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Found 740 results

  1. submitted by /u/ClashRoyaler16 [link] [comments] View the full article
  2. We've all seen it, a player leaves the clan after completing their war day and leaves the clan hanging. I feel a penalty should be levied against those that leaves without completing their war day. What does the Clash community feel about this? What do you feel is a sufficient deterrent for such an annoying offense? In the some vain, what does the Clash community feel about a penalty to players that miss their war day? I feel the clan leaders are powerless to keep their clan members (the habitual ones) from missing. It feels like a demotion is rather meaningless, and kicking can be too extreme. TL;DR: What does the Clash community feel about implementing a penalty for players that leave during war or miss their war days? submitted by /u/bubbagump65 [link] [comments]View the full article
  3. submitted by /u/shinibob1233 [link] [comments] View the full article
  4. If it’s op, they will nerf it next months, if it’s broken, they might do emergency nerf, if it killed a card, they will buff it next months after they gather data, whether a change is good or bad is going to show with time. You can’t know for sure 1 day after the change went live or b4 it even releases. And they always play test myriad of times. Take exe rework for example. When ppl saw new exe, ppl thought it will broke the game and they nerfed it b4 it went live even tho Seth said they had a below balanced result when they play tested, Another example is tornado, They nerfed it b4 it releases because people thought it was a huge buff and will overtake the meta. Also, Miner nerf, when Seth said they will be nerfing miner “next season”, people IMMEDIATELY assumed it is going to kill the card and when they announced the nerf, people were disappointed at such a small and unnoticeable change to such popular card. submitted by /u/Donghoon [link] [comments]View the full article
  5. Submitted By: Soul Crusher Watch Now: BEST COMPS for 15 Wins Brawl Stars Championship Challenge - Strategy Guide
  6. Instead of just a stupid old spawner game mode that Clash Royale does every single season and nobody wants to play it, they implement this awesome new idea that makes people actually want to play the challenge. (I know they still added heal spirit spawn) but great job by the team this game mode. It's definitely one of my favorites alongside mirror battle, mega deck, and triple draft. Do you like this new game mode as much as I do? And what other game modes are your favorites? Please comment below! submitted by /u/Thunder_Bolt_52 [link] [comments]View the full article
  7. Submitted By: Soul Crusher Watch Now: BEST Raged Giant Deck for 12 Wins
  8. The rage giant mode is super fun! I'm glad we didn't get ice wizard spawner challenge. submitted by /u/miiki38 [link] [comments]View the full article
  9. submitted by /u/MissStealYoTrophies [link] [comments] View the full article
  10. Hello everyone, I have been playing CR for almost 4 years, still missing the badge I am also a developer, so I just wanted to share a few ideas that could improve the game has it is right now. And I know that there is a big update on the clan wars coming, cannot wait for that, but what I have in mind are a few tweaks that would give the game a little boost of happiness. Personalization Starting on “personalization”, everyone likes to have something that makes them unique, in this case on our CR profile we have badges and our deck, one thing that I really liked about those star skins is that they don’t change your cards completely, so we will not have the problem of playing against a card that seems strange, like In other games. And I believe that more “gold” skins will appear in the future, but one thing that I think would improve on this is the option to select the skin that we want. Right now if we unlock a 3 star goblin barrel we can never play the zero stars goblin barrel… a simple button could solve this, where a player could select the skin to use, or even simpler, clicking on the card avatar would select the number of stars from zero to the max stars of the card, if it is already unlocked! This could be on the card profile, in terms of dev, this would mean, probably, another field on the player table, a “active-skin”! ​ Clan Chat This one I already saw youtubers, and probably people here as well, talking about a tab chat on the clan chat UI just for the trades, this would help everybody life so much in my humble opinion. I don’t know if you will add this on the new clan UI, and I don’t know if there’s any time left on this month dev pipeline, But it would improve the communication between us players in a colossal way! An emote limit would be cool, if a player uses 4 emotes in sequence, he/she could send another after only 5 minutes maybe... just make the emotes grey! A mute option would be amazing, but that would bring other repercussions. This could be a simple thing to code, or not, I don’t know your code base but it would help many people from raging, and other mental problems! ​ Clan profile UI One thing that was kind of weird for me was having a way to copy to my clipboard a player tag, but not a clan tag! It’s just a tiny teak that could help so much, and if anybody is thinking why we need this, well, it is for the same reason we have the copy player tag option! ​ Add friend This is a little complicated, and I also saw many people talking about it. For now, the only way that we have to add friends are from: connecting our Facebook account, at the end of a 2x2 match and by sharing our invitation link by any digital way. What many probably want is a request friendship button on each player profile, but this would bring spam to most pros and others alike and could annoy a lot of people. They would probably ask for a mute/ban button to avoid cancelling the requests from the same players, so overall in my opinion, for now, this should not change! Even the Facebook connection thing is too much in my humble opinion, 4 years ago it could have, but now, I do not think so! ​ Trading Cards With a semi-maxed account, I can only request one card in my clan, since it is the new card it annoys a lot of us, and probably many of you! A full clan were everybody requests the same cards because they cannot request any other, even if they are not maxed out. If you have enough cards to max a card you cannot request it! And this is what I wanted to touch, if a card is not maxed why can’t I request it? I could simply receive the gold amount that we already receive when we get extra cards from the chests! This way we could request other cards and not create a big requesting madness of newest cards! Again, in my humble opinion, it would help a lot of players, and it would release some steam from others! ​ Tournaments This are, probably most used by clans, youtubers and communities, but it always feels like we need to use other tools to complement this feature. I would suggest an option to share a tournament link, an action just like we have on the "Invite to clan", it would create a link that we all could share on our communication channels, and upon the click it would add that player to the tournament. Other really helpful feature would be an option to kick a player of the tournament, maybe there is a player that got into the tournament or is playing with a deck that it shouldn't, among other strange reasons that we humans get from time to time Without wanting to push too much, an option to ban cards would be amazing here, it would allow to bust the tournaments usage by "nine thousand"! But this could require some development, don't know if some of the code used on the touchdown event could be helpful here (since some cards were ban on those events)! ​ -- ​ I will finish this for now, sorry for the big text and I hope I didn’t copy any idea here, if you think so, then please send me a message about it with a link for the reddit post and I’ll change this post to give the appropriate credit! Thank you for reading everything, and thanks Supercell for creating a game that still gives me joy till this day. I also want to say thanks to all my gaming partners, some ideas came from them and from our amazing talks about this game that we still enjoy. And thank you so much to the reddit community and everyone that helped me here, without them I could not have posted this, you are the best Have fun and I will see you all in the arena submitted by /u/trainermancr [link] [comments]View the full article

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