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  1. Well, now we made it to the colosseum. And what is the big event? Another best of three duel. Ohhhhh Pooooo-leeeeeeeezzzzzzzz. After all that hype about a big finish, this is it? Oh supercell- it hurts my soul to see this. I mean, we should have a big celebration after five weeks. Ingenious tasks to solve. Maybe a king of the hill kind of clan event. Or best of five different challenges - for example sudden death, classic decks, touch down, rage arena, draft. Anything to make it memorable and exciting. Seither way - Just another best of three is simply lazy. Perhaps I am too harsh. What do
  2. • Emotes from several seasons ago don't show yet in the shop, they're only available on special paid offers. • Trade tokens disappear from wars and start to be bundled on special paid offers, too • Clan Wars II becomes the most pay-to-win mode in the game, forcing people to max 32 cards to really compete. • Free features like Quest chest disappear altogether, with Mega Lightning chests and such being a rare appearance now • Progression is hindered for F2Ps that don't pay Pass Royale or any other offers. So… what's with the game right now? I can only sense they are scaring away all of tho
  3. submitted by /u/MrMg_86 [link] [comments] View the full article
  4. Ladder? Agggg. Clan Wars? Either boring (maxed clans) or impossible (casual ones). Party modes? Some maybe. 2v2? It's still absurd without a good partner. Global Tournaments? OK, but please make them happen on weekends!!!! Special challenges? Yeah those are good Classic/Grand Challenges? Only for pros, especially the latter Private tournaments? What for… ​ There is little incentive to play much the game as it is now. Many modes just lack progression or are completely Pay-to-win right now. submitted by /u/wolfynn [link] [comments]View the full article
  5. Submitted By: Soul Crusher Watch Now: Clan Wars 2 Colosseum is Finally Here!! Best Decks + Coliseum Explained!!
  6. Clan Wars 2 Colosseum is Finally Here!! Best Decks + Coliseum Explained!!
  7. They barely talk about Matchmaking in War, how does it work? Where does the ELO takes info from? They never explained why they didn't cap Clan Wars 2, or why maxing 4 maxed decks was something they would need us to do. They never said why boat battles would be better for non-maxed players (and really conceived them to be level13 from the beginning). They didn't warn us that non-full, non-totally active clans where going to be at a real disadvantage. They gave no explanation as of why they would not implement Legendary tiers or higher leagues on war, right away. They take decisions that kn
  8. submitted by /u/Azuciel [link] [comments] View the full article
  9. Look, Supercell, could you please confirm whether this was actually your intention when CW2 was being designed? I can’t help but think it was still under construction when CW2 was released and that the progress was abandoned upon seeing all of the backlash CW2 brought about... It just doesn’t seem right. There’s no objective...? There isn’t anything to strive for that separates Colosseum duels from regular matches. You just get extra gold...? I can’t understand it. This was supposed to be the big finale. Not just a limbo until the next war season. If it were me I would implement a CW1 styl
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