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  1. So I know I'm late. The card has been out for a bit, but nonetheless I want to give my opinion on it. I will not be talking about how it is in the meta or any other competitive sense because I am unsure of that function. Instead I will comment on the design and idea of the "Bone Dragon" (I will call it that bc I like it more and it's faster to type). The Bone Dragon overall feels like a lazy design. It's just the child of a baby dragon and an elixir golem. However this isn't what makes it seem lazy to me. There have been plenty of cards that are directly based off of others already in the game design wise (Rascals, Goblin Gang, Barb Barrel, etc.). Sure, the Inferno Dragon is just a Baby Dragon with armor and a fuel tank, but that's the point of the design. It is meant to be a Baby Dragon that went down a different path, and therefore is different but looks similar. Identical almost. The Bone Dragon's skin looks far different from the Baby Dragon, from the structure of it's face to the colors of it's "skin" to the fact that it's only bone and has no eyes. So visually, it is different enough to require some distinction from a Baby Dragon. Yet, it's fireball is the exact same image as the Baby Dragon's--same size too if I'm not mistaken. It flies with the same motion. It spawns with the Baby Dragon sound. The Bone Dragon is in a weird place where it is too similar and too different, feeling like a lazy design. Not mention it sounds like a minion when attacking. My point is not to dismiss the Bone Dragon. It may be viable in the meta, and even if it isn't it still has some good features to it (skin, cool idea that you can split push, our first flying skeleton). The point of this post is that the Clash Royale dev team can do better than this. They can make a card that looks and feels more entertaining than this, even if it has the same function. I mean, look at how people reacted over Rascals and Goblin Gang. I hope that if they do read my post, they take it into consideration and the next card they make has more thought and effort put into it. Uniqueness would be nice, but filling roles that aren't yet filled (even if said roles are seen as "boring") is important too. submitted by /u/GoldenBoot0403 [link] [comments]View the full article
  2. The reason I ask is because I love this game and want to be good at it. Sadly enough I’ve been playing this game daily for around 4 years and can’t get above 6.1k. I’m f2p but I’ve maxed multiple decks and am at lvl 13 so I don’t really have an excuse at this point. I’ve never been good at video games and I’d love some tips on how to improve. submitted by /u/BigBlueSpruce [link] [comments]View the full article
  3. submitted by /u/Bloonception [link] [comments] View the full article
  4. Drew can you give us a hint or a small glimpse of what’s to come in the next update? It’s been almost a week since the last update (e.g screenshot). Maybe it’s time to give us a little more... No negative comments please submitted by /u/MagicArcher101 [link] [comments]View the full article
  5. I feel like this game blows now. Not as fun as it used to be, hardly any good updates, repetitive game modes, and seems pretty P2W now. I started when it was released in 2016. Its crazy how much this game has changed since then. It isnt as fun as it used to be. You have to constantly grind for so little cards/gold, and leveling up takes a stupidly long time. Im really considering uninstalling for good right now. Its rediculous how mad i get now because of everything listed. What do you guys think? submitted by /u/realpekkasaurus [link] [comments]View the full article
  6. submitted by /u/chuckdoc44 [link] [comments] View the full article
  7. submitted by /u/Isai284390 [link] [comments] View the full article
  8. The following text contains a series of chat messages made by me towards another person. Prior to these chat messages, I mentioned I was working on a big idea and that I was preparing to present it to the community. I am using this "head's up" as an excuse to not make an introduction. So I was wondering: how can we spice up the game a bit? How can we add those big, hot features everyone wants so bad? Those features that completely change how you play the game? Modes like Touchdown are the kind of features people want to see being added (but, well, you know, not shitty). So I wanted to create something like that. Something that changes the rules, something that changes the way you play. Something to do with your Crown Towers. ----‐---- My original idea was to make all the Crown Towers into Cupid Towers. They would target your own troops, and focus on the ones with the lowest percentage of HP. They would shoot a healing projectile at them and heal them up, one by one. The catch? The crown towers would NOT attack enemy troops. Anything can take your tower if you ignore it, just like Heist. 2 Bats? Tower gone. A skeleton? BOOM. An Ice Golem? Goodbye. Balanced properly, this mode would make for quite the change in how you play the match, forcing you to defend much more heavily and creating much bigger counterpushes. But, that just doesn't seem like it would hit hard enough to satisfy the community. So, the idea developed. I began to think, "well shit, what other towers could I make? Could there be a better idea that hits harder?" And so a few more towers were born. One had increased HP and did splash damage, but the DPS was negligible. Another had increased Range to be able to hit Princesses, as well as have more DPS, but it's HP was decreased harshly. And a 4th one replaced their direct damage shots with an attack that spawned a troop. All of them hit hard, but they still don't hit hard enough. Individually. Which led me to my final idea. Another thing that came to mind while working on these was how could I make these towers fit in with the Clash Royale theme? What in the world could be doing all that healing from the Cupid Towers? What would a tower with increased HP look like? What in the world would be shooting a troop from 10 tiles away? What could be spawning those troops with the fourth idea? Then it hit me. Heroes. BRO The Barbarian King, with tanky towers! The Archer Queen, with high range! The Grand Warden, with healing! The Royal Champion, with attacking troops! Why not add them all? They could be a new Hero rarity, and serve as that 9th card in your deck: your Crown Towers! They would all level up with your Crown Towers! Imagine. Someone with a tanky Barbarian King Tower facing someone with a high-ranged Archer Queen Tower, on Ladder. It would be crazy! Imagine. Barbarian King Challenge, where you are forced to use a Barb King Tower. You could unlock the Barb King if you win the challenge! It just seems so right and would fit in so well. It would certainly hit hard enough to be considered one of the big boy updates, and it would add in the long-awaited heroes as well! And that's it. I have tower stats if you want to see them. End of chats How can we introduce (and balance) such huge changes? My idea to introducing each change would involve using the Seasons and Special Challenges. There would be 4 seasons dedicated to the update: one for each hero. For each season, all Special Challenges will force you to use the hero of the season as your Crown Towers. Modes will mainly focus on normal 1v1 with any deck of your choice, but will also include other modes to keep things a little more entertaining throughout the month. The first challenge of each season will give the 12-win players the chance to unlock and use the hero of the season on Ladder, in 2v2, anywhere, so long as the mode allows it. Buffs and nerfs to each tower will be the main focus during and after these seasons, to make them balanced and/or tolerable. Crown Tower Info (NOT FINAL) Each tower will have a unique trait advantage that other towers won't have. This will always come at a cost, however, which may end up making you lose the match. The OG King Tower will serve as the balance between all these weaknesses and strengths if you don't want to get risky. New Crown Tower -- Crusher Towers Crown Tower King is replaced with the Barbarian King. Chucks big rocks. Crown Tower Princesses swap out their Bows for big rocks. All Crown Towers: +50% more HP (2534/4008 -> 3801/6012). Barbarian King: Deals wide splash damage. Has a 3.0sec hit speed, and does 135 damage per shot (90 DPS -> 45 DPS). Crusher Princess: Deals wide splash damage. Has a 2.4 sec hit speed, and does 135 damage per shot (112 DPS -> 56 DPS). Slow playstyle. Your towers are absolute tanks, but their low damage bites even harder. Although they often defend themselves more poorly than before, their sole purpose is to give you more time. Such is the role of a tank. Good synergies with heavier decks, being able to sack more damage to the tower if you don't have the elixir to defend or if you don't have a proper defense in cycle. Due to significantly less DPS, counterpushing is limited unless you absorb tower damage, making mediocre synergies with bridge and tower control decks. Due to significantly less DPS, most pushes are more deadly than before, making bad synergies with lighter decks. New Crown Tower -- Artillery Towers Crown Tower King is replaced with the Archer Queen. Fires a Crossbow. Crown Tower Princesses swap out their Bows for Crossbows. All Crown Towers: -33% less HP (2534/4008 -> 1689/2672, Level 9) Archer Queen: Has a 0.5sec hit speed, and does 61 damage per shot (90 DPS -> 122 DPS, Level 9). Has 9.5 tile range. Artillery Princess: Has a 0.4sec hit speed, and does 61 damage per shot (112 DPS -> 153 DPS, Level 9). Has 10 tile range. Fast playstyle. Your towers can fend for themselves quite well (even against Princesses), but if it becomes too much for them, you're in for a world of hurt with such low HP. Good synergies with lighter decks, being able to use much less to stop pushes. Due to significantly less HP on the tower, absorbing tower damage is not an option when making a counterpush, making mediocre synergies with bridge and tower control decks and bad synergies with spawner control decks. Due to significantly less HP on the tower, being caught too low on elixir or with a bad hand spells death for your towers, making bad synergies with heavier decks. New Crown Tower -- Cupid Towers Crown Tower King is replaced with the Grand Warden. Crown Tower Princesses swap out their normal bows for Cupid bows. Maximum Elixir capacity increased to 15. All Crown Towers: Regenerate their own health at a rate of 8.4 HPS, regenerating 42 Hit Points every 5 seconds (Level 9). Grand Warden: Targets friendly units with the lowest health %. Has 1.0sec hit speed, and does 90 healing per shot (90 HPS, Level 9) from a distance. Does not attack buildings. Cupid Princess: Targets friendly units with the lowest health %. Has 0.8sec hit speed, and does 90 healing per shot (112 HPS, Level 9) from a distance. Does not attack buildings. Hyper-Aggressive playstyle. Extremely vulnerable to taking damage and requires a powerful, expensive defense, but in return, your counterpushes will be massive. Good synergies with bridge, tower, and spawner control decks, healing up defending troops for the counterpush and granting the ability to make bigger counterpushes with an extra 5 elixir. Due to your tower offering no DPS, all pushes must be defended, though you have more elixir to work with, making mediocre synergies with heavy decks. Due to your tower offering no DPS, you cannot rely on your towers to deal damage, making bad synergies with lighter decks. New Crown Tower -- Royal Barracks (Could use a better name tbh) Crown Tower King is replaced with the Royal Champion Crown Tower Princesses lose their bows and instead send troops. Royal Champion: Spawns a Royal Competitor on enemy troops in range. Has a 6.0sec hit speed. Royal Princess: Spawns a Royal Competitor on enemy troops in range. Has a 4.8sec hit speed. Royal Competitor: Has a long spear that hits both air and ground. Has 555 Hit Points, 90 Damage, 1.2sec Hit Speed, Melee: Long Range, Fast Movement Speed. Passive playstyle. Uses troops to deal damage instead of projectiles, which has its own pros and cons, pros being you can stack troops and distract, cons being your troops can die and so will your DPS! All-around somewhat balanced synergies with all types of decks. Strong against defenseless cards. Great for when there are too many win conditions in someone's deck. Weak against independent cards. Terrible for when there are no win conditions in someone's deck. And that sums up the update idea. Balances are not final, and are up for debate, but the more important thing I want to know from you guys is this: Is this a good addition to the game? Is this how you want Heroes to be added into the game? Is this enough bang for your buck? What issues can't be ignored? Anything else you'd like to add? Thank you for reading. Have an okay day, everyone, can't wait for this to get buried. submitted by /u/yojojo3000 [link] [comments]View the full article
  9. submitted by /u/Milo-the-great [link] [comments] View the full article
  10. There are a couple enemy cards that don't have spawning sounds, Most notably the Royal giant It might not be a big deal to visual players but to people who don't have really good eyesight like me and are dependent on audio cues, It can be really difficult when you don't know that a Royal giant spawns in on the enemy side It would be cool if this work to be fixed in the future Sorry if this is low quality, I am visually impaired so I try my best. submitted by /u/PhantomNCEs [link] [comments]View the full article
  11. Just half hp and 2? Not sure if that's really an advancement on the game play. submitted by /u/downwithfate [link] [comments]View the full article
  12. submitted by /u/legacy702- [link] [comments] View the full article
  13. Baby drag was the only air splasher and it was epic, so it was very popular because it filled a great niche. Adding skeleton dragons expands that niche and as a common, it makes it easier for F2P players. Remember the point of the game is to be as balanced as possible, and they're pretty damn balanced plus they add options. They may not be that interesting, but thats to be expected when you lot expect a new card every month or so. People run out of ideas! You're also just content starved. Skeleton dragons are cool submitted by /u/coreyd-8 [link] [comments]View the full article
  14. submitted by /u/durkiobrazy [link] [comments] View the full article
  15. submitted by /u/jeefthebeef01 [link] [comments] View the full article
  16. submitted by /u/alimansourr [link] [comments] View the full article
  17. Since the dev team literally added "a Baby Dragon cut in half" into the game. It's time for some card ideas that are just as boring. Stats at Tournament Standards 1. Knight with a Gun Type: Troop Cost: 4 elixir Damage: ≈150 Hitpoints: ≈1300 Range: 4 Hit Speed: 1.2sec Targets: Air & Ground Speed: Medium Knight with a gun, that's it. Overpowered Archer, Fat Musketeer, whatever it is. If you want a ranged tank for some reason, now you have it. Good to have when you just had enough of your Musketeers dying to spells everytime. 2. Lightning Bolt ×1 Type: Spell Cost: 2 elixir Damage: ≈877 Crown Tower Damage: ≈307 Count: 1 Stun Duration: 0.5sec Radius: 2 Lightning but it only strikes once. Instantly kills 5 elixir Wizard/Witch, also deals 300+ tower damage for 2 elixir. Probably overpowered. Good to have when you just want to delete that annoying hellspawn of a troop off of the screen. 3. Barbarian with Wings Type: Troop Cost: 2 elixir Damage: ≈150 Hitpoints: ≈555 Range: Melee: Short Hit Speed: 1.4sec Targets: Air & Ground Speed: Medium Barbarians can fly now. Possible replacement for Mega Minion, lower cost allows quick responses and chip cycling. Good to have when you just want something to chip at pushes before cycling to proper counters. Thank submitted by /u/Jake_Rowley [link] [comments]View the full article
  18. If it’s limited to once a week shouldn’t it be more of a reward to give away an epic card? 10 is too little imo submitted by /u/escargott [link] [comments]View the full article

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