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  1. submitted by /u/SouPlane [link] [comments] View the full article
  2. This is going to be the first season I'm not going to buy the battle pass. I've played since beta, it's my favourite mobile game of all time. We've been waiting for a year for a proper update and all we're getting is new arenas, tower skins and emotes that probably takes them 1 day AT MOST in total to design. Apart from the least unique card they've released in a while. And we haven't gotten a new legendary card in a long time (I think it was fisherman??) because at least that way F2P players will shut up. I'm sorry but I won't give you a cent this month. Now imagine that in a whole year we get the update and it's not even worth the wait. Sorry, CR team, I've had a lot of faith in you in the past, and many of the updates were great, but I don't think I can trust you anymore after this dissapointment of a year. I REALLY, really hope I'm wrong. submitted by /u/LlamameTian [link] [comments]View the full article
  3. submitted by /u/BostonDrunk [link] [comments] View the full article
  4. Drew told us yesterday that he will host an QnA today? Will it be delayed 5 times like the update? submitted by /u/Miiki37 [link] [comments]View the full article
  5. Submitted By: Soul Crusher Watch Now: SEASON 12 BALANCE NEWS - where is the BIG Update?
  6. submitted by /u/MysticMuffin1 [link] [comments] View the full article
  7. Hello, and welcome to another post of mine! I am TheRandonOne, and today I'm gonna be elaborating on how cards can be upgraded without any inconsistencies, and rounding, based on /u/JCorby17's Standardization Movement Post. This post is essentially an extension of /u/JCorby17's Standardization Movement post, so please be sure to check that out first. It's worth every second to read it. https://www.reddit.com/r/ClashRoyale/comments/grmmqh/effort_post_the_standardization_movement_what_it/ Now with that out of the way, let's jump right in! Introduction In the Standardization post made by Corby, he elaborated, and expanded upon the idea of standardizing nearly every single aspect of every card, which included Hitpoints, Damage, First Hit, Hitspeed and so on, which could make stats cleaner, and interactions more consistent, along with other benefits. However, there was one teensy tiny problem regarding the implementation of the norm: The Upgrade Levels. The current upgrading system relies on percentages in order to raise a card's HP, Damage, or any other stat that is upgradable. And when you cards to have the same stats with different rarities, that can be difficult to achieve. This is what we're going to elaborate upon today. The Upgrade System's Current State As said before, the current upgrading system uses percents instead of concrete values in order to upgrade a card's stats. For example, for every upgrade, regardless of rarity, a card receives +10% to it's base stats. While this seems solid enough, cards can have slightly different stats even if they're similar at Tournament Standards, for example: Princess and Dart Goblin. When you're trying to give more troops a shared value through upgrades, it's really hard, or even unachievable to do so, thanks to either rounding down, or just different base stats. And for this problem, I found a solution. Solution As we just found out, the classic x + (x * 10 : 100) formula that Clash Royale uses for its upgrades isn't really effective here, as some cards will fail to meet the standard stats. So, what do you do? You use predetermined values instead! Here is the spiel. Instead of using percentages, you will use a chosen value, like 2, or 20. For this example, I'm gonna use the Cannon's damage, which I'm gonna upgrade with the new method. Cannon's Level Cannon's Damage 1 100 2 110 3 120 4 130 5 140 6 150 7 160 8 170 9 180 And for comparison, the Cannon's current level-and-stat upgrades: Cannon's Level Cannon's Damage 1 83 2 91 3 100 4 110 5 121 6 132 7 146 8 160 9 175 ​ As you can see, the first table is much more consistent, and uses concrete values to upgrade compared to the second, which uses percentage values and the base stats are rounded down. Also, as you might have noticed, the Cannon received a slight buff in its initial state, and ended up getting a slight buff in damage at Tourney Standard. Which brings me to my next point. ​ Initial Stats, and Upgrade Values ​ In order to use the predetermined value method to cards in order for them to reach certain stats, they must also have the same initial stats at equal levels. For example, if Cannon has 100 Damage at Level 1, then the Fire Spirits, which also have 180 Damage at Tournament Standards, must also have 100 Damage individually at Level 1, and must also get upgraded with the same value that Cannon uses. All of the cards of the same group of Damage, like Hunter and Firecracker, will have the same Damage at Tourney Standards, and also the same damage at equal levels. However, those cards will have different initial stats, since they spawn at different levels. That won't be a problem, since they will receive the same values, so that they will have equal stats at Tournament Standards. Here's a list of the groups with the same hitpoints and damage output, along with initial stats for Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary Cards, and the upgrade values: DMG Group Base Common Base Rare Base Epic Base Legendary Upgrade Value 67 35 43 59 67 +4 70 54 58 64 70 +2 80 80 90 42 54 72 90 +6 98 50 62 80 98 +6 111 47 63 87 111 +8 140 44 68 104 140 +12 160 70 90 130 160 +10 180 100 120 150 180 +10 201 89 117 159 201 +14 220 92 124 172 220 +16 240 96 132 186 240 +18 280 128 166 223 280 +19 360 192 234 297 360 +21 ​ ​ HP Group Base Common Base Rare Base Epic Base Legendary Upgrade Value 67 32 43 55 67 +4 91 43 55 73 91 +6 201 89 117 159 201 +14 216 104 132 174 216 +14 252 116 150 201 252 +17 280 128 166 223 280 +19 440 256 302 371 440 +23 560 264 338 449 560 +37 598 254 340 469 598 +43 696 264 372 534 696 +54 750 350 450 600 750 +50 888 448 558 723 888 +55 964 452 580 772 964 +64 1000 456 592 796 1000 +68 1110 534 678 894 1110 +72 1232 576 740 986 1232 +82 1432 688 874 1153 1432 +93 1542 718 924 1233 1542 +103 1672 600 868 1270 1672 +134 ​ Reliability of the new Upgrade System Now you may be thinking something like "Dude, how did you even get those numbers? For all I see right now, it looks like those numbers are seemingly random!" Well, you're not wrong. Trial-and-error was also in play here, but there has also been a bit of research. This is, at the very least, the base of the formula: x + y * 8 = z Here, x represents a slightly tweaked level 1 stat from the current system, y represents the upgrade value (which is multiplied by 8 because the Common Card has 8 upgrade levels until it reaches Tourney Standard), and z represents the HP, or Damage Group. While it may seem random, it assures that the corresponding group reaches its Tournament Standard value, and it has a constant upgrade value. Conclusion So there we have it, a brand new Upgrade System that supports Corby's Standardization Movement, and offers concrete values at different levels. So, what do you think? Do you think the new Upgrade System can have an impact on the game? Or do you think it's just a waste of time. Let me know in the comments below! Special thanks for u/JCorby17 for advising me to do this post. Great job with the Standard Stats man! submitted by /u/TheRandonOne [link] [comments]View the full article
  8. Supercell: The progression system (cards and gold required for leveling up a card) has been the SAME for over 4 years already. I quit the game 3 years ago and came back 3 months ago, and the first thing I noticed was that all of these were excatly the same, while there were a LOT of new cards in the game. I simple can't understand how you slept on this. How do you expect Ladder to get better if you are FORCING the majority of players to use the SAME deck they have been using for years over and over again, just because it takes an ETERNITY to max other decks out ?? There are A LOT of new cards in the game, and yet, the costs remains the same. Not to mention the chests didn't improve, they are still giving 2 coins and 4 cards. I play Clash of Clans also, and they have been improving the progression system (timers and costs) A LOT lately, how come you can't do the same ? This, IMO, its the FIRST thin you should address ASAP. Hope you read this. submitted by /u/EmilianoDTH [link] [comments]View the full article
  9. Hi, my first post here. Anyway, I'm sure that most of you know that we are now getting the update in July, and it's long overdue (it was promised for April). Right now, despite the game being in a fairly balanced spot (Seth did an good job in these balances), the community is not happy and it isn't hard to see why. It's been nearly a year since the last major update, and that is longer than ever before. However, I understand that we in the midst of a global pandemic and this will have undoubtedly affected work on the update. If it is a massive update, then April would have been acceptable, and I can understand it having to be released a lot later due to covid-19. So why is everyone angry? Because of the lack of communication. In a recent post, drew commented that we are getting an explanation/FAQs about the update tomorrow (I will edit it to link the comment if I can find it). However, I think that just saying "it's because of Coronavirus" is not enough. I'm not asking for loads, just a small explanation of how it has affected it. I think that this would really bring back our faith in the Devs. Disclaimer: This is not a hate post, I completely appreciate the work Seth and Drew and the rest of the team put into the game, and I know that this pandemic will have affected the update. Edit: Here is the link to the comment. https://www.reddit.com/r/ClashRoyale/comments/gs4ris/each_arena_has_two_of_each_rarity_new_skeleton/fs4inai?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share Edit 2: I slightly changed what I said about the balances because some cards are too strong (Rd, bt, eq and maybe rh) submitted by /u/doubledude456 [link] [comments]View the full article
  10. submitted by /u/MrLocketx3 [link] [comments] View the full article
  11. We have waited so long for a big update that it's kind of ridiculous. I predicted that this would happen when they announced the pass royale system. A lot of people are always going to buy the pass, so Supercell does not have to release real updates to make money. All we have gotten since pass royale being introduced have been boring spawner gamemodes, arena skins, and the occasional unbalanced card release. I have big expectations for this upcoming update especially with all the delays, and let's just say that I'm done with this game if this update is horrible. Does anyone else feel the same way? submitted by /u/RedLegend5 [link] [comments]View the full article
  12. submitted by /u/TheBigSoupRice [link] [comments] View the full article
  13. submitted by /u/Justin531857 [link] [comments] View the full article
  14. submitted by /u/gabwiell [link] [comments] View the full article

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