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Found 21 results

  1. Anyone else like the battle healer? i think she’s epic with sparky and bomber. hit me up on clash check my profile CLAN TAG: #LRUVVJC9 PLAYER TAG: #Y0928UGRC
  2. UK based clash royale group.. we have 9 active players at the moment all climbing ladder and just playing for fun.. I decided to make a clan cos other people’s ones suck.. money and or weed is good active donations, once we have enough people in war if you got war you’ll be expected to do it and me or another one of the guys will start straight away. if your interested then join now. Click this link to join my Clan in Clash Royale!
  3. Sparky Mega Knight Giant Skeleton Baby Dragon Electro Dragon PEKKA Ram Rider Wizard You can see it in use here: Max Elixer Video. The electro dragon and ram rider do wonders against your opponent's sparky and inferno tower.
  4. Not sure what everyone else is seeing in your clans, but compared to other new cards such as the Firecracker, the requests for Royal Delivery are minimal and the use in battles is minimal as well. This card appears to be quite broken at the moment.
  5. Are you looking forward to the new Royal Delivery card?
  6. I'm betting the Royal Delivery is going to bring back the mortar to a card commonly used, especially with its splash damage. I definitely wouldn't be trying it against heavier tank cards.
  7. Was thinking this over the other day and wanted to see if anyone else had an opinion. Would be kinda neat to see heroes in Clash Royale. Something like a one use item that could be rewarded randomly.
  8. How is everyone currently using firecracker? Offensively or defensively? If you have a couple of low elixer cards in your hand, you can continually drop those in front of her while she continues her main target and anything else behind it. Boosted, she does pretty good damage, minus the king tower activation.
  9. Been having fun with this: Log Hog Rider Firecracker Mini Pekka Ice Spirit Ice Golem Rocket Bats
  10. Absolutely crazy the amount of balloons that get pumped out! What makes it a bit difficult is when your teammate runs with their normal deck and has no anti-air cards
  11. How are you handling the Firecracker's King Tower activation? Are you defending, keeping her away from a crown tower or letting her hit a crown tower once to get the activation?
  12. Each has its strengths and weaknesses, who do you prefer?
  13. I saw a variation of this deck on one of the guides and decided to change it a bit due to my card levels. It's been very good in 2 v 2. Haven't tried it much in ladder. If you do, please let me know how it works for you. Spear Goblins Valkyrie Hog Rider Ice Spirit Executioner Rocket Log Tornado
  14. What's the most unfair match you've had? My guess is more people experience unfair matches in 2 v 2 than in any other mode just due to the nature of matching up with different people. A couple of memorable matchups in 2 v 2 are where my teammate comes bringing nothing but spell cards. Not a single building or troop. I can see this working if you are playing with someone and it's pre-planned. Otherwise, it ends up being a huge fail.
  15. "Build it and they will come..." ...Except for Clash Royale! You build a clan, set the trophies, location and put a catchy description and now what? Without a global chat or "official" Clash Royale" recruitment forums, your options until Recruiting Royale were limited to Reddit, discord, friends and so on. Obviously we would love to be the place for all of your recruitment needs, but even so, there is more to it than that! With a new clan, don't start your trophy requirements too high. Remember, the people that have been playing for awhile are most likely going to be in established clans. Go easy on the co-leaders. Offering the position of co-leader can be enticing, but do so cautiously. As the leader, you should be the one guiding your clan. Use elder as earned promotion tool. Many people will come to your clan looking for elder. For whatever reason, this is a coveted position even though all it does is allow people to kick non-elders. Share your battles with your clan no matter if you win or lose. Others can learn from your battles and perhaps make suggestions on how to improve. Share your clash royale clan decks with your clan for the same reason as above. It is always good to get differing opinions on your deck. Be patient while your clan grows. Treating people well and making them feel at home will undoubtedly attract new members. Remember we offering free advertising for your clan and spreading the word always helps! Best of luck in your Clash Royale clan recruitment efforts!
  16. I don't know how many of you play 2 v2, but I enjoy it as it gives me a break from the routine ladder climbing. One thing that frustrates me more than anything is when you get matched up with a teammate that simply doesn't know how to play 2 v2. Either they let elixer build all the way up while the other team drops cards or they spend all of their elixer, not checking to see how your elixer is. Or the ultimate...holding down a log or zap only to have them attack the same troops..
  17. Pretty easy to come up with a deck for this challenge on your own, but thought I'd share mine anyhow: Magic Archer Wizard Bowler Ice Spirit Firecracker Valkyrie Rocket Rascals I had good success with it, not as much success with having someone good to play with...
  18. I'm using this for the Play With Firecracker! challenge with good success: Firecracker Ram Rider Mega Knight Goblin Barrel Witch Wizard Log Bats
  19. Borrowed part of boyinblue's deck and created this. Max log doesn't kill firecracker like it does with the princess: Knight Firecracker Ice Spirit Goblin Gang Tesla Rocket Dart Goblin Log
  20. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good Firecracker deck? I'm trying to put one together? Any help would be appreciated.
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