counter for me (chip/cycle/bridgespam). ridiculously hard to do anything about it. any tips? which archetype counters beatdown? i literally cannot contest a sparky/giant on a field without losing a tower or trading at the very least. tips are appreciated submitted by /u/hekkerchino [link] [comments]View the full article
  6. This is my post to share with everyone what this game looks like if you spend absolutely no money on yourself and just play your way through it. I've been playing since this game launched and have loved it and still do but this has been an absolute grind and I can't express what a variety of emotions I've gone through. Being above the average skill level and constantly playing against players who no doubt have spent hundreds of dollars on this game and watching them pound you in with overleveled cards (mostly in the past since I have many maxed cards now) has been infuriating to say the least. I could say so much more about what this experience has been like (enough to write a short essay) but I'll stick to answering any questions anyone has for me in the comments. Regardless of the frustration, I still love this game to death and it has provided me with a very nice mental break and side project to work on over the years (not just with progressing myself but also with my work as a clan leader). This year I've finally been making significant progress with my upgrades (most of my maxed cards I maxed this year) and going forward is going to be a breeze compared to the previous years. I hope that this post along with any questions I may answer will be of help to those who have just started playing and anyone else as well. Thank you. -Patriott ​ ​ https://preview.redd.it/3k5llmvuzw051.jpg?width=547&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=11cf2348f80a8cc9eb3ffc06807d09de5c6019fb https://preview.redd.it/ue8aqsvuzw051.jpg?width=550&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=828607d79845d75ba1b90062b6abb8c79a163777 https://preview.redd.it/hggnktvuzw051.jpg?width=548&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=d3bca396b791dc731bc4ee3218b19cdcef81b9cf https://preview.redd.it/a248auvuzw051.jpg?width=549&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=081d68d52492f372243545e4ebace95f9ffa9f39 https://preview.redd.it/kvfj3vvuzw051.jpg?width=546&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=36eba2465cf6f3b8eee301dd079414f847985c92 https://preview.redd.it/8xcg4qvuzw051.png?width=548&format=png&auto=webp&s=9d4bcb0bf3e91593415112f25b3acb91d86c8939 I forgot to add this image to the original post so it's a few hours past the rest. https://preview.redd.it/j6xxecwuzw051.png?width=543&format=png&auto=webp&s=622c7aa983f6977828c1637cfdd8a2a3eb8de3f7 https://preview.redd.it/bku3dovuzw051.png?width=549&format=png&auto=webp&s=a19282a08f42f5529673e415da1dd3a1b2f94084 https://preview.redd.it/jhkq3rvuzw051.png?width=549&format=png&auto=webp&s=03b0b3536ad6296e2c0dea39ffa721bff24c07ea https://preview.redd.it/0ol5vpvuzw051.png?width=548&format=png&auto=webp&s=28e86d8676e7aba7e05532957d1af4103f856732 submitted by /u/Patriott [link] [comments] View the full article
  7. submitted by /u/Oscar_11m [link] [comments] View the full article
  8. submitted by /u/Blackangel466 [link] [comments] View the full article
  9. submitted by /u/Andreas00Tm13 [link] [comments] View the full article
  10. I consider myself a decent player & I am a F2P player. I don't have gold season pass and I don't play in 3x elixir mode often enough. I also don't trust the "deckshop.com" ideas, I prefer to hear from CR redditors, preferably those experts in the 3x elixir game mode. I want the deck to be able to generally counter as much any decks. 1. what the deck contains of, & 2. how to use it? submitted by /u/Bossini [link] [comments]View the full article
  11. submitted by /u/Esnake08 [link] [comments] View the full article
  12. submitted by /u/kobusvg [link] [comments] View the full article
  13. after years of playing this game f2p, I finally reached 250 gems for an emote. what emote should I buy cuz there are so many! submitted by /u/goatloard999 [link] [comments]View the full article
  14. This season has actually been the worst season for me, I sadly tilted from one win away from 6k all the way down to 5600 so I doubt I will be bothering to climb again. Within that tilt, 8 of my 10 matches were against bait/hog cycle decks. These decks have been around for a while now and I am sure I am not the only one who reserves a deep seated hatred for them. 80% of my last 10 matches were similar decks, which for me, does not sit well as I am someone who believes in strong diversity, after all, there are 98 cards to pick from and plenty of combinations out there. Yes, I am aware that ladder is the competitive part of the game (outside of GCs). Whilst I am also aware that once you hit a certain trophy level, you can expect to see similar decks, but what if that wasn't the case? I think this is where the game balancing doesn't do enough. Completely taking the "Pro" side out of the game (as I am speaking as a casual player), the balance team really should take not of the casual scene and not just focus on the competitive scene, as I feel that's where most of their balance reasoning comes from. Not everyone is a Pro player, not everyone want to be a Pro player, so personally I feel alienated and feel that the balance changes are tailored towards them. I could be miles off on that assumption but playing the game I get that feeling. So speaking from a casual players point of view, these are just some changes I would like to see at some point don't the line: Hog Rider. This card is very powerful. 4 elixir card with high health, speed and targets buildings, and iirc, has only ever received 1 nerf which was to its hit speed (someone correct me please if wrong). I think a hit to its hit points or speed wouldn't go amiss. Ice Golem. Now I have a better change idea for this; change its pull range. I am sure I am not the only one who gets frustrated when they see their cards kited across the arena from a mile away by one of these f******. And to me it enables too much power to support troops for just a 2 elixir card to take out your big tanks that chase it. Bomb Tower. This card has surged in popularity (in my eyes), mainly in cycle/bait decks. Card is too strong. It had a lot of health, a long range, does splash damage AND has a death bomb. That is a lot. I would either remove the death damage or reduce the health of it. Skeleton Barrel. I have recently started playing with this and it is insane. Mine isn't even maxed and it puts in so much work. The movement speed buff was a mistake and needs to be toned down. Barb Barrel. Just make so it can kill a princess. That's all. Not archers though, that was a little silly. Barb Hut/Goblin Hut. Remove the spawned units on its death. I don't know why Supercell felt the need to include death units on both of them. Balloon. The balloon is terrifying to see coming down the lane, and it does more damage than a fireball on death (on tower). I think reducing that damage to make it fall in line with that (on tower) would make it a little bit more manageable in the long game. Hunter. I have only used him a few times and always got frustrated when he would go to shoot something and never would. Maybe a slight increase to his hit speed (0.1/0.2) seconds would make him a bit more consistent in dealing with hordes. These are just from what I have noticed from the game from a casual perspective. What have you seen in the game that needs balancing? Either for the good or for the bad? submitted by /u/TehFuzzehSSJ [link] [comments]View the full article

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