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Found 705 results

  1. submitted by /u/McMagicAsian [link] [comments] View the full article
  2. Submitted By: Soul Crusher Watch Now: *NEW* Clash Royale CARD TIER LIST!! Ranking Every Card (April 2020)
  3. Hello Reddit! As the title says, i'm doing a project about the current state of Clash Royale. With Supercell's lack of interaction with the community (hopefully this changes in the future) i decided to dedicate my project to Clash Royale. The survey contains 14 questions all related to Clash Royale (in order to publish your answers all questions must be answered). ​ Why would I participate in the survey? Surveys are a great way to freely express your experience with the game and they offer you the possibility to describe the features you would like to see in-game (and of course, you would really help me with my project). ​ Should i put in my personal data? Your data is not being used anywhere except in my project, but please refrain from putting your personal information in the survey. ​ How do i participate in the survey? To participate in the survey just click the following link: https://forms.gle/AvJ3Ri8VfZULVRat9 ​ Thank you for reading my post and especially thank you if you chose to participate in the survey. Stay safe and healthy! submitted by /u/Noahhz [link] [comments]View the full article
  4. Submitted By: Soul Crusher Watch Now: CRAZIEST BATTLES I'VE EVER HAD?! Clash Royale Funny Moments #1
  5. Submitted By: Soul Crusher Watch Now: CRAZIEST BATTLES I'VE EVER HAD?! Clash Royale Funny Moments #1
  6. Submitted By: Soul Crusher Watch Now: Can I win on ladder with only split cards? | Clash Royale
  7. INTRODUCTION • Hey Everyone, J.Corby here. How are you all? Staying safe and having fun with the game from home? Anything good happen in the game for you recently? I’m curious how everyone is doing. Quick Note on the Tornado Rework (coming in the May Update, confirmed by Seth’s Twitter): Honestly, I understand the reasoning. It has a high skill cap and stops almost any push with the help of Splash Cards. I hope they don’t accidentally kill it, though you technically can’t kill wind so... let’s see what happens Anyways, you all know what your here for: Card Changes. And boy do I have some good ones! Rules from last time remain: This Post will be using Tournament Standard Stats when Balancing Cards and use Grand Challenge Use and Win Rates from RoyaleAPI (over the past 7 Days) for Each Card I talk about. I will be mentioning some Cards the were in Last version’s post because I still feel they need fixes, but I did change the Use and Win Rates, what I would do to fix them, and the explanations of these Cards, but there are more new ones than old (separated by sections). Let’s get to it then, shall we?! NEW CARD CHANGES • ~Battle Healer~ • ~Use Rates~: 12% • ~Win Rates~: 47% • ~Suggested Change(s)~: Ditch Passive Healing (will still Heal herself and ally Troops when attacking enemy Troops/Buildings) and Nerf HP to 1452 (from 1582) • ~Explanation~: The Battle Healer, honestly, has pretty bad Use and Win Rates. Yet she is also one of, if not, the most annoying and frustrating Cards to face inside the game. This holy woman causes lots of issues because she is very hard to take out; not even a Rocket and Royal Delivery can take her out, and then she just Heals all the damage back Up! One push with her supporting lots of Troops, it’s almost impossible to stop! So what I suggest is to make her easier to be taken out by getting rid of the main factor that goes into getting her HP back: the Passive Healing. This, along with a slight HP nerf to match the Knight, means that she has to really fight for her friends to heal them and herself and the player has to earn the massive pushes by playing he more passively. She will still be a great Support Card in Beatdown and Bridge Spam Decks, especially since she is also getting the Hover mechanic added (where she flies across the river but is still hit by Grounded Troops), so that is a small buff to compensate for a decent nerf. • ~Magic Archer~ • ~Use Rates~: 1% • ~Win Rates~: 24% • ~Suggested Change(s)~: Option 1 (Preferred): Buff Range to 7.0 Tiles (from 6.0 tiles), Give Crown Tower Damage at 35% (From none, consistent with Spells and the Miner, Now deal 39 Crown Tower Damage from 111). Option 2: Buff Range to 6.5 Tiles (from 6.0 Tiles) • ~Explanation~: Oh how the mighty Leader of the Forest Heist Gang has fallen. The Magic Archer has had a rough history in the Arena, but even he did not deserve this nerf. The long Range is what made him Legendary (along with his ability to Tower Snipe), and after the devastating Range nerf, now he is just a Musketeer with less HP and a long laser beam. What I suggest is either: giving back his Range, but making his Tower Sniping less effective (still lots of damage if left alone, but not 1000+, that’s just ridiculous!), OR, buffing his Range a little bit. Each change will fix most of the devastating impact left by the nerf, but it won’t make him as strong as he was before. Overall, Magic Archer is a fun Card to use at casual and competitive play, but the nerf he got NEEDS to be changed! I wonder how he feels about the big nerf, I bet his heart was pierced when he heard the need. • ~Earthquake~: • ~Use Rates~: 21% • ~Win Rates~: 56% • ~Suggested Change(s)~: Buff Base Damage to 67 per Second (from 61 per second, now deals 201 Base Damage from 183 Base Damage), Nerf Building Damage Multiplier to 3 1/3 (from 4, now deals 669 Building Damage from 732 Building Damage), Ditch dealing damage to a Tesla when it is underground, and Add Crown Tower Damage at 90% (From none. Now deals 181 Crown Tower Damage from 183 Crown Tower Damage) • ~Explanation~: Holy smokes this Spell has gone a long way, and it was not even really changed! This proves that Cards can shift into and out of the meta even when not directly changed, and Earthquake shifted into the meta in a big way. Earthquake is mainly on the rise due to the rise in the use of Bomb Tower and Goblin Hut, both cards that crumble under the magnitude of this Card. But there’s the problem with it: it’s TOO good against Buildings and not good enough against other things in the Arena. What I propose is making it less of a RPS (Rock-Paper/Scissors) kind of Card and make it a little more well rounded; giving it more Base Damage so it can now Take out Shields in 3 Ticks of Damage and Skeletons in only 1 Tick, while also making the Building Damage multiplier weaker (and Giving Crown Tower Damage so it does not Change much since that’s balanced. Fun Fact: It would take exactly 14 Earthquake Spells to take out a Princess Tower at equal levels). This, in turn, will make the Earthquake be use more as a small Spell than a big Spell, diversifying Deck Synergy even more and making Buildings stand more of a chance against this mighty threat. Talk about a big impact to the game if you ask me. • ~Wizard~: • ~Use Rates~: 2% • ~Win Rates ~: 22% • ~Suggested Change(s)~: Buff Elixir Cost to 4 Elixir (from 5 Elixir), Buff Radius to 2 Tiles (from 1.6), Nerf Damage to 200 (from 234, same damage as Barb Barrel), Nerf Hitspeed to 1.6 Seconds (from 1.4), Buff First Attack slightly (to match Archers) • ~Explanation~: There he is. The man, the myth, though sadly not the legend: The Wizard! Arguably the most popular and recognizable character in the Clash Universe after Bone-Head Barbarians of course. Sadly though, he has never gotten the spotlight he deserved since the beginning of the game, that’s about to change. This is mainly due to other Troops doing his job (Ranged Splash Attacker/Support) better than him, even he can’t handle the heat. In a previous video with CWA, Seth said that “Splash cards are a crutch for new players”, and “should not be in the meta”; while I agree with the first part, I do think it’s possible for Splash Cards to be in the meta without being OP or frustrating to face (Executioner, Witch, you know who I’m talking about), like Baby Dragon (he could use something too). Supercell has also said that they are now experimenting with the idea of a 4 Elixir Wizard, so this is my way of envisioning it. What this does is make him have a defined role in the game: area control, allowing him to now have a niche that lets him fit in Decks that need area control and a Air Defense Card, or diversify decks that rely on area control like Splashyard. The much Lower DPS will keep him from being obnoxious to face (on Ladder especially) and will make him easier to deal with in general, while the Elixir Buff lets him be used in more Decks. With the current Wizard we have, he is essentially a worse Musketeer for more Elixir. This change will fix his issues of being a crutch for new players while diversifying the Meta. As the Wizard would say it: “It’s Showtime!” • ~Lumberjack~: • ~Use Rates~: 4% • ~Win Rates ~: 42% • ~Suggested Change(s)~: Option 1 (Prefered): Buff Hitspeed to 0.7 Seconds (from 0.8 Seconds), Nerf First Hitspeed (slightly slower than what it is now) AND Rework Rage to match 1 of Rage Change options! Option 2: Buff Damage to 220 (from 200, one shot Logable Troops) AND Rework Rage to match 1 of Rage Change options I suggest! • ~Explanation~: To think that a crazy woodsman that is constantly drinking “energy drinks” gets overshadowed by one robo Boi; feels bad man. The Lumberjack has been dropping down in the meta for a while now, and it’s all because of 1 small change that defines a key difference between them. When comparing Lumberjack and Mini Pekka, we look at the most obvious thing that makes them different: Hitspeed. Lumberjack hits much faster but much weaker than Mini Pekka. while Mini Pekka hits much harder but also much slower than Lumberjack. However, the DPS they both deal is very different; Lumberjack only having 250 DPS compared to Mini Pekka’s 332: That’s over 1/3 of the DPS more for Mini a Pekka. Part of this is because Lumberjack has a Death Rage, but that does NOT provide enough value to make up for the Lost DPS. Mini Pekka seeming popped out of nowhere after this change, so it seems that Lumberjack’s nerf is at fault for this. So, I propose we make Lumberjack have a higher DPS (wither in actual Hitspeed or a Damage Buff), to make him a viable alternative to the pancake loving robot as a Tank Killer, at the cost of a “Rage Nerf”. This change will diversify Beatdown Decks slightly and also buff Ram Rider Bridge Spam Decks Overall, Lumberjack has been in a pretty rough spot since his nerf, and it would be better for the diversity of the meta if he got his DPS back. Mini Pekka could still use a little some to tone him down, but I believe this option is higher priority than that. • ~”Rage”~: • ~Use Rates~: 6% • ~Win Rates ~: 43% • ~Suggested Change(s)~: Option 1: Buff Elixir Cost to 1 Elixir (from 2 Elixir), Nerf Radius and Duration to 3.5 Tiles and 5.0 Seconds, Make it deal 70 Damage to enemy Troops/Buildings on Impact (Crown Tower Damage at 25), and make it have a visible Spawn Delay (1 Second, 2 Seconds faster than Royal Delivery). Option 2 (Preferred): Like turning the Heal Spell into the Heal Spirit, we turn Rage Spell into the Rage Spirit! Buff Elixir Cost to 1 Elixir (from 2), Give it HP, Damage, Range, Damage Radius, and Movement Speed of Ice Spirit (190 HP, 91 Damage, 2.5 Tiles, 1.6 Tiles, and Very Fast respectively) AND Rework Rage Duration and Radius to 3.5 Tiles and 5.0 Seconds at ALL levels of play! • ~Explanation~: This Card has been memed on ever since the beginning, and especially since the release of Elite Barbarians. But in all seriousness, this Card is one of the most problematic Cards in the game, and it’s not for the reason you’re thinking. Let me explain what I mean. Rage gets stronger based on Duration, not something typical like Damage, HP, or HP Healed. What this does is change Card interactions on offense and defense; even the simplest of interactions get complicated and confusing. Even worse, this affects interactions at ALL levels of play: Even if all Cards are at Max Level or Tournament Standards, interactions still change with Rage in play! And to top it all off: it’s a bad Card in almost any Deck (except “Ladder Decks” and that new Goblin Giant Sparky Rage Deck), with no defensive value and only “makes you win even harder”. So, I came up with 2 reworks to fix this issue (that also applies to Lumberjack’s Death Rage); The first one makes Rage have some defensive capability with a tiny bit of Damage and a Consistent (but shorter) Duration at all Levels of play for 1 Elixir, the other turns Rage into a Spirit where it has even more offensive and defensive value, but can possibly not give any Rage Effect since it’s not guaranteed anymore. Both Reworks fit the fundamental issues with Rage and will also make it a viable Card to use in Cycle Decks or maybe some Bridge Spam Decks (looking at you Elite Barbs + Cheaper Rage/Rage Spirit). Which option do you prefer and why?! Remember, Lumberjack is affected by this change too (if we do the Spirit option, he won’t Spawn the Spirit, just the Rage Radius and Duration with no Damage). OLD CARD CHANGES • ~X-Bow~: • ~Use Rates~: 3% • ~Win Rates~: 44% • ~Suggested Change(s)~: Nerf Hitspeed to 0.7 Seconds (from 0.25 Seconds, that needed a Rounding Fix anyways), Buff Damage to 100 (from 26), Nerf Lifetime to 35 Seconds (from 40 Seconds), Nerf First Hitspeed (to Match Zappies) • ~Explanation~: Let me just say it: this Card is very controversial at best, and ridiculously frustrating at worst. As the only Card returning from the previous version of this series of post, X-Bow has been very strong for a while in the meta, especially after it’s HP it got a couple of months ago. But how can it be so strong while having worse use and similar win rates than Rage of all things?! Part of it comes from the High Skill Cap that the Card has. It admittedly has one of (if not) the highest Skill Ceilings in the game, but the pay off for mastering it is a little much. It lives a very long time, allowing you to stack multiple ones at a time to get lots of DPS on offense and defense. It also hits and locks on very fast; something like the Barbarians spawning from a destroyed Barbarian Hut or the Ram of the Battle Ram is too slow to distract the X-Bow’s lock on onto the tower, it’s kinda ridiculous! So, I propose a change in focusing the X-Bow from getting one major lock on that wins you the game for getting a lot of damage off, to more lock ons in the long run that won’t deal as much DPS In short burst. The Hitspeed and Damage change gives it the DPS of a Dart Goblin, which is already more than the X-Bow, but it takes longer to get that DPS. The lifetime nerf is to make it not as likely to stack multiple at a time, making it boost offensive actions instead of defensive ones. I know that a lot of you might not agree with me on this change, but this is all to make the game less frustrating when facing this high skill cap Card when it seeming gets one lock on and then plays defensive the whole rest of the match. How would you change X-Bow if you had to do? CONCLUSION • So, what do you all think? Do you like the changes I suggested? Do you think I missed some other Cards that need fixing? Let me know your thoughts, all feedback is appreciated! Have a nice day, Clash on, and stay safe everyone! submitted by /u/JCorby17 [link] [comments]View the full article
  8. submitted by /u/uwl [link] [comments] View the full article
  9. The maintenance breaks are quite annoying so enable this feature please!!! submitted by /u/Anonymous_Geeza007 [link] [comments]View the full article
  10. Submitted By: Soul Crusher Watch Now: this #2 deck is so easy to use! // CLASH ROYALE
  11. Submitted By: Soul Crusher Watch Now: 3 CROWN IN 60 SECONDS! BEST SPARKY DECK FOR FAST WINS! — Clash Royale
  12. Submitted By: Soul Crusher Watch Now: 3 CROWN IN 60 SECONDS! BEST SPARKY DECK FOR FAST WINS! — Clash Royale
  13. Submitted By: Soul Crusher Watch Now: The Clash Royale Supercell Creator Box & Magic Archer Challenge
  14. Submitted By: Soul Crusher Watch Now: Magic Archer Draft Challenge! Tips & Tricks - Clash Royale
  15. Submitted By: Soul Crusher Watch Now: EZ PRO MINER DECK in CLASH ROYALE
  16. submitted by /u/Xander0406 [link] [comments] View the full article
  17. Submitted By: Soul Crusher Watch Now: WARNING: PLAY THIS DECK AT YOUR OWN RISK... 2.9 XBOW CYCLE — Clash Royale
  18. Submitted By: Soul Crusher Watch Now: WARNING: PLAY THIS DECK AT YOUR OWN RISK... 2.9 XBOW CYCLE — Clash Royale
  19. submitted by /u/KlikerCR [link] [comments] View the full article
  20. Submitted By: Soul Crusher Watch Now: I was WRONG about the Heal Spirit! | Clash Royale
  21. Submitted By: Soul Crusher Watch Now: MAGIC ARCHER DRAFT CHALLENGE 9-0 LIVE GAMEPLAY! - Clash Royale
  22. Anyone know approximately how many daily players/active players Clash Royale has? submitted by /u/KardashianJenner [link] [comments]View the full article

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