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  4. What do I do with them? I'm not skilled enough to win 12GC or even 12 Classic Challenge. I do occasionally get 15 wins on global tourneys and purchase the 500 gem package there. Any tips of how I can get rid of the 4000 gems in a economically responsible way? submitted by /u/NearbyDate2 [link] [comments]View the full article
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  6. ladder is not rigged. It may seem like it is but it is not. (Controvesial Topic) 3 reasons why it is not rigged. If it is rigged you would have all hard counters and no wins. They make you play against hardcounters so you dont get to win every game. that would not be fun lastly novalight cr post. submitted by /u/Nobody_5433 [link] [comments]View the full article
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  21. (VERY Long Post, but I really like my idea) For the next update, I want the team to add more depth to the game by introducing a new "type" of card. Common suggestions include both heroes and abilities, but I thought that environments would be another cool idea that I have not seen suggested before. I used to play this game called Plants vs Zombies Heroes (the PvZ version of Hearthstone) and in that game were a type of cards called "environments," which affects the ground lanes of the board (I'm assuming Hearthstone also has a feature like this). My version of "environments" would change the arena, and would effect the both sides the same amount. Environments can only be obtained in arena 15, and will not be affected by king tower levels. You can only equip it in a new ninth card slot, which you get as soon as you get in arena 15. Environments are not part of the normal card cycle, and would be a separate button above the emote button. It could would cost 3-5 elixir to activate the environment and it has a 30-45 second cool down, whatever would be the most balanced. Also environments are permanent unless someone uses their own environment card, which replaces the old environment with the new one. The whole idea behind the environments is to make the arena favorable for your deck, while also being unfavorable for cards or decks that counter your win condition. Because it takes a long time for the environment to recharge, it's important to time the card so you can maximize the benefits. I think it would also be cool if there was a way to see what environment is active while spectating, but it wouldn't be necessary since each environment changes the look of the arena. If you are wondering how to unlock them, it would be from chests, but since it's not level dependent, they will be very rare, even rarer than legendary cards. However, certain chests have an increased chance of giving environments compared to other chests, like the fortune and lightning/mega lightning chest, with the fortune chest giving you the best chance of getting an environment, and the mega lightning not too far behind. Why fortune chest? Tbh I think the fortune chest is not worth 750 gems right now and having increased chances for environments would make it more useful. Lightning for the same reason, and mega lightning so that a chest in the chest cycle has increased chances for environments, plus I feel like the lightning gimmick kind of lost its purpose with the introduction of wild cards. Here are some environments I made: Flooded Arena; Cost 3 elixir, and takes heavy inspiration from the "Take to The Skies!" game mode. The arena becomes flooded, and all ground troops move 25% slower, as well as giving a small 3% splash radius buff to any splash damage cards. Good for decks that use a lot of air. High Frequency Winds; Cost 3 elixir and as the name suggests, it causes high winds, which makes air troops move 25% slower and makes projectiles move 5% faster. Good against decks with a lot of air cards and is almost the opposite of flooded arena. Fog; 4 elixir and makes the screen foggy, which makes it slightly harder to see as well as decreasing the sight range of all troops and buildings by around 1 tile. I can see beat down decks taking big advantage of this, since it would make big tanks harder to pull with a building. Wildcard idea which would probably be too unbalanced: The Mirror World; 5 elixir and gives the entire arena a shade of blue or purple. Any card, building, or spell will be be mirrored at the same level. The mirrored card will be flipped horizontally, so to provide a really simple example: If you place a miner onto the top left corner of the arena (according to your perspective, obviously), a miner will be placed on the top right corner at the exact same time. Really chaotic but could be really fun. It's probably better as a game mode though. I am the worst at balancing new ideas and I am not even close to a game developer, but I am passionate about coming up with new ideas and mechanics for CR, and if the CR Team liked the idea enough to want to put it in, I would absolutely like to see it in the next update, as long as I get some credit :) submitted by /u/Diablo_HotSauce [link] [comments]View the full article
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