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  1. Hello, This clan has been around since the very beginning. We are looking for fresh members to continue the clan. 24/7 war. JOIN UP, We welcome you!
  2. Hi everyone! We are looking for new members for our clan! No trophy limit. We are an international clan that has been around for many years - just looking for a few additional active members! iMusic Thanks so much!
  3. We are a new War Clan, looking for active members to war nonstop together and get those rewards, we strive for #1 every war, help us grow and clash together our clan name is Phoenix Grave we will give it our all.
  4. Open to all active players as we are looking to smash Clan Wars 2 We are in Gold 1 as of now and in original Clan Wars we here in Gold 2, We are looking to push to Legendary League! We have Lots of members that have the Season Pass every month so lots of extra coins! Loads of trades going on 24/7! So why not Join?
  5. Aphelion eSports clan. We are a new branch of our clans. Join for competitive war and active members.
  6. Tropical Resort Is Recruiting! Clan Tag: #Q2GUQPJR We Are A Chill Clan Aiming High On The Leaderboard! Requirements 600+ Trophies Fluent English What We Offer Experienced Leadership (2016) Consistent Donations Active Players Wars When We Can Promotions For People That Work Hard Friendly And Humorous Members What We Expect 100 Donations Per Season Daily Activity Maturity Respect For Other Memb
  7. Welcome to the official Recruiting Royale clan! Everyone is welcome, feel free to stop by and say hi!
  8. https://link.clashroyale.com/invite/clan/en?tag=PRJ0QV2C&token=2jxztt82&platform=iOS
  9. Hello Clashers! We are a mature clan that has been around since Royale launch. Looking to fill up the roster and replace inactive players as we prepare for the upcoming new war format. Looking forward to having you on our team! Thank you!
  10. [4000] Fire Scale #Y2Y9J0JY - Recruiting E-sports and active players! Are you looking for a positive and competitive environment? A place where you can grow and improve your Clash Royale skills? Join our clan and community. Fire Scale E-sports was founded on the 20th of September 2019. We started out small in Brawl Stars and were built on hard work and dedication. Since then, we've achieved huge success and have branched out into multiple games such as Clash Royale, Brawl Stars, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Overwatch, Rainbow Six Siege, Warcraft 3, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegro
  11. SEMI COMPETITIVE CLAN - JEETIO #PRURJPJP Why choose us? ⁃ Clan PR: Top 400 NA in clan trophies ⁃ Monthly Cash Tournaments with iTunes gift cards as prizes ⁃ Clan website (www.jeetio.com) ⁃ Clan streamers (clashwithdeejandhades) on twitch ⁃ Veteran leaders who have experience managing clans (kicking inactive, promoting standouts in war) ⁃ Chill chat Rules and other info Checkout our website https://www.jeetio.com/Home Checkout our clan on stats royale https://statsroyale.com/clan/PRURJPJP
  12. Do you have a minimum of 4000 trophies? If you are looking for card collections, trade deals, war experience, and getting to know people from around the world, this is the clan to join. Promotion is earned through donations and activity. Co-leader position can be earned through trust. We have a discord server, but you are not required to join. Hope to see you soon!
  13. `Cognition™` -#YQ9CYY8Q is a Canadian war clan. We do 24/7 war. **Requirements:** 5000+ Personal Best King Tower 11 minimum though exceptions can be made No Requirement for War Wins but 60% War Winrate
  14. New clan looking for some more members! We are a small group of experienced players who are active daily, donate cards, and are trying to get up to 10 members so we can start wars!
  15. Friendly and active clan looking for new members. Asking for LVL 11 min tower level. Members must donate and participate in wars regularly. Our original leader and many veteran members have recently retired from the game. As the new leader, I'm looking to keep this clan fun for all members and push it to new heights. Commitment, regular activity, supporting clanmates, and victories will be rewarded with promotions over time, typically at the end of seasons. I give one warning for negative comments and missed attacks before demoting/kicking members. Check us out and see if you're a good fit. Cl
  16. Join us at Elixir Thieves™! We are a newly made clan that is in the Elixer clan family. We are going to be a ladder and war clan primarily and want to reach the top! The two clans in our clan family are the Elixir Guards which is currently ranked 200th best clan in all of North America and the Elixer Savages. Requirements: - 4300-5500 or more trophies - Active and donate cards daily - Discord is highly recommended, we share helpful tips, war decks, ladder tips, etc. Let me know if you are interested in joining! Welcome, and have fun!
  17. Hey guys! Quick Bio. My brother and I have been playing this game for years. We want to establish a community through discord for players to share content, host events, and grow as players. Right now we just started the clan a week ago and have 40+ members and are on our second war. We have really good momentum and are building a strong clan to grow into other things. If interested, come check us out.
  18. (Only for war active players) Greek Vikings - #8CYLJG9Q We are an internatiomal clan looking for active members in clan wars. Everyone who likes the game and also likes helping others by donating cards is welcome. Members: 48/50 Clan Tag: #8CYLJG9Q Clan Score: 51367 War Trophies: 4764 Required Trophies: 5000 Discord Channel: Greek Vikings https://discord.gg/d4aeska Stats of the clan: https://royaleapi.com/clan/8CYLJG9Q When you join a war, we expect you to complete ALL collection battles and war battles! Everyone is recommended t
  19. New clan but growing fast. Need active members to donate and participate in clan wars. Also seeking a couple more co leaders, let me know if you’re interested.
  20. Hi Canadians Clan Friendly and active looking for new members rules are simple be active and participate clans wars and donation if interested feel to join or reply through this post for more information thanks.
  21. RECRUITING Join LEGION ️ #LLPGLGPJ Our new friendly stress free and active clan aiming to hit the clan leaderboards. We donate share tips, ideas and decks to help you climb that ladder. Clan war is optional / voluntary because we want our clan to be stress free and for the players to feel NO PRESSURE. We understand new players may struggle to join clans, collect cards and create decks, because we have all been there. That’s why our main aim is to help new players advance and create OG players a no pressure environment. It’s basically a chill clan, so bring yourself along, grab your
  22. Come join us for war! We're a semi-casual warring clan looking for more members. We currently waver between Gold III and Legendary. Leadership is active. The only real expectation is that you complete collections/war battles if you join wars. Formed with a number of Texas locals, but all are welcome!

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