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  1. The Bearded Beasts: we need new members! We're an international open clan with members from all around the world and of many different cultures. Unfortunately, the lock-downs around the world had meant our numbers have taken a hit. Were a fun clan. Not too quiet and not too chatty. Some play friendlies together others watch from the side line. We're all about letting you be the player and clan member that you want to be. And, our rules are pretty simple: 100 donations pw. >200 donations per pw plus clan war for elder. And, as we're open and international, no foul language or disrespect in the group chat. That's it. We currently have openings for Co-leader of your interested, and other than, it's an interesting clan with an interesting name. We look forward to seeing you soon.
  2. The Big Bearded Beasts: Recruiting now! We're a relatively new clan (since last Nov.) and we're competing at a pretty high level, and entering most wars, considering that our present member total is low. But, we need fresh members to take the clan to the next level. I have two co-leader spots open for the most dedicated, and other than, the rules are pretty loose: 100pw minimum donations, >200pw donations for elder, plus you have to play clan wars. Also, no swearing or derogatory language in the public forum (strange how that rule seems to annoy a lot of people) - keep it clean and respect your fellow clan members who are from all around the world and from many different cultures. Welcome all, and have fun!
  3. Welcome to Recruiting Royale. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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