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Found 44 results

  1. Are you a Clash Royale veteran or just starting out?
  2. Having the ability to directly damage your opponent's tower is always helpful. Which is your favorite card to damage towers?
  3. Congrats to @3C_Coleslaw for picking up the VIP Account!
  4. We have tried to make things as easy as possible when you post a recruitment topic. However, there are somethings to keep in mind. When posting about your clan, more information is better. With the countless amount of clan currently in the game, simply posting a topic and just including you clan's tag is more than likely NOT going to attract anyone's attention. Add more info about how long you've been around, if you care people participate in war, etc. Feel free to use the template we've setup for you. The template is designed to make all your important info stand out and displayed nicely for everyone to see. Post only ONCE in the sub-fourm which bests fits your current trophy requirement. Even if you are looking for a range of people, for the sake of the site and everyone else, only post ONCE. Duplicate threads will be deleted. Depending on the amount of threads posted or history, posting more than ONE topic can result in your account receiving a warning which prevents you from posting for 24 hours. Additional offenses will just result in your account being banned. If you have a specific need where you need more than one topic, contact staff first to see if an exception can be made. Best of luck!
  5. Just finished the Elite Barbarian Rush challenge. Pretty easy to finish and I used OJ's deck shown here:
  6. [5000] TOP Ladder / War clan. #YOQCPGUU [ ENGLISH SPEAKING ] Clan name : Heaven Clan Tag : #YOQCPGUU Leader : Wha ; 6 300 ( Grand Champion ). [ Aiming for 6 600 next season ] The clan started on 03 / 27 / 2020. Looking for members in order to build a strong Ladder / WAR clan. " TOP " : I want to gather skilled members to fastly compete with other TOP clans. No members right now. Waiting for Mature and Active players. Goal for the next months : - Reach 3 000 War Trophies. Thanks for reading. Join me and be proud to help me building a strong clan!
  7. So it looks like this particular challenge won't let you keep your progress if you are a Pass Royale holder. It looks like it keeps your wins, but resets your position back to the beginning.
  8. Anyone else like the battle healer? i think she’s epic with sparky and bomber. hit me up on clash check my profile CLAN TAG: #LRUVVJC9 PLAYER TAG: #Y0928UGRC
  9. UK based clash royale group.. we have 9 active players at the moment all climbing ladder and just playing for fun.. I decided to make a clan cos other people’s ones suck.. money and or weed is good active donations, once we have enough people in war if you got war you’ll be expected to do it and me or another one of the guys will start straight away. if your interested then join now. Click this link to join my Clan in Clash Royale!
  10. What's everyone's thoughts on the max elixer challenge? I knew it would be chaotic, but fun. I would like to see them eliminate some cards from the challenge to prevent the poison, rocket, skarmy, repeat and rinse on the king tower. How about max elixer in 2 v 2!?
  11. Sparky Mega Knight Giant Skeleton Baby Dragon Electro Dragon PEKKA Ram Rider Wizard You can see it in use here: Max Elixer Video. The electro dragon and ram rider do wonders against your opponent's sparky and inferno tower.
  12. If you’ve been quarantined due to the coronavirus and your bored, looking for something to do.... Join clan SQUABBLES INC in clash Royale. We’re a small group of experienced players from Savage Supremes looking to form a team of positive, active players. Once we get enough players, we’ll run clan wars 24/7. All skill levels are welcome and the clan is open for now. We look forward to teaming up with you.... take care!
  13. Hey, We just made a new clan and looking for new recruits that are Adult/Mature. You must have 3000 trophies and be active or you will be kick. We are looking for Trophy Pushers and you need to Donate and Trade. We hope to see you!
  14. Not sure what everyone else is seeing in your clans, but compared to other new cards such as the Firecracker, the requests for Royal Delivery are minimal and the use in battles is minimal as well. This card appears to be quite broken at the moment.
  15. Are you looking forward to the new Royal Delivery card?
  16. I'm betting the Royal Delivery is going to bring back the mortar to a card commonly used, especially with its splash damage. I definitely wouldn't be trying it against heavier tank cards.
  17. 'ARMY OF ANGELS' We're in search for active war players REQUIREMENTS: Level 8 King Participate in war 4000 trophies or higher Do not be offline for more than 3 days Must meet a minimum of 200 donations per week OFFER: Active war and donating players Gold chest for the ending season of War Tips on winning more battles or help building a deck for you if needed Promotion to elder when you have reached a total of 500 donations in a week If you're not at 4,000 trophies but your king is at level 8, leave a comment here on this forum and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Use #PLJ89Q82 to join today
  18. Any thoughts on the Season 8 Pass Royale rewards? Especially the emote and tower skin?
  19. I swear...they should have a system for people who just throw a 2 v2 match in the beginning because they want to just get a reaction out of you. Too bad you can't flag them somehow!
  20. We’re gonna be a squad of only good players
  21. Was thinking this over the other day and wanted to see if anyone else had an opinion. Would be kinda neat to see heroes in Clash Royale. Something like a one use item that could be rewarded randomly.

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