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Found 14 results

  1. UnexpectedBears #YQ99ROJV LOOKING FOR ACTIVE WAR MEMBERS 40/50 1540 war trophies (New clan with veteran players) 51k clan score 13k donations a week We offer ways to promote just ask how when you join Name is a Shakespeare reference.
  2. Hello please take time to consider joining our clan if you join we promise to donate chat and be friendly towards everyone if you do join thank you it means the world to us be active and please participate in clan wars I really want to do clan wars and thank you for reading hopefully I see you there.
  3. Just as the title suggests, We are a relatively new clan only having 6 members, we wish to be able to participate in 2-3 wars a week. Donations are not a must, although feel free to help out if you can. Looking forward to seeing some new players in the clan !
  4. We are a very new clan (founded 3 days ago). We have almost enough people for clan war (one missing). Leaders are very active and spend a lot. Come in our clan!!
  5. Join the clan !THE KINGDOM! Very activve leaders, we wanna grow big and participate in clan wars, it would be good if youre atleast lvl 8, but mst important just active players who are growing.
  6. Hello all, I just created a new clan with a few friends. We are all really active and are in the works of starting a active, war thirsty, donating clan. If you’re looking for a clan with a group of good people. Join us and become a Razorduck!
  7. RazorDucks is a BRAND NEW clan that are looking for active members who are wanting to chat, war, donate and strategize! All are welcome we require 4000 trophies but if you a little below that and interested in joining, just let me know!
  8. Join our active war clan Shlongers! Need active members who snapped and participate in war. We are a fun clan who likes to mess around and trash talk too.
  9. We are an upcoming competitive clan, want the members to strive to grow with us , we are active we are open to get open spots for everyone that wants to join , we are doing war non stop but we need alot more players to help us grow and get to the top we have a discord in clan bio cant wait to see u there
  10. Just created this clan after getting tired of clan leader not actively kicking inactives. Personally love to do back to back wars non-stop and active everyday members. If you're looking for kick back common sense adult ran clan come check us out. As soon as a 10 people with King Towers lvl. 8 or higher we're starting a war. Active will get promoted to elder or co-leader depending on shown maturity. United States located clan, come check us out! Only clan with the name: LandOfTheFree (Yellow backround with Green Tree)
  11. Hey guys. We recently spring cleaned our clan and are looking for some new members to add to our family. We have 31 super active members at the moment and we do wars everyday. We see adults and super chilled however wars are mandatory. We hope to see y’all there.
  12. We are an active and supportive clan, looking for active and supportive players. Co leaders and the leader make war decks, while anyone can ask for a deck to be approved. You MUST be active. Our leader, is very helpful, and will always try to help where he can. Hope to see you soon! -Balbo
  13. Future Nostalgia Hey guys! We're currently looking for people to join our new clan. Name: Future Nostalgia Clan Tag: #YGQ8JVPP Trophies: 3,000+ PB We are an all English-speaking, internationally located clan. What we offer: We throw clan tournaments! We have a great mentoring system, giving you access to deck & strategy advice and 1v1 testing and much more. We offer guidance and support with your gaming experience, promising that with us you will always learn and develop your skill. Our server has a channel specifically for trading, getting you the cards you need, fast. We are a fun, helpful and mature group of people and always welcoming new members. Clan stats on website: https://royaleapi.com/clan/YGQ8JVPP https://discord.gg/xaHDXUQ

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