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  1. submitted by /u/NOOBERSAYLOL [link] [comments] View the full article
  2. Submitted By: Soul Crusher Watch Now: ULTIMATE Clash Royale Funny Moments,Montage,Fails and Wins Compilations|CLASH ROYALE FUNNY VIDEOS#78
  3. submitted by /u/Gandalf-the-grey-27 [link] [comments] View the full article
  4. submitted by /u/MikeyyLikeyy69 [link] [comments] View the full article
  5. They feel like they're the same, except skeleton dragon is dinkier. Is there an actual different other than stats? submitted by /u/UneducatedPerson [link] [comments]View the full article
  6. submitted by /u/bobo6789__ [link] [comments] View the full article
  7. Just like one of the pros said in CWA’s discussion video that golem should have less death damage and be more tankier as he is the “daddy of all tanks” I just think it’s stupid how once a golem reaches your tower it’s at least 1000 damage guaranteed because of the highly stupid death damage he his and I also think it’s stupid how easy you can destroy a 8 elixir worth tank what do you guys think submitted by /u/Zer0wO [link] [comments]View the full article
  8. 13 is an unlucky number. Breaking mirrors is also bad luck. There are mirrors in the Prince's Dream arena (Most notably on the Battle/Party screen where an image of the Prince occasionally appears in the reflection of the two mirrors in the clouds), and one of the current friendly battle selections is the "Mirror Friendly Challenge," where both players have the same premade deck with mirror as one of the 8 cards in it. Such prominence of references to the one-of-a-kind spell has lead me to suspect a mirror-themed season 13. How would such a season look? Here are some ideas I've concocted, and have no evidence to suggest are coming to CR. I present to you all my vision of season 13, which I have titled "A Time for Reflection." CARD LEVEL BOOST Mirror is boosted to players' king tower levels for the season, immediately giving all level 13 players the ability to use level 14 cards NEW ARENA Season arena has a semi-reflective floor, showing a blurry underside of troops and an even blurrier purple evening sky with dark clouds. Since the mirror is a spell card, perhaps the rest of the design could be based off of the Spell Arena's; bridges can have their color changed, and the river could flow with dark elixir instead of the normal pink (cough Especially if that Dark Mirror card is still under consideration all these years later cough). SEASON EMOTES Pass Royale tier 10 gives a mirror emote that replays the last played emote with a mirror animation to start, similar to the mirror effect that occurs when placing the actual card, it cannot be the first emote you use in a match. Since Pass Royale emotes have the rainbow outline, this mirror emote could also just replay the previous emote with a rainbow outline (Or maybe without the outline if the emote already has one) (Would be the coolest emote to have in the game, would spike Pass buyers no doubt) A less unique but nonetheless cool emote idea would be to have one troop reacting to having a stronger, mirrored version of themselves confidently spawn behind them (For example, a bowler smiles and holds his boulder and is surprised and pushed to the side by a mirrored bowler that stands a little taller and carries a larger boulder with a big smile, and the original shows sadness over his comparative weakness) TOWER SKIN Pass Royale tier 20 gives a mirror-walled tower skin, showing a clear reflection of ground troops within a few tiles, with silver rims on the edges (Easily the best tower skin so far, would further increase Pass buyers) GAMEMODES "Reflection Rush" Every card that is placed is mirrored on the other side (If Lava Hound is placed in back right corner, a mirrored Lava Hound is also spawned on the back left corner; if a poison is placed on the opponent's left princess tower, a level-up poison will also be spawned on the right one). Players make their own deck and levels are capped at tournament standard "Break the Mirror" A mirror is in the center of the arena and has 2000 hitpoints for each opponent like a dragon egg. The mirror gets a bit more shattered as it is damaged, and the troop that lands the killing hit shatters the glass and gets mirrored in place The conclude this post, I'd like to take a moment to appreciate the Mirror card. Many players upgrade it right alongside their main deck's cards for ladder in hopes of one day using level 14 beasts. Having mirror skins, emotes, and especially cards would appeal to a very wide range of Clash Royale players, more so than a Prince season that attracts more Prince players than anyone else. Everyone wants to level up their mirror. I think it would be a great financial choice for Supercell, as well as a fantastic experience for players. With the hints regarding mirrors in this season, some variation of these ideas may already be planned, or maybe none of this is plausible. Either way, it was fun considering the possibility! TL;DR haha mirror season make pass royale sales go brrrrr submitted by /u/Jacobhouser [link] [comments]View the full article
  9. submitted by /u/malkjuice82 [link] [comments] View the full article
  10. Submitted By: Soul Crusher Watch Now: VALORANT Funny Moments,Glitches,Fails and Wins Compilations #1
  11. Hello, guys it’s H_R here with another single card strategy post. In this post, we have the bats. The bats are 5 very weak but fast troops that are able to effectively take out unsupported small attacks, both on the ground and in the skies. I hope you guys enjoy and if there are any other cards that you would like to see broken down then please feel free to comment down below. With that said, let’s get right into it. Stats lvl 9 Elixir: 2 Rarity: Common Arena: Frozen Peak Damage: 67 Hit points: 67 Hitspeed: 1.1 sec DPS: 60 Targets: Air&ground Range: Melee medium Speed: fast Mass: 1 Synergy: Miner: The synergies pretty simple. Bats are pretty weak but are easily able to still lots of damage when tanked for and the miner is a really good tank for cards just like this. You can use this either in a counter push or as a rush attack when they don’t have elixir. Ground troops: The synergy works pretty effectively defensively against a lot of small pushes even if supported by a area of affect unit such as a wizard or a baby dragon. The ground troop which will probably be something like a knight will be able to tank for the bats and allow them to deal damage very quickly. Also, this is a pretty cheap combo so you can certainly get positive elixir trades off of this. Various effective decks this card is featured in: Miner SB: This deck uses the bats as a great air defense and a threatening punishment when paired with the miner. I’ll mention the miner bats combo quite a bit in this post. Miner Wall Breakers: You either love it or you hate it. Miner wall breakers emerged nearing season 7 and was quite popular during season 8. It was one of few cheaper miner decks that was able to survive the season 9 nerf, and still is a popular meta deck. As mentioned above, the bats are used as air&ground defense and a great punishment when Wall Breakers aren’t in hand. Hog EQ cycle: This deck uses the bats very defensively and for a great positive elixir trade. Since most cards in this deck have a rather lacking air ability, the bats are crucial to decks like this. How to use Bats are very weak flying troops that have decent DPS when there are enough of them. They spawn in a pentagon formation, with three in the back, and two up front, and the middle one in the back is farther back than the other two. You will mostly use this card defensively, since they are quite weak alone but can deal lots of damage to poorly supported troops. For example, if your opponent is attempting to go in with a balloon, and they don’t have the elixir to support it, you can simply use bats and that will net you a positive elixir trade for just the death bomb, which is damage you can afford assuming your tower is still somewhat healthy. Because they are so fast, no card in the game is able to simply out pace and get away from them. Hog Riders can be countered for a positive elixir trade and they will only get one hit on your tower if placed near the middle of the lane and not on top. This will allow the bats to only require small adjustments before they can continue chewing away at the Hog. Ok, you get it. It can counter medium to high health units quite easily when unguarded. But it’s not like every balloon sent is going to be unguarded. What if say a splash unit joins their attack/counter push? When this happens, as mentioned before, a great synergy with the bats are medium sized, cheapish ground units, including knight, Ice Golem, even Mini PEKKA. The MP in fact is even better since if they send in say a wizard, the mini pekka won’t just block the attack, but also take out the unit and for a positive elixir trade. Here’s a second great reason as to why the bats are so good defensively: low spells. If the opponent is going to get a positive elixir trade and force out more elixir for either pressure or defending small assaults, then they are definitely going to use their zap to take out those bats. That when you will be able to use your zap risk cards, such as sparky, without that risk of the zap making everything go awry for you. Offensively, because they are weak, it will be hard to get them to the tower consistently. However, as mentioned in the synergy part, one of the best cards that pair with bats is miner. If you just countered a high cost unit using bats, play your miner at the tower and force a small counter push to at least force even more elixir out of them. All for the 2 elixir bats! Use/Win Rates: thoughts on how popular is in the current meta game. Miner wall breakers, as mentioned numerous times in these posts and in this post a few times as well, is a great cycle meta deck that features bats as a areal support and as a punishment paired with the miner. Along with this, they are featured in many other cheap meta decks as the central air unit. A clear as day 24% use rate is certainly means for a look at for maybe a slight nerf? Or is it other synergies that make the bats look more magnified in use and win rates than should be? What are your thoughts on bats in the current meta? Countering The bats can be countered completely using spells, such as zap and arrows. Everything except for log and EQ works, although also use your brain when countering bats. If they come in completely alone, then don’t do anything; the towers can take it out by itself for a positive elixir trade. If you don’t feel comfortable using spells as mentioned above, it’s kind of hard for such low health units to survive a big beatdown push, especially when you bring in cards such as the wizard, baby dragon, or which. Conclusion 2 elixir bats are a menace in the sky who’s speed and low elixir make them a great card against fast cheap ground assaults. Their low health but high DPS die to high numbers make them great zap bait, and overall an effective and great card in the current meta. And, once again, if you enjoyed this post, feel free to comment down below other cards that you would like to see. We already have minion horde reserved for the next post, so after minion horde, what else would you like to see? Thanks for reading HR submitted by /u/Huffelpuff__rainbow [link] [comments]View the full article

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