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  1. U.S.S Royale Clan Family! U.S.S Royale (4000+) | 24/7 War Members Needed! Feeder Clan also for the Casuals and Lowers! | #8CQU90YP | U.S.S Royale is a semi-competitive clan that is trying to push to and stay in legendary league in war and trying to grow our crew. Below are some of the details: Inactivity Filter: 7 Days 24/7, constant war players needed Very mature environment. Most players here are adults. Swearing obviously allowed. Trophy Requirement = 4000+ MASSIVE donation count each week (15k donations a week) - ALL requests get filled King Tower: Ideally, at least 10, but we can work with this Lowest donator each week gets axed Go to war, do all 4 Discord: https://discord.gg/FUdP3TH (Post any questions in the general channel!) More clan info can/will be seen on our Discord. The main clan is INVITE ONLY! If you want to request, type your King Tower Level, trophy count, and number of war wins. This way, it will be easier for us to accept/reject you. If the main clan is full, please keep reading! We have a second clan! Clan Tag: #8CQU90YP H.M.S. Royale is our feeder clan! If you are not high enough level or looking for a more casual clan, join our feeder! If the clan is full as well, head to the feeder regardless. There is PLENTY of space. Players with any and all experience welcome! If you are interested or intrigued at all about joining either one of our clans, PLEASE join our discord! We will listen to anyone and everyone that has questions or is interested in joining a particular clan. The feeder is OPEN to anyone and everyone. Anyone is welcome in the H.M.S. Royale. Clan Tag: #Y9PYCR8J We hope to see you join the crew!
  2. [4000] | U.S.S Royale | {#8CQU90YP} | 3,087 War Trophies! We are a semi-competitive clan that is trying to push to and stay in legendary league in war and trying to grow our crew. Below are some of the details: 5000+ trophies needed to join International clan Must speak English Open, so easy to join Be active, request, and donate We have a booting priority system. We boot people out on this criteria 1) Inactivity Our filter is 10 days inactive unless you let us know you will be inactive If you are inactive for 10 days, you will be axed 2) Low Donation Count 3) Low Trophy Count 4) Low War Win% We boot someone for inactivity BEFORE booting someone for a low war win%. If everyone satisfies the first criteria, we move to the second. This way, everyone is on the same page. If you miss seven war day battles, that will result in a permanent ban. You will not be allowed to return. While war is optional, if you do war, it is expected that you do all 4 attacks, and letting you miss 6 war day battles is quite lenient. Be aware of this. In addition, if you leave and rejoin, you reset that counter, so use that to your advantage! 40% war winrate required for elder (min. 5 wars) Work as a team, this is a tightknit group, let's keep it that way Don't be disrespectful (Duh!) I am also awarding Co-Leader to the first person who can push TO 6000 trophies in the clan - you CANNOT already have 6000 to be eligible! Discord: https://discord.gg/FUdP3TH (Post any questions in the general channel!) We hope to see you aboard the U.S.S Royale!
  3. Welcome to Recruiting Royale. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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