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  1. Heyooo! How are we all today? Hope you've all had an awesome January! What are some improvements/new cards would you like to see in CR this year? I was thinking of a spell, that stops all spells. Not sure of the logistics... But yeah
  2. PrincessBubs


    Thankyou for responding, sorry I've took a while to reply, I've only just been getting to grips with how the site works! Yup I totally understand you with that! I have a feeling this site will be even more epic once more people join up! I'm excited!
  3. Not gonna lie, I love her. I like how arrows squishes her, yet she's super op at the mo!
  4. I looove the tower skin!
  5. Heyoo! Are you enjoying the new card - Firecracker? I am! I think she's super awesome, especially behind GS ! Let's hope they don't nerf her too bad next season!
  6. I have a few, eat more cake, go for walks and get better at CR!
  7. PrincessBubs


    Hey guys! Is an App in the making for RecruitingRoyale? I really hope so!
  8. What an awesome website! I'm just curious how often we can advertise our clan(s)/clan family. Thankyou, PrincessBubs
  9. Mine is Giant Skelly, like ohhh he died, SURPRISE, BOOM. Even more amazing with clone when he gets pushed

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